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The Baja Western Onion - News For Baja California Sur
       Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Featured Events This Week    
Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment    
Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted    
Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted    
Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted    
The Pet Corner - Lost and Found    

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News and Events, Questions and Answers

Hogar Del Nino - Thank You! - Many thanks to those who responded to the recent request for meat/protein items. Your donations were greatly appreciated and put to immediate use. Thanks also to the donors for the new clothesline system which has been built and put into use! All types of food and household items are always in short supply. Items which would be especially appreciated now are:
  • fresh veggies and fruits (from your garden or the markets)
  • fruit juices (can be bought in cases at Sam's, Costco and City Club)
  • toilet tissue, bath soap and shampoo
Food items can be donated at Galeria de Todos Santos.

As the summer school break begins, more recreation options at the Hogar would be very beneficial for the children. If you would like to donate bags of concrete or money to help build a half court basketball court, please contact Nancy Serfas at NancySerfas [- at -] aol.com or Nancy Naigle at the email address which follows. If you have an idea for a summer art project for the children, please contact Nancy Serfas. As always, thank you for helping the children. - Nancy Naigle, nnaigle [- at -] att.net, 612-178-0040

Dogs In Cabin Issue Update - From Allyson Williams' Blog at jaltembabaylife.com/blog/2012/06/new-no-pets-in-cabin-policy-for-mexico/:
June 25, 2012 Update (11:30am) – I received an update from Lic. José Armando Garcia Nuño this morning. The new Circular (PDF Format), CO AV-07.8/07 R2, is dated June 21, 2012 and has been posted on the SCT website. In his email, Sr. Garcia stated that: "The Aeronautical Authority has published a document (Circular compulsory) that allows airlines to transport pets in the passenger cabins. Airlines must meet the mandatory circular immediately as soon as they are notified. The airlines must allow pets to enter the passenger cabins immediately." He also wanted to remind me that "this new document is NOT a new regulation, simply a document that clarifies the doubts with regard to the Law on Civil Aviation." He clarified this statement in another email by saying "The document that now [permits pets into the cabin] is a temporary measure." He is currently working on reforming article 107 of the law of Civil Aviation.

I have been informed by a group in Cozumel who is working closely with the airlines that "this circular was sent to all airlines on Friday." Obviously, the airlines will need a little time to re-implement this policy, update their websites, etc. I will post as I learn more. Over the weekend, I received several emails asking what is needed to travel with pets to and from Mexico. In anticipation of the revised policy, people are obviously starting to think about flying with their pets again, so I have included a link to our Pets Travel Tips.
You can contact the Mexico Tourism Board to express your concerns and support in repealing the No Pets In Cabin" directive. Please refer to "Article 2.1.2 in the Circular Obligatoria ID: CO AV-07.8/07 R2 issued by the Direccion General De Aeronautica Civil.
Mexico Tourism Board
Web site: www.visitmexico.com.mx/en_us/
Phone: 1-800-44-MEXICO (1-800-446-3942) – Dial direct from the US
Email: contact [- at -] visitmexico.com
We received a number of updates about this issue, and it looks like real progress is being made, thanks to the efforts of many concerned individuals throughout Mexico, the US and Canada. - Editor, Baja Western Onion The Baja Western Onion

Found Lost Dog In San Ignacio - Did anyone lose their small dog while traveling through San Ignacio? Today as we were traveling north through the San Ignacio military check point we saw a small dog wearing a dog shirt that said "Mommy's Tough Guy" on the back. The military men said it had been there for two days, so since Saturday the 23rd and tried to get us to take it with us. We took a picture which we will email to you if you think its your dog. - Brandy Moore, trandbrandy [- at -] hotmail.com, 6121530779

The Best Maintenance Technician - We've Found Mr. Fix-it In Todos Santos - My husband and I can not say enough good things about US-trained maintenance technician, Eduardo Lili. He is skilled in plumbing, electrical, construction repairs, air conditioning,refrigeration etc. After many years working for Club Med, he has settled here in Todos Santos. We have found him to not only be competent in a number of skills, including excellent English, but honest, reasonably priced and highly reliable. To contact Eduardo, call 612-100-6921 or email him at eleduard70 [- at -] hotmail.com. - Elena Martinez, elenaloscabos93 [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-100-6921

