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Reminder: Rotary's Tres Pez Fishing Tournament ( Courtesy Baja Pony Express) Saturday, May 1st some lucky fisher person will be $500 richer and in procession of an elegant trophy. It could be you-- if you are registered for Rotary's Tres Pez fishing tournament. Don't delay! We will accept more registrations. Come to the Hotel Palmas lobby this Friday (April 30) between 4 & 5 with money in hand to register and receive your meal tickets and special commemorative T-shirts. All this for $125 per boat. Further info- at 142-8008 or e-mail. - Big Daddy, bajarhino [ -at- ]

Events This Week
Wednesday, April 28

Musical Artist G. Live at the Sandbar -Pizza starts at 5:30 and the music starts at 8:00 P.M.This show is free.

Friday, April 30

Live Music & Special Dishes At Il Giardino Restaurant - Orange duck, lamb cooked in the wood oven and Fetuccine with porcini mushrooms. Bluz Explozion in Todos Santos for this special event starting at 7:00 P.M.

Cuban Night At Restaurant Caprichos - Live Performance: "Son Ache de Cuba" Cover $100.00 Pesos, Madero Street #312 near corner of 5 de Mayo, La Paz - Bastien Boucard, bastien.boucard [ -at- ],, 612 125 8105 or 612 140 3732, La Paz

Saturday, May 1
Rotary's Tres Pez Fishing Tournament - Come to the Hotel Palmas lobby this Friday (April 30) between 4 & 5 to register

Open House at Casa Carreon in Pescadero - 10am to 3pm. Call for directions (Behind the old King's Ranch, now Palm Orchid) - Ricardo Amigo Real Estate. Perla Garnica, perla [ -at- ],, 612 145 0551

Sunday, May 2
Wine Tasting Event - Suki's Restaurant, 5PM to 7 PM, Todos Santos

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Randy Greenwald - Your certificate of insurance is being faxed to The Hotel California where you should be able to pick it up after Apil 27th. - Janet Howey

Airport Parking And More - I flew to Vancouver for 2 weeks and left my car at Ivan's Airport Parking Service. It worked out great. His rate is $40 for up to 30 days, this includes pick up and drop off at the airport. He is located just 5 minutes from the airport so it was fast and convenient and affordable. Ivan has a full service mechanic shop so I got some work done, new windshield $195.00, electrical work, radiator work, car wash $10. He speaks English so it was easy to communicate. On top of all this, I had a lost luggage and he went to the airport to help locate it for a very reasonable fee. Highly recommended. Ivan's phone number is 624 121 3557, email iguilgames [ -at- ] - Craig Perkins

Kitty Treats - Does anyone know where I can buy kitty treats in La Paz (like Pounce, or Greenies, which is what we had in Oregon)?? All I can find is cat food--not treats of any kind. Thank you, Priscilla, the 20-year-old kitty. - Mary Anne, magood2go [ -at- ], La Paz

Fake News Sites Promoting Acai Berry Diets - You've no doubt seen some of these ads for Acai Berry diets, variously titled "The Shocking Truth," or "Truth Revealed," etc., and linking to a number of fake news sites, with articles written by fake news reporters making untrue weight loss claims. The "news site" may be called Health News 7 or Health News 8, and the "reporter" may be named Julia Miller or some other ficticious person. If you look at enough of these sites, you'll also notice that, not only does Acai Berry cause "Julie" to lose an unbelievable amount of weight, it completely changes her face to look like someone totally different. Amazing!

These are all scams, designed to separate you from your money. You can watch a video here and see for yourself:
Another site:
Save your money (No, I don't sell Acai Berry products : ). - Alan Thompson, alan [ -at- ], , Todos Santos

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Meetings, Classes and Workshop Announcements

Master Level Exercises - Psychocalisthenics® - May 3-7 - Simple exercises/Master benefits. No prerequisites required. Take the first class of the series for FREE with no obligation to sign up for the rest of the week. Psychocalisthenics combines pranayama, calisthenics and Hatha Yoga in a 15-20 minute workout which produces a flash of vital energy through all of the muscles, organs, glands and tissue resulting in complete revitalization. Each exercise has a precise movement and breathing pattern that promotes anti-aging, improved health, mental clarity, emotional balance, expanded happiness, and increased agility. It is easy to learn. Exercises can be adapted to compensate for any specific body/health concerns that you may have, e.g. knees, backs, necks, etc.

