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The Baja Western Onion - News For Baja California Sur
       Monday, February 27, 2012
Featured Events This Week    
Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment    
Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted    
Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted    
Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted    
The Pet Corner - Lost and Found    

News and Events, Questions and Answers

9th Todos Santos Film Festival Wraps Up Today - Special Events include "Closing Night" with guests from Spain and much more. Reserved tickets at El Tecolote Bookstore. Suggested donation $50 pesos. Oscar Night $150/$200 at the door Hotel California. There will be food and drink vendors in the plaza in front of the theater before and during the films that are being show at the Todos Santos film festival. - Sylvia Perel, cinefest [- at -] latinofilmfestival.org, http//www.TodosSantoscinefest.com, Todos Santos

Celebrate With "Maria Felix" - Tuesday, March 6, 4:30-6 p.m. at Galeria Logan. Please come and have a glass of wine and snacks as we close the bid on the painting "Maria Felix". She has three bids right now and we would love to celebrate the fine new owner of this piece. Galeria Logan is next to Hotel California. - Jill Logan, jilllogan2001 [- at -] yahoo.com, 01-612-14-50151

Hello From Matt And Suki - After traveling around Thailand, Laos, Burma, Viet Nam, and Cambodia this winter, my feelings about Todos Santos have only been reaffirmed. There is no place like home and we are excited to come back. We will see you all in March. Happy Spring. Matt and Suki - Matt Knoke, 612-145-0847

My Dog At Your House - Looking for someone to take our dog in for a 6 week period. We go back to States once or twice a year and would like to put our young spayed female with folks who will love and take care of her. She's about a year old, medium sized, clean, smart, good with other dogs and kids. Open to ideas. David Yager, Todos Santos, Barrio San Ignacio. - David Yager, david [- at -] alderwood.com, Todos Santos

Found Sweet Puppy - Reallly friendly puppy showed up at our house in Pescadero near beach. We have bathed him and feeding him we leave on sat the 3 rd needs a good home call john or mike at 612 1715208 mikejustus [- at -] Mac.com he is healthy. - John Elleston, Mikejustus [- at -] Mac.com, 6121715208

Crossing Into Mexico With Horses - I am transporting horses from USA to Todos Santos crossing at Tecate (preferably) in the next few weeks. I am researching and learning the regulations and requirements but would appreciate hearing from anyone with actual experience crossing and traveling down with horses. Thank you! - Barbara Manfrediz, wildhooves [- at -] gmail.com, 612-142-2290

Birds We See - Book store owners! If you are carrying Chris' book "Birds We See in Baja California Sur, Mexico", please let us know so we can refer clients to you. Please contact Chris [- at -] BirdsWeSee.com. Chris and Debbie Llewellyn, http://www.BirdsWeSee.com Chris [- at -] BirdsWeSee.com, Los Barriles

Wanted: Enclosed Trailer - Looking for a 12' Enclosed trailer. Fair condition ok, as it will not travel long distances. Need secure storage, good locks. Thanks. Call John at 646-144-7703 or write johnksmith99 [- at -] gmail.com - John Smith, johnksmith99 [- at -] gmail.com

Soft Dog Crate - Does anyone have a soft dog crate that I could buy or borrow? I am flying back to San Francisco, California, with a small rescue puppy and I am not sure if I can find one in La Paz. I need to fly out in a week. Let me know! Thanks! April, 707-696-9436 - April Randol, pholistoma [- at -] gmail.com, 707-696-9436, United States

Wood Picnic Table Wanted - Does anyone know where I can get a cool wood picnic table? Thanks! - Laura, pescaderosurf [- at -] hotmail.com
Ukulele Player Wanted - I'ms searching for a ukulele player in the area. Please email me if you are available! - Tim Lang, tim [- at -] timlang.net, www.timlang.net/calendar.html, Todos Santos

Used Propane Fridge Wanted - Looking for a good used propane refrigerator, before I buy a new one. Thanks. Cathy at mtstew54 [- at -] yahoo.com - Cathy Stewart, mtstew54 [- at -] yahoo.com, Todos Santos

Baja Night Skies This Week: Courtesy Baja Pony Express - Last night the crescent Moon was next to Venus in the western sky after sunset. In the next 24 hours, as it rises in the east and sets in the west, the Moon will travel about 12 degrees east to accompany Jupiter in tonight's sky.

