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The Baja Western Onion - News For Baja California Sur
       Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Featured Events This Week    
Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment    
Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted    
Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted    
Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted    
The Pet Corner - Lost and Found    

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If you would like your announcement to appear more frequently, we offer weekly paid sponsorships, with discounts for longer terms. Non-profits, and now most types of private-party announcements, are eligible for a 50% discount off our regular rates. For details, please see: www.bajawesternonion.com/advertising.asp. Thank you everyone for your continued support of The Baja Western Onion :) - moderator [ -at- ] bajawesternonion.com. - The Baja Western Onion

News and Events, Questions and Answers

Benefit Car Wash! - Please help support a local child in need! Mark your Calendar for Sunday, Dec. 18, from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Across the street from Mercado el Sol 1. 100% of proceeds go to Jose Catarino, a 16-year-old boy born with life threatening conditions including renal insufficiency and intestinal complications. After over 10 operations throughout his life, he is now required an emergency kidney transplant. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! Donation - $50 pesos Minimum (Exterior Car Wash). Sponsored by Pura Vida Health Food Store. - Joella & Kurtis, puravidahealthfood [ -at- ] gmail.com, 612-145-0471

How To Import Your Vehicle Into Mexico, Courtesy La Paz Gringos - Dear La Paz Gringos, we've just published a new article on "How to import your vehicle into Mexico" we hope you find this useful: bajagoodlifeclub.com/Articles/ArticlesDetail/tabid/1908/ArticleId/28/How-to-import-your-vehicle-into-Mexico.aspx - Posted by bajagoodlife [ -at- ] ymail.com

Sea Turtle Conservation Benefit at La Esquina - Join us for our annual fundraising event! [Saturday, December 17, 6pm - Editor] Silent auction, Kids crafts and presentation on Increasing Leatherback Hatching Success in Todos Santos by biologist Elizabeth Gonzalez. La Esquina will have their delicious menu and beverages available! Hope to see you there - Tortugueros Las Playitas, tortugueroslasplayitas [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.todostortugueros.org, 145-0353, Todos Santos

Calling to and from Mexico-How to Dial, Courtesy Baja Pony Express - Useful Article from Baja Insider 12/12/11: www.bajainsider.com/baja-life/general-information/phonedialinginmexico.htm

Good Gardener Available - Antonio, a 26-year-old, local university graduate, is doing all kinds of yard work and, in a pinch, does really good housework as well. When he leaves an area of the grounds where he has been working it is a real pleasure to see the details taken care of, too. There is no mess, the area is raked, the hose is coiled and his sensitive, artistic perspective has imprinted on yet another area of the grounds. I am so grateful. If you would like to meet him, please call or write. 300 pesos daily (6 hours). Thanks, Janel (I don't answer the phone much. I do answer e-mail.) - Janel Beeman, janelb3 [ -at- ] yahoo.com, 145-0073

Airport Phones, Courtesy Baja Pony Express - If you or your guests use the phones at the airport (that you pay by credit card), be in for a surprise. My husband called me from the SJD airport to our house in BuenaVista, left me a one minute message. charge = $33.94 USD

Alaska And Baja- The Last Frontiers - Please join us on Friday, December 16th at 5PM, Poolside at Hotel Casa Tota for the premier photo exhibition of Alaskan Photographer Jesse Owens- highly respected as an artist and a human by those who know his work and the trials he has overcome to create these images. At 6PM we will move upstairs to the Blue Terrace for a presentation comparing the natural beauty of these two final frontiers. Complementary food and drink will be served. - , hotelcasatota [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.HotelCasaTota.com, 612 145 0590, Todos Santos

Flying Fido And Morris Into Mexico, Courtesy Baja Pony Express - Useful Article from Baja Insider 12/12/11: (1) You will need a Original Health Certificate completed by a Vet,. The documentation should verify that the dog has received all its shots. Do Not Try To Use A Photocopy. Rabies Shot not over 1 year old. (yes in the states it is 3 years but not Mexico Upon arriving at the airport, after clearing customs you will need to import the dog. This is pretty painless. They take your health certificate back to the office photocopy it and bring you the import papers with an official stamp. Hope that helps. Jim Hall

(2) Mexico Customs, currency & airport tax regulations details: www.iatatravelcentre.com/MX-Mexico-customs-currency-airport-tax-regulations-details.htm. All pets require a veterinary health certificate, issued not more than 5 days before arrival. For dogs and cats, health certificate must include: - (for pets older than 3 months) rabies vaccination history issued within 12 months before arrival [NOTE: Rule has changed since 2009. Now every 3 years - Editor]. If rabies vaccination history is not included, rabies vaccination certificate must be attached. - attestation that the pet is free from ECTO and ENDO parasites (or a deworming certificate). Further information can be found at: www.senasica.gob.mx ("Phytozoosanitary Inspection" and "When travelling, bring your pet"). And for a much more detailed description of the process: www.senasica.gob.mx/?Idioma=2&id=623 - Sheryl, Owner of La Paz Gringos

Mexico recently changed the rabies policy. We flew into SJD In October and were asked to present health certificates for our dog and cat. They registered the animals and presented me with papers welcoming them into Mexico. The person who helped us also told me that the policy for rabies had changed in Mexico from a shot each year had changed to a shot every three years, just like in the USA

Small Package To Mail - Is anyone going up in the next week that can take a package to drop in the mail? A small one. Thank you. Contact Jill Logan - Jill Logan, jilllogan2001 [ -at- ] yahoo.com, 612- 145-0151

Comparing Mexican Cheeses to US, Courtesy Baja Pony Express - Here some answers I got to my Mexican cheese question. www.mexconnect.com/articles/2155-a-guide-to-mexican-cheese-queso-mexicano. About cheeses; Manchego is like Mozzarella, Chihuahua is like Monterrey Jack. The cookbooks published by the East Cape Guild, East Cape Cooks and Amigos, have a complete section with descriptions and comparisons of Mexican cheeses as well as translations of spices, fish, cuts of meat, chilies and other Mexican cooking ingredients.