The series will be taught over 5 consecutive days. Once learned, you will be able to practice on your own taking 15-20 minutes to complete the series. Master Level Exercise book, videotape, DVD, and practice charts are commercially available: click on “store” at Samples available in class. Come and try the first class Free!

Place: La Arca
Time: 3:30-4:45 PM
Date: May 3-7
Tuition: $650 pesos, repeats $65 pesos/class
Arica® and Psychocalisthenics® are registered trademarks. Certified instructor, Rhoda Jacobs, barakabaja [ -at- ],, 612-157-6088, Baja California Sur

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Rides or Caravans Needed/Available - New This Week

Ride North - I am looking for a ride to the States this coming weekend May 1 to May 3-4. My final destination is the Eureka/Arcata area in Humboldt Co. I can help with gas and driving. I am willing to accept a ride as far as the S.F. Bay area. Thanks - Kevin Boyle, woodrowstock [ -at- ], 612-148-4823, Todos Santos

Airport Ride Calendar

Need Ride From La Paz Airport To Todos Santos April 29 - My flight arrives at 12:30PM at LAP. - Paul Bumann, paul [ -at- ], 858-735-3538, Todos Santos

Need Ride From Todos Santos To Cabo May 3rd. - 2 people - rschwolow [ -at- ], Todos Santos

Caravans/Ride shares North and South Calendar

Ride North - looking for a ride to the States May 1 to May 3-4.- final destination is the Eureka/Arcata area in Humboldt Co. - Kevin Boyle, woodrowstock [ -at- ], 612-148-4823, Todos Santos

Need Ride North between April 19 and May 2 - ultimate destination BC (flexible where), or out of Mexico. Lola Gentles, lolajeangentles[a]

Seeking Travel Companion or Caravan to BCS. - from mammoth lakes, across the Mex border by the 10th of May. Jennifer S., jennydefrijoles [ -at- ] gmail

Need Ride to Ca April 20-May 15 - Destination: Sonoma County. - Jack Larsen, bajajack2012 [ -at- ], 612-143-1721, Todos Santos

San Diego To Todo Santos - looking for a ride south from San Diego to arrive in Todo Santos by May 15th. - April & Bolo, journeyinthemoment [ -at- ]

Caravan North - May 1st. / Ride Available for One - Martha Kincaid, martha2mendo [ -at- ], 145-0296, Todos Santos

Heading South From Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Before May 10th - Jennifer S., jennydefrijoles [ -at- ] gmail, no #

Looking For Drivers Headed South - from Southern CA May 19-22 to Todos Santos, would like to caravan - , jaytodossantos [ -at- ], 949 310 1068, Baja California Sur

Ferry To Topolobampo From Los Barriles In May - Heading towards Tucson. I have room for one passenger and luggage. Sylvia L. Ossa - treaturfeet [ -at- ] or 624-14-10332 - Los Barriles

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Restaurant and Food News

Live Music & Special Dishes At Il Giardino Restaurant - On Friday, April 30th, Il Giardino will host an incredible night of live music and special dishes You don’t want to miss the orange duck, a lamb cooked in the wood oven and fetuccine with porcini mushrooms. These special dishes requires great music. Bluz Explozion and their funky blues tunes will be back in Todos Santos for this special event. Join us for a GREAT night made of big quality ingredients. See you there by 7 p.m. !! For further informations, call 612-13-3-93-23 or email giannicheffmx [ -at- ] or bluzexplozion [ -at- ] -

One Night Only At The Sandbar - Pizza nite this week, 4/28, The Sandbar will be featuring a live performance by musical artist G. Love, a contemporary blues musician who has collaborated with Jack Johnson, Los Lobos and other amazing artists. For more information, check out his web site Pizza starts at 5:30 and the music starts at 8pm. This show is Free! Come on down for pizza and great tunes! - Helen Bay, helenbayphotography [ -at- ],, 612 117 8205 Jesse

Zen Garden Cafe Authentic Chinese Cuisine - Many entrees to choose from: Vegetarian, Seafood, Fresh Fish, Chicken, Beef and Pork, with a selection of our original American style Chinese sauces and tasty Fusion Sauces. Also try one of our 55 teas and buy your favorite to brew at home!

OPEN 12 – 9 pm, Closed Tuesdays. Reservations appreciated. Order TO GO at 612 145 1088.

