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The Baja Western Onion - News For Baja California Sur
       Friday, July 27, 2012 -- Weekend Edition
Featured Events This Week    
Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted    
Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted    
Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted    
The Pet Corner - Lost and Found    

News and Events, Questions and Answers, Food And Fun

End-of-Season Dharma Talk By Robert K. Hall - Dharma talks conclude for the season this Sunday, July 29. The talks will resume sometime in October. Many of the dharma talks have been recorded and posted online and available for listing at the website below. Thank you for all your support, and wishing everyone am enjoyable summer. -- Robert & Alvaro - Alvaro Colindres, eldharma [- at -] mac.com, roberthalldharmatalks.wordpress.com, 612-145-0676, Todos Santos

Baja Walk Looking For Ride North - John & Rachel Pack of the Baja Walk are looking for anyone that may be heading North in the next few days. We would like to get a ride to anywhere near Laguna Chapala, Ensenada, Rosarito or San Felipe, and we can and will help with gas. - Rachel Pack, rachelpack [- at -] bglclub.com, www.bajawalk.com, 686-230-9933, San Jose Del Cabo
John & Rachel's efforts aim to raise attention and funds to assist various Baja charity groups. For Todos Santos, the Packs have chosen Hogar Del Niño as their designated beneficiary. Support Their Efforts Here: bajagoodlife.com/baja-100-day-challenge/join-the-baja-walk/.
Become an Official Sponsor Here: bajagoodlife.com/baja-100-day-challenge/baja-walk-sponsors/.
Baja Good Life Club 100-Day Challenge Home Page: bajagoodlife.com/baja-100-day-challenge/.
Videos from John and Rachel's Trip Here: www.youtube.com/user/bglclub?feature=mhee.
Please help John and Rachel get North. Contact them at rachelpack [- at -] bglclub.com, 686-230-9933. - The Baja Western Onion

Open Studio Tour Date For 2013 - The Todos Santos Open Studio Tour will be held Sunday, February 10, 2013, immediately following the Todos Santos Art Festival. Last year there were 31 artist studios open for viewing, covering mediums from oils, pastels, watercolors, mixed media, encaustic, ceramics. sculpture and photography. There is something new and exciting to see every year so mark your calendars for this popular event. Sponsered by the Palapa Society of Todos Santos. All proceeds go towards Children’s Art. - Diane Knight, dianekknight [- at -] hotmail.com, www.artistsoftodossantos.com, 612-145-0586, Todos Santos

Deaf Dalmation Needs To Go To Seattle - We have a very sweet deaf dalmation that has been accepted by a rescue group in the Seattle area. If you are travelling to Seattle on Alaska Airlines, please help us if you can. All paperwork, necessasry fees will be provided. You will be met by our volunteers both at LAX and Seatac. Thank you! Dhorea Ryon, Baja Dogs La Paz Refugio; bdlp [- at -] bajadogslapaz.org; www.bajadogslapaz.org. - Dhorea Ryon, dhorearyon [- at -] hotmail.com, www.bajadogslapaz.org , 612-140-2575

Private School Opening In Pescadero - Land's End Home Schooling will open in Pescadero this fall. Each student will have his or her own curriculum specific to his or her needs led by an experienced California credentialed teacher. Interviews are now being scheduled for students in the 1st grade through 12th grade. Limited space is available. Please call or email for more information. - Michella Rotalo, michellajean [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-147-7537

Enjoy this summer at the Cerritos Surf Colony’s Pool Bar and Grill - Open now to the community Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Get your day pass at the office $20.00 dlls per person, children under 10 $10 dlls. Contact us at contact [- at -] cerritossurfcolony.com. This pass does not include meals and drinks or activities. Ice coolers, food or private alcohol and beverages are not allowed on the site. Bar and Restaurant are open to all public Monday to Monday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hacienda Cerritos Hotel, Playa Los Cerritos, Km 65, Highway 19, El Pescadero, Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico, C.P 23300. www.haciendacerritos.com. Join Us On Facebook! www.facebook.com/haciendacerritos. moderator [- at -] bajawesternonion.com, www.haciendacerritos.com, 612-157-1451, Pescadero