Queso Asadero or Queso Oaxaco is much more like Mozzarella - it's very mild, melt-y and gooey. Queso Manchego is like Meunster - a mild yet slightly firm white cheese - great in sandwiches and salads.

New Regulations for Absentee Voting for US Citizens living Outside The US, Courtesy La Paz Gringos - The Consular Section staff at the U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana is ready to assist you in completing your Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) -- the form you need to complete this year to register to vote in the 2012 elections as an overseas absentee voter. Our purpose is to inform and educate you about your voting rights, to ensure you are able to exercise your right to participate in elections for federal offices (President, Vice President, Senator, and Representative), and to assist you with voting in state or local elections, if allowed by your state.

New absentee voting laws are in effect for the 2012 elections. You will no longer automatically receive ballots based on a previous absentee ballot request. All U.S. citizens outside of the United States who want to vote by absentee ballot in the 2012 primary and general elections must complete a new Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) every year if they wish to vote from abroad. States are now required to send out ballots 45 days before an election. No matter what state you vote in, you can now ask your local election officials to provide your blank ballots to you electronically (by email, internet download, or fax, depending on your state). You can now also confirm your registration and ballot delivery on-line. Be sure to include your email address on the form to take advantage of the electronic ballot delivery option. This is the fastest and most reliable way to receive your ballot on time, and we strongly recommend that every overseas voter take advantage of it. Learn more at the Federal Voting Assistance Program's (FVAP) website www.FVAP.gov.

For information about election dates and deadlines, subscribe to FVAP's Voting Alerts (vote [ -at- ] fvap.gov). FVAP also shares Voting Alerts via Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions about registering to vote overseas, please contact the US Consulate General's Voting Assistance Officer at (664) 997-2000, or at ACSTijuana [ -at- ] state.gov. - Posted by Dennis and Susan Ross sailboat [ -at- ] sprintmail.com

Today's Exchange Rate - Mexican Pesos to 1 USD - Courtesy X-rates.com

Submit your News and Events, Questions and Answers articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp
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Featured Events This Week

Please Note: The "Featured Events This Week" section is limited to non-recurring community events (Sorry, no "Happy Hours," "Daily Specials," "Weekly Classes," or other recurring business activities or workshops.)
Wednesday, December 14
Free Ayurvedic Intro Seminar - 10 am to 12 noon, Pura Vida Health Food Store, Todos Santos. Baja Healthy Living and Valma Brenton present "An Ayurvedic Journey to Life, Health and Longevity" - Valma Brenton, vbrenton [ -at- ] island.net, 612 131 6387

International Pro-consciousness Festival - 12PM to 9PM, Centro Cultural Agundez Nestor de Todos Santos. Lecture-Workshop, Film from 14 to 16 hrs. Lecture focused on developing consciousness, rationality, and world peace. Conscious Theatre. 16 to 19 hrs. Live music, 19 to 21 hrs. - Alberto Romandia, www.wix.com/mago344/jimenas-fest, Todos Santos

Holiday Tree Lighting Event - 5 p.m.'ish, La Concha Plaza Central, El Pescadero. Activities for the kids and tree lighting ceremony after dark. - Carmen Higuera subdelagada_elpescadero [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 612-151-9049
Thursday, December 15
El Tecolote Meet & Greet - 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the newly expanded Libreria El Tecolote invites you to a Meet and Greet with Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad, co-authors of The Passionate Mind Revisited: Expanding Personal and Social Awareness (2009), and The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power (1993). Free podcasts, videos, articles, and book description at www.joeldiana.com.

Sunset Cine Club Presents "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover" - 7PM, Hotel Gauycura, Sky Deck, Todos Santos. The wife of a restaurant owner becomes bored and considers an affair. Dir. Peter Greenaway, with Helen Mirren - Contact: Carlos Navarro aortico_cang [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 6121451067, www.facebook.com/pages/Sunset-Cine-Club/174680779285589
Friday, Dec. 16
Free Acutonics Lecture - 4–5 p.m., New Healing Arts Center of Todos Santos (where Jane Sipe has her Acupuncture Clinic on Cerro La Poza). Acutonics® is a natural therapeutic approach to healing at the forefront in the new paradigm of harmonic medicine, www.acutonics.com. - Lynn Wedekind, MEd., Certified Senior Acutonics Teacher & Practitioner, 612-139-6987, tuneintuit [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.tuneintuit.com, Todos Santos

New Play 'And Then There Was Nun' Opens - Comic mixture of murder, mystery, movie stars and mayhem. Tickets at Tecolote Bookstore. Info at http://TSBMP.blogspot.com. - Blue Moon Productions, Bluemooninbaja [ -at- ] yahoo.com
Saturday, Dec. 17
Live Music With Los Tocayos - Marina's, Pescadero, Saturday morning, and dinner at Cafelix, Todos Santos from 6 until 9. - Greg Kitchel, greg [ -at- ] gregkitchel.com, greg [ -at- ] gregkitchel.com, 612-119-3705, Pescadero

Quilt Show and Sales - Noon to 6 p.m., Back-to-the-rack, SJD 'Libre Expresion' Baja Quilt Club. Quilt raffle which creates funds for the LOVE quilts made and given to our Baja kids each year. Please donate any cotton fabrics you may have for our project. Any quilter may show their work. Call or email for requirements - Juanita, cabonana [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 624-143-6165

Garbage Clean Up Day - Meet at 9 a.m. in front of La Tienda Los Pinos, located just after the school on the road to las Playtas. We will have the help of the student of La Palapa sociaty. Gloves and plastic bags are provided. - Emanuela, emagard [ -at- ] mac.com, Todos Santos

Art Swap Day - 9 a.m., Chuck & Angie's, 259 Camino del Pacifico. Artists and collectors can trade/buy art. All interested please call or Email: - Chuck Cimino, carlosylina [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 145-0562

