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Baja Immigration and Residency Information - FMTs, FM3s, FM3s Residency Permits

2-3-07 VERY HELPFUL INFO FOR NOVICE BORDER-CROSSERS - Sent to me by a thoughtful BWO Reader: Assuming you mean to cross at San Diego, (this works at Nogales too, although the migracion office is in a different location there), just after you drive through the customs pass/no pass light, pull to the right and park, move a bit if someone is waving at you that you can't park there, ask where parking is ok, then lock your car and walk to the right through a passageway in the building that runs parallel to the street you were on and turn right and walk back across the border into the US to the Migracion office on the left at the end of the path (they are open 24/7, if the office is dark, walk in anyway, they will wake up for you),.

Fill out the FMT forms, walk back the way you came, to the bank window facing the customs area, pay about $20/head, walk back with your receipt to the migracion office, get the final stamps, and resume your trip. This may sound laborious but it is actually pretty fast and I think it is the only place where you can do this 24/7 and the bank and migracion are within 100 yds of each other. - Hetta Malone

RE: TOURIST CARD INFO NEEDED - You can also obtain a Tourist Card at the inspection station as you enter the state of Baja California Sur at Guerrerro Negro. If you come through during daytime hours, they may be checking for documents and will direct you to the Migration office there if you don't have any. The problem is, there is no bank right there so you will need to find a bank later in La Paz or Todos Santos to pay your fees. - Alan

RE: TOURIST CARD INFO NEEDED - You cannot get a tourist card until you cross the border. If you do not want to lose time at Tijuana, drive on and get it at Guerrero Negro, if nobody is there get it at La Paz immigration officer, on the malecon (ocean drive) easy to find beside restaural el taste (one block before los arcos hotel) good luck! Don't forget to do that; you can get a fine or extra charge for not doing that on time. - Iker (Cafe Brown community service)

RE: TOURIST CARDS - you can also get a tourist card (and other services) at the Mexican consulate in San Diego on India St. during business hours. took us ten minutes and they were very helpful ....everyone there spoke English too and we were directed to the head of a line just for tourists. - Peter y Linda, Calbo Pulmo

FM-3 RENEWALS - When renewing your FM3, if you think you might even possibly want someone to pick it up for you when it is ready, be sure to fill in the part on the application for Power of Attorney.

You can no longer send a letter with someone and have them pick up your documentation. If you haven't filled out the part on the application then you will have to go to a Mexican Notary and have him complete a Power of Attorney for you before they will release your paperwork to anyone else. This does not apply to spouses. - Courtesy, Baja Pony Express

Airport Checkpoint - Interesting..........we were at the airport yesterday dropping off family and an Immigration Officer was "working" the people in line, checking Passport/FM2/FM3. Ours were in the car, he didn't request that we go get them, but he did say that to be in the airport you must have your documents with you or you can be fined. Cheryl and Dave (Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

FM2 REGULATIONS TO BE STREAMLINED - El Universal - Mexico News. Click here (or copy and paste) - Ann Hazard Courtesy, Baja Pony Express

FM3 RENEWAL - I've been quoted $1,038 in pesos for my FM3 renewal fee plus a $150 USD charge by a Mexican attorney's office. I've never done this before. Can anyone tell me if this is a fair cost and worth paying them to do? - Jo, Rwjwm52 ( -a t- )


Jo, I think we paid about $250 each for our FM-3s. - Alan

FYI on all border events and GN checkpoint, travelers should be careful with overdoing the importation of goodies and keep the documentation & visa regs tight beginning with the year end holidays. The customs guys will be looking closer, also immigration, it happens every year. Patrick, TS.


Hi. Here are the answers I received. Sounds like business as normal at Guerrero problema! - Judi

A. We just came down and they did not even let us stop at the border. They waved us right thru. We stopped at GN as we always do and they were very pleasant and cooperative as they always seem to be and stamped our paperwork as normal.

B. We just had our visa's stamped at Guerrero Negro 2 weeks ago with NO problemo

C. Date: Saturday, October 21, 2006 10:17 AM -We went all the way to Loreto a couple weeks ago and got the tourist cards there. We stopped at inspection in Guerrero Negro, immigration was not there, so they said we could go on. They were so nice in Loreto. - May and Vito

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

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