Import/transport Service - I need a reliable import/transport service from San Diego to the Cabo area. - Bernie Brown, 360-440-2379

Need To Be Pampered? - If you have even given one moment of thought to trying Mónica Velázquez at her studio Caeli Casa Holística, but weren't sure it was for you, think no more! I had a delightful, relaxing, healing massage and happy feet treatment yesterday and I highly recommend her to you. She is a delightful, competent, unassuming young woman who knows what she is doing. Go get pampered! - Susie
Trip To The Copper Canyon - Prof. Guillermo, famous for his trips to Cuba, is now taking a group to the Copper Canyon. In late October we will fly from La Paz to Los Mochis and the rest of the trip, 4 nights, 5 days, is by train with overnights at fantastic hotels. Total costs, airfare, train, hotels and many meals are so reasonable. Please contact me for itinerary or e-mail Guillermo Bueron at g_bueron [- at -] yahoo.com. It will be a small group so get on board soon. - Pam Cobb, senoracobb [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-102-7983, Todos Santos

Under African Skies Movie Night - Tonight, July 27, we are showing a wonderful movie at Teatro Luna Azul that commemorates Paul Simon's most profound work - "Graceland" - which combined Simon's poetry and arrangements to what was to the Western world a new style of music - African Highlife. "Under African Skies"celebrates the 25th anniversary of Simon's trip to South Africa to find the musicians who were playing this exciting, rhythm based music that inspired him so.

So come on over this Friday, July 27, and enjoy dinner and a movie with us. We will be doing a special grill night, with roasted veggie's on a bed of rice, and for the meat lovers, ribs on the grill with Raul's incredible BBQ sauce. And of course fresh organic salads, and homemade mango pie, all at great prices. - , bluemoonimbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, Http://tsbmp.blogspot.com

Can Provide Ride To Airport Aug. 3 - Ride to airport available for 3-4 people and luggage. Our flight leaves from the Alaska terminal at 4:00, so we'll leave Todos Santos at 11:00am and make a stop at the Mega in San Jose, for on-flight goodies. Share gas and expenses. - Patricia Baum, teampaty [- at -] gmail.com, 612 145-0882
Cable Theft - One of my projects was recently visited by the thieves pulling copper wire. They got One Meter of wire. I'll be glad to tell anyone interested some effective methods to hinder their success. - Patrick Coffman, coffman [- at -] prodigy.net.mx, 612-157-6991, Todos Santos
¡Que Rico! Summer Schedule - Quality Summertime Grilling: homemade sausages, steaks, ground beef, ground chicken, chicken breasts and legs. Try the Tortilla Española Clasica, a Spanish omelette (fritata) with egg, potato, and onion or the Mexican version with added bell peppers and jalapeño -- by the slice or whole. Delicious yogurt, a variety of hummus & pestos, cheeses, homemade salted/unsalted butter, jams, hot sauce, cookies, crackers, bread, Baja Beans Coffee. We even have some chocolate treats.

Open for business Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. or by appointment. We are located across the street from La Paloma Ice Cream store on H. Colegio Militar. Come visit ¡Que Rico! - Deborah & Jaime, quericofoods [- at -] gmail.com, 612-118-6031, Todos Santos

Hotel Casa Tota And La Santeña In Downtown Todos Santos - Your Olympic Viewing Headquarters! We'll be screening the Olympics on our new projector and celebrating the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat with these food and drink specials:
  • Your choice of piña colada, sangria or margarita. 2 drinks + totopos with guacamole for $120 pesos
  • OR
  • 4 Coronas with totopos and guacamole for $100 pesos
Pretty much like drinking for free, and we know you love that. ...

