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Find out what you can and cannot take with you on the plane:

WHERE'S THE MOST EXPENSIVE OVER NIGHT AIRPORT PARKING IN THE WORLD LOCATED...? - If you said Los Cabos (San Jose International) you're correct, and I owe you a big fat cigar, or a message, depending on your earthly or cosmic needs... All joking aside... does anyone know where's a good place to park a car for a week around San Jose and THEN take a taxi to airport...? It now cost $30/night to park at airport (and if you're lucky they will not siphon your gas when nobody is looking...) times 7 nights... yeap you got it... it's a rip off !!! Oh... and don't forget to bring CASH ONLY (not a joke), if not they will have you sweep the whole parking lot... - Bill, bill ( -a t- ), 044-612-132-4710

For short or longer term parking at the airport, try the self storage lot just past the airport exit heading south...the first right. They only charge $4 to $6 per day and have lower rates for monthly rentals. The difference in cost depends upon whether your parking space is covered or not. They also will deliver you to the airport and pick you up when you come back. The lot is secure and gated with guard dogs at night. It is a good deal!! - Dave Freeman Courtesy, Baja Pony Express

La Paz Flights and Parking - We just used La Paz parking and storage, left side on the way to the airport. Black & yellow bldg.Great service.They drop you off and pick up.7:00 AM- 7;00PM. 300 pesos,for a month. On return at 8;00PM, used Hotel Hacienda Del Mar.400 pesos,will pick you up. New and nice.close to airport. Used Alma air to Tijuana. 2500 pesos RT.2hr flight. Great service nice planes.We hear Volares has a shuttle to & from downtown San Diego. - Doug and Lisa Colton

RE: Bus Service from Todos to Airport? - My experience of the bus is it got me to San Jose faster than I have the courage to drive, even with a brief stop in San Lucas. It goes about hourly, the only snag that I have experienced is the bus blowing right by the station in Todos Santos because (I think) it was full. I don't know if there is a way to buy a ticket in advance to insure a seat remains for me when the bus arrives from La Paz. I also don't know if there is any way for the station people to contact La Paz and find out in advance if that is going to happen. They didn't seem to want to admit that the bus from La Paz south had just ignored us. In my case, the next bus stopped and got me to San Jose just in time to get to the airport and rush through the ticket counter and get on the plane due to the blind luck of no line at the ticket counter or at the migracion office where all us FM3 holders get our FM3s stamped. It is a good idea to call a taxi in advance in San Jose to arrange your airport ride, as sometimes they are all busy with something or other. We use a pleasant guy with good English named Sergio, his cell phone is 624 100 3420. I've paid him $25 including tip in the past. - Tom

There is a mechanic who has a business called Tune Specs near the SJD airport. He will park let you park your car there for $35 US and if needed he will also wash your car or do repairs while you are away. He will drive you to the airport and pick you up. Call Ivan 624 121 3557 or email ivan_enrique (-at-) - Rhoda

11-19 We had a good experience parking at San Jose Storage. Owner is an American - Nathan Visser. Call him at Phone 044-624-122-4856 (this may be 045 area code now with the change) It's a new facility, fenced and secure, with covered and uncovered parking, and dogs patrolling. And you don't have to leave your keys!

They park cars for $3.00 per day uncovered or $5.00 covered. You need to book ahead for covered because they have limited covered space. They will give you and your luggage a ride to the airport. And will also pick you up - you just call them when you arrive. (Remember to have a LADA payphone card or cell phone with you to call from the airport) They're just south of the turnoff to the SJD airport, on the same side as airport. Next to Natural Stone and the Pemex with the Alamo rental. See map and more info at: - Lynn

Airport Checkpoint - Interesting..........we were at the airport yesterday dropping off family and an Immigration Officer was "working" the people in line, checking Passport/FM2/FM3. Ours were in the car, he didn't request that we go get them, but he did say that to be in the airport you must have your documents with you or you can be fined. Cheryl and Dave (Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

Airport Parking Alternative - Someone mentioned that parking across from the airport is closed. The Restaurant/Bar La Palapa has been a local favorite for hundreds of people for about 15 years. My Mexican family is apparently being harassed by the powers that run the highways. Because he refused to sign papers allowing the ? to move the highway back, (meaning moving his restaurant back a few hundred feet, for the second time in five years, and ultimately lose all of his land)...they have sealed off his exit and entrance to the highway! It is killing their business, the car wash and the auto storage which is daily to monthly for only $100 pesos for up to 24 hours!

Their seafood is excellent and they are happy to allow travelers to hang out all day, if they miss a flight or are waiting for incoming flights. You can now park out near the highway at Dollar to eat there. If you wish to store your car they will show you their new back driveway entrance from the highway. They live there, and it is really rotten that since they are not playing by someone's harsh rules, that they are being punished. PLEASE continue to go to La Palapa, for a nice cold beer, great limonada, ceviche, seafood soup, etc. It has been a favorite restaurant of many locals for many years. Tell them Tia Anna sent you! - Anna Wei, annwei52 ( -a t- ), 624-146-19-74

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