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Baja Restaurant and Dining Information and Reviews

Restaurant Review: Tre Galline - Four of us recently had a truly wonderful dinner at Tre Galline. Shortly after we sat down we were given a complimentary appetizer of polenta with spinach and beans. I could have made a whole meal of it. The evening's specials included a pasta dish with zucchini and truffle oil - we all ordered it and it was amazing. We were also given another small serving of home made capers and cheese imported from Italy. For dessert we ordered two servings of chocolate souffle. There are those who feel it is worth a visit just to have this dessert. We shared a bottle of a very nice chianti and the whole dinner for the four of us was around $100 U.S. and we all agreed that we had a terrific meal at a terrific price. Maryann ( -a t- )

RESTAURANT REVIEW - Nayo's Secret Garden - Out in the beautiful barrio of Las Brisas - on the way to Las Tunas on the Las Playitas Road - there is a wonderful hidden garden cafe called Nayo's Secret Garden - just past El Sol II on the same side of the road. Here you can have breakfast or lunch any day except Sunday and Monday. They are open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m and have a varied menu - all of which is excellent. They grow the lettuce and other vegetables right there --wonderful green papaya salad made from their own papayas - and you can even have hotcakes. I think their vegetarian tostadas are excellent as are the chicken tamales. I have been told that they make a salad with beef that is terrific. And you can order things to go in small or large quantities. (Best to plan ahead for large quantities.) And you can buy organic chickens while you are there. Prices are very reasonable - chicken tamales are 15 pesos each, lunch for two is around 150 pesos including beverages. Maryann

RESTAURANT REVIEW - MICHAEL COPE COOKS AT LA COPA - This is just terrific! Three nights a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Michael Cope prepares three dishes at La Copa - think tapas.What is served depends on what is available and fresh and what the chef is in the mood to cook. And on our two visits the food has been really fantastic - really!!! One night there was a seafood sampler with three items - scallops in a won-ton shell, fabulous salmon with a sauce that was deelish and a shrimp that tasted nothing like what I seem to make. How does he do it? There was also a wonderful beef dish - and I rarely eat beef. It was on sticky rice with a hint of coconut. The dishes are available from 5:00 until he runs out - generally around 8:30. Prices are either 100 or 120 pesos per plate and we have found that three dishes is ample for two. And there are many wine and cocktail options available. No, we are not being paid to write these reviews. Please send us your restaurant comments so we can have some other perspectives!! - Maryann

*Food tip: Best carne asada tacos I've ever had - in San Quentin at George's Tacos. Fresh corn tortillas made while you wait. It's a "puesto" on the east side of the highway, directly across from the Maria Celeste motel, just before one of the bridges. *Amazing item: It was so cold in Catavina, there were icicles in the fountain at the La Pinta hotel there! - Lynn lynnhballen ( -a t- )

RESTAURANT REVIEW - We had a terrific dinner last night at Buena Vida - right next door to Mangos on Calle Centenario. The place was pretty well packed - mostly with locals it seemed. There is a wonderful fireplace in the back for these cold evenings. We had the Caesar salad in the piadini (like a pizza crust under the salad)- 80 pesos and a terrific pizza with tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, olives and prosciutto - 90 pesos. I believe it was the best Caesar salad I have ever had in Todos Santos. We had more than we could eat and it reheated very well for lunch today. The wine was 60 pesos for a healthy sized glass and there were several varieties of red wine available - didn't ask about the white. A really nice atmosphere and terrific food at a reasonable price. - Maryann and Reed

LORETO RESTAURANT REVIEW - In Loreto, we went to the “El Nido” Restraint on our way up Baja, and it was actually great. You can pick your own steak, which is barbequed on classic mesquite built-in barbeque, and the venue, menu, service, and people were extremely nice and accommodating. It’s on one floor, handicapped accessible, and has a patio, and full bar. It’s so nice to have a place that is much better than you could hope for. I will return, and hope it would be as good as the first time. It is located close to the Hwy, on the right side of the road into town, on the way to the gas station. I wish there was a good reasonable place to stay in Loreto. Bret (Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

RESTAURANT REVIEW When just about every restaurant closed during the summer in Todos Santos, little places such as the Raceway Cafe is akin to finding an Oasis in the desert. They are located in Todos Santos on the corner of Colegio Militar and Alvaro Obregon. They offer traditional Mexican specialties and the prices are hard to beat and the portions hardy. Their Plato Mexicano is composed of two gorditas--thick corn tortillas topped with stewed chicken, shredded lettuce, salsa and grated cheese, served with fluffy cheese empanadas that melt in your mouth. My companion ordered the campechana which is a seafood cocktail with clams, shrimp, oysters, and scallops marinated in a spicy tomato broth. The pescado empanizado is fresh and crisp served with salad and rice, and tortillas. I don't recall if they serve beer or wine, but their agua de jamaica was always ice cold. A meal for two will usually run less than $150 pesos. When I saw the workers who were repaving Colegio Militar take their breakfast and lunch at the Raceway Cafe, I knew the food had to be good. The Raceway Cafe is the ideal place to grab a delicious quick meal, in between errands or on the way to La Paz, without taking too much time out of your day. Buen provecho! Alvaro Colindres:

11-15-06 ANA SAN This new restaurant and fish market is located at the Oasis. At last a fish market in town!!! She serves sashimi, sushi, tempura and teriyaki. Recently two of us shared a plate of sashimi, an order of California roll and a lovely green salad with lovely fresh greens and a very tasty dressing. The cost before tip was $230 pesos and we were quite full and very pleased with everything. She is not yet able to serve beer or wine but hopes to soon. BYOB for now.

The Sandbar in Pescadero is now hosting "All You Can Eat" Pizza Night every Wednesday. Matt has been working with the cooks there to get them all spun up on how to make pizza the right way. Come taste the results for yourself, Wednesday or anytime.

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