All the laid back Todos Santos you love, with all the London Olympic action you want. Right here at Hotel Casa Tota and La Santeña. HotelCasaTota [- at -] gmail.com, www.HotelCasaTota.com, 612-145-0590, Todos Santos

Today's Exchange Rate - Mexican Pesos to $1 USD - Courtesy X-rates.com

Submit your News and Events, Questions and Answers articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp
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Featured Events This Week

Please Note: The "Featured Events This Week" section is limited to non-recurring community events (Sorry, no "Happy Hours," "Daily Specials," "Weekly Classes," or other recurring business activities or workshops.)
Tuesday, July 24th Thru Saturday, July 28th
Bisbee’s East Cape Fishing Tournament - Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. Early Bird Deadline June 30th 3 Days of Fishing Base Entry $1,200, Across the Board $7,800. In 2010, more then $300,000 in cash and prizes was given away. www.bisbees.com
Friday, July 27
Under African Skies Movie Night - At Teatro Luna Azul. Commemorates Paul Simon's most profound work, "Graceland." The movie celebrates the 25th anniversary of Simon's trip to South Africa to find the musicians who inspired him. Evening includes special grill night with both vegetarian and meat choices. bluemoonimbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, Http://tsbmp.blogspot.com

Ben And The Men At The Rumi Garden - Cool Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Blues. Specials include no cover, 100 peso combo platter complete with egg-roll and dessert. 20 peso beers and 30 peso wine. bajaboar [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-154-8118
Sunday, July 29
End-of-Season Dharma Talk By Robert K. Hall - Dharma talks conclude for the season today. The talks will resume sometime in October. - Alvaro Colindres, eldharma [- at -] mac.com, roberthalldharmatalks.wordpress.com, 612-145-0676, Todos Santos
The Print-edition Of The Baja Onionskin Online - The Baja Onionskin is a printable version of the Community Events Calendar for the week. During the summer, we'll discontinue printing out and distributing paper copies but we'll post The Onionskin in PDF format online for download. Please feel free to download, print and distribute to your guests and visitors as you see fit. You can download it here: www.bajawesternonion.com/onion-skin.asp. - The Baja Western Onion

Download This Week's printable edition of The Baja Onionskin Community Calendar
in PDF format Here: www.bajawesternonion.com/Onionskin/current.pdf

To Submit A Community Event, Go Here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp.

Anyone planning an event should check the Online Community Calendar
before choosing a date to see if something else is already planned and avoid conflicts.

Check the Online Community Calendar here: www.bajawesternonion.com/community-calendar.asp - The Baja Western Onion

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Misc. Sales and Services Available

Sport Trac For Sale - Luxury edition, leather seats, sunroof, 4x4, 6 cylinders, a/c, black color, 2002 model, Baja plates, excellent conditions. $7000 USD. - Ernesto Miranda, ernie_net [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-117-7497, Pescadero

2013 Phone Book Ads - Many creative Ads are already coming in and they are good ones! Preferred-position pages are on first come basis, and we are adding more Categories. Looks like we'll make our quota to print 4000 books for 2013-2014. Pescadero is really blossoming. The new resident listings show our growth in all our local towns. I wasn't excited about this project until I saw what people are sending me. You have given me much-needed enthusiasm! We print locally in La Paz, providing Christmas-December monies to some many many people, since the book is hand-assembled, page by page.