Lost Wetsuits - April and Bridget from Baja Beans both lost their wetsuits in the last month. One at or near Cerritos beach and the other at or near Baja Beans. They were both XCEL wetsuits, black, ladies size 8, long arms and short legs. If you walk into Baja Beans with one, I will shower you with thanks and lots of treats! - April Tidey, 612-157-2021

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Featured Events This Week

Please Note: The "Featured Events This Week" section is limited to non-recurring community events (Sorry, no "Happy Hours," "Daily Specials," "Weekly Classes," or other recurring business activities or workshops.)
Thursday, June 28 Thru Sunday July 01
Stars & Stripes Fishing Festival - World-class fishing, golf, live auction and music festival with the Doobie Brothers. Benefitting children's charities. Also Zip-line tours and Quad-runner rides. Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, Cabo San Lucas. - christi.starsandstripes [- at -] gmail.com, www.starsandstripestournament.com, (949) 280-4742

Friday, June 29
Music Encore at Casa Tota - 8 p.m. M.C. Shipper Mtz, Chef Tony Peralta of K-L, Adrian from Los Traviesos on the accordion, and cast return to Hotel Casa Tota, Todos Santos
HotelCasaTota [- at -] gmail.com, www.HotelCasaTota.com, 612 145 0590, Todos Santos
Saturday, June 30
Paper Tile Mosaic Art Workshop - Learn to create your own paper tile mosaic art at Nanette's gallery, 9ish to 5ish. 1,100 pesos. Class limited to 8 students. Please bring 4 high quality paper magazines, such as Vogue,Vanity Fair and/or Architectural Digest! - Nanette, 612-145-0183

Jonny & His Hot Salsa Band - Salsa teacher at 6 p.m. Raul's fabulous Ratatoulle and fresh salad from the garden, strawberry pie and Margaritas. Band starts at 7:30 p.m. 50 peso cover. Info & directions: bluemooninbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, tsbmp.blogspot.com

To Submit A Community Event, Go Here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp.

Recurring Events Each Week

Farmer's Market - 8 a.m.-12 p.m., La Canada Del Diablo, Todos Santos.www.lacanadadeldiablo.com, 612-140-0069.
Sushi Sundays - 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., Cerritos Surf Colony Bar and Grill. oficinacerritos [- at -] gmail.com, 612-131-8011, Pescadero
Baja Monday Wine Tastings - Flight Night from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., La Bodega, Calle Hidalgo, Todos Santos. LaBodegaDeTodosSantos [- at -] gmail.com, 612-152-0181.
Big Red Wednesdays - Structured Baja red wines by the glass from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., La Bodega, Calle Hidalgo, Todos Santos. LaBodegaDeTodosSantos [- at -] gmail.com, 612-152-0181.

Perico Wednesdays - Live music and Open Mic, 20 pesos beer, 50 pesos Margaritas, El Perico Azul, Todos Santos.

(Recurring Events Each Week listed here are reserved for paid advertisers)

For Our Complete Listings of Recurring Workshops, Events and Meetings, GO HERE

Community Events and Workshops Notification Page - Submit event notices for The Community Calendar or Workshops and Meetings pages.

Anyone planning an event should check the Online Community Calendar before choosing a date to see if something else is already planned and avoid conflicts. Check the Online Community Calendar here: www.bajawesternonion.com/community-calendar.asp - The Baja Western Onion

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Stepping Out - Food, Music, Arts and Entertainment

Hotel Casa Tota And La Santeña In Downtown Todos Santos - Don't sit on the sidelines and let it all just pass you by. Stand up! And Sing! And support our local musicians and rappers.

Friday, June 29, at 8 p.m.: M.C. Shipper Mtz, Chef Tony Peralta of K-L, Adrian from Los Traviesos on the accordion, and an all star cast are returning for a command performance at Hotel Casa Tota after tearing the place up last month.