While the planets rise in the east and set in the west due to the earth's daily rotation from west to east, they are actually traveling east in their orbits around the sun, just as the Moon is traveling east in its orbit around Earth.

The Moon demonstrates this tonight as it moves from Venus up to Jupiter to the east. Keep an eye on Venus. It is on a faster inside track around the sun. Jupiter is on a slower outside track, with planet Earth on a track between the two. As they both head east, Venus will catch up and pass Jupiter over the next few weeks.

If you are awake around 3am, look for Scorpius the scorpion standing on its tail in the SE sky, and the Southern Cross upright over the mountains directly south. The two major closest stars to our solar system, alpha and beta Centaurus, are just to the left of the base of the Cross. You can't see them from the US or Canada. Flares and the Space Station will return to our area next week.

Today's Exchange Rate - Mexican Pesos to 1 USD - Courtesy X-rates.com

Submit your News and Events, Questions and Answers articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp
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Featured Events This Week

Please Note: The "Featured Events This Week" section is limited to non-recurring community events (Sorry, no "Happy Hours," "Daily Specials," "Weekly Classes," or other recurring business activities or workshops.)
Monday, February 27
9th Todos Santos Film Festival Wraps Up - "Closing Night" to feature guests from Spain and much more. Reserved tickets at El Tecolote Bookstore. Suggested donation $50 pesos. Oscar Night $150/$200 at the door Hotel California. There will be food and drink vendors in the plaza in front of the theater before and during the films that are being show at the Todos Santos film festival. - Sylvia Perel, cinefest [- at -] latinofilmfestival.org, http//www.TodosSantoscinefest.com, Todos Santos

La Bodega And Tim Lang - Tim Lang y Amigos will play at La Bodega from 5:30 until closing. - Tim , tim [- at -] timlang.net, www.timlang.net/calendar.html, Todos Santos
Tuesday, February 28
Free Seminar: Natural Organic Alternative Gardening Methods - 10 AM to 1 PM. The Secret Garden, James Black's House, Horizonte, downhill from Mercado Sol 2, Las Tunas. Bring pen, paper, bottle of water, chair and gardening questions. Donations welcome. Call for info and directions. James Black, 612-134-8728 or Cathy Fuller gardeningguruinc [- at -] gmail.com, 612 107 8588, gardeningguru.webs.com
Friday, March 02 - Saturday, March 03
And Then There Was Nun - Doors open 6:30pm, Show Starts 7:30pm, Teatro Luna Azul, Todos Santos. An off-the-wall comedy that blends Hollywood's most famous Movie Stars in an Agatha Christie Style plot. Contact: Bluemooninbaja [- at -] yahoo.com, Http://tsbmp.blogspot.com
Saturday, March 03
Ping Pong Tournament - 9:00 AM, Baja Beans, Pescadero. Singles, doubles, 100 peso entry fee for each event, sign-up sheet at Baja Beans. Contact: Oscar Rosales oscar5682 [- at -] gmail.com
Sunday, March 04
Third Annual Festival D'Arte - 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., Marina Palmira, La Paz. Celebration of art, music, dance, and culinary delights for all to enjoy.This year's beneficiaries are Baja Dogs and FANLAP. Contact: Rafael Chávez González (Spanish), 612-122-9243, rafc9 [- at -] yahoo.com; Maureen Ryan (bi-lingual), 612-122-9277, morene4 [- at -] yahoo.com; Pat Solem (English), 612-12-5478,

Community Events and Workshops Notification Page - Submit event notices for The Community Calendar or Workshops and Meetings pages.

