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Computer Tips and Information

9-11-06 COMPUTER TIP - As we age, it can become harder to read the small print on some web pages or e mails (sigh). If you have a PC mouse or track pad with a scroll wheel, try holding down the Ctrl key (Cmd key in Mac) with one finger while rolling the scroll wheel. As you scroll down or up, the text will become larger or smaller to suit your preference. - Alan

I don't know about PCs, but on a Mac you can also hit Command + (The Apple/Command key and the Plus sign) to bump the font up one size. Command - (The Apple/Command key and the Minus sign) does the reverse. Cheers - Eric Singer

Computer Tip: One other tip for Mac people is that OSX machines work fine with a two-button mouse (which apple has never supplied), you can right click the heck out of things and the machine is a bit slicker to navigate then (right click produces the same effect as holding down the single button on an apple mouse and waiting, or hitting control-click (not command-click). - Tom Gafford

01-28-07 TECH TIP Did you ever find a picture on a web site you wanted to send to someone by e mail but don't know how? Easy! Using your mouse, simply right click (Command click for Macs) on the picture you want. Select "Copy" from the popup menu. Go to the e mail you want to send and right click in the message body where you want to insert the picture. Select "Paste" from the popup menu, and Voila: NOTE: This trick probably won't work with free, web-based e mail accounts like ( -a t- ) or ( -a t- ) You will need to use Outlook, Outlook Express, or other e mail programs for your PC or Mac. Your e mail program must be set for "HTML" or "Rich Text" mode.

Warning: E-Card Greetings Containing Links to Viruses or Spyware - There has been an upsurge of spam mail pretending to be an E-card greeting from a friend, relative or co worker. Clicking on the link to get the card takes you to a web site that will attempt to download and install a variant of the Storm Worm virus program on your computer. Once installed, the program will mail the same bogus E-card greetings to everyone in your Email address book.

You can easily spot these phony cards because they do not actually identify the Sender. Here are a few examples of the bogus Subject: lines used by these e mails:

  • You've received a greeting ecard from a School mate!
  • You've received a greeting card from a Neighbor!
  • You've received a greeting ecard from a Partner!
  • You've received an ecard from a Worshipper!

Please do not open these e mails or click on the links. Simply delete them. If you think you may have already fallen victim to one of these attacks, you may need to disinfect your computer. For more information and verification, visit,


PS: There is so much crime now being spread now by e mail; Phony winning notifications for promotions, lotteries or sweepstakes; Bogus offers to share millions of dollars of found money; Phony job offers that are really money laundering schemes; Phony Bank, eBay or Paypal e mails asking you to log on to web sites that will steal you personal information. Please be careful and resist the temptation to respond to any of these attempts to steal your money or identity. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. - Alan, alan ( -a t- )

How do I get the Baja Western Onion to Fit on my Computer Monitor?

The Onion will appear differently on different computers, monitors, web browsers and e mail readers. There are too many combinations to be able to give one answer that will solve this problem. Usually large graphics that push everything to the right are the culprit but, again, it depends on how your computer is set up. Generally, the problem can occur on smaller monitors on computers using lower screen resolutions. Short of buying yourself a larger monitor, one thing you might try is to change your computer's screen resolution.

In Windows: Right Click your mouse cursor in an open, unused space on your computer's desktop and select "Properties" from the popup menu. Click the "Settings" tab. In the section labeled "Screen Resolution," move the slider control to the right >>> in the direction of "More." Click "OK" Try just one click at a time to test the results.

In Macintosh (OS-X): Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and choose System Preferences. Under "Hardware," click "Displays. Under "Resolutions:" select a resolution with higher numbers. You can also try changing the size of the text as it's displayed on your screen. If you have a PC mouse or track pad with a scroll wheel, try holding down the Ctrl key (Command or Apple key in Mac) with one finger while rolling the scroll wheel. As you scroll down or up, the text will become larger or smaller to suit your preference

To make web page text larger or smaller in Internet Explorer, right click your mouse anywhere in an empty part of the Internet Explorer toolbar. Select Customize... from the drop down menu. Under Available Toolbar buttons, select the Size button. Click Add-> to add it to your current toolbar. Click Close. You now have a new button on your tool bar that you can use to increase or decrease the font size.

To make the text bigger in Firefox, it's even easier: Simply press Ctrl and +, or press Ctrl and spin the scroll wheel on your mouse.

