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The Baja Western Onion - News For Baja California Sur
       Saturday, November 12, 2011
Featured Events This Week    
Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment    
Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted    
Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted    
Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted    
The Pet Corner - Lost and Found    

News and Events, Questions and Answers

Annual Spay/Neuter Clinic Next Week - Please help keep unwanted dogs and cats off our streets. The three-day event will take place this coming Thursday, Nov. 17 thru Saturday, Nov. 19 at La Canada del Diablo, Todos Santos. Four vets from the U.S. along with several vet techs will join our local vets in a volunteer effort to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats in our neighborhoods. This service is provided at greatly reduced or free of charge to those in the local community who could not otherwise afford to have their animals neutered.

This is a reminder that this special, volunteer Clinic is Not Intended for the general community who can and should pay for their own spay and neuter services (which most likely includes all of the readers of the Baja Western Onion). If you show up in your Chevy Surburban with your own pets intending to get free services meant for others less fortunate, you will be turned away. However, if you know of a truly needy household that cannot afford these sevices then please refer or even help transport them to this event.

While the vets, both local and U.S. donate their services, there are still many expenses involved. The funds raised at the Fur Ball help offset these costs but there is never quite enough. If you have a shopping trip coming up and could help with a few purchases, the following items are essential: Paper Towels, 3 Ml Syringes, Alcohol, Trash Bags, Rubber Gloves. And let's not forget those hungry, thirsty vets who volunteers and so appreciate drinking water, sodas and snacks. For more information or to volunteer please contact Angelique at bajakitties [- at -] yahoo.com. Thank you. - Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos A.C. -

The New Todos Santos Philosophical Society - Lectures, discussions and field trips pertaining to natural science and ecology of this part of the world. The first meeting will be an overview of the aquifer and water systems of the Todos Santos river valley on Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. at Casa Bentley - Calle Pilar, around the corner from La Arca. On the first field trip we will visit the pumping system at Punto Lobos and various reserviour sites. Meet at Casa Bentley on Sunday, Nov. 20, at 1:30 p.m. - Eileen Brophy, eileen_brophy [- at -] yahoo.com, 612- 143-9245

"The Play's The Thing" - Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2: "Thespian" George has recently moved to Todos Santos. For many years he worked in all the major theaters throughout Canada, including the Shaw Festival. and the best part is that he has expressed a willingness to bring together a few fellow actors - or would-be actors - to form an ensemble giving the community a taste of legitimate theater. To get started he needs to hear from any of you who would like to participate. (Think Shakespeare, Noel Coward, George Bernard Shaw or ???) The vision is of a small troupe to put on one or two one-act plays that could perhaps raise a little money to help care for the homeless dogs of Punto Lobos while having a real theater experience. If you are interested, email George at gefrda [- at -] yahoo.ca.

Looking For Michael and Carol Selby - We are staying at the Hacienda del Mar in Cabo del Sol. You can contact us through El Tecolote 145-0295 and they can put us in touch with each other. - Warren Steiner, wasteiner [- at -] gmail.com, 145-0295, Todos Santos

Help Needed to Bring Down Door - I need a small freezer door, 19"x9"x2" and about 1lb, for my trailer in Pescadero. Part is in Chino, CA, and can be shipped to you anywhere in the USA. If you are driving down in the next week or two and can bring it down, the beer or whatever is on me. I'll be happy to pick up the door anywhere from La Paz south. - Lars, uptheblackcreek(at)yahoo.com, 612-153-seven six zero three, Pescadero

PadrinoProject.com - Please join us at PadrinoProject.com to support the Hogar del Nino (children's home) located in Todos Santos near the Pemex on the road to La Paz. Children ages 5-14 come to the home through DIF but receive NO support from the local, state, or federal government. There are currently 22-25 kids living with an all volunteer staff. They are completely dependant on your generosity and they desperately need your support! - nancyserfas [- at -] aol.com, Todos Santos

Attention All Bakers! - I am looking for bakers to donate baked goods to the bake sale at the 5th Annual Palapa Society Tiangus to be held on Satuday, Nov. 26, at the Ejido building across from Lizarraga. Profits from your donations benefit the BECA (educational scholarship) program. Donations should be dropped off between 9:30 and 10 a.m. If you want to drop them off the day before, you can do so at my house or I can pick them up. - nancyserfas [- at -] aol.com

Need Land For Animal Sanctuary - We would like to establish a farm animal sanctuary to rescue several animals being held in deplorable conditions in Pescadero. In order to do this, we first need a piece of land nearby where these animals can be taken. Any unused property ~1/3 acre and up in Pescadero would be ideal.
  • Do you have land that you are not planning to use for a couple of years? Maybe 2 or 3?
  • Would you be willing to let us care for some animals there?
If your property is already fenced, that would be excellent, otherwise, we will make that improvement ourselves. By lending your property, you will enable us to move quickly forward with our planned rescue. We hope not only to create a sanctuary to rescue farm animals being abused, but eventually to open up the sanctuary to the public for educational purposes, a place where people can come and meet the animals and get to know them, not as commodities but as the special creatures they really are.

Eventually, we hope to build a kiosk to prepare and sell vegan hot dogs, hamburgers, ensaladas, soy and coconut milk ice creams and sodas at the same location so that when tourists come to meet the animals, they can also enjoy a cruelty free picnic. (Who wants to eat pork sausage while bonding with a pig?)