Anyone planning an event should check the Online Community Calendar before choosing a date to see if something else is already planned and avoid conflicts. Check the Online Community Calendar here: www.bajawesternonion.com/community-calendar.asp - The Baja Western Onion

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Stepping Out - Food, Music, Workshops and Entertainment

Flight Night Tonight! - Come enjoy delicious wine and some serious crooning at La Bodega tonight, Feb. 27. Tim Lang y Amigos will play from 5:30 until closing. Excellent Baja Wines will be poured and El Zaguan will create excellent tapas for your enjoyment. Come on down to La Bodega from 5-8pm Tonight! Salud! - La Bodega, labodegadetodossantos [- at -] gmail.com, www.facebook.com/pages/La-Bodega-de-Todos-Santos/117662031632529, 612 152 0181, Baja California Sur
Moviegoers: Hungry After The Cine? – Desertu Awaits You! - OK, all you movie fanatics who would rather go hungry than miss any of the exciting cinema line-up scheduled for this special event – no need for late night hunger pangs, Desertu has got you covered.

The restaurant will open, per usual, each day at 1 p.m., if you want to grab a bite before. Otherwise, the kitchen doors will remain wide-open an hour more, until 11 p.m. this Friday-Monday with Chef José and Carmen eager meet and feed you.

The full, new, flavorful menu will be available until close with all those yummy pizzas too! And, if you’re just after a quiet garden setting to dissect that riveting flick with a friend; tea, coffee, a glass of wine (or two!), the full spectrum to imbibe and, of course, desertu, which means desert in Basque, awaits you.

Whatever the case, Desertu (formerly Il Giardino) is in full swing with Chef José Uribe’s new unique menu all the rave. Simple dishes, artfully prepared, it’s a whole new mouthful of flavor for this town and José & Carmen welcome you to Desertu! Read the ChowHound review of Desertu here: chowhound.chow.com/topics/833200. - Desertu, rdesertu [- at -] gmail.com, 145-0199, Todos Santos

La Santeña And Hotel Casa Tota - ♪ If you like Piña Coladas... ♪ Sorry - just heard that song. But we do have piña coladas. And lots of other great drinks, Baja wines, smoothies, salads, fresh fish, creative dishes, super burros, friendly staff, great outdoor seating with frequent cowboy sightings... *sigh*

We start serving breakfast at 7AM and serve dinner until 10PM. Drinks till 11PM. And if you drink too much, or just need a fix of telenovela television, or you've been camping for weeks and a hot shower and a jacuzzi and fluffy towels you don't have to wash sounds like heaven- you can roll right into one of our stylish and reasonable rooms.

So that's a bunch of good reasons to come visit us. I also think our staff is adorable and funny, but I am biased. Hope to see you here at Hotel Casa Tota and La Santeña in historic downtown Todos Santos!

First person to come in and sing every word to Super Bass gets a free room for the night. There must be at least three witnesses :) - La Santeña And Hotel Casa Tota, HotelCasaTota [- at -] gmail.com, www.HotelCasaTota.com, 612.145.0590
A New Pizza Palapa In Pescadero - ...and it's fantastic!! Take km 64 to Cerritos Beach and at the tope and MiniSuper Brody you will find "Pizza Portalba". Vianca is your mesera/waitress, Jose is the cocinero/cook & Flavio is back as pizzaman extraordinaire! Pizzas are 50, 100 and 150 pesos. They also are serving salads, spaghetti, lasagna and baked chicken breasts. Red wine, Pacifico and Sangria is on the menu so take your gang and big appetites and enjoy! Have lunch before you go to the beach or an early dinner on your way home. Open 7 days from 11am to 9pm - Debbie Stewart, 612.133.7318, Pescadero

Señor Porky's Baja BBQ and Smoke House! The Best Ribs Anywhere!