Reserve our space for your special event. We will also cater any event. - Zen Garden Cafe, yanggum [ -at- ],, 612 145 1088, Todos Santos -

Personal Chef - Gourmet or Gourmand. Prepared in your home or delivered to your home, business or casita rental. Full generous meals from soup through home made pie. Veglostetarian Specialties, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian style, Good Old American. References gladly provided. dianejoy39 [ -at- ] - Diane Cassar, dianejoy39 [ -at- ], Todos Santos

Sushi News At Mario's Bar At The Hotelito - Porfirio aka Chopin has done a fabulous new summer menu, which has amongst other treats. Miso soup, Edamame,Spicy Lobster and Blue crab rolls. Veggie rolls, California rolls,Marlin Sashimi. Hand rolls of Spicy Scallop, Vegetable and Shrimp Tempura.. and too many delicious things to mention here. Come and support our local Todos Santeno Sushi Chef. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 until 10pm. Special Saturday special for locals a 10% discount for all Sushi dishes. Mario's Bar is now open for the summer hours of 6 until 11pm. - Jenny ,, 612 145 0099, Todos Santos

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Music/Entertainment News

Live Music At The Zen Garden Cafe - Starting Saturday May 8, Greg Kitchel will be performing weekly from 6 to 9 with original songs and carefully selected cover tunes. Got talent? Bring it on down, take the stage, and show us what you've got! See you Saturday! - Greg Kitchel, g.kitchel [ -at- ],, 6121193705, Todos Santos

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for two weeks)

April 19 Dog . Caretakers Found - Through the kind posting of the notice in this publication, someone finally contacted us as let us know that it had been their responsibility to feed and water this dog while the owners were away. We hope this lovely creature will now be safe and secure. - Ellen Musch Van Baren De Siqueiros, ellen [ -at- ], 612-145-0141, Todos Santos

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Wrought iron gates and window grates. - Want some security ?? Nice pieces, excellent condition. Gates, 48"x 72", 41"x 78" Window guards, or gates 46"x73", 30"x 51" Orig.cost $500, US. $150 takes all. Casa Cine Viejo, Todos Santos - Doug Colton, Mamounatsea [ -at- ], 145 0273, or 044 612 140 1414, Todos Santos

On Guard 'Beast' Lock & Mini Porto Propane Fridge - I have 2 fun things for sale. One is the On Guard "Beast 5017" motorcycle lock. Really hick chain, impossible to cut etc. with massive lock. It's 3.5 ft long. I paid over $100 for it a year ago but you can get them cheaper now online. Letting it go for $40 USD. see info [ -at- ] Artic 1.5 cubic Ft. mini fridge. It's tiny, maybe it holds 12 beers and some butter/cheese/eggs etc. It's really meant for camping which I didn't realize. Great outdoors. Not so great indoors cuz it needs to vent and doesn't really get cold enough to make ice. Also makes a small room hot, but could provide needed heat if you are under palapa. Practically new. I paid $300 for it. Will sell for $75 USD. - Rima, circusgirl77 [ -at- ]

Wheat Grass Juicer - Does anyone have a wheat grass juicer for sale? Thanks, - Vivian Driscoll, vivdon [ -at- ], no phone

Time To Thin Out Plants And Garden Stuff - Blue agaves and garlic chives. Misc. garden/irrigation supplies. Bring buckets &/or plastic bags. Call for directions and times. - Sylvia St. Clair, sasinbaja [ -at- ], 612-145-0563, Baja California Sur

14' Inflatable - For sale. 14' Mercury inflatable boat with 25 hp Merc outboard. Near new. Only 30 hrs. Includes 2008 Highliner trailer. $5,000.00 USD
Please email for photo or more information. - David Buchstein, davidinbaja [ -at- ]

Bamboo Curtains - I have Bamboo Panel Curtains I brought from the States still wrapped they are very durable and keeps out sun when needed and they do not fade from the sun. They're very nice looking I have 24 Panels it takes 4 Panels for a 12ft slider or 2 for bedroom windows paid $100 each asking $85 or best offer. - Julie, onbamboo24 [ -at- ]

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Vehicles/Boats/RVs for Sale or Wanted

Toyota 4runner For Sale! - 1997 Toyota 4Runner for sale! Has only been in Mexico since November 2009. All paperwork done, fronterizo plates (baja plates). 129000 miles, Automatic, A/C, 4 wheel drive, Gas mileage: 17 miles per gallon city, 21 miles per gallon highway, CD player, very good condition! Vehicle maintenance done regularly. Sand color exterior and interior. For info please call Genevieve 624 125 8998 or Roberto 624 108 4336. English and Spanish spoken. - , genevieve_laquerre [ -at- ]

