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Baja Weather Information and Resources

09-13-06 Here are some sites we use to keep an eye on things during hurricane season:

Although there is no weather forecast available specifically for the Todos Santos / Pescadero area, the following links will provide forecasts based on data collected at the airports at La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo. You can usually subtract 5° to 10° for our area:|MX|MX002|TODOS%20SANTOS&metric=0 San Jose Del Cabo La Paz

From the First Issue of The Baja Western Onion:

Fellow Baja Netizens,

I stitched together a storm track for Hurricane John for the last five hours using the radar images from the Los Cabos Radar Station. You can find it here:

I'll continue to update the track images throughout the evening but for now it looks like Hurricane John has decided to visit the Sea of Cortez. Although now Category 2, Hurricane John is still very dangerous. Let's all pray for our fellow citizens throughout the Baja.

Stay Safe,

Alan Thompson and Debra Webster

Todos Santos

New Weather Site - Hola, This time of year, I always keep an eye out for new weather sites that make preparing for the storm season just a little easier. This site, looks like a great one to add to the quiver... in tracking our upcoming tropical storms..... It came to me via....bajanomad Enjoy........Steve

SANDBAGGING Tip Passed Along By Barb Matthews - Having trouble finding sandbags, or do you only need a few you can easily manage for a door or two? Prepare a bunch of Ziploc 1 gallon plastic freezer bags filled with sand. They're relatively strong, lightweight, and they pack well. They can be quickly added to or repositioned if you spring a leak.

10-24 Answer to Bob about sand bags. The feed/pet store on calle Zaragoza across from Paco Cota's ferreteria may be able to give/sell for cheap empty feed bags otherwise known as costales. He buys feed in bulk and breaks it down in kilo portions. Note: The bags are made of woven recycled plastic and tend to break down in the sun, so they're not a permanent long term solution. Hope this helps. - Pat Baum

"Hurricane" or "Chubasco?" - Dear Onion - I object to your intention to publish Todos Santos stormy season weather under the banner of "Hurricane." A Hurricane is a Caribbean Tropical Storm, deriving its name from the Caribe word, Huracán. The storms feed on the warm water and develop into hurricanes. They travel northeast to harass the East Coast of the U.S. and occasionally the U.S. Gulf Coast. On the East Coast, the storms move northeasterly up the coast following the Gulf Stream. It runs out into the North Atlantic and usually dissipates there. On occasion there is enough strength to move on England and Europe. I don't find Todos Santos on this storm path!

The name for the local tropical storm on this peninsula is Chubasco. It has been recognized since the Jesuit Missionary times according to Harry Crosby. Please do not try to replace it.

What probably influences you is the wind velocity tables published by the US Government. Starting with 0, names are assigned. As I recall, at wind force of 64 knots we find the term Hurricane Velocity 1. Incrementally this term increases to 2 and so on.I do not know what kind of instrumentation is available to provide a storm´s wind velocity but I would be pleased to see when a storm´s wind has reached Hurricane Velocity. The storm type should not be replaced by it´s wind velocity. Thank you! - Paul Shortell

05-19-07 2007 HURRICANE SEASON BEGINS - Hurricane season started May 15th and Baja Insider has the predictions for this year posted. If you haven't checked out Baja Insider before, please do. They have the best weather and tropical storm info I know of on the internet. Here is the link for this years predictions - James Black, merlo4u ( -a t- ),

The electrical co. has this great page - it is in Spanish but great graphics.

- Happy Moreno

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