This is also your big chance to be part of the show. If you are bored, you are boring. COME SING! Hell, you can hibernate all summer to lick your wounds if it all goes pear-shaped and your particular karaoke song is the worst ever performed. It's not likely, but neither are a lot of things that happen down here, so let's not rule it out. You could actually do the worst karaoke performance in the history of karaoke. But at least you'd always have that feather in your cap. Also, the screen is giant, so yes, you can see the words. And we have tequila, which we have discovered is the best short term voice training available. And, it's cathartic. This, I swear.

Food and drink specials, revelry, live accordion, freestyle rappers, tequila, nervous singers, karaoke, police, puppies, hippies, bikers, rancheros, pochos, Canadians, Hesed- it's all going on at Hotel Casa Tota. Get in the mix, already. www.HotelCasaTota.com, Todos Santos HotelCasaTota [- at -] gmail.com, www.HotelCasaTota.com, 612 145 0590, Todos Santos

Ben And The Men [- at -] Rumi Garden! - Saturday, July 7th at Rumi Garden 7-10 pm Ben and the Men dinner and dance. Great new Menu. Free Appetizers, 20 peso Pacifico and 30 peso wine. Come and get funky with us. We love your support. - Ben And The Men, bajaboar [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-154-8118
Salsa Dance With Jonny & His Hot Salsa Band - Saturday, June 30. Get your dancing shoes on. We have a special Salsa teacher coming at 6 p.m. to show you a few steps to get you dancing to this great latin music. We also have Raul's fabulous Ratatoulle and fresh salad from the garden,strawberry pie, as well as the best Margaritta's in town, all at great prices. Band starts at 7:30pm. 50 peso cover for the band. Info & directions: bluemooninbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, tsbmp.blogspot.com

The Baja Western Onion Paper Tile Mosaic Art Workshop - Learn to create your own paper tile mosaic art. Summer classes are June 30th and July 21st.

Class includes materials, homemade yummy meal and a fabulous desert. Classes are held at Nanette's gallery from 9ish to 5ish. Cost is 1,100 pesos. Reserve your spot now! Class is limited to 8 students. Please bring 4 high quality paper magazines, such as Vogue,Vanity Fair and/or Architectural Digest! - Nanette, 612-145-0183

Cerritos Brewery Weekly Special - Thursday Nights/Dinner with a Movie: Movie and Sandwich with Draft of Choice 100 pesos. Featuring local/organic breads, meats, and veggies. Currently on Tap Porter, Amber, Pale Ales, Raspberry and Apricot Flavored Ales, Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, and Root Beer.

Movie Selection: Angles and Demons; 310 to Yuma; Last Chance Harvey; Push; Invention of Lying. Email us your vote/popular choice wins/showing at 7:30 P.M. Located in the Heart of Pescadero, open Monday thru Saturday, 3-10 p.m. - Bob Dale, cerritosbeachbrewing [- at -] gmail.com, www.cerritosbeachbrewing.com, 612-102-1534, Pescadero
Hotel California - Signature Margaritas made with our Awarding Winning Hotel California Tequila, Beers, and Dancing!

Bistro Santo Vino & Wine Bar
Spring/Summer Hours Monday-Friday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reservations Recommended

Keep up with the latest Hotel California info by joining our facebook fan page
Follow us on facebook
info [- at -] hotelcaliforniabaja.com, www.hotelcaliforniabaja.com, 612.145.0525, Todos Santos

Crave A Breakfast Bagel Sandwich? Bbq Pork? Italian Sausage? - Well, Ace is still serving them up at Cañada del Diablo, on Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. He also has fresh doughnuts and apple fritters. Hope to see you there. - Ace Shawver, aceandlinda [- at -] yahoo.com, (612) 149-3572, Todos Santos