Silvia is available Mon-Friday in Todos Santos, making visits to new businesses on Saturdays. I will mostly work on-line at my desk--- [August through October] See details at TodosSantos.me - Jan & Silvia, be [- at -] TodosSantos.me, www.todossantos.me/phonebook-ads.html, 145-0685 and 612 149-3671, Todos Santos

The Healing Arts Center of Todos Santos - is a community of health professionals, working together to offer services to support clients on the journey towards balance & well-being, expand awareness in the local & foreign communities of alternative therapy options, including ancient healing art forms as well as more modern evolutions in the realm of natural healing, and empower patients, students & clients by teaching ways to prevent illness and methods of self care to address imbalances.
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Jane Sipe, L. Ac. jasi57 [- at -] juno.com & Barbara Elsner, L. Ac. 1sheurchin [- at -] gmail.com 612-151-7026
Massage - Kurtis Parsons puravidahealthfood [- at -] gmail.com 612-169-2095
Acutonics (Sound Healing) - Lynn Wedekind tuneintuit [- at -] gmail.com 612-151-3051
Reiki - Allison Eaton info [- at -] allisoneaton.com, www.allisoneaton.com, 612-152-3896
Counseling & Body Centered Psychotherapy - Shawna Owen, RPC (EMDR, IBP) harmonywithall [- at -] mac.com 612-151-7728
Anxiety, Mood, Couples Counseling - Jolyn Wells-Moran, PhD, MSW, LMHC (beginning November, 2012) jwmcounseling [- at -] yahoo.com, www.anxiety-specialist.com
T'ai Chi & Qi Gong Classes - Rhoda Jacobs barakabaja [- at -] gmail.com 612-157-6088
Practitioners interested in joining this dynamic group contact Jane jasi57 [- at -] juno.com - Todos Santos Healing Arts Center, Jane Sipe, 612 151 7026, Todos Santos

La Canada Del Diablo - Furniture, Mirrors, Spring Air Mattresses, Lamps. Everything is on sale!
Come by and check out our marked down prices.

Remember, we are still collecting clothing and blankets for the farm workers who have so little.

Our hours are: Monday thru Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - Barbara Perkins, bperkins0403 [- at -] gmail.com, www.lacanadadeldiablo.com, 612-140-0069

Solar Water Heating - Make a SolarSmart investment today with immediate returns!  Solstice Solar of Baja is your local Solar Hot Water specialist for your home and pool. Get your free estimate and learn how you can have free hot water forever with renewable solar energy.  - Skip Ackerman, ackerman1952 [- at -] gmail.com, www.solsticesolarofbaja.com, 624-142-8002 or 970-963-0846 Vonage

Sun Pumps 1,200 Watt DC Solar Well Pump Controller - High-power pump controller, intended for pumping higher water volumes from greater depths. This model is designed to work with brushless DC pump motors only.

SunPumps PCB series Pump Controllers are high-quality, micro-processor controlled, DC-power converters designed as the interface between a DC-powered pump and the DC power source. The DC source may be solar modules, batteries, or systems using wind generators. The main purpose of the SunPumps PC-series controller is to maximize the total daily water delivery while providing protection for the pump as well as the power source. It boosts the current of solar modules in low sunlight conditions while holding the voltage of the solar modules at the maximum power point. This allows a pump to start earlier in the morning and stay running later into the evening.
Data Sheet: www.sunpumps.com/uploads/Specs/13961.pdf

Installation Manual: www.sunpumps.com/uploads/UserManuals/1397.pdf

Specifications: www.sunpumps.com/uploads/Specs/13961.pdf
This is a New Unit. Lists for over $900 in the US. Asking $600 + Shipping in Baja via BajaPak. - Alan, alan [- at -] BajaSatellite.com, Baja California Sur
Berries Abound!! - The berry patch is still producing ... now more than ever, after the first wave of picking. Come on out and load up. Only 50 pesos a quart, for very large quarts! Pies still available. Simple, low sugar, butter and flour crust ... only quality ingredients. - Catherine Edwards, bajacata [- at -] hotmail.com, 178-0054

Success By Degrees - Are you looking for information on how to select the most appropriate college or university program for a high school student in your family in Mexico, Canada or the US? Academic Scholar Online is an innovative assessment tool to assist incoming and current high school students with selecting courses and majors that support their unique abilities and interests.