Grand Opening "Pintoresco Arte Popular Mexicano" - 6 P.M., Coktail Party. Please join us at our new location, Hidalgo and Juarez across from El Tecolote Book Store, Todos Santos. - Alan Becerril, Pintoresco Arte Popular Mexicano, albezay [ -at- ] hotmail.com, www.facebook.com/#!/events/214075252003845/, 016121588457

"Saturday at Sunset" Piano and Vocals Performance by Marcie Castro - with David Cantoni, alto sax, 5 to 9 p.m., Guaycura Sky Deck, Todos Santos. Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres. Reservations: 612-175-0800. reservation [ -at- ] guaycura.com.mx, www.guaycura.com.mx

New Play 'And Then There Was Nun' - Comic mixture of murder, mystery, movie stars and mayhem. Tickets at Tecolote Bookstore. Info at http://TSBMP.blogspot.com. - Blue Moon Productions, Bluemooninbaja [ -at- ] yahoo.com

Sea Turtle Conservation Benefit - 6pm, La Esquina, Todos Santos. Silent auction, Kids crafts and presentation on Increasing Leatherback Hatching Success by biologist Elizabeth Gonzalez. Food and beverages available. - Tortugueros Las Playitas, tortugueroslasplayitas [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.todostortugueros.org, 145-0353
Sunday, December 18
Benefit Car Wash - Please help support a local child in need. From 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., across the street from Mercado el Sol 1. 100% of proceeds go to Jose Catarino, a 16-year-old boy born with life threatening conditions. Donation - $50 pesos Minimum (Exterior Car Wash). Sponsored by Pura Vida Health Food Store. - Joella & Kurtis, puravidahealthfood [ -at- ] gmail.com, 612-145-0471

Open Reading - 4 p.m. at the Galeria de Todos Santos. Let us hear from all you aspiring writers. - Scotty Mclemore, scottybcs [ -at- ] hotmsil.com, 612-100-5872

Pescadero Turkey Races - 5 p.m. through the streets around the Center Plaza. Support the town by donating turkeys (to be given as prizes) or money to purchase turkeys. Deadline for turkey donations Dec. 17 to the office of the Subdelegada (Mayor). Cash donations should be received several days in advance. - Carmen Subdelegada, subdelagada_elpescadero [ -at- ] hotmail.com, Pescadero
Sunday, December 18
Reiki Energy Healing - Level 1 And 2 Certification With Relaxing 3-Day Yoga Retreat Starts - 7:30 am - 6:00 pm, thru Tuesday, December 20, Yandara Yoga Institute, Km. 74, between Pescadero and Elias Calles. Learn to heal with the hands, while enjoying daily yoga, meditation and breath exercises. All levels welcome and accommodated. $290 Commuter. $640 Residential. Meals included. Contact: Allison Eaton info [ -at- ] allisoneaton.com, 518-224-1355 or 612-141-7222, www.allisoneaton.com
Monday, December 19
Food and Wine Pairing Evening to Benefit Hogar Del Nino - 5 p.m., Villa Santa Cruz, La Pastora. Multi-course gourmet dinner with wines and very special silent auction items. Contact: Nancy Serfas Nancyserfas [ -at- ] aol.com, Rebecca Krida, rebecca.krida [ -at- ] gmail.com, Nancy Naigle, nnaigle [ -at- ] att.net, 612-178-0040
Wednesday, December 21
4 A Traditional Posada Of Landi's - 6:00 to 9:00, Landi's Restaurant atThe Todos Santos Inn, Todos Santos. This is a gift of Christmas of our family for the friends. Enjoy one of the most beautiful Mexican traditions we will have piñatas, ponche, tamales, singings, candles, music, etc. Landi, Luis & Tlalli - Contact: Landi Ortega landis_restaurant [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 612-1450020

Winter Solstice Celebration Of One - 12.21.11 - 7 - 9 p.m., Theater Luna Azul, Todos Santos. Creative expressions of Music, Storytelling, Harmony, Dance & more. - Lynn & Daniel, tuneintuit [ -at- ] gmail.com, tsbmp.blogspot.com.

Community Events and Workshops Notification Page - Submit event notices for The Community Calendar or Workshops and Meetings pages.

Anyone planning an event should check the Online Community Calendar before choosing a date to see if something else is already planned and avoid conflicts. Check the Online Community Calendar here: www.bajawesternonion.com/community-calendar.asp - The Baja Western Onion

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Stepping Out - Food, Music, Workshops and Entertainment

Hotel California - Join us Saturday, Dec. 17, for Dinner, Drinks and beginning at 8 p.m. Live Music performed by FLASHBACK.

Come celebrate Christmas day at the Hotel California. "La Coronela" and "Santo Vino" are offering an "all you can eat" traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings on December 25th. A choice of home made pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie and apple pie are included. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Bistro Santo Vino & Wine Bar Hours Noon to 10:00 PM Daily Closed on Sunday. Reservations Recommended
- Shrimp in a habanero, mango butter sauce.
- Mussels in spicy salsa verde and tequila.
- Pork shank in a spicy guajillo chile, roasted tomato sauce.
- Dorado and scallops in a curry, coconut ginger sauce.
- Apple "tarte tatin" with star anise.
Hotel California presents The Todos Santos Music Festival, featuring Peter Buck of REM a benefit for the Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. January 5-21 - click more event information and band schedule.

Click Here to view our Online Store. Keep up with the latest Hotel California info by joining our facebook fan page: Follow us on facebook

- Debbie Stewart, info [ -at- ] hotelcaliforniabaja.com, www.hotelcaliforniabaja.com, (011-52) 612-145-0525, Todos Santos

Grand Opening "Pintoresco Arte Popular Mexicano" New Location - This Saturday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m., please join us at Our Grand Opening Coktail Party in our new location in town, Hidalgo and Juarez across from El Tecolote Book Store. Come and discover our new mexican folk art, unique gifts, regional eco-organic products, and much more.

We will be waiting for you...