Local Travel Deals
Palmas de Cortez – Los Barriles, Baja, From $335 for 4 Nights per Person, $400 for Five Nights - Four- or Five-Night Stay for Up to Five with Zipline Passes. One Kid 12 or Younger Stays Free. Combine Multiple Nights. $335 total. Value $670. 50% Discount. You save $335. Stay for five in a two-bedroom condo with zipline passes for five; up to one kid 12 or younger stays free. $1,088 for four nights, $1,313 for five nights. Amenities Include:
  • Infinity-Edge Pool
  • Swim-Up Bar
  • Jacuzzi
  • Nine-Hole Golf Course And Driving Range
  • Onsite Spa
  • ATV Rentals, Horseback Riding, And Eco-Tours Available
Combine up to three offers for up to 15 nights. Offer expires June 28. Get The Deal Here: www.anrdoezrs.net/click-5636555-10872943?url=http%3A//www.groupon.com/deals/ga-palmas-de-cortez. - The Baja Western Onion, Palmas de Cortez, Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, (877) 777-8862.

Sprawling All-Inclusive Resort on Mexico's Pacific Coast in Puerto Vallarta From $315 per Person - Mexico — Krystal Puerto Vallarta. Four- or five-night all-inclusive stay for two adults. Up to two kids 12 or younger stay free. $629 total. Value $1,376. $786 for five nights. Included in the all-inclusive package:
  • Three Buffets Daily Plus Snacks
  • One À La Carte Dinner, Valid At Kamakura Sushi Bar Or La Trattoria
  • Select Alcoholic And Nonalcoholic Beverages
  • Daily Kids' Club For Ages 4–12
  • Nonmotorized Watersports
  • Use Of Fitness Center And Spa
  • All Taxes, Resort Fees, And Gratuities.
Combine two offers for up to 10 nights. Offer expires June 28. Get The Deal Here: www.anrdoezrs.net/click-5636555-10872943?url=http%3A//www.groupon.com/deals/ga-krystal-puerto-vallarta. Krystal Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Las Garzas, Zona Hotelera Norte, 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, (877) 597-8815. - The Baja Western Onion

10-Country/25-Day Cultural Enrichment Cruise – Central America, South America, and Mexico - 25-day, 10-country enrichment cruise departing december 8 with meals and lectures from institute for shipboard education. From $2,199. Value $3,849. Discount 43%. You save $1,650. Included in the all-inclusive package:
  • All Onboard Meals
  • All Onboard Lectures And Most Workshops
Institute for Shipboard Education was born from an idea to create a floating campus that reflected the ideals of the United Nations and the realities of globalization. The institute has attracted world-famous guest speakers including Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. The Institute for Shipboard Education also administers the study abroad program Semester at Sea. Today, the cruising university offers two-week Enrichment Voyages for adventurers of all ages, with educational programming that digs deep into each port of call's culture and history. This 25-day cruise incorporates both lectures and hands-on exploration. Departing from Nassau, the MV Explorer passes through 10 countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America before ending in San Diego. Offer expires June 28. Get The Deal Here: www.anrdoezrs.net/click-5636555-10872943?url=http%3A//www.groupon.com/deals/ga-institute-for-shipboard-education-1. - The Baja Western Onion

For advertising information on how to post your Local Travel Deal here, please contact us at Advertising [- at -] BajaWesternOnion.com

Submit your Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment announcements here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Misc. Sales and Services Available

Success By Degrees - Are you looking for information on how to select the most appropriate college or university program for a high school student in your family in Mexico, Canada or the US? Academic Scholar Online is an innovative assessment tool to assist incoming and current high school students with selecting courses and majors that support their unique abilities and interests.

Welcome to Academic Scholar Online. Our career exploration assessments measure 20 key occupational core competencies and match any student to over 300+ occupations that drive today's economy. The occupations identified include graduate, undergraduate and associate college degrees. Some of our assessments also identify occupations that require technical, trade school or on-the-job training. And the best part is, these career assessments can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