Toyota Tundra - White Toyota Tundra 4.7 V8 IForce SR5 2003 -Mexican papers, 110000 miles 4 door cab and a half with 6 foot box. perfect condition, fully loaded with all extras, tow package, electric everything, aloy wheels, etc. email me for photos leave a message on the number provided will travel for real offers 9,000 US dollars OBO - Lee, lpc_loki [ -at- ], 624 132 5763, Santiago

1998 Ford Explorer Xl For Sale Cheap! - 106K miles. Well kept, everything works. Nice condition. I have 2 cars and no longer live in the area. Want it to go to a good home. Plates are registered in Idaho for $35 per year. Perfect for Baja local tooling around. Lots of room for surfboards. Grey leather interior. Dark blue exterior. A/C works. CD and IPOD adapter. New brakes, rebuilt alternator. A steal at $1200 firm. We are only around for a week so act fast. - Christine, circusgirl77 [ -at- ], Pescadero

1997 Toyota Camry EXL - Automatic Transmission, Imported. 6 Cylindar Engine, 130,000 Miles, Air Conditioning, Stereo CD. This car is in very good condition. The price is $4,500 Dll. - Josue Castillo Mayoral jocama85 [ -at- ], Leave Message: 612 145 0364, Todos Santos.

Transmision Automatica, Importado, 6 Cilindros, 130,000 Millas, Aire Acondicionado, Stereo CD, El auto esta en muy buenas condiciones, El precio es 4500 Dll. - Josue Castillo Mayoral jocama85 [ -at- ], Leave Message: 612 145 0364, Todos Santos

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Employment Wanted/Available

Organic Gardener Wanted - Full or part time experienced help wanted with our organic fruit and vegetable gardens, good pay. Near Pescadero. - Sara, yandara [ -at- ], 612 141 7222

Cleaning Lady - Looking for someone that enjoys cleaning and is very thorough and clean-cut, and can be a cook's assistant. Call or email. - , ninac [ -at- ], 612 131 6823

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Sales and Services

Ca-botana - Ca-botana would like to invite everyone to our presentation which will be held on MAY 6,2010 from 11am til 3pm. The products we are presenting you are DR. D. Schwab, Ambrosia And Sea Enzyme, our presentation will include free facials and free samples which will be held at your favorite restaurant Il Giardino Pizzeria Trattoria for more inf. please contact Iris at 612-145-0199 0r 612-133-9323.We look foward to your visit and thank you in advance - Juan Morales, buggols [ -at- ],, 624-172-6488

Spring Cleaning - Weather Protection And Maintenance - We all forget to do this for our stuff sitting outside. This is a reminder that any metal outside in Baja California Sur is prone to severe corrosion, especially the closer you are to salt water. Even galvanized hardware will suffer damage in this environment. All equipment outside should be inspected and maintained at least annually, if not every six months to prevent permanent damage from salt spray and corrosion.

We have seen some Satellite TV and Internet dish hardware so badly damaged that the bolts were frozen and snapped off when we tried to loosen them. Corrosion will also weaken the anchor bolts holding antenna bases or solar panel supports to the roof. If you have a satellite TV or Internet dish located outside, now is the time to inspect your gear before the summer rains and winds arrive. We offer spring maintenance services, and will inspect, clean and repair your outdoor gear as needed:

Summer Dish Tune Up Special - $75.00 US Per Dish *

  • Clean or replace corroded hardware
  • Check and repair cable connectors
  • Repaint exposed metal surfaces
  • Check dish mount stability
  • Check dish alignment to ensure it's aimed directly on the satellite.
(* charge for travel time to remote locations not included)

A few dollars for preventative maintenance now is far cheaper and better than replacing damaged or lost gear later. Maintenance service is also available for solar electrical panels and supports. Please contact us for an appointment. - Alan Thompson, Todos Santos Technologies, alan [ -at- ],, 530-903-4257/612-145-0364, Todos Santos

Us Expatriate Tax Return Preparation In Baja Sur - US expatriate tax return preparation including special forms required for Fideicomisos, Mexican bank accounts and Foreign Corporations. Over 20 years serving clients in Baja Sur by email, phone, fax and in person. We specialize in helping clients catch up filing past unfiled returns. - Don Nelson, ddnelson [ -at- ],, Mex: 624-131-5228 US 949-480-1235, Cabo San Lucas