Acompañenos este Sábado 17 de Diciembre, a las 18:00, a la Fiesta Coktail de Inauguración de nuestra nueva sucursal en el pueblo, Hidalgo esquina con Juárez cruzando la calle de la librería el Tecolote, venga y descubra nuestros nuevos productos, como arte tradicional mexicano, regalos únicos, productos eco-orgánicos regionales, y mucho más.

Los esperamos - Alan Becerril, Pintoresco Arte Popular Mexicano, albezay [ -at- ] hotmail.com, www.facebook.com/#!/events/214075252003845/, 016121588457, Baja California Sur

Todos Santos Fishing Charters - Why deal with a middleman? Come direct to the owner/operator
  • Fully Registered Sportsfishing Company

    • Bilingual Crew

      • Top Quality Tackle and Gear
Whether game fishing or whale watching, contact us for your ocean adventures. Visit our website for full details: www.fishingtodossantos.com or www.todossantosfishingcharters.com.

Package deals available when booking fishing and our casita for your complete holiday - www.bajasurtodossantos.com, or call 612-119-7880 or 624-114-1351

New Play Opens This Weekend - Blue Moon Productions is offering a hot new play, 'And Then There Was Nun.' A comic mixture of murder, mystery, movie stars and mayhem.

Get your tickets at Tecolote Bookstore and enjoy an evening of entertainment under the stars at Teatro Luna Azul. Opening Night - This Friday, Dec.16 and Saturday Dec. 17. Info at http://TSBMP.blogspot.com - Bluemooninbaja [ -at- ] yahoo.com

Yoga Teacher Training - Become a Certified Yoga Instructor here in Baja! 16 and 26 Day Trainings at Yandara Yoga Institute’s Beachfront Nature Retreat in the Todos Santos area:
*December 28 to January 12: Tuition $2630
*December 28 to January 21: Tuition $2930
Tuition includes program, meals, and accommodations. *All programs are 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

Yandara Yoga Institute teacher trainings are open to all levels and ages. Let the warming presence and deep knowledge of our faculty inspire your learning and transformation. Awaken your inner radiance and gain the skills needed for success as a yoga teacher in any style you choose to teach. Or you may want to join us to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga. Enjoy time for yourself to take a stroll on the beach or through our organic garden. Enjoy delicious healthy meals and evening music with JAYA kirtan band and feel the support of a like-minded community!

For more information visit our website at www.yandara.com or email us at yoga [ -at- ] yandara.com, or call - 612-151-7728 or 1 877-490-9883

Señor Porky's Baja BBQ and Smoke House! The Best Ribs Anywhere!

New Restaurant in La Paz - Featuring Kansas City slow-smoked meats not found anywhere in Mexico. Now open 7 days a week from 7:30 AM with full breakfast menu and Cappuccino, to 10 p.m., and weekends until midnight. Watch the sunset from our spectacular ocean view! Located on the Malecon in La Paz at Alvaro Obregon #670, on the corner of Allende and Rosales (next to the Arco Hotel).

To ensure the best quality for Porky's Smokehouse Meats, we start with the best meats available. Then we dry-rub the meats with a combination of 20 spices, then slow-smoke for up to 18 hours at low temperature to obtain maximum flavor and tenderness while sealing in the natural juices and smoke flavor that is unmatched anywhere! We know you'll agree that Señor Porky's Baja BBQ and Smoke House are the best you have ever tasted. Menu highlights include:
• Slow Smoked Ribs • Pulled Pork • Beef Brisket • BBQ Chicken • Smoked Bratwurst •
Plus fantastic side orders include Pasta Salad, BBQ beans, Coleslaw, Sweet Potato fries, New Mexico Green Chile with Pork, Caesar Salad and Homemade Deserts. Dine in, or carry out from our "Pig Out" Meats to Go Menu. Download our entire Menu here: files.me.com/richards771/1wclv6

For more information, call 612-129-3667. - Richard Stubbs, richards77 [ -at- ] pcisys.net, La Paz

Whalesharks In La Paz - View, swim, and snorkel with Whalesharks in La Paz. We offer trips to see these amazing animals every day of the week. We offer the tours in our yacht for larger groups and in Pangas for groups who want a smaller boat. We are professional operator offering the safest and most enjoyable educational time for you and your family. Spend your holiday time on the waters of La Paz with our professional knowledgeable staff. - Scott Carnahan, info [ -at- ] desertjewelcharters.com, www.desertjewelcharters.com, 612-159-0474, La Paz

Reiki Treatments - at the Healing Arts Center of Todos Santos. Reiki is a stress-reduction technique that promotes balancing of the mind, body and spirit. During a Reiki Treatment, the client lies fully clothed on the massage table, while the practitioner directs life force energy in concentrated form through the hands. Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive form of holistic health that works to dissolve the roots of physical and emotional discomfort, returning us to our true nature of peace, love and joy. Benefits include a clear and calm mind, reduction of physical pain and inflammation, increased vitality, enhanced personal awareness and meditation practice.

$50 US or pesos equivalent, includes a Chakra Balancing. 2-for-1 Introductory Price until December 30. Inquire now to take advantage of this limited time offer. For an appointment or for more information on Reiki and what it can do for you, call Allison Eaton at 612-152-3896 or email info [ -at- ] allisoneaton.com, www.allisoneaton.com.

Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification With Relaxing Yoga Retreat - Learn to heal with the hands while enjoying daily yoga, meditation and breath exercises. All levels are welcome and accommodated. Dec. 18 to 20, 7:30 am to 6 pm, Yandara Yoga Institute, $290 Commuter. $640 Residential (those sleeping on premise). Meals included. Allison Eaton, info [ -at- ] allisoneaton.com, www.allisoneaton.com, 612-152-3896.