Academic Scholar Online is available in English, Spanish and French Canadian. For more information, contact us today: - Cary Gray, carygray [- at -] assessments-usa.com, www.academic-scholar.com, 800-808-6311 or 805-570-0320
Homecare Licensed Practical Nurse - I am currently care-taking at Las Casitas B&B here in Todo Santos. I have over 20 yrs. experience with the elderly. My partner of 18 years was a quadriplegic. I am available for any type of care, including respite or other help you may need in your home (home and pet sitting included). Presently, I do not have a car but I do have a bike which I am accustomed to riding. My hours are flexible and my wage is negotiable. - Frances Roberts, hoboart [- at -] live.com, 612-145-0255 or 612-155-7888 cell, Todos Santos

The Healing Arts Center of Todos Santos - is a community of health professionals, working together to offer services to support clients on the journey towards balance & well-being, expand awareness in the local & foreign communities of alternative therapy options, including ancient healing art forms as well as more modern evolutions in the realm of natural healing, and empower patients, students & clients by teaching ways to prevent illness and methods of self care to address imbalances.
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Jane Sipe, L. Ac. jasi57 [- at -] juno.com & Barbara Elsner, L. Ac. 1sheurchin [- at -] gmail.com 612-151-7026
Massage - Kurtis Parsons puravidahealthfood [- at -] gmail.com 612-169-2095
Acutonics (Sound Healing) - Lynn Wedekind tuneintuit [- at -] gmail.com 612-151-3051
Reiki - Allison Eaton info [- at -] allisoneaton.com, www.allisoneaton.com, 612-152-3896
Counseling & Body Centered Psychotherapy - Shawna Owen, RPC (EMDR, IBP) harmonywithall [- at -] mac.com 612-151-7728
Anxiety, Mood, Couples Counseling - Jolyn Wells-Moran, PhD, MSW, LMHC (beginning November, 2012) jwmcounseling [- at -] yahoo.com, www.anxiety-specialist.com
T'ai Chi & Qi Gong Classes - Rhoda Jacobs barakabaja [- at -] gmail.com 612-157-6088
Practitioners interested in joining this dynamic group contact Jane jasi57 [- at -] juno.com - Todos Santos Healing Arts Center, Jane Sipe, 612 151 7026, Todos Santos

Travel Trailer and Van - 1993 wheelchair accessable, roomy Sierra Cobra 24-ft. long, new ac, solar panel and batteries, 5 new tires, new roof fans, new converter an electrical, fridge, microwave, 4 burner stove with oven, everything was professionaly updated September 2011 and works great, $10,000.00 OBO. Also have a wheelchair 2001 e 250 Ford van fully loaded for $45,000.00 OBO. - Baja Dude, bajavanman [- at -] yahoo.ca, 624-168-9074, Baja California Sur
The Baja Western Onion
Classic Car For Sale - MG Midget 1974, body and interior in cherry condition, new tires, engine runs perfectly, transmission needs some work. The car is in Todos Santos. $4000 U.S. - Felipe, 612-157-8140

Generators For Sale - I have two small geny's for sale: 3200 watt Briggs and Straton purchased at HD for $650 and will sell for $250. Also have a CPE 2000 watt inverter geny. Cost $495 new and will sell for $250. Both are in great condition and will email photos. - Jim Smith, jimsmith853 [- at -] gmail.com

DCS 30" Range - Stainless Steel 30" DCS range. $4,000 new. 8 years old and will sell for $595. In great condition, remodeling for larger range. Will email photos. - Jim Smith, jimsmith853 [- at -] gmail.com, Elias Calles
Accounting Services In Todos Santos - We can assist you with your corporate and individual needs. We offer accounting and administrative services including:
  • Registration of corporations with SECOFI and INM
  • Registration and reporting of construction and construction workers with IMSS
  • Recording and reporting foreign investments with the Secretaria de Economia
  • Counseling and immigration assistance for FM2 and FM3
  • Property management including payment of utilities, water, CFE, fideicamiso
  • Assistance with water rights
  • Offices in central Todos Santos
  • Many local references
E.C.M. Raquel Martinez Peralta - Raquel Martinez Peralta frimargroup [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-14-86907