Rickey Ricardo's - has moved back to La Paz. I am open for business and ready to help all my past clients and friends. My website, email, and cell phone remain the same. Many wonder what happened... an opportunity happened in La Paz that I could not refuse. Please come visit me at Casa Decor at 560 Marquez de Leon, La Paz. Working together, we can offer greater selection, style and value! Furniture and Accessories in 12,000 sq ft. I hope you will come in and ask for Rickey. I can help you with one piece of furniture, or design your entire home or condo. - Rick Hawkins, rickeyricardos [ -at- ],, 612-143-7427

Get Included In The 2010 Baja Health & Beauty Guide - Mexico Living's 2010 Baja Health & Beauty Guide 2010 Baja Salud y belleza Guía (Leer esta carta en español) A free business listing for all health and beauty related businesses on the Baja peninsula. If you operate a health, medical or beauty business on the Baja Peninsula, you can list your business for free. Go to our web site. John Pack, mexicoliving [ -at- ],, 686-230-9933

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House Sitting, Rentals Available/Wanted

House Sitters Available - Some of my employees will be available for the summer to house sit in Pescadero and Todos Santos. They are all highly responsible, married, non drinking, non-smoking, non-partying church goers. For more information, or to make arrangements, send me an E mail. - Alan Thompson, alan [ -at- ]

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Real Estate For Sale

Open House - Ricardo Amigo Real Estates invites you to Casa Carreon in Pescadero on Saturday May 1st, from 10am to 3pm. This beautiful home is situated in the most desirable neighborhood only 300 meters from the beach with 1530 sq mt. (16,462 SQFT) of property. It has 2 bedroom 2.5 bath that boasts large master suites with spacious walk-in closets, and an incredible terrace to enjoy the sunsets. Check our link for more details. Refreshments will be served. Call us for directions (it's behind the old King's Ranch, now Palm Orchid) - - Perla Garnica, perla [ -at- ],, 612 145 0551, Todos Santos

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Quote of the Day: ": An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows. ": Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 - 1969)

Community Calendar

Denotes New or Updated Onion Item This Week



May 2nd - Wine Tasting Event, Suki's Restaurant, 5PM to 7 PM, Todos Santos

May 9 - Mother's Day Jazz With Tracy Durland At Cafelix - Tracy Durland, mazytronk [ -at- ], 612 154 4729, Todos Santos


May 11 thru May 23 - Hatha Yoga with Tina Chappel Cafe Santa Fe Deli 10:00 A.M. Daily tina [ -at- ],, 805-302-5535

May 25 - Book Group In Todos Santos 10:30 A.M. at Las Casitas on Rangel(between Hidalgo and Obregon) to discuss 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett.


April 30 - Children festival from 6 to 8 pm at Instituto de Inglés Amèrica in Pescadero. We are located in front of Sueño Tropical office.

May 14 - 21st - 7 Day Tour To Havana, Cuba. 7 nights of music and nightlife. - Guillermo Bueron Prieto, g_bueron [ -at- ], cel 612 161 4165, Todos Santos

May 21 - "Finishes: What They Are and How They Vary", 4th in Series, What You Need To Know Before Building Your Dream Home 10 AM. Sylvia St.clair, Architect, sasinbaja [ -at- ],, 612-145-0563, Todos Santos


May 8 - "Legendary Hotel California", Rene Holmos new novel will be presented at 6:30 P.M. at Hotel California's La Coronela

May 15 - "Raise The Roof" La Paz Orphanage Auction - Plan now to come to a fantastic event for a great cause. The La Paz orphanage "Ciudad de Los Niños y Niñas"

Every Week

Monday Thru Friday
The News in English - CaboMil Radio 96.3 FM, 5:30-6:00 PM. Los Cabos Now. Listen via computer,
Happy Hour at the Sandbar -3PM - Sunset, El Pescadero
Monday Thru Saturday
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Zumba Exercise and Dance Classes - 8:00 - 9:00 AM Mutualista - Doctora Oliva, 612-145-0201
La Coronela, Live Mexican Music - 12 - 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Two For One Happy Hour - 3 - 6 PM, Shut Up Frank's, Todos Santos
Two For One Happy Hour - 5 - 6 PM, La Esquina, Todos Santos

Rancho Pescadero Sunday Brunch - 10-2 ,$200 pesos includes your first Bloody Mary at our Build-Your-Own-Bloody-Mary-Bar. - , rancho1 [ -at- ],, 612.135.5849

CaboMil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Radio 96.3 FM, In English. Listen via computer,
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.
Tennis-- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [ -at- ]

Yoga at Hotelito With Caroline 9:00 A.M.