New Restaurant in La Paz - Featuring Kansas City slow-smoked meats not found anywhere in Mexico. Now open 7 days a week from 7:30 AM with full breakfast menu and Cappuccino, to 10 p.m., and weekends until midnight. Watch the sunset from our spectacular ocean view! Located on the Malecon in La Paz at Alvaro Obregon #670, on the corner of Allende and Rosales (next to the Arco Hotel).
• New Menu • Daily Specials • Lower Prices • Many New Items Under 75 Pesos •
To ensure the best quality for Porky's Smokehouse Meats, we start with the best meats available. Then we dry-rub the meats with a combination of 20 spices, then slow-smoke for up to 18 hours at low temperature to obtain maximum flavor and tenderness while sealing in the natural juices and smoke flavor that is unmatched anywhere! We know you'll agree that Señor Porky's Baja BBQ and Smoke House are the best you have ever tasted.
"Special Of The Day" Every Day:
Monday - Margarita Monday - 2 For 1
Tuesday - 3 Tacos - 40 Pesos
Wednesday - Wing Day - 8 Pesos Each
Thursday - Burger And Beer - 75 Peso
Friday - 1 Free Beer - With Entrée
Saturday - 1 Free Desert - With Entrée
Sunday - Any Burrito - 55 Pesos
Plus fantastic side orders include Pasta Salad, BBQ beans, Coleslaw, Sweet Potato fries, New Mexico Green Chile with Pork, Caesar Salad and Homemade Deserts. Dine in, or carry out from our "Pig Out" Meats to Go Menu. Download our entire Menu here: files.me.com/richards771/1wclv6. For more information, call 612-129-3667. - Richard Stubbs, richards77 [- at -] pcisys.net, La Paz

Dharma Talk - Dzogchen - Tuesday, March 6 at 6 pm will feature the Public Dharma Talk in Todos Santos titled “Connecting/discovering with the Natural State of Rigpa.” Jakob Winkler, a visiting teacher at Tsegyalgar West will be at “La Arca” in Todos Santos. All welcome! Retreat in the mountains starts March 7. See the website for more info or contact the secretary at the email below. - Tsegyalgar West, tsegyalgarwestsecretary [- at -] gmail.com, www.tsegyalgarwest.org, Baja California Sur

Todos Santos Fishing Charters - Why deal with a middleman? Come direct to the owner/operator
  • Fully Registered Sportsfishing Company
    • Bilingual Crew
      • Top Quality Tackle and Gear
Whether game fishing or whale watching, contact us for your ocean adventures. Visit our website for full details: www.fishingtodossantos.com or www.todossantosfishingcharters.com.

Package deals available when booking fishing and our casita for your complete holiday - www.bajasurtodossantos.com, or call 612-119-7880 or 624-114-1351

El Tecolote Serves Up Espresso and More! - Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food.- Hippocrates
  • Come enjoy a healthy fresh squeezed juice at the juice/espresso bar in the El Tecolote Bookstore
  • Just the thing to keep your immune system strong and your body energized during these chilly days
  • Open At 8 A.M.
- Kate Lewis, katemlewis [- at -] yahoo.com, El Tecolote, Todos Santos.

Submit your Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment announcements here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Misc. Sales and Services Available

March Madness! - Chica's Salon at La Canada del Diablo is offering $5 off pedi's, $2 off mani's & $5 off a full set of acrylic nail's for the month of March. Mention this BWO ad when booking your appointment to receive discount. Open year around for manicures, pedicures, acrylic nail's & wedding services Mon. - Sat. by appointment. Need a birthday, anniversary or thank you gift? We also have gift certificates available for purchase. - Kathie Cullinane, chicassalon [- at -] gmail.com, 612-142-3160, Todos Santos
Out Of The Office - Hello English Speaking Bancomer’s customers! I will be out of the office for the week of February 27, but my colleagues at the Todos Santos Bancomer branch will be happy to assist you. If necessary you can call the Preferred Customer’s Call Center at 01 (800) 228-2728, toll free from Mexico, from US or Canada +52 (55) 5002-3539 from 9 to 5 local Mexico’s City time, Monday through Friday. customer.service [- at -] bbva.bancomer.com - Vivianne Jauregui Mariño, vivianne.jauregui [- at -] bbva.bancomer.com, www.bancomer.com/pcu/pcu.asp?mainf=contact_us.html, (612) 145-0785, Todos Santos

Casa Decor - Patio furniture * Wicker & Rattan* Marble * Rustic hand painted furniture * Copper furniture * Lighting * Kitchen Cabinets * Doors * Floor & Wall covering * Art * Accessories * Metal Furniture* Fountains and Urns * Mexican furniture * Imports from around the world

Very Unique selection of furniture and accessories. Interior Design service! Custom made furniture!