Live Music With Los Tocayos - Live and direct from Pescadero, Greg and Greg will be playing for brunch at Marina's on Saturday (Dec. 17) morning and dinner at Cafelix from 6 until 9. See you there! - Greg Kitchel, greg [ -at- ] gregkitchel.com, greg [ -at- ] gregkitchel.com, 612-119-3705, Pescadero

Ancient Form Of Mayan-toltec Movement (kinan) Offered - Kinan, with its foundation in ancient forms of shamanism in Mexico, reintegrates in harmony, the elements of nature in ones life for expanding human consciousness and unity between body, mind and spirit as one. Kinan has some similarities to yoga and tai-chi, with focus in meditative movement while activating the magnetic field of the human body, which the Mayan Elders consider crucial for the evolution of humanity at this time. Come and learn our natural form to breathe and move with the forces of nature through the primordial rhythm of the soul.

Classes are Fridays 4-5 p.m. $200 pesos/class. Drop-Ins welcome. Located at The New Healing Arts Center of Todos Santo (Jane Sipe’s expanded Acupuncture Clinic Office on Cerro La Poza). For more information, directions and a map, contact Daniel: daniel [ -at- ] ancestralmessenger.com, www.ancestralmessenger.com.

Daniel Camargo has a lifelong passion and study of Teotzin and has been performing sacred ceremony with the Indigenous Elders of various traditions within the Toltecayotl School and Mexicayotl in sacred sites like Ixcatiopan Guerrero, Tulantzingo, Malinalco, Xochicalco Hidalgo, Coyoacan, and Zocalo in Mexico City as well as Chichen Itza, Yucatan. He incorporates these ancient ways of wisdom within his decade of various disciplines; Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Fire Guide in Temaskal and Medicine Wheel Ceremony. - Daniel Camargo, daniel [ -at- ] ancestralmessenger.com, www.ancestralmessenger.com, Todos Santos

Noche De Moda Runway Show
  • Dec. 27 at 5 p.m. at La Esquina/Casa Dracula
  • Presented by Joella Corado, Linda Hamilton and La Esquina
  • Featuring: Belazul Swimwear, Nomad Chic, Mixtica/Noda Concept & More
  • Tickets: 80 mn per person in advance/100 mn per person at the door
  • Tickets on sale Dec. 6 at Pura Vida, La Esquina & Casa Dracula
  An event you won't want to miss!

- Linda Hamilton, linda [ -at- ] lindahamiltondesigns.com, www.LaEsquinaTS.com, 612.105.2857, Todos Santos

Sound Healing And Acutonics Offered - “Sound has the power to heal our wounds, ignite our spirit, change our consciousness, and reunite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the universe.” - Donna Carey, visionary of The Acutonics Healing System

Acutonics® is a natural therapeutic approach to healing at the forefront in the new paradigm of harmonic medicine. By blending ancient Taoist teachings with the knowledge of Oriental Medicine, Cosmological Studies, Depth Psychology, Contemporary Science, and Sound Healing principals, a powerful and innovative methodology has evolved that is deeply harmonic and transformative. This form of energy medicine is based on sound vibration. The powerful sounds of the Universe are brought into the therapeutic world through the use of precision calibrated planetary tuning forks and symphonic planetary gongs, as well as Tibetan bowls, chimes, bells and voice, to help you achieve optimal health and potential.

Learn more about this gentle yet profound, noninvasive, vibrational modality during a free introductory lecture and demo this Friday, Dec. 16, from 4–5 p.m. at The New Healing Arts Center of Todos Santos (where Jane Sipe has her Acupuncture Clinic on Cerro La Poza). Lynn Wedekind, MEd., is a Certified Senior Acutonics Teacher & Practitioner, Sound Healer and Professional Musician and Vocalist with decades of collective experience in Preventative Western Medicine and Wellness and the Alternative Healing Arts arena.

Discounted sessions offered throughout this month. Gift Certificates available. For more information or to schedule a session, call 612-139-6987, write tuneintuit [ -at- ] gmail.com, or visit www.tuneintuit.com or www.acutonics.com. - Lynn Wedekind, Todos Santos

We're Having Another Flashback :-) - Come on out and join in the fun. Flashback is playing at the Hotel California on Saturday, Dec. 17, from 8-11 p.m. It's a great time of year to get out and mingle, dance, and enjoy groovy music, great weather, and good friends. Hope to see you there. - Bonnie O'neill, bajapeacewear [ -at- ] hotmail.com

Winter Solstice Celebration Of One - 12.21.11 - Join us Wednesday, Dec. 21, on the Winter Solstice, as we combine our creative expressions of Music, Storytelling, Sound, Harmony, Dance and more. People around the world will be making celebrations to raise unity consciousness and dream a new world. Come and celebrate the return of the light within each of us, and share in the spirit of love, oneness, peace and harmony.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 21, Teatro Luna Azul in Todos Santos.
  • Event: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • Doors open 6:30 p.m. Drum circle 6:30 to 7:00 pm.
Bring drums and rattles if you would like to participate in the drum circle. Info & Directions at tsbmp.blogspot.com. - Lynn & Daniel, tuneintuit [ -at- ] gmail.com .

Tibetan Yoga And Other Dzogchen Retreats In San Jose Mountains - Dec. 16-18, Yantra Yoga, Course for Beginners - Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest recorded systems of yoga in the world. Its unique series of positions and movements, combined with conscious breathing, can help coordinate and harmonise one's vital energy so that the mind can relax and find its authentic balance.

Dec. 26 to Jan. 2 - Tara Practice Retreat -For the holiday week and New Years, A Green Tara Retreat will be given on the retreat land and will include sessions in Yoga and Vajra Dance as well. All welcome.

Jan. 13-15, 2012 - Vajra Dance on the Mandala. This course teaches the practice of movement with meditation through the Six Spaces to harmonize the energies of the individual and group. A beautiful way to integrate the teachings into your life.

See http://bajagar.blogspot.com for more information on these Dzogchen Practices in BCS! - , tsegyalgarwestsecretary [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.tsegyalgarwest.org/node/25

Baja Beans Roasting Co. - Serving specialty coffee and baked goods with style 7am to 3pm. Sunday Market, Music and Brunch 10am to 2pm. Come and see for yourself what the Pescadero community has to share. Closed Monday. Closed Sunday, December 25. Special Note* This coming Sunday, December 18 will be our last market before Christmas during which we will be closed. Please come and see what Pescadero has for you and your loved ones. - Sandra Wohlers, info [ -at- ] bajabeans.com, www.bajabeans.com, 612-143-7138, Pescadero

Submit your Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment announcements here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Misc. Sales and Services Available

Pacific Window Washing - Professional Home Window Washing. Now servicing:
• San Jose del Cabo • Cabo San Lucas • Rancho Migrino • Elias Calles • Pescadero • Todos Santos
• and Anywhere In Between...