Live Music At Landi's Restaurant - "Las Estrellas De Los Cabos" - The Todos Santos Inn, todossantosinn [ -at- ],, 612 145 0040, Todos Santos

Los Cabos Now - Cabomil 96.3 FM, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. in English, Host Sabrina Lear. Listen via computer,
Recycling Center Open - 1-2 pm, Pescadero - SINADAES, AC, Contact MaryLo 612 130-3172 or marylomh [ -at- ]

Live Music and All You Can Eat Pizza at The Sandbar, Pescadero
Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [ -at- ]

Yoga at Hotelito With Caroline 9:00 A.M.

Mario's Bar and Sushi At Hotelito - 5pm until 10pm wines, cocktails and sushi to order

Live Music At Landi's Restaurant - The Todos Santos Inn, todossantosinn [ -at- ],, 612 145 0040, Todos Santos

Steak Night at La Canada Todos Santos, 6:00 P.M. Reservations Req'd 612-14-00069


Mario's Bar and Sushi At Hotelito - 5 pm until 10 pm wines, cocktails and sushi to order.

Lobster And Beer Special - Cerritos Beach, 8 am to 11pm,, 624 108 8203, Pescadero
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music , 3 to 6 P.M.

Michael's At The Gallery - Restaurant open at 6:30 pm. Michael Cope, mplcope [ -at- ], 145-0500, Todos Santos

Live Reggae Band at the Sandbar

This Weekend in Los Cabos with Jodi Asher on Cabo Mil from 6:00 PM to 6:30

Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [ -at- ]


Yoga at Hotelito With Caroline 3:00 P.M.

La Canada del Diablo's Farmers' Market 9 am- 1 pm.

Enrichment Program for 3-8 year olds - 9am-11am in Las Tunas, - Tracy Monk Durland, mazytronk [ -at- ], 612 1544729,

Live Music At Felipe's In Pescadero - Greg Kitchel 6:30 to 8:30

Mario's Bar and Sushi At Hotelito - 5 pm until 10 pm wines, cocktails and sushi to order
Lobster And Beer Special - Cerritos Beach, 8 am to 11pm,, 624 108 8203, Pescadero
Michael's At The Gallery - Restaurant open at 6:30 pm. Michael Cope, mplcope [ -at- ], 145-0500, Todos Santos
Live Music at The Sandbar 9-3 every Saturday until May 29th
- Greg Kitchel will be performing weekly from 6 to 9

Classes, Workshops and Meetings

Monday Through Friday
Spanish Lessons with Guillermo Bueron, 9 AM, Cultural Center. g_bueron [ -at- ], 612 161 4165, Todos Santos
Dharma Talks And Guided Meditation - 10-11:30 A.M., La Arca. Community Center, eldharma [ -at- ],, 612-145-0676 , Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

Yoga [ -at- ] Hotelito With Caroline - - Caroline Benzel, caroline.benzel [ -at- ], 612 139 4017

Manos Magicas Meetings - 10:00 A.M. at DIF on Topete across from La Copa, - Scotty Mclemore, scottybcs [ -at- ], 612-10-05872, Todos Santos
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

Ashtanga Yoga With Sean - 9 AM, La Arca, 50 pesos donation. 612 137 5356, Todos Santos

Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

Yoga [ -at- ] Hotelito With Caroline - - Caroline Benzel, caroline.benzel [ -at- ], 612 139 4017

Carving Workshop - workshop from beginers to skilled carvers 10 to 5, at Homero's workshop in el emporio hotel california.

Drawing / Art Classes - 9:00 - 10:30 - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori [ -at- ], 612-136-6738

Ashtanga Yoga With Zandro - 9 a.m. at La Arca, 50 pesos donation. - Beatrice Datwyler , bea.datwyler [ -at- ], 612 145 0276

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

Yoga [ -at- ] Hotelito With Caroline - - Caroline Benzel, caroline.benzel [ -at- ], 612 139 4017

Plein Air Painting Class - Landscape painting classes - Marsha Dahlquist, maraquist [ -at- ], 612 108 0390, Todos
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

Please notify us of any Community Calendar updates here:

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