Cabo: km 3.5 on four lane next to Artisanos tel:614-1768146 - vonage: 888-557 6533 Mary Aguirre. E-mail: mary.aguirre [- at -] casadecorcabo.com / Mex Cell 624-176 8146
Loreto: Village at Loreto Bay, #310 Nopolo tel: 613-134-0200
La Paz: 12,000 sq. Warehouse 560 Marques De Leon 612-129 3364, USA Tel: 303-777-575 / E-mail: richards77 [- at -] pcisys.com, www.antiquerowmarket.com.

For Sale: Car Tow Dolly - Car Tow Dolly "Master Tow" In Good condition. New Tires plus spare, and straps $350 OBO - Mike, conejo14 [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-118-6867, Todos Santos
For Sale: 1992 Toyota Previa Van - 1992 Toyota Previa Van, 2WD Auto AC White Great Condition. $3000 OBO - Mike, conejo14 [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-118-6867, Todos Santos

Artistic Doors In Cedar And Iron - Very Limited Sets Available For Limited Time Only - Artistic Doors in cedar and Iron and in Pine and Iron. Unique, hand-made Artisanal doors, single and double door sets. One-of-a- kind opportunity to add these doors to your home. Very Limited sets available in Todos Santos during February and March only. Specifications include the following:
  • 8 FT. Tall
  • 6 FT. Wide
  • 3" Width
  • Quite heavy and very solid
  • Brand new
  • Ready to finish to match your home colors
Accepting reservations now, possibly some trade accepted: info [- at -] villasaguablanca.com. For more details and photos, visit:www.villasaguablanca.com/Miscellaneous.html. Get one or get all! Amazing opportunity for builders, architects and contractors, special price for the whole lot (40 doors). - Lauren Klein, Todos Santos

Amazing Deal At $3,000 Pesos - A beautiful rustic cardon table with 4 benches for 6 persons, artisan work made from a local ranchero. Family emergency. Preciosa mesa de cardon tipo rustico con 4 bancos para 6 personas, trabajo artesanal hecho por un ranchero local. Emergencia familiar.opm1978 [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-105-0651
2006 Travel Tailer - For sale: 2006 fulfstream cavalier travel trailer. The trailer is in great conditions, has been kept under shade for 5 years and very clean and is ready to be moved. Visit the website for detailed images: http://snohomish.community.officelive.com/default.aspx. - Ramon Noriega, 624-159-0546, Cabo San Lucas

The Healing Arts Center of Todos Santos - is a community of health professionals, working together in the TS/Pescadero area offering services to support clients on the journey towards balance & well-being, expanding awareness of the local & foreign communities of alternative therapy options, including ancient healing art forms as well as more modern evolutions in the realm of natural healing, and empowering patients, students & clients by teaching ways to prevent illness and methods of self care to address imbalances.
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Jane Sipe, L. Ac. jasi57 [- at -] juno.com & Barbara Elsner, L. Ac. (beginning February, 2012) 1sheurchin [- at -] gmail.com 612-151-7026
T'ai Chi & Qi Gong Classes - Rhoda Jacobs barakabaja [- at -] gmail.com 612-157-6088
Reiki - Allison Eaton info [- at -] allisoneaton.com, www.allisoneaton.com, 612-152-3896
Massage - Kurtis Parsons (beginning February, 2012) puravidahealthfood [- at -] gmail.com 612-169-2095
Acutonics (Sound Healing) (Sound Healing) - Lynn Wedekind tuneintoit [- at -] gmail.com 612-151-3051
Kinan Classes (Mayan-Toltec Form) - Daniel Camargo daniel [- at -] ancestralmessenger.com, www.ancestralmessenger.com, 612-139-6987
Body Centered Psychotherapy - Shawna Owen, RPC (EMDR, IBP) harmonywithall [- at -] mac.com, 612-151-7728
Anxiety, Mood, Couples Counseling - Jolyn Wells-Moran, PhD, MSW, LMHC (beginning November, 2012) jwmcounseling [- at -] yahoo.com, www.anxiety-specialist.com
Practitioners interested in joining this dynamic group contact Jane jasi57 [- at -] juno.com - Todos Santos Healing Arts Center, Jane Sipe, 612 151 7026, Todos Santos