Submit your Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted

Seeking House To Rent In La Paz - We are a WA. state couple with a home in Todos Santos seeking a house or apartment to rent for three weeks in La Paz. We hope to have our 1st baby in LaPaz and are looking for a comfortable, pet friendly place with A/C that is not too far from hospitals etc. 2 or more bedrooms would be nice. Our baby is due on Oct. 8th. We would like to rent the last week of September and the 1st 2 weeks of October. Can pay around $300 per week. Thanks! Ivan & Jessica 360-378-2882 - Ivan Moorhouse, divetech [- at -] rockisland.com, divetech [- at -] rockisland.com, 360-378-2882, La Paz

New Home For Sale - Brand new home consisting of one bedroom and one bath with living area and kitchen. The area is Brias del Pacific at higher ground level. Lot is approx 1200 m/2 there water but no power. Home is secure with iron doors and windows. Views to center of Todos Santos. Asking price is $80,000 USD obo.lowerbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-161-4728, Todos Santos

Pescadero Opportunity – Dramatic Price Reduction Highway Land - Drastic price reduction on almost one acre of land with three hundred feet of commercial frontage on the newly completed four-lane highway between Los Cabos and La Paz. It is located between the busy surfing area at Los Cerritos beach and the commercial center of El Pescadero. The property includes 3913 square meters (42,125 square feet) of flat land, and features electric and water service on the road.

There is great visibility and access from the highway connecting your new business to the daily tourist flow between Los Cabos to Todos Santos or La Paz. Plenty of space for parking and the easy access makles it perfect for a hotel, restaurant, shops, market, automotive or any tourist related business. Only $39,999 USD or $10 USD per square meter. - Roc Fleishman, roc [- at -] pescadero-properties.com, www.pescadero-properties.com/Listing%20Highway%2019.html, 612-348-5468, Pescadero

House Rental Or Sit - Medical professional taking sabbatical looking for minimum 6 month rental or small house sit Todo Santos or surrounding area. Ideally to start in Oct . - Cristi, clfedryna [- at -] hotmail.com

Wanted Rental - Retired nurse/painter would like to spent January, February, March in Todo Santos. I have small schnauzer. She is quiet and well behaved, that is if you are not a squirrel. I would like to pay $400 a month. - Carol Piche, missminnie02 [- at -] gmail.com, 360-756-1673

Small, Beautiful House For Rent In Las Tunas - 2000 pesos a month, internet and phone service, good neighbors. email enquiries to calistoflores [- at -] gmail.com - , calistoflores [- at -] gmail.com

Las Tunas Lots / Fire Sale - Las Tunas adjoining lots priced for immediate sale. Just north of Camino International on Las Playitas, the newly confirmed, to be paved, road to La Pastora. 2 adjoining lots: Ocean side of road: 1552 meters and 1632 meters. Electric / town/eijdo water access on borderlines, could not be closer. Priced below market [- at -] $33 usd per meter. Deep discount for buying both! No agents please! dakindig [- at -] wisc.edu

Submit your Real Estate/Rentals/House Sitting/Property Management Services articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted

Note: Ads will run for two weeks unless dated. Please list the date in the title, and specify which airport. Goes without saying, everyone shares expenses for beer, gas, food, etc

To remove your ad if you find a ride or caravan, let us know here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

Need A Small, Lightweight Package Brought >From The U.S. - Hi, is anyone coming down from the U.S. next week that could bring a very small, lightweight package for us? We would be very grateful and happy to pay you for your time. Thanks - Jaime And Laura, pescaderosurf [- at -] hotmail.com

Care To Caravan North In Mid July? - Looking to caravan to San Diego in mid July, perhaps around the 20th. - Diane, di4worship [- at -] gmail.com, Todos Santos

Looking For Riders And/or A Caravan To Baja Sur - Hey, I am flexible when we could leave, but looking at mid July. Looking to join maybe a caravan to GN, or further, I will be surfing the Pacific Coast, going to various regions. Riders could help me shape my route by what their needs are as well. Planning on staying for at least a month or two. Please email daverosier [- at -] yahoo.com. Thanks - David Rosier, daverosier [- at -] yahoo.com, 970-618-8720