Any revenue we obtain will pay for food and water for the animals and the other expenses of running the sanctuary. We will start small: A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. ... But ultimately become an important part of the cultural, tourist and educational offerings of the area. If you can help with land or want to get involved in other ways, please contact me. - Cheryl Hugle, allinharmony [- at -] gmail.com, allinharmony.org, Todos Santos

South Dakota Plates - Regarding importing or changing plates on a vehicle for the folks who live here, I received a full explanation and will pass on the website address on to those interested (see below). It seems that Canadians can get S. Dakota plates after all and the same business also supplies a USA address and pertinent necesities. Here is the info: southdakotalicenseplates.com. The phone numbers are: Cabo, 624-129-9237; and in the U.S., 845-790-1110. I do not know the cost. - Gillian Herbert, gillyndolly [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-045-0359

Free DVD About Saving Baja's Waves and Coastal Ecosystems - The Baja Wave Document Directed by Chris Figler, portrays the efforts of WiLDCOAST and fishermen in Baja California to preserve the last wild coastlines on the peninsula. Get a FREE copy sent to your US address today, it'll be waiting for you when (if) you return. Email your name and address to aj [- at -] wildcoast.net

If you like what you see, consider supporting WiLDCOAST in our efforts to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. Donate online, or just pass the DVD on to your friends. If you're a surfer who has visited BCS in the last 365 days, please take 15 minutes to complete our online surf valuation and community participation survey in both English and Spanish at:
http://wildcoast.net/media-center/news/3-if-you-have-surfed-in-baja-california-sur-mexico-in-the-last-year-we-need-your-input-and-ideas - Aj Schneller, aj [- at -] wildcoast.net, www.wildcoast.net, 619-333-9087, Baja California Sur

Package Needs Ride To TS - Will you be in Todos Santos by December 4th? I have a package from the San Francisco Bay area that must be delivered to Todos Santos by December 4th. Gracias. - rogerholman [- at -] att.net

Reminder: How To Post a Photo Or Image With Your Free Ad - We've posted a detailed tutorial online explaining how to add images to your articles. You can find it here at: www.bajawesternonion.com/how-to-post-photos-with-your-ad-or-article.asp

Of course, if this is too much for you, we can resize and host your image on the Baja Western Onion web site for only $5.00 US. Just let us know in the "Additional Comments" box when you submit an article. Then send us the image, or a link to your web page containing the image, by Email to Moderator [- at -] bajawesternonion.com. Payment can be made to our PayPal account at: Advertising [- at -] bajawesternonion.com. - The Baja Western Onion, The Baja Western Onion

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Featured Events This Week

Anyone planning an event should check the Online Community Calendar before choosing a date to see if something else is already planned and avoid conflicts. Check the Online Community Calendar here: www.bajawesternonion.com/community-calendar.asp - The Baja Western Onion

Saturday, November 12

Cerritos Surf Colony Bar & Grill Opens - Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mexican, American and Asian fare - Giovanni, geegcsl [- at -] hotmail.com, 612.157.2793, www.cerritossurfcolony.com, Pescadero

GemInI Deli and BBQ Saturday Special With Live Music - Starting around 6pm, Offering a special "Roasted Chicken Breast stuffed with Veggies and Cheese." Also offering "Punta Lobos Seafood Chowder," Chocolate mousse, and "Michelada" drink specials. Music by Pescadero Dave playing acoustic Mexican ballads. - Vicky and Michael, info [- at -] thegeminideli.com, thegeminideli.com, 612.145.0098, Todos Santos

Live Music With Los Tocayos at Cafelix - 5 to 8 p.m. - Greg Kitchel, greg [- at -] gregkitchel.com, greg [- at -] gregkitchel.com, 612-119-3705, Todos Santos

Boxing: Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 En Vivo at La Garra Restaurant Sports Bar - 6 p.m. First come, first serve. No Cover. - Happy and Chuy Cota, lagarrarsb [- at -] gmail.com, 612-145-0004, Todos Santos

Sunday, November 16

Live Music With Los Tocayos at Marina's - 5 to 8 p.m. - Greg Kitchel, greg [- at -] gregkitchel.com, greg [- at -] gregkitchel.com, 612-119-3705, Pescadero

Tuesday, November 15
McBride Art Show - Iris McBride's work on display next door to Cafe Santa Fe, Todos Santos, Nov. 15-25. Works can be viewed from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Show's opening today from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. - Iris Mcbride, mcbrideiris2yahoo.ca, Baja California Sur
Wednesday, November 16

The New Todos Santos Philosophical Society - Lectures, discussions and field trips pertaining to natural science and ecology of this part of the world. 7 p.m., overview of the aquifer and water systems of the Todos Santos river valley. Casa Bentley - Calle Pilar, around the corner from La Arca. - Eileen Brophy, eileen_brophy [- at -] yahoo.com, 612- 143-9245

Thursday, November 17

Annual Todos Santos Spay and Neuter Clinic - La Canada del Diablo, Todos Santos. Volunteers and Donations Needed. Contact Angelique at bajakitties [- at -] yahoo.com. - Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos A.C.

Friday, November 18

Annual Todos Santos Spay and Neuter Clinic Continues - La Canada del Diablo, Todos Santos. Volunteers and Donations Needed. Contact Angelique at bajakitties [- at -] yahoo.com. - Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos A.C.

Saturday, November 19

Annual Todos Santos Spay and Neuter Clinic Continues - La Canada del Diablo, Todos Santos. Volunteers and Donations Needed. Contact Angelique at bajakitties [- at -] yahoo.com. - Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos A.C.