On Macintosh, hold down the Command and Shift keys with your left hand and press the "+" key to increase the size of your screen fonts. Pressing the "-" key while holding down the Command and Shift keys will reduce the size of your screen fonts. - Alan Thompson

READERS WITH YAHOO ADDRESSES NOT GETTING THE BAJA WESTERN Onion? - Many Onion readers with Yahoo e mail addresses have reported they have stopped receiving the Baja Western Onion. When they check their Bulk Mail folder they don't find the BWO there either. In fact, all of them found nothing in their Bulk Mail folder. I did a little digging and found out why. Turns out you can configure your Yahoo e mail account to automatically and immediately delete any mail that is sent to the Bulk Mail folder. This is from Yahoo's web site:


Q. How long do messages stay in my Bulk Folder? Can I control this?

A. You can choose how long you want to keep messages in your Bulk folder. You can keep messages for one week, two weeks or one month. The default setting is one month. You can also choose to delete them right when you get them—see ya! To choose the length of time you keep messages in your Bulk folder:

  • Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.
  • Under Spam, click Spam Protection.
  • Under "For messages SpamGuard recognizes as Spam", choose either:
  • "Immediately delete these messages upon receipt", or "Save these messages in the Bulk folder for..." (then select your desired interval from the pull-down menu.)

Important: Occasionally, valid email messages may be perceived as spam and delivered to the Bulk folder. If you select "Immediately delete these messages upon receipt", you will not have an opportunity to review the messages in your Bulk folder before they’re deleted.

Click Save Changes.


Unless you only receive mail from only a few close friends or family, and all of them are in your safe list, setting your Yahoo Mail options to "Immediately delete these messages upon receipt" is a very bad idea. Not only will you be missing issues of the Baja Western Onion, but you'll most likely lose other valuable e mail as well. Please check your preferences and turn off this delete function if it's on. - Alan Thompson, Publisher Baja Western Onion

MAY 15 GASOLINE BOYCOTT? - If you receive an e mail describing a Gasoline Boycott happening on May 15, you can ignore it. This same e mail in different versions has been circulating around the Internet since 1999. A one-day boycott of gas stations would be useless. People would simply buy the same amount of gas the day before or the day after. Please do not pass along these types of chain-mail letters without investigating them first, even if they come from someone you know. Give these e mails the treatment they deserve and delete them. If you really want to do something to help, try driving your car less, and/or buy a more fuel efficient car. - Alan Thompson

TECH TIP Micro$oft recently released their latest web browser, Internet Explorer 7. Some PC users with Windows XP operating systems might have received and installed IE7 as an update this week. It has a new feature that turns off the menu bar [ File Edit View Favorites Tools Help ] by default. You have to press the Alt key to to turn your menu on and off, but then it shuts off again whenever you go to another program.

This new "feature" is activated by default but the menu does not display when IE7 starts. This can cause some confusion as to where the menu went, and I found it annoying having it turning on and off every time I returned to the program or touched the Alt key. To disable this feature so your menu again displays all the time, Right Click your cursor anywhere in the toolbar along the top and check the Menu item.

Computer Navigation Tip: Using Alt + Tab

Let's imagine you have your e-mail program running, two Web browser windows open, three Word documents to read, and a music file playing. With all that going on, have you ever wondered if there was a way to quickly view all of those programs and documents and select the one you want?

Using your left hand, simply hold down the Alt key with your thumb and tap the Tab key with your index finger (In Mac, use the Command + Tab keys). A pop up box will display icons of all of your open programs. While continuing to hold down the Alt key with your thumb, keep tapping the Tab key to scroll through your programs, highlight the one you want and then release the ALT key.

Want to change programs again? Just repeat the process. It's so simple, and will help you to keep track of everything you have running. - Alan

NOT GETTING THE BAJA WESTERN Onion??? -Readers write me every week saying they're not receiving the BWO, even after repeatedly subscribing. Please, Please PLEASE, especially if you're using web-based E mail services like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL or Hotmail, check your "Junk E-Mail" folder if you're still not getting the BWO.

With Hotmail, your Junk E-Mail folder is on the left menu. If you find the BWO in there, you will need to tell Hotmail the BWO is not junk by checking the box next to the BWO e mail and clicking "Not Junk" along the top menu. You should get the following message:

The address moderator ( -a t- ) has been added to your Safe List.

Messages from addresses on your Safe List are always delivered to your Inbox, never to the Junk E-Mail Folder. To edit your Safe List go to the Safe List page.

You can also add the domain to your Hotmail Safe List. This will ensure that all E mail from will get delivered. Click "Contacts" along the top menu, and click "Safe List along the left menu. In the box, "Type an address or domain:" type in and click "Add"

Other E mail programs will have similar settings. - Publisher, Baja Western Onion

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