Home Security When You Are Away - We offer daily service in the Todos Santos area. We will keep your home safe by showing a presence when you are away. Weekly service as low as $40 a month. Can also manage gardeners, pay electric and water when you are away. Also manage construction and landscaping projects. Ref. available - Baja Home Care, anothergreatday [- at -] live.com, Todos Santos

18' Ocean Fishing Boat For Sale - Comes with a new 60 HP, 4-stroke Mercury motor with only 93 hours on it:
  • Easy Pull Trailer With Excellent Tires
  • 2 New Batteries
  • Center Fiberglass Console
  • Ready To Go Fishing!
Price Reduced! $8,200 USD. This is a great price -- it's like buying a motor and getting the boat and trailer for free! - Kent Hansen, kenthansen [- at -] shaw.ca, La Paz

Tutor Or Home School Teacher Available - Home school teacher available in Todos Santos. If your child just needs a little extra help or needs a full time teacher, I can help. - Eva, anothergreatday [- at -] live.com, 612-133-9581, Todos Santos

Accounting Services In Todos Sants - We can assist you with your corporate and individual needs. We offer accounting and administrative services including:
  • Registration of corporations with SECOFI and INM
  • Registration and reporting of construction and construction workers with IMSS
  • Recording and reporting foreign investments with the Secretaria de Economia
  • Counseling and immigration assistance for FM2 and FM3
  • Property management including payment of utilities, water, CFE, fideicamiso
  • Assistance with water rights
  • Offices in central Todos Santos
  • Many local references
E.C.M. Raquel Martinez Peralta - Raquel Martinez Peralta frimargroup [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-14-86907
HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems - Limited-time Offer - Get $259 in Mail-in Rebates:
Complete 0.74 Meter HughesNet System - $399.99 $199 US After Mail-in Rebate! 1

Plus get a mail-in rebate for $10 off each month of service for the first three months of service:
Available Service Plans:
Plan - Max. Speed
Daily Data Transfer
Monthly Service Fee 4
Home - 700 Kbps/128 Kbps 250 MB $39.99/mo. 1st three months - then $49.99
Pro - 1.0 Mbps/200 Kbps 350 MB $59.99/mo. 1st three months - then $69.99
Pro Plus - 1.5 Mbps/200 Kbps 400 MB $69.99/mo. 1st three months - then $79.99
1 Equipment price shown is after $199.99 HughesNet mail-in rebate. Does not include Mexican shipping, importation or installation, and $100 Mexican account activation fee.
2 Absolute maximum speeds as stated by Hughesnet. Actual speeds will be less.
3 Daily Data Transfer Allowance now includes a rollover of unused data to the following day, up to a maximum of 2 times the plan's normal daily aloowance.
4 Monthly service fees shown are for first three months of service after $30.00 HughesNet mail-in rebate.
Baja Satellite is an Authorized HughesNet® Reseller. For more information Contact Us today: BajaSatellite [- at -] Hughes.Net, www.bajasatellite.com, (530) 903-4257 (US), (01) 555 351 0882 (Mexico), Baja California Sur

Submit your Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted

For Rent - Casita - Small casita in Todos Santos available for rent April 1, 2012. Kitchenette, queen size bed, bathroom, wi-fi. Perfect for 1 person long term or 2 people short term. Long or short term rental rates. Call 612-142-3160 for more information.

Todos Santos Beach House on a Tranquille Lush 5, 206.22 Sqmt Property - For Sale by Owner: - Two (2) separate driveway entries give the 5,206.22 sq meter (1.25 acre) property privacy from both the front and back, giving flexibility to build additional homes or to split in the future. Soil on the property is rich organic black soil, ideal for other organic gardening.