Free estimates. - Mark 612-143-3316, pacificwindowwashing [ -at- ] gmail.com

Used Consul Gas Refrigerator For Sale - Recently serviced, used Consul Gas (propane) Refrigerator with freezer compartment for sale. 7.8 cu ft has single crisper for veggies, 3 shelves in the body and 3 1/2 shelves on the door. Freezer is about 1.2 cu ft capacity. All in good condition, works great! Small amount of rust on the outside, but otherwise in good condition. Please call or write for more info or photos. $6000 pesos or best offer. Gracias! - Kaia Thomson, kaia [ -at- ] mindspring.com, 612-154-5588, Todos Santos

Limited RV Sites Available - - New RV Park within walking distance to to beach. Pool, laundry, full hook ups, gated park with excellent security record. Beautiful location in Pescadero. We have a limited number of full hook up sites available for the season and a limited number of permanent resident sites. No other place like this in the area. Very reasonable rates and great people. Call for more details or check out our website at www.mountainshadowrv.com/. Mexican cell: 52 (612) 139-2713; USA Phone: (619) 780-8048; Canada Phone: (604) 210-0564 - Kenny Sewell, mountainshadowrv [ -at- ] gmail.com, 604-628-9532 - Kennny Sewell, www.facebook.com/pages/Mountain-Shadow-RV-All-Adult-Resort/134505649959493, 52 (612) 139-2713, Pescadero

No Longer Needed For Our Internet - One EnGenius Internet signal receiver with about 38 feet of Ethernet cable going to an AP/Bridge/Network Ethernet modem with another 38 feet of Ethernet cable to a Steren 5-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch with 2 Ethernet cables that used to go to our computers. Asking 1300 pesos OBO. - Denise Steffenhagen, cmyviews [ -at- ] yahoo.com, Todos Santos

Rare Antiques For Sale - The Galeria de Santa Fe in Todos Santos will have these unique pieces December 2011 through January 2012.
  • 'Maderian Chairs' early XIX century - Teak with Marble Inlay
  • Rosewood Altar Table
  • Standing matched Candle Sticks XIX century Silver Plate
  • Four drawer Tonsu
  • Ching Dynasty Chinese Blue and White Planter on Walnut Stand
  • A variety of rustic Middle Eastern Copper Pieces and other unusual items
Galeria de Santa Fe is on the East side of the Plaza in Todos Santos. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. For information, call Scotty McLemore at 612-100-5872 or write scottybcs [ -at- ] gmail.com - Scotty Mclemore, scottybcs [ -at- ] gmail.com, 612-100-5872, Baja California Sur

Solar Water Heating Systems - 3 gallons of oil, refined and burned, provides 400,000 BTUs ... once. 3 gallons of oil, made into a 4 x 12 foot solar collector, can provide over 10 million BTUs per year ... year after year. Consider solar water heating for your pool or home, it makes sense from both an environmental and economic standpoint. Visit our website for more information. - Susan Ackerman, ackerman1952 [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.solsticesolarofbaja.com, 624-142-8002, Baja California Sur

Nomad Chic At Casa Dracula - - an evolving collection of apparel, jewelry, and accessories from around the globe. Gift certificates available.
  1. at Casa Dracula December 12 thru 31
  2. Monday to Saturday - 9 am to Noon (or by appointment)
- Linda Hamilton, linda [ -at- ] lindahamiltondesigns.com, www.lindahamiltondesigns.com, 612.105.2857, Todos Santos

Pump and Water Heater For Sale - 1) Almost-new Hurricane submersible water pump by Jacuzzi. Model TLSHUR16 P-SI. Paid $950 USD. Asking $600 USD
2) Kruger water heater "instant hot" by Bosch. Used three days only, still in box. Model 1111 78,500 KJ/H. This is also known as a flash heater. They are used all over Europe as they save space. Paid $650 USD, asking $400. Puts out 4.6 litres per minute. - Jeanne Durban, caboqt [ -at- ] hotmail.com, Rancho Migriño

News From La Canada Del Diablo -

Christmas Party for the 80 children living at the Agriculture Camp. Donations were collected to fill their pinatas: Candy, oranges, small toys, etc., as well as small stocking stuffers (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.).
Donations were collected here at La Canada Del DIablo, and delivered to the day care center Dec. 13. Thank you for helping the children have a Merry Christmas.

Spring Air Pre-Holiday Mattress Sale Sale ends soon. We can beat Costco's prices. Stop by or write for details.

Charles Stewart lives on in La Canada. The last remaining works of Todos Santos' founding foreign artist are on exhibition here at La Canada Del Diablo. All sales go to help his widow, Mary Lu Stewart, who is residing in New Mexico.

Remember us when you are doing your holiday shopping. Something for everyone. Gift certificates available. - Barbara Perkins, bperkins0403 [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.lacanadadeldiablo.com, 612-140-0069

Screen Supply - It's that time of the year to enjoy the cooler weather! We can make it possible for you to enjoy The Great Baja Outdoors Insect-Free. Open your windows without worry of mosquitoes, gnats or flies getting in your home. We'll repair or replace your window screens or screen doors. We'll use aluminum or wood frame. Please call 407-610-2271 or email us at: bajascreens [ -at- ] yahoo.com to get yourself a free Estimate. Thanks! - , bajascreens [ -at- ] yahoo.com, Baja California Sur

Casa Decor, La Paz, Indoor and Outdoor Furniture - Large 12,000 SQ. FT. Warehouse in La Paz at 560 Marquez de Leon, between Altamirano and Ramirez, Tel: 612-129-3364.