Used Clothing Sale Benefits Baja Dogs - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Pelicanos Restaurante and Bar, Carr, Norte, KM. 14, El Centenario near La Paz. Contact Cindy at 612-141-9903. Registration Fee: $50 pesos. Admision Fee: Any donation to Baja Dogs. Pelicano's has a nice lunch and drink menu, so you can have lunch and shop. - Cindy Crane, cindycrane2000 [- at -] yahoo.ca, 612-141-9903, La Paz

Jazz Night at Guaycura Hotel - The Jazz Band Ensemble will perform in the Sky Bar, 7 to 9 p.m. - reservation [- at -] guaycura.com.mx, www.guaycura.com.mx, 612-175-0800, Todos Santos

Sunday, November 20

Philosophical Society Fieldtrip - The group's first field trip will be to view the pumping system at Punto Lobos and various reserviour sites. Meet at Casa Bentley today at 1:30 p.m. - Eileen Brophy, eileen_brophy [- at -] yahoo.com, 612- 143-9245

New Community Events and Workshops Notification Page - You can submit event notices for The Community Calendar or Workshops and Meetings pages. The Community Events calendar is limited to non-recurring community events (Sorry, no "Happy Hours," "Daily Specials," or other recurring business activities :). Submit your Community Events and Workshops notices here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submit-event.asp

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Stepping Out - Food, Music, Workshops and Entertainment

Saturday Special At Gemini With Live Music! - This Saturday November 12th the GemInI Deli and BBQ will be having a "Roasted Chicken Breast stuffed with Veggies and Cheese" special - with live music featuring Pescadero Dave playing his acoustic Mexican ballads!

Come join us in our newly renovated garden patio starting around 6pm for a wonderful night of food, wine and music...

We'll also be offering our fabulous "Punta Lobos Seafood Chowder", our delicious Chocolate mousse, and "Michelada" drink specials!

- Vicky and Michael, info [- at -] thegeminideli.com, thegeminideli.com, 612.145.0098, Todos Santos

Hotel California
Bistro Santo Vino & Wine Bar has reopened
Hours are 5 to 10:30 p.m.Daily (Closed on Sunday). Reservations Recommended

Thanksgiving at Hotel California
Make your reservations for Thanksgiving Dinner. All you can eat.. Menu includes Cream of asparagus soup, Turkey, Homemade gravy, Mashed potatoes, Baked yams w/pecans, Brussel sprouts, Roasted vegetables, Cranberry sauce, and Pumpkin and Chocolate pies. $250 pesos (plus 11% tax) *discount cards do not apply.

Click Here
to view our Online Store
Keep up with the latest Hotel California info by joining our facebook fan page Follow us on facebook

- Debbie Stewart, info [- at -] hotelcaliforniabaja.com, www.hotelcaliforniabaja.com, 612.145.0525, Todos Santos

The Todos Santos Music Festival, Featuring Peter Buck Of R. E. M. - The Hotel California in Todos Santos, BCS, will host the first ever Todos Santos Music Festival, a charity concert featuring Peter Buck of REM and a number of his many musical friends including: Steve Wynn, Robyn Hitchcock, and Scott McCaughey. All proceeds from the festival will benefit The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C.

A fun-filled music festival over the course of 3 weeks in January 2012, featuring live music 4 nights per week. Each week will feature a special guest artist and Peter Buck of REM will play in every band. Admission is free. A limited number of reserved tables will be available for every show through The Hotel California with a suggested charitable donation of $5 per seat. For more information and reservations contact Hotel California at info [- at -] hotelcalifornia.com.

Starting at 8 p.m. each evening, with two sets per night:

  • Jan. 5-8, 2012 Steve Wynn and The Baseball Project
    (Featuring Peter Buck, Linda Pitmon, and Scott Mccaughey)
  • Jan. 11-14, 2012 Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3
    (Featuring Peter Buck, Bill Rieflin, and Scott Mccaughey)
  • Jan. 18-21 2012 Scott Mccaughey and The Minus 5
    (Featuring Peter Buck, Bill Rieflin, and John Ramberg)
For more information visit: http://journaldelpacifico.com/blog/2011/11/10/the-hotel-california-presents-the-todos-santos-music-festival-featuring-peter-buck-of-rem/ - Janice Kinne, yani [- at -] journaldelpacifico.com, journaldelpacifico.com, Todos Santos

Todos Santos Fishing Charters - Why deal with a middleman? Come direct to the owner/operator
  • Fully Registered Sportsfishing Company

    • Bilingual Crew

      • Top Quality Tackle and Gear
Whether game fishing or whale watching, contact us for your ocean adventures. Visit our website for full details: www.fishingtodossantos.com or www.todossantosfishingcharters.com.

Package deals available when booking fishing and our casita for your complete holiday - www.bajasurtodossantos.com, or call 612-119-7880 or 624-114-1351

Live Music With Los Tocayos - Greg and Greg are appearing live this week, Saturday night at Cafelix and Sunday at Marina's in Pescadero, from 5 to 8 p.m. We've got new songs, new sounds and new stuff. See you there! - Greg Kitchel, greg [- at -] gregkitchel.com, greg [- at -] gregkitchel.com, 612-119-3705, Pescadero

November News At The Sandbar - Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers 11/10 this Thursday--come in and watch the game on our Steak/ Rib nite--kick off at 6:20. Enjoy our happy hours til sunset with 15 pesos tap beer and 2x1's well drinks and bottle beers. The Sandbar menu is always expanding and now we offer real meat ball subs and fish burgers.

Thanksgiving Deep Fried Turkeys are back this year! Thursday, November 24. We are serving the usual yummy sides and pumpkin pie for dessert for 170p. Kids eat for 50p. Live Blues Band will back up the holiday fun. Dinner service begins at 4:30. Come on down to The Sandbar for some homestyle fun.

Big parties can reserve a table by leaving a message at 612-102-9135 - we will take care of you. - helenbaysandbar [- at -] gmail.com, http://www.sandbarbaja.com/Sandbar/Home.htmlPescadero

Señor Porky's Baja BBQ and Smoke House! The Best Ribs Anywhere!