Welcome to Academic Scholar Online. Our career exploration assessments measure 20 key occupational core competencies and match any student to over 300+ occupations that drive today's economy. The occupations identified include graduate, undergraduate and associate college degrees. Some of our assessments also identify occupations that require technical, trade school or on-the-job training. And the best part is, these career assessments can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

Academic Scholar Online is available in English, Spanish and French Canadian. For more information, contact us today: - Cary Gray, carygray [- at -] assessments-usa.com, www.academic-scholar.com, 800-808-6311 or 805-570-0320

Accounting Services In Todos Santos - We can assist you with your corporate and individual needs. We offer accounting and administrative services including:
  • Registration of corporations with SECOFI and INM
  • Registration and reporting of construction and construction workers with IMSS
  • Recording and reporting foreign investments with the Secretaria de Economia
  • Counseling and immigration assistance for FM2 and FM3
  • Property management including payment of utilities, water, CFE, fideicamiso
  • Assistance with water rights
  • Offices in central Todos Santos
  • Many local references
E.C.M. Raquel Martinez Peralta - Raquel Martinez Peralta frimargroup [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-14-86907

Apartados Postales En Todos Santos Y Pescadero - Servicio de mensajeria y paqueteria, nacional e internacional. Renta de apartados postales por 3,6 y 12 meses. Mayor informacion en://www.postall.com.mx/ o en "Multiservicios Mirò" en todos santos. Rangel # 05 esq. Degollado, centro.(612)1450702 ( a la venta dos pc`s $ 2,500.00 pesos cada una.incluye monitor, raton y teclado.) - Alex Mirò, multisermiro [- at -] hotmail.com, (612)1450702, Todos Santos

Submit your Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted

Lot In La Paz With Stunning Views - For sale by owner: 287 m2 residential lot in the tranquil community of Lomas del Palmira. All underground utilities. Includes documents and approved plans for custom, multi-story home with 3-car garage. Minutes away from downtown La Paz with easy access to the Malecón. Breathtaking views of the city and bay! A million-dollar opportunity for only $100,000 USD! - Dax Morgan, sandemorgan [- at -] aol.com, 612-140-3070, La Paz

Seeking Property Caretaking Position - We are a married couple currently care taking a property in Todos Santos through Nov 1. We are seeking a long term care taking job from Nov 1 indefinitely. We are reliable with references. My background is landscaping and gardening and would love a place to nurture not only your home but a garden and grounds. We do not have a phone right now so contact through email please. - Vicki Fisk, vickifisk [- at -] gmail.com

Inexpensive Property - I know of several lots and homes that are selling for reasonable prices here in town and near all stores and main square of Todos Santos. Call on me to give you several good examples of real estate that needs to move. lowerbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-161-4728, Todos Santos

House Sitter Sought for San Pedrito Home - We have a casita near the beach at San Pedrito, Pescadero, and are looking for a house sitter from august 8th till oct 28th. We have pets (2 cats) and some watering of the gardens. Internet available. - Scott H, scot0007 [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-143-5050, Pescadero

Submit your Real Estate/Rentals/House Sitting/Property Management Services articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted

Note: Ads will run for two weeks unless dated. Please list the date in the title, and specify which airport. Goes without saying, everyone shares expenses for beer, gas, food, etc

To remove your ad if you find a ride or caravan, let us know here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

Ride South in Early August - I am driving from Taos, N.M., through Tecate, B.C.N., and on down to Todos Santos around the first of August. Does anyone want to car pool? I have room for one. I could use some help with fuel expenses. Vamanos! - Buck Woodall, buckwoodall [- at -] yahoo.com, 808-282-1181, Todos Santos

Ride Needed/ Reduce Your Travel Costs - I am looking for a person to bring down an 8'10" surfboard from San Diego ( Solana Beach). I am willing to pay for the time and effort, and can supply a soft roof carrier if needed. 612-157-6087 MX cell - Steven Monaco, smridhwan [- at -] gmail.com, 415-259-5537, United States