Take a Virtual Tour of our selection online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJK_MCrzZ3E:
• Largest Inventory In The Baja • Patio Furniture • Wicker, Rattan and Marble
• Rustic Hand Painted Furniture • Lighting • Metal Furniture • Copper Furniture
• Kitchen Cabinets • Doors • Floor and Wall Covering • Art • Accessories
• Fountains and Urns • Mexican Furniture • Imports From Around The World
• Very Unique Selection Of Furniture and Accessories • Furniture Packages

>>> Special! Bring In This Ad For A 10% Discount! <<<

The Best In-stock selection in the Baja of affordable Indoor and Outdoor Furniture at Casa Decor. Three Locations: Casa Decor La Paz, Casa Decor Cabo San Lucas on the Four lane at KM 3.5 next to Artisanos and Natural Marble and Stone, Tel: 888 557 6533 or 624-178-8146, and NOW in Loreto! - Mary Aguirre, Chief Designer, richards77 [ -at- ] pcisys.net, USA Tel 303 777 5157, http://www.antiquerowmarket.com, Baja California Sur

Wood Sleigh Bed (American-Sized) Queen for Sale - Beautiful sleigh bed frame for sale. $275. Please send email for picture. - Laurie, lauriecpb [ -at- ] gmail.com, Baja California Sur

Mariachi Base Guitar - We are interested in meeting a person who deals in classical and acoustic Mariachi Base Guitars. Please write us at rogerholman [ -at- ] att.net - Roger Or Barbara Holman, rogerholman [ -at- ] att.net

Exotic Palms - We have many thousands of exotic palms as well as the equipment to move them where you would like. Over 30 varieties and beyond 10 meter trunks offered. Spectacular specimens large and small. We are located in Todos Santos and deliver to all of BCS. Dean McQuillen - 612.133.0311 or email todossantos1 [ -at- ] hotmail.com - Dean Mcquillen, 612.133.03.11, Baja California Sur

Submit your Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted

I Can Take Care of Your Second Home - Hello, my name is Jose Brilanti. I am well known in Todos Santos and can take care of your second home. Among the services I can provide are property cleaning, staying on your property (I am single), paying your bills (water, power), and gardening. Please write or call me for more information. - Jose Brilanti, jbrilanti [ -at- ] yahoo.com, 612-148-6023, Baja California Sur

Quality Land, Dirt Cheap, Still Available - A few pieces are still left, and prices have been reduced again. On the list to move in Las Tunas are 2 adjacent lots, 1416 m2 each, ocean views, on a direct access to the beach with underground services at $25,000 USD each or under $18 per m2.

Pescadero features two super special deals: A commercial parcel on Highway 19 just south of the Sandbar with 91 meters of frontage on the highway and a total of 3913 square meters at only $59,000 USD; or only $15/m2 and also a beautiful 3 hectare farm (7.5 acres) subdivided into 20 lots for a total price of $325,000 USD.

These are fire-sale prices for the sellers, but they need to sell these properties quickly. The current offering prices are way below cost and around the same as prices in 2003 or so. Please call or email for more information or tours. - Roc Fleishman, roc [ -at- ] pescadero-properties.com, www.realestatetodossantos.com/, 612-348-5468

Beautiful House For Rent In Las Brisas - One bedroom house with ocean view, landscaped, gated property with covered parking. Satellite TV with 7 movie channels, internet. 14' Ceilings. Long term rental. $450/month. See link for photos. - Darryl, darrylb9 [ -at- ] gmail.com, www.vrbo.com/280743, Todos Santos

Looking For a 1 Bedroom To Rent - Will be returning from Canada Jan. 3 and am in need of a place to live for a few months, preferably in Pescadero, but T.S. is good too. Thank you - , T1atthelagoon [ -at- ] gmail.com

Roommate Wanted - I have a lovely home by the beach in Rancho Migrino. It is very quiet and rustic here. You would have one large bedroom with kingsize bed, beautiful private bathroom, big closet and access to the rest of the house as well. Utilities included. No smokers, please. Lots of parking. $550 USD/ month. You will love it here. Write to Jeanne. I hope to hear from you soon. - Jeanne Durban, caboqt [ -at- ] hotmail.com, Rancho Migriño

Submit your Real Estate/Rentals/House Sitting/Property Management Services articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted

Note: Ads will run for two weeks unless dated. Please list the date in the title, and specify which airport. Goes without saying, everyone shares expenses for beer, gas, food, etc

To remove your ad if you find a ride or caravan, let us know here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

Need a Ride to or From the Airport? Or Someone to Assist You With Errands? - I am a young, bilingual Christian man and I can provide you with rides to or from the La Paz or San Jose Del Cabo airports. I can also help you with courier services, errands, or navigating the intricacies of dealing with Mexican businesses and the government; Car Registrations, TelCel and TelMex, CFE, Seguro Social, etc.

Reasonable Rates - Contact: Ernesto, Cel. 612-117-7497, ernie_net [ -at- ] hotmail.com

I Can Drive Your Car to San Diego - I'm a reliable person and well-known native of Baja. I went to college part-time in the States and speak fluent English, I can drive almost any vehicle for free or travel as a compannion. Ready to head North any time. I live in downtown La Paz. Best regards, Jorge. Call (cell) 044-612-118-7898. - Jorge Pozo Aviles, jorge_lap222 [ -at- ] hot mail.com, westewrn onion, 044-612-118-7898, La Paz

Ride Share To La Paz - Need to get to TelCel office in la Paz to get a sim card. Will pay for round trip in gas and buy u lunch for a ride. Please write me at electricshadow [ -at- ] mail.com - Tall Man, electricshadow [ -at- ] mail.com, Pescadero
Baja Via Baja Ferries Mid-December - Traveling through Nogales, around Dec. 17. Plan on taking the Baja Ferry to La Paz on or around Dec. 19. Is anyone traveling that route and would want to convoy together? Safety in numbers. I speak fluent Spanish and can help with translating. Let me know, Sylvia, treaturfeet [ -at- ] yahoo.com or phone 928-282-5969 - treaturfeet [ -at- ] yahoo.com, Los Barriles

