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The Baja Western Onion - News For Baja California Sur
       Thursday, September 29, 2011

Urgent Request: Blood Donations Needed Today In La Paz

- Conchita Vesco, local Todos Santos artist just had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday Sept 27th. She is requiring blood donors for a 2nd emergency surgery scheduled for today, Thursday, September 29th at 4pm. We are looking for 2 donors as we have tapped out our resources on the first surgery. She is O+, but any blood type is OK to replenish the blood bank. There is a long list of requirements, so we’re hoping to find some eligible candidates.

Centro Estatal de las Transfusion Sanguinea, (planta baja) La Paz, B,C,S.
Nicolas Bravo 1010, Esq. Josefa Ortiz de D.
Torre del Hospital Juan Ma. Salvatierra Tel: (612) 125-4011 cetsbcs [- a t -] hotmail.com

Must be fasting from food the day of the donation.

Please call Nancy Mills if you can help: 145-1042 or 612-143-7963 pokeynan [- a t -] hotmail.com

Wear Long Pants!

Donor Requirements:

• Weight at least 110 pounds
• Measure at least 4’11”
• Ages 18 to 65
• 45 days or more from last donation
• No alcohol or medications in the last 48 hours
• No cavities
• Up to 3 months pregnant
• Slept 6 consecutive hours
• Arrive with an empty stomach (only liquids/juice)

People with the following history can’t be donors:
• Homosexuals
• STD herpes
• HIV+
• Bisexuals
• Cancer or diabetes
• Promiscuous heterosexuals
• Prostitute men or women
• Paid donors
• Intravenous drug use
• Malaria in the last 5 years
• Hepatitis at any stage in life
• Heart problems (insufficiency, hypertension, attacks)
• Epilepsy or convulsive crisis

You cannot donate if presently:
• Have infection symptoms (diarrhea, fever, cough, flu)
• Are taking medication
• Women are in their period
• Women more than 3 months pregnant, lactating or that just had a baby
• Have active allergies in the last year,
• Had syphilis or gonorrhea
• Been in contact with a person with hepatitis
• Had gamma-globulin applied
• Had tattoos, acupuncture or diverse punctures/piercings
• Blood transfusions or derivatives
• Organ transplant
• Rabies or hepatitis B shots In the last 6 months
• Major surgery (3 months for minor) In the last 28 days for adult
• Smallpox, tetanus, measles shots in the last 72 hours
• Dental extractions
Posted by Debora Horn. Please call Nancy Mills if you can help: 145-1042 or 612-143-7963 pokeynan [- a t -] hotmail.com - The Baja Western Onion

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