Anyone Need A Ride From La To Cabo? - Mid May to June - Looking to move down to Cabo with flexible dates between mid May and the end of June. This will be my first trip through Baja so really hoping for someone who has done this before or to join a caravan heading across the border and down to LP or preferably Cabo. I have two dogs so if we are riding together, will be great if you like dogs too! - M Currie, macurrie [- at -] bellsouth.net, Baja California Sur

Submit your Rides or Caravans Needed/Available articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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The Baja Western Onion

Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for two weeks)

Let us know if you find or place your pet so we can remove your ad -

Am I Cute Or What? - Someone put this tiny little guy into a yard in downtown Todos Santos and no one has come looking for him. He went to the vet today and is in great health, no fleas and appears to have been well cared for. He is about 2-1/2 months old and has super soft fur and a sweet personality. He is at the bookstore in Todos Santos during the day where you can visit him from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I guaranty you will fall in love with this one. Call or email if interested in adopting. - Pam Cobb, senoracobb [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-102-7983, Todos Santos

Found Puppy - While we are house and dog sitting in Todos Santos at El Cine Viejo, someone left a puppy in the yard. He is light brown with soft hair and black markings on his sweet face. Maybe a dachshund mix Mexican puppy. Probably 7-8 weeks old and will likely be a small to medium size dog. Problem: the home owners don't want another dog and we are leaving for the States in 2 weeks, as you know we can't take him with us. Please help! If you want him come by, he will be in the yard if we aren't home. Feel free to take him. Or, if you know where we can take him, please let us know. Can't post pictures so email me and I will get right back to you. Help some Gringo's out. - Denise Crain, denisercrain [- at -] yahoo.com, Todos Santos

Female American Bulldog Available for Adoption - 4-year-old female American Bulldog. Brindle color, wonderful disposition, great with kids and cats. Approx. 80lbs. Could not ask for a better companion or guard dog. Free to a Good Caring Loving Home. - Rick Plaia, rickplaia [- at -] hotmail.com, 612.178.0000, Baja California Sur

It's Raining Kitties At Kitty Heaven - Twelve new little darlings have arrived: 3 white ones with blue eyes,3 black ones, 4 tabbies, one not quite tortoise shell. They are guaranteed to keep your home mouse-free and are all available for immediate adoption.


If you are not able to bring one of these sweethearts into your home, you could consider sponsoring the kitty of your choice for only $10.00 U.S. a month. That's all it takes to provide food, shelter, and medical care for a local animal. We will send you a photo of your chosen kitty, and if you are in Todos Santos, you can visit "your" happy pet, and even give her/him a name. What an opportunity to help a fellow creature! To learn more about sponsoring a homeless critter, please contact Angelique at bajakitties [- at -] yahoo.com, www.bajarescue.com, 145-0250

Dog Lost? Check with Baja Dogs - If you have lost a dog, please check with Baja Dogs La Paz at 612-155-8948 or email lostdog [- at -] bajadogs.org. We quite often have dogs at the refuge that we hope owners will claim.

Dogs for Adoption: We have many wonderful dogs for adoption. Please come out and visit the refuge in El Centenario or call 612-155-8948. All of our dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and healthy.

How to Donate: To donate to Baja Dogs La Paz, you can do so through Pay Pal, donate directly through our bank: Bancomer, Account #164033159; donate directly at the refuge or email bdlp [- at -] bajadogslapaz.org and we will make arrangements to pick up your donation. We also are very grateful for any donations of any type of dog food. Please call 612-140-2575 for pick up. Thank you!

All donations are used for general operating and maintenance of the refuge, our spay and neuter campaign and education programs. You may choose where you want your money spent. 100% of all donations to Baja Dogs La Paz, AC are used to help rescue street dogs in La Paz or to reduce their numbers. Donations pay for food, medication, veterinary care, utilities and water, cleaning supplies, etc., and 1 full-time and 2 part-time staff members who care for the dogs 7 days a week. No Board Member receives compensation. - Mario, info [- at -] bajadogslapaz.org, www.bajadogslapaz.org/, 612-155-8948, La Paz

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