New Restaurant in La Paz - Featuring Kansas City slow-smoked meats not found anywhere in Mexico. Now open 7 days a week from 7:30 AM with full breakfast menu and Cappuccino, to 10 p.m., and weekends until midnight. Watch the sunset from our spectacular ocean view! Located on the Malecon in La Paz at Alvaro Obregon #670, on the corner of Allende and Rosales (next to the Arco Hotel).

To ensure the best quality for Porky's Smokehouse Meats, we start with the best meats available. Then we dry-rub the meats with a combination of 20 spices, then slow-smoke for up to 18 hours at low temperature to obtain maximum flavor and tenderness while sealing in the natural juices and smoke flavor that is unmatched anywhere! We know you'll agree that Señor Porky's Baja BBQ and Smoke House are the best you have ever tasted. Menu highlights include:
• Slow Smoked Ribs • Pulled Pork • Beef Brisket • BBQ Chicken • Smoked Bratwurst •
Plus fantastic side orders include Pasta Salad, BBQ beans, Coleslaw, Sweet Potato fries, New Mexico Green Chile with Pork, Caesar Salad and Homemade Deserts. Dine in, or carry out from our "Pig Out" Meats to Go Menu. Download our entire Menu here: files.me.com/richards771/1wclv6

For more information, call 612-129-3667. - Richard Stubbs, richards77 [- at -] pcisys.net, La Paz

Jazz Night - Do not miss the Jazz Band Ensamble Saturday, Nov. 19, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Guaycura Hotel in the Sky Bar. - reservation [- at -] guaycura.com.mx, www.guaycura.com.mx, 612 175-0800, Todos Santos

Sushi Chef Chopin Is Now At Ana San - Sushi Chef Chopin previously at El Hotelito in now preparing his yummy Sushi, Nigiris & Sashimis at Ana San; along with Sashimi Salads and Ana San's delicious Tempuras & Teriyaki. Located across the street from the downtown OXXO. We will be open Monday through Saturday, from 1 - 9 p.m. Serving Beer, Wine & Sake, and a variety of Sodas. - Ana Orozco, 612-136-4804, Todos Santos

Street Photo Workshop in Todos - Improve "how to see" photographically, going from snap shots to fine art. Judith returns to TS with her workshop aimed at strengthening framing/composition skills in your camera’s viewfinder.

Open to all photo enthusiasts and all cameras - level 1 and level 2 (for those who've taken the class before).

The workshop will be held Dec. 3, 4, 10, and 11. Private critiquing sessions also available.

For more info and registration go to SundaysInNY.com/todos/ - Judith Farber, jf [- at -] SundaysInNY.com, Baja California Sur

Baja Beans - We are doing Sunday brunches! Come and have frittata and listen to Ben and the Men. Brunch will be served 9 a.m.-1 p.m. or until it's all gone but we will also have all our regular fare available...and lots of fresh brewed coffee:

• French Press • Chemex • Aeropress • Espresso • Or Our House Brew •

Our new hours of operation are: Tuesday to Sunday - Open 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.; Mondays we will be closed - sorry. See you soon! - April Tidey, www.bajabeans.com, Pescadero

Hogar De Los Niños Benefit Concert For the Kids of Hogar Del Niño - Saturday, Dec. 10, at 5 p.m., La Esquina in Todos Santos invites you to the first annual Concert for the Kids, a festival of music benefitting el Hogar del Niño. Enjoy the musical stylings of fine local artists, Hosted by Guitar Dave, featuring:
  • Forest & Friends
  • Jay Nash
  • Tim Lang
  • AK-47
Get ready to get down with Ben & the Men at 10:30 p.m. Ice cold beer, fine wine and delicious Margaritas are 2 for 1 during Happy Hour, 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.!

Limited tickets are available at La Esquina or San Pedrito Surf Hotel for 80 pesos, get 'em while they last. Don't forget to bring pesos for a silent auction, and your donations of shoes and clothing! - Andres Keller, ak47pgh [- at -] yahoo.com - Andres Keller, 612-133-9602, Todos Santos

Antojitos Mexicanos at Juanita's in Las Tunas - The restaurant in Las Tunas is open, serving delicious breakfast and lunch. WIFI is available all the time. Stop in for fresh-squeezed orange juice or coffee. New Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The laundry service is still available even though the sign had to be taken in. - Cleo

Pacquiao Vs Marquez 3 En Vivo! at La Garra Restaurant Sports Bar - Ladies & Gentlemen! In this corner. ... This is the third fight for these experienced fighters. Come and enjoy it with us. Saturday, Nov. 12, Live transmission starts at 6 p.m. We Highly Recommend you arrive early as it is first come, first serve. No Cover - Lot's of cold draft beer. Modelo Chope only $15 pesos all night. Check out our Facebook page for special offers and events at La Garra Bar. - Happy and Chuy Cota, lagarrarsb [- at -] gmail.com, 612-145-0004

Mini Super Los Arcos - We would like to remind local residents that Los Arcos Mini-Super in Pescadero offers natural yogurt without sugar or preservatives, granola, hummus, crust for pie, pumpkin and much more. All of these items are homemade. Please come by to visit. - Mayra Torres, mayra_pithaya [- at -] yahoo.com.mx, Pescadero

Wind And C at Suki's! - The garden is ready! Carolen, Windspirit and family are proud to serve you farm to table specialties and your Suki's favorites Tuesday through Saturdays. Lunch 11-2, Dinner 5:30-9. Fair prices, excellent flavors! - 145.0847, Todos Santos

Last Call For Turkeys - You can still order your Organic Thanksgiving Turkey from Que Rico. 50 pesos per kilo. Come by the shop before 2:30 today (Saturday) or call me by Sunday evening. New to the shop this week will be Organic lamb. I will have leg of lamb, lamb loin filets and lamb sausage in limited quantities. Call or email to reserve yours. I will also have breakfast sausages.