Ride Offered To SJD Airport, Tuesday, Dec. 20 - I'm leaving TS around 8 a.m. to catch an 11:30 flight and have room for 2 or possible 3 people so, if you need a ride, contact me and we can discuss the details. (But no voice mail, please.) - Ward Whitehead, wardwhitehead [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 612-143-7561, Todos Santos

Need a Ride from LA to TS? - Probably leaving around Dec. 26. Wagon, 1 pup, 1 chick (me). Probably done the drive at least 14 times. Good company more important than gas money. Donations of course accepted! You can write me at circusgirl77 [ -at- ] yahoo.com. - circusgirl77 [ -at- ] yahoo.com
Need Ride New Year's Day, Cabo Airport To Todos Santos - Need ride 1/1/2012 from airport in Cabo to Todos Santos, arriving 2:09 p.m. - Mike And Gail Mcallister, gamcallister [ -at- ] yahoo.com, Todos Santos

Hauling - New York John will be driving a load from San Diego to Todos Santos Jan. 1. If you need something, I will pick it up and drive it down cheaper then anyone--yes, it will cost you. jmolea [ -at- ] sbcglobal.net - John Molea, jmolea [ -at- ] sbcglobal.net, 760-967-7608, Todos Santos

Need Ride To Todos From Airport - Hi, I'm flying into aiport on Jan. 3 2012. Arrive at 3 p.m. Thanks much. - rechichina [ -at- ] hotmail.com

Submit your Rides or Caravans Needed/Available articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for two weeks)

Let us know if you find or place your pet so we can remove your ad -

The Purrrrfect Stocking Stuffers - We are too cute for words. We are a boy and girl and both of us are white with gorgeous blue eyes, if we do say so ourselves. Our foster mother has raised us from infancy - she bottle fed us for weeks after we were abandoned. We love her and she loves us but she has waaaay too many four-legged ones in her family. We have been to the doctor and had that little operation so there will be no babies in our future. Please take us home for the holidays. - Angelique, bakakitties [ -at- ] yahoo.com, 145-0250

Blue Healer Needs New Home - Blue Healer, beautiful 1 year old, need to give away as she does not get along with my older dog and I'm worried for her safety. Great dog, very loyal. For pictures, let me know. - bdeacon [ -at- ] me.com

Half-Price Spay & Neuter - Our Todos Santos vet Dr. Franzoni is offering half off all spay and neuter operations for cats and dogs for the month of December. He is in Todos Santos to perform these surgeries Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please bring your pets in between 9:00 a.m.and 1:00 p.m. One time offer! Dr. Franzoni's office is located at the corner of Verduzco and Cuauhtemoc in barrio San Vicente. - kittieheaven [ -at- ] yahoo.com, 145-0173
Dog Needs a New Home and Love - Lovely puppy is looking for a new home. She is very friendly and loves children, and needs a home with more space (a yard she can play). I can send pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks. - Gelacio Orozco, gelacio_tds [ -at- ] hotmail.com, Todos Santos

Gorgeous Siamese Cat - Blond, blue-eyed, long-haired outside cat with a star on her forehead needs needs new home to watch over. She hunts, she is spayed. Call 612-178-0070 or email karlamfreeman [ -at- ] gmail.com - Karla Freeman, karlamfreemn [ -at- ] gmail.com, 612-178-0070, Todos Santos

Missing Great Dane - Missing dog, answers to the name of Apollo. It is a male Great Dane, short hair, gray with black spots, it has a yellow chain. It got lost arround Las Flores, last seen on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Please contact us if you`ve seen it. - Julio Rodriguez, julio_01diaz [ -at- ] hotmail.com, 612-154-6284, Baja California Sur

Good Info On What To Do If You Lose Your Dog In Baja (or Anywhere) - This excellent article courtesy of Baja Insider: www.bajainsider.com/baja-life/pet-care/findinglostdogs.htm - The Baja Western Onion

Dog Lost? Check with Baja Dogs - If you have lost a dog, please check with Baja Dogs La Paz at 612-155-8948 or email lostdog [ -at- ] bajadogs.org. We quite often have dogs at the refuge that we hope owners will claim.

Dogs for Adoption: We have many wonderful dogs for adoption. Please come out and visit the refuge in El Centenario or call 612-155-8948. All of our dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and healthy.

How to Donate: To donate to Baja Dogs La Paz, you can do so through Pay Pal, donate directly through our bank: Bancomer, Account #164033159; donate directly at the refuge or email bdlp [ -at- ] bajadogslapaz.org and we will make arrangements to pick up your donation. We also are very grateful for any donations of any type of dog food. Please call 612-140-2575 for pick up. Thank you!

All donations are used for general operating and maintenance of the refuge, our spay and neuter campaign and education programs. You may choose where you want your money spent. 100% of all donations to Baja Dogs La Paz, AC are used to help rescue street dogs in La Paz or to reduce their numbers. Donations pay for food, medication, veterinary care, utilities and water, cleaning supplies, etc., and 1 full-time and 2 part-time staff members who care for the dogs 7 days a week. No Board Member receives compensation. - Mario, info [ -at- ] bajadogslapaz.org, www.bajadogslapaz.org/, 612-155-8948, La Paz

Impossible to Resist! - New arrivals at Kitty Heaven despite all of our efforts to spay and neuter (but without the help of the community, there would be even more!).

All colors, all very young and playful. For more information, call Angelique at 612-145-0250 or write her at BajaKitties [ -at- ] Yahoo.com

Kitty Heaven is the only all-cat refuge in Baja California Sur. Visit us on the web athttp://bajarescue.org/#KittyHeaven.

We survive via your kind donations. To send your support, please click the "Donate" button below:

Submit your Pet Corner articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp (and remember to Spay and Neuter your pets)

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Quote of the Day: " Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true. " ~ Charles Dickens

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