Property is an enclosed oasis and has unlimited access to farm water that nourishes the over 85 mature mango trees, 80 lush palm trees over 5 feet, passion fruit trees, citrus fruit trees and avocado trees, all of which give the property its cool shade that is coveted in the region and frequently not available on other properties of comparable or more value in the desert landscape.
* Property has power, water (both municipal and farm water), gas and Internet.
* A 6-minute walk takes you to the secluded beach, and a 5-minute drive finds you in the heart of TS.
* Motivated Seller with Reduced Listing
If you have questions or would like to make an offer after viewing the property on YouTube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=krg9FEeiRtk), feel free to contact us. Save on the fee and make us a good offer. - Anh Walch, anhwalch [- at -] yahoo.com, 212-692-0912, Todos Santos

Submit your Real Estate/Rentals/House Sitting/Property Management Services articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted

Note: Ads will run for two weeks unless dated. Please list the date in the title, and specify which airport. Goes without saying, everyone shares expenses for beer, gas, food, etc

To remove your ad if you find a ride or caravan, let us know here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

Need a Ride to or From the Airport? Or Someone to Assist You With Errands? - I am a young, bilingual Christian man and I can provide you with rides to or from the La Paz or San Jose Del Cabo airports. I can also help you with courier services, errands, or navigating the intricacies of dealing with Mexican businesses and the government; Car Registrations, TelCel and TelMex, CFE, Seguro Social, etc.

Reasonable Rates - Contact: Ernesto, Cel. 612-117-7497, ernie_net [- at -] hotmail.com

Ride Needed From Todos Santos To San Diego - Ride needed from Todos Santos to the San Diego or Los Angeles area. willing to contribute in on portion of gas and/or cerveza. music lover, non smelly, good co-pilot. end of feb 23 and on... thank you, thank you - K J, kerri.va [- at -] gmail.com, Todos Santos

Ride Needed From Todos Santos To Cabo Airport - March 1. Need to be there at 1 p.m. 2 people, minimal luggage. Pay for gas. Please write me at deborahdenise2 [- at -] gmail.com. deborahdenise2 [- at -] gmail.com

California Via Baja Side Trips - Time to think about heading North. Leaving mid-March for Santa Cruz, with stops along the way. Maybe San Pedro Matir, Punta Chivato, comondu (the wine right?) are among the possibilities. Play music, and laugh our way to the border, crossing in Tecate. Hopefully some blooms in the hills of Baja Norte. Share gas, room for two (max), gas share 150-200 depending on side trips. Lots of references, been over this route 25 times. Give me a holler. - Tall Man, gypszcaravan [- at -] gmail.com, Cabo Pulmo-East Cape

Submit your Rides or Caravans Needed/Available articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for two weeks)

Let us know if you find or place your pet so we can remove your ad -

Boo Boo Is Lost - Black Lab Cross - looks like a small Lab. Boo Boo is all black and had a purple collar on with bones on it. She is very friendly and very smart. If you have seen this dog of know its whereabouts, please call Dean McQuillen: 612-133-0311 - Dean Mcquillen, todossantos1 [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-133-0311, Todos Santos

Found: Sweet and Sad Male Bassethound - Walking at La Poza Beach yesterday, Feb. 19, at 8:30 A.M., we found a very, very thirsty, hungry and sweet Bassethound, white and beige spoted. He walked along with us to our home and is waiting for his owner to pick him up. - Isabel Jirash, isabelgourmet [- at -] yahoo.com.mx, 01-612-145-0832, Todos Santos

Impossible to Resist! - New arrivals at Kitty Heaven despite all of our efforts to spay and neuter (but without the help of the community, there would be even more!).

All colors, all very young and playful. For more information, call Angelique at 612-145-0250 or write her at BajaKitties [- at -] Yahoo.com

Kitty Heaven is the only all-cat refuge in Baja California Sur. Visit us on the web athttp://bajarescue.org/#KittyHeaven.

We survive via your kind donations. To send your support, please click the "Donate" button below:

Submit your Pet Corner articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp (and remember to Spay and Neuter your pets)

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Quote of the Day: " A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. " ~ Alfred Hitchcock

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