If you haven't been in yet, we have meats, sausages,, organic chickens and fresh, natural dairy and cheese products that include fresh mozzarella, cheddar, goat cheese, milk and yogurt. We have sauces, fresh bagels and artisan breads, jams, coffee, chocolate, beef jerky and more. - Andrea Park, quericofoods [- at -] gmail.com, 612-118-6031, Todos Santos

Reiki Energy Healing - Level 1 and 2 Certification With Relaxing Yoga Retreat - Learn to heal with the hands while enjoying daily yoga, meditation and breath exercises. All levels welcome and accommodated. Dec. 18-20, 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., Yandara Yoga Institute, located between Pescadero and Elias Calles.

$290 Commuter. $640 Residential. Meals included. Reiki is an energy healing technique, easily learned by anyone, to promote relaxation and stress-reduction.

With its origins in Tibetan Shamanic Healing, Reiki is a popular form of holistic health today that works to dissolve the roots of physical and emotional discomfort, returning us to our true nature of peace, compassion and joy. - Allison Eaton, info [- at -] allisoneaton.com, www.allisoneaton.com, 518-224-1355 or 612-141-7222, Pescadero

Free Intro To Ayurveda Seminar - "An Ayurvedic Journey to Life, Health and Longevity" Based on the laws of nature, Ayurveda is the ancient holistic medical science and the art of living. Come and learn about Ayurveda and practical ways to improve your lifestyle with ancient secrets.

  • Learn to bring more energy into your life.
  • Learn your dosha and body type for optimal natural well-being.
  • Learn to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Learn special healing remedies with your kitchen spices.
  • *Learn eating right for your body type and improved digestion.
Baja Health Living Seminars and Retreat Dates and Location: Pura Vida Health Food Store in Todos Santos November 17, 2011 Thursday at 10:00 until noon Free - "An Ayurvedic Journey to Life, Health and Longevity. - Valma Brenton, vbrenton [- at -] island.net, 612 131 6387, Baja California Sur

Yoga For Seniors - If you are interested in finding a level of inner calm and improving your breathing, flexibility and strength, these gentle yoga classes may be right for you. You can participate in the class seated in a chair. Please write at mayra_pithaya [- at -] yahoo.com.mx for more information - Mayra Torres, Pescadero

Cerritos Surf Colony Bar & Grill, Now Open! - Dine at the beach! Beginning on Saturday, November 12th, the Cerritos Surf Colony Bar & Grill will be open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy an expansive menu of Mexican, American & Asian fare at reasonable prices in the best location in town! - Giovanni, geegcsl [- at -] hotmail.com, www.cerritossurfcolony.com, 612.157.2793, Pescadero

Submit your Stepping Out - Food, Music and Entertainment announcements here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Misc. Sales and Services Available

Casa Decor, La Paz, Indoor and Outdoor Furniture - Large 12,000 SQ. FT. Warehouse in La Paz at 560 Marquez de Leon, between Altamirano and Ramirez, Tel: 612-129-3364.

Take a Virtual Tour of our selection online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJK_MCrzZ3E:
• Largest Inventory In The Baja • Patio Furniture • Wicker, Rattan and Marble
• Rustic Hand Painted Furniture • Lighting • Metal Furniture • Copper Furniture
• Kitchen Cabinets • Doors • Floor and Wall Covering • Art • Accessories
• Fountains and Urns • Mexican Furniture • Imports From Around The World
• Very Unique Selection Of Furniture and Accessories • Furniture Packages

>>> SPECIAL! Bring In This Ad For A 10% Discount! <<<

The Best In-stock selection in the Baja of affordable Indoor and Outdoor Furniture at Casa Decor. Three Locations: Casa Decor La Paz, Casa Decor Cabo San Lucas on the Four lane at KM 3.5 next to Artisanos and Natural Marble and Stone, Tel: 888 557 6533 or 624-178-8146, and NOW in Loreto! - Mary Aguirre, Chief Designer, richards77 [- at -] pcisys.net, USA Tel 303 777 5157, http://www.antiquerowmarket.com, Baja California Sur

Water Pump and Water Heater for Sale - Hurricane submersible water pump by Jacuzzi. Model TLSHUR16 P-SI. Sells here in Cabo for $1200 U.S. Asking $900 U.S. It is so quiet, doesn't corrode, filters the water from the pila as it goes. State of the art equipment.

Also for sale: Kruger water heater "instant hot" by Bosch. Model 1111. This is the big one. Used three days only - still in the box 78,500 KJ/H. This is also known as a "flash heater". Takes up less space, uses less propane and provides "instant" hot water. Asking $300. - Jeanne Durban, caboqt [- at -] hotmail.com, Rancho Migriño

Pacific Window Washing - Professional Home Window Washing. Now servicing:

• San Jose del Cabo • Cabo San Lucas • Rancho Migrino • Elias Calles • Pescadero • Todos Santos
• and Anywhere In Between...