Ride To California Sought Early August - My pug and I need a ride to Northern California. Want to leave early August. Won't need much room. Can help with driving and, of course, expenses. - Pat Raines, gypsymama59 [- at -] gmail.com, 612/132-4945, Pescadero

Ride To San Diego By August 15 - I need to be in San Diego by August 15 and am looking for a ride. Naturally, I'm happy to share the driving expenses. I've driven the Baja countless times. Please contact me if you are looking for a driving companion. Frances Robinson, 144-0567 - Frances Robinson, frances48r [- at -] gmail.com, 144-0567, San Jose Del Cabo

Will Drive Your Vehicle To Baja Late October ~ Early November - Responsible couple with perfect driving record available to drive your vehicle down to Baja Sur some time late October/early November. Ideal pick-up from the Olympic Peninsula or Los Angeles but any location down the west coast is an option. - Sasha Landis, jacqueline.mention [- at -] gmail.com, Los Barriles

Submit your Rides or Caravans Needed/Available articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for two weeks)

Let us know if you find or place your pet so we can remove your ad -

Mom Needs A Good Home -->> - Adult female was abandoned and needs a good home. She's approx 5 yrs. old and she has recently been spayed, dewormed and deflea-d. She would make a great companion and guard dog. - Rick Plaia, rickgplaia [- at -] hotmail.com, 612.178.0000, Todos Santos

Lucky Dog Needs A Loving Home - 6 Month Old Male Neutered - He's a mongrel/black lab type, medium size, friendly and loving, really well behaved when alone but gets excitable when with other dogs and will need further training. Ideally he would find a home where someone is there most of the time or with another dog to keep him company. He's neutered, wormed and de flea'd : ) Need to re-home him before I get even more attached as I can't take him with me when I leave. Can email you a pic, or introduce you if you want to meet him. - Jack, allsorts [- at -] gn.apc.org, Todos Santos

$100 Reward - Hi. I'm looking for someone flying from Cabo to Vancouver bc via Alaska Airlines. I am still looking for a way to get my dog home to B.C. I am already back in Canada. Alaska Airlines is the only airline accepting animals as baggage right now, but they require someone to be on the same flight as her. If you or someone you know could help me out with this, I would be extremely grateful. I miss her... - Katy, katyeorose [- at -] yahoo.ca

Found Lost Dog In San Ignacio - Did anyone lose their small dog while traveling through San Ignacio? Today as we were traveling north through the San Ignacio military check point we saw a small dog wearing a dog shirt that said "Mommy's Tough Guy" on the back. The military men said it had been there for two days, so since Saturday the 23rd and tried to get us to take it with us. We took a picture which we will email to you if you think its your dog. - Brandy Moore, trandbrandy [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-153-0779

It's Raining Kitties At Kitty Heaven - Twelve new little darlings have arrived: 3 white ones with blue eyes,3 black ones, 4 tabbies, one not quite tortoise shell. They are guaranteed to keep your home mouse-free and are all available for immediate adoption.


If you are not able to bring one of these sweethearts into your home, you could consider sponsoring the kitty of your choice for only $10.00 U.S. a month. That's all it takes to provide food, shelter, and medical care for a local animal. We will send you a photo of your chosen kitty, and if you are in Todos Santos, you can visit "your" happy pet, and even give her/him a name. What an opportunity to help a fellow creature! To learn more about sponsoring a homeless critter, please contact Angelique at bajakitties [- at -] yahoo.com, www.bajarescue.com, 145-0250

Good Info On What To Do If You Lose Your Dog In Baja (or Anywhere) - This excellent article courtesy of Baja Insider: www.bajainsider.com/baja-life/pet-care/findinglostdogs.htm - The Baja Western Onion

Submit your Pet Corner articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp (and remember to Spay or Neuter your pets)

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Quote of the Day: " Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them. " ~ Bill Vaughan

Looking for the complete Community Events Calendar? Click Here!

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