Free estimates. - Mark 612 143 3316, pacificwindowwashing [- at -] gmail.com

Water Lilies Available - White and Yellow water Lilies, perfect to decorate your pond or Fountain. - Amy. Parra, parratownsend [- at -] hotmail.com

Journal Del Pacifico - The first issue of "Journal del Pacifico" La Revista de Baja California Sur, will be on streets in Todos Santos, Pescadero, La Paz, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas early next week. This colorful issue features stories on the new Hotel Casa Tota, Rancho Pescadero, ACERCARTE, Horse Racing, Todos Santos Boxing and many of your favorite features as well. Can't wait? Visit our website today! JournaldelPacifico.com - Janice Kinne, yani [- at -] journaldelpacifico.com, www.journaldelpacifico.com

Bolo's Boutique - El Pescadero - Come in and see our latest styles from Bali. We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. We offer women's clothing, sarongs, pashminas and scarves, sandals & shoes, bags & belts, jewelry. We also carry all natural Baja soaps and lotions from Disenos del Desierto and essential oil blends, including Bug Off, Jojoba Hot Oil Hair Treatment and Sleep Well. Follow signs for Rancho Pescadero. Turn right at their entrance and left at next corner. We are on the left before the beach access. - Bolo's Boutique, bolosboutique [- at -] yahoo.com, bolosboutique.wordpress.com, Pescadero

For Sale: 1999 Yamaha Xl700 Jetski - 1999 Yamaha XL700 jetski in perfect condition. 200 hours. Imported in Mexico. Just serviced by Baja Motorsports in La Paz. Comes with yamaha cover and single trailer. Asking for $3000 USD OBO. Photos available at http://socalhitech.com/jetski/jetski1.jpg; http://socalhitech.com/jetski/jetski2.jpg; and http://socalhitech.com/jetski/jetski3.jpg. Located in El Sargento, BCS (30 minutes from La Paz). - info [- at -] socalhitech.com, La Paz

18' Ocean Fishing Boat For Sale - Comes with a new 60 HP, 4-stroke Mercury motor with only 93 hours on it:
  • Easy Pull Trailer With Excellent Tires
  • 2 New Batteries
  • Center Fiberglass Console
  • Ready To Go Fishing!
Price $8700 USD. This is a great price -- it's like buying a motor and getting the boat and trailer for free! - Kent Hansen, kenthansen [- at -] shaw.ca, La Paz

15-passenger Chevy Van For Sale - This 2001 Chevy Express 15-passenger van is 4x4. It has 100,000 miles and is fully imported with Mexican tags. Very well maintained, in very good condition. $8,000. - Sergio Jauregui, tsecoadventures [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-161-3208

19' Travel Trailer For Sale - 19' travel trailer in great condition with lots of extras. See webpage below for photos and more info. - Robert Quirk, www.todossantosrentals.net/TravelTrailer.html, 624-147-0326, Pescadero

Need a Handyman? - We do all sorts of work such as clearing lots, gardening, small construction jobs, building palapas, etc. We have a pickup truck and can haul away your garbage or use it to help you move funiture or anything heavy. Please call us for more information. We charge $50p. per hour. We also do translating for $100p. per hour. - Paco and Xavi, 612-155-1389

Nissan Available - 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE. Automatic. A/C. 64K miles. New paint. $59K M.N. - bajapure [- at -] hotmail.comm, 612-141-8136

Servicios Computadoras, Todos Santos - Ofrece servicios de Internet y Computadoras. Venta, instalacion y soporte de redes cableadas e inalámbricas, anti-virus, Voice Over IP (Vonage, Net2phone), computadoras. Computer Services, Todos Santos - Offering internet and computer services. WiFi / VoIP / Computers - Sales, installation, service and support: wired and wireless networks, virus removal, Voice Over IP (Vonage, Net2Phone), computers. - Josue Castillo Mayoral, Cellular: 612 159 2699, jocama85 [- at -] hotmail.com, Todos Santos

23 Foot Utility Enclosed Trailer - Large quality utility trailer, 23 feet box all aluminum box, dual axles, not cheap thin aluminum. Will last 30 years. or more. Drive up ramp, Can fit 4 quads in it, has wheel chock for a large motorcycle. Perfect garage. Can fit a ford ranger pickup truck inside or a mini-suv. Store you car in it securely over the summer, a waverunner with trailer fits with lots of room. Or pack up your valuables and put trailer in storage lot. High internal height. 5000 clams, permanent Montana plates.

I also have a 2-year-old, 4 foot by 8 foot flatbed utility trailer. It folds up and stands up so it takes very little room in a garage. You can buy it un-assembled and spend some time putting it together or buy this one for 300 coccos. Write me at dean [- at -] la-ventana.com. More pictures at http://la-ventana.forumotion.com/t378-flatbed-open-utility-trailer-4-by-8 - Dean Devolpi, dean [- at -] la-ventana.com, 612-114-0202, la-ventana.forumotion.com/t378-flatbed-open-utility-trailer-4-by-8 , La Paz

Need a Ride to or From the Airport? Or Someone to Assist You With Errands? - I am a young, bilingual Christian man and I can provide you with rides to or from the La Paz or San Jose Del Cabo airports. I can also help you with courier services, errands, or navigating the intricacies of dealing with Mexican businesses and the government; Car Registrations, TelCel and TelMex, CFE, Seguro Social, etc.

Reasonable Rates - Contact: Ernesto, Cel. 612-117-7497, ernie_net [- at -] hotmail.com

Want a Car to Rent - Looking for a vehicle to rent for the 3rd week in November. Not wanting to pay anymore than $300 a month. Long-term rental. email me at t1atthelagoon [- at -] gmail.com - Tracey, t1atthelagoon [- at -] gmail.com

Moving Sale - Baja BBQ Grills La Paz is on the move! Landlord is building an OXXO! Moving Sale! No reasonable offer refused! Outdoor Kitchens, Gas Log Fireplaces, BBQ Grills and accessories. 5 de Febrero,corner of Gmo. Prieto. 5 blocks up from Malecon/Abosolo. - lc [- at -] BajaBBQGrillsLaPaz.com, www.BajaBBQGrillsLaPaz.com, 044-612-141-8136, La Paz

Now, Get Internet No Matter Where You Live:

  • Always-On Connection
  • Available Where DSL and Cellular Won't Reach
  • PC, Mac, Wireless Compatible
  • Multiple Computers Can Share the Same Internet Connection Full-Time
  • Vacation Holds Available
  • Professional Installation Available
0.74 Meter Dish with 1 Watt Transmitter - Was $499.99 Now $299 US! 1 0.98 Meter Dish with 2 Watt Transmitter - Was $899.99 Now $699 US! 1
Available Service Plans:
Plan - Max. Speed - Down/Up 2 Daily Data Transfer Allowance Monthly Service Fee
Home - 700 Kbps/128 Kbps 200 MB $59.99/mo. NOW $49.99/mo.!
Pro - 1.0 Mbps/200 Kbps 300 MB $69.99/mo.
Pro Plus - 1.5 Mbps/200 Kbps 350 MB $79.99/mo.
Small Office 3 - 1.5 Mbps/300 Kbps 425 MB $99.99/mo.
Baja Satellite is an Authorized HughesNet® Reseller. For more information Contact Us today: alan [- at -] BajaSatellite.com, www.bajasatellite.com, (530) 903-4257 (US), (01) 555 351 0882 (Mexico), Baja California Sur

1 Equipment prices shown are after $199.99 HughesNet mail-in rebate, and do not include Mexican shipping, importation or installation. 2 Absolute maximum speeds as stated by Hughesnet. Actual speeds will be less. 3 Small Office Plan requires 0.98m. dish with 2-watt transmitter.
Baja Western Onion Private-party Ad Special! Get More Coverage! Two Weeks - Four Issues - Only $10.00 US:
- Yard Sales, Vehicles, Misc. For Sale or Wanted - Reach 3,200 Baja Western Onion Readers - Your Ad Featured In a Red, Highlighted Box - Available Only For Private-Party, Non-Commercial, Text-Based Ads (Please Note: not available for commercial ads, real estate for sale or rentals available)
Payment: All Private-party Special Ads must be prepaid in advance of initial run date. You can make your payment online via PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&business=advertising [- at -] BajaWesternOnion.com, or call us at 001 530 903 4257 or 01 33 8421 1142 (From Mexico) to make payment directly by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card.

Free Ads: As always, you can place a Free text-based ad in the Baja Western Onion once every 14 days. Submit your Free Ad or Article here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp. -

For more details on our commercial advertising opportunities, please visit www.bajawesternonion.com/advertising.asp or send an Email to: advertising [- at -] BajaWesternOnion.com

Submit your Misc. Sales and Services Available/Wanted articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Real Estate, Rentals, and House Sitting - Available/Wanted

Great House For Sale: Casa Feliz - Brand new house located in Pescadero with dual master bedroom suites with walk-in closets. Large covered patio with ocean views outside both bedrooms. Spacious living area with open floor plan upstairs with 11 ft. ceilings, maximizing panoramic farmland and ocean views. Huge kitchen with open living/dining areas and buffet bar.

1868 sq.ft. interior space + 3 decks with 2170 sq.ft. on 1/4 acre hillside lot. Great deal at $285,000usd Please call to arrange appointment. - Rich Friend, richie [- at -] ricardoamigo.com, ricardoamigo.com/Properties-CasaFeliz.asp, 612.145.0551, Pescadero

Do You Need A House Sitter? - Professional, early 30's couple available for house sitting from February to the end of August anywhere near Todos Santos. Dates somewhat flexible. Will also be returning February 2013 for at least 3 years. I am a software engineer who works from home, so your house will always be occupied. My better half is an Occupational Therapist and PhD student (online) who will be volunteering at the local school for special needs children and orphanage. - Zach Altneu, zach [- at -] altneu.net, 828-338-9799 (US), Todos Santos

Land For Sale - Nice Ocean View Lot In Pescadero, 750 sq. mts. Water and electricity, 25K. Clear inf. 612-178-0178 Carmen mail: santacarmenita [- at -] yahoo.com - Carmen, santacarmenita [- at -] yahoo.com, 01 612 1780178, Pescadero

Free Beachfront Camping - Do you have a small or medium-sized motor-home, trailer, camper or van that you live in? Will supply shade, water and periodic recharge of your electrical system at Cerritos Beach in Pescadero. No drugs or excess use of alcohol. - Frank Pedley, fpedley [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-140-4627

Looking For a Roommate - To share my wonderful house at the beach in Rancho Migrino. The beautiful bedroom is large with its own pretty bathroom. Kingsize or queensize bed with excellent mattress, big windows, closet. All utilities furnished, lots of parking, non-smoker please, ocean view, 2 minutes walk to beach. Big house with big kitchen. Lots of space. It is a lovely area, very quiet and tranquil. You will only hear the birds and the waves. $7000 pesos/month - Jeanne Durban, caboqt [- at -] hotmail.com, Rancho Migriño

Will Housesit For You - I will be in Todos Santos from Nov. 22 until Dec. 14. Reliable, Clean, Resposible, Trustworthy. Have alot of experience with pets and gardening. Single, quiet business woman looking for a quiet retreat. Will house sit in Cabo, La Paz, Todos or related areas. If looking for a Longer comitment please contact me as well. My good friend Bill will be in the area from December untill April 2012. chercoburn [- at -] shaw.ca - Cher Coburn, chercoburn [- at -] shaw.ca

Submit your Real Estate/Rentals/House Sitting/Property Management Services articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Rides or Caravans Available/Wanted

Note: Ads will run for two weeks unless dated. Please list the date in the title, and specify which airport. Goes without saying, everyone shares expenses for beer, gas, food, etc

To remove your ad if you find a ride or caravan, let us know here: www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

Driver Needed For Small Truck in November - I need someone to drive my Nissan Frontier truck from San Diego to Todos Santos in early November. Bonded and insured, references required. My email is jennylindberg [- at -] earthlink.net. - Jennifer Lindberg, 505-466-0976, Todos Santos

Ride Needed To Ensenada Around Nov. 15 - Need a ride north to Ensenada. Can help with driving - Gary, 612-134-0498

Rider Wanted From New Mexico - Driving down to Baja mid/late November from Taos, NM, Nogales-Los Mochas-Ferry- La Paz - Rosario Carelli, wearethedrum [- at -] yahoo.com, 828-380-0122

Date Change On Drive To Cabo - Previously, I was leaving San Diego for Cabo on Nov 22. Have pushed this date up. Can now leave Nov. 18, 19, or 20 -- your choice. Can caravan or have room for passenger with luggage. Share gas. I'll do all the driving. This is my 26th drive. Comfortable SUV. - Ina Yank, inayank [- at -] ix.netcom.com, 949-200-7727

Ride Needed From TS to SJD Airport Nov. 22 - Looking to arrive at San Jose Del Cabo Airport anytime before 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22. Will share gas. - Wendy, wseskind [- at -] gmail.com, 612-147-0448

Caravaning to TS Late November - I'm driving to Todos Santos over Thanksgiving weekend, leaving San Diego on Saturday morning. I plan to take three days for the trip. Caravan partners welcome. - Alex, azecha [- at -] gmail.com

Caravan in Late November - I would like to caravan down Baja to Los Cabos area from Tecate on Nov. 26 or 27. Contact Pandora at 702-236-0778 or write pahlstrom2 [- at -] embarqmail.com - pahlstrom2 [- at -] embarqmail.com

Caravan Wanted in December - Want to caravan to Todos Santos area in early December, could meet with you anywhere from Santa Rosa, CA, to San Diego. Please email Debra at goodthym [- at -] mcn.org - Debra Dawson, goodthym [- at -] mcn.org

Baja Via Baja Ferries Mid-December - Traveling through Nogales, around Dec. 17. Plan on taking the Baja Ferry to La Paz on or around Dec. 19. Is anyone traveling that route and would want to convoy together? Safety in numbers. I speak fluent Spanish and can help with translating. Let me know, Sylvia, treaturfeet [- at -] yahoo.com or phone 928-282-5969 - treaturfeet [- at -] yahoo.com, Los Barriles

Submit your Rides or Caravans Needed/Available articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for two weeks)

Let us know if you find or place your pet so we can remove your ad -

Sweetheart Cat Needs Home - Lovable, affectionate, friendly and well mannered. This "street cat" has been spayed, is young but not too, probably around a year old. She's been given flea treatment, fed well for a few weeks and in good shape now. But we are leaving for the states at the end of November and she needs to find a permanent home. - Colleen Ray, 805-712-1664, Todos Santos

Found Puppy - I found a small, tan, female puppy with a green collar Saturday afternoon in front of Caffe Todos Santos. She seems to be 2-4 months old perhaps, very clean, and very healthy. I assumed her owner was close by but nobody knew anything about her. We later believed she may have gone missing the night prior because our dogs were barking at a small animal that night. She's being taken care of at the Old Charles Stewart home (Obregon & Centenario, next to Caffe Todos Santos) if the owner happens to find this ad. - Janine Wall, coneyislandgreen [- at -] yahoo.com, 612-152-4499, Todos Santos

Dogs and Cabo Airport - Courtesy Baja Pony Express - Just returned with our dog and discovered a new procedure upon arrival regarding dogs. You must take your dog to the Agricultural office, show the official the Original rabies and health certificate and have the dog inspected. They give you two inspection certificates with official stamps. You need one stamped certificate to leave with the dog if you plan to return by air to the US. Our delay getting out of the airport: one hour! - Bob and Karen Porter

Can You Adopt Alex's Dog? - The late Alejandro "Alex" Manjarrez Zuniga leaves behind a beautiful 2-year-old male pointer-mix. Very well behaved, street wise and great with kids. Those interested please contact. - Rick Plaia, rickplaia [- at -] hotmail.com, 612-178-0000, Todos Santos

Baja Dogs needs Transporters - Baja Dogs needs transporters from Cabo to Calgary and Cabo to Vancouver. We have adopted dogs awaiting their new homes. Please email Dhorea bdlp [- at -] bajadogslapaz.org or call 612-140-2575 for details. Thank you for helping. - Dhorea Ryon, bdlp [- at -] bajadogslapaz.org, www.bajadogslapaz.org/, 612-140-2575, La Paz

Good Info On What To Do If You Lose Your Dog In Baja (or Anywhere) - This excellent article courtesy of Baja Insider: www.bajainsider.com/baja-life/pet-care/findinglostdogs.htm - The Baja Western Onion

Impossible to Resist! - New arrivals at Kitty Heaven despite all of our efforts to spay and neuter (but without the help of the community, there would be even more!).

All colors, all very young and playful. For more information, call Angelique at 612-145-0250 or write her at BajaKitties [- at -] Yahoo.com

Kitty Heaven is the only all-cat refuge in Baja California Sur. Visit us on the web athttp://bajarescue.org/#KittyHeaven.

We survive via your kind donations. To send your support, please click the "Donate" button below:

Submit your Pet Corner articles here: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/submitad.asp (and remember to Spay and Neuter your pets)

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