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September 10, 2009

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News, Events and Announcements

Road Condition - We drove from Guerrero Negro to Todos Santos Monday, Sept 7. The road is passable in San Ignacio, Santa Rosalia and Mulege, where road crews are working everywhere. From Loreto south the road is fine until you come to our own construction. Buy gas when you can as it's not always available ( Guerrero Negro). Otherwise - the southern Baja is a lovely green. - Lorna Logan, lornall [-at-], 145-0119

Road Conditions To Border - Just drove down from the border on Sunday. The road is open all the way, with the only major delay at the new bridge in Santa Rosalia. 15-20 minute wait for single lines of cars to go through. There was a gas shortage due to hoarding, but many stations now open again. You will find gas at Jesus Maria, probably back in Guerrero Negro again, maybe none in San Ignacio or Mulege, but plenty in Loreto. The workers have done a magnificent job of getting the roads open - just watch the vados between G. Negro and Loreto. - Bonnie S. , bonsomedy [-at-], Todos Santos

Hurricane Jimena Links - Here is a web page containing several links to photos of the storm damage, as well as links to organizations involved in the relief efforts.
Especially moving is the video shot in Mulege by some of the local police officers the day of the flood. Although it's a little difficult to see in the darkness, the final few minutes show the river running through town:
Photo slide show of storm damage to Cuidad Constitucion:
Current Road Reports from Baja Insider

Hurricane Jimena (courtesy Baja Pony Express) - a. a report from someone in Guerrero negro tonite driving south - the gas station on the highway is out of gas - he has not checked in town....the road has been empty and fine so far - he ran into a couple from here driving north and hears there are no hold ups longer than a half hour - mulege and santa rosalia being the worst hit....

b. I just talked with the Parish Priest in Loreto and they have had power since Sunday along with most of the Telmex lines and today the cel phones were working again. He says they are not in dire need of help at present and Constitution and San Carlos have been getting good Government responses to their needs. The poor souls left out right now are in Mulege. They are without everything. If any of you are looking for a place to do some good I suggest trying Mulege. I also know the Parish Priest there and his name is Father Daniel. I’m not certain if the cel phones are working there yet but his number is 615-107-8114 and he speaks some English. If anyone is driving North and could take some baggage, I have quite a few clothes to send.
Dennis C. Riley

c. Your attached report of 9/8/09 has some inaccuracies as to the conditions in Loreto. Can't speak to the other areas. Just flew from Loreto to LAX (Horizon AL) Tues Sept 8th. Commercial flights never stopped into LTO. Folks flew in and out Tues 9/1/09, Friday 9/4/09 and Sunday 9/6/09.

LORETO: Power restored by Saturday Sept 5th - cell phone service was up on Friday Sept 4th. Fuel is available. Water: It was my understanding that they were having issues with the water before the storm. Can't speak to current water or land line phones at this time. Didn't go into Loreto so can't speak to damage there.

TRIPUI/PUERTO ESCONDIDO: The phones never went out in Tripui. Power was restored by Sat Sept 5th. Water was restored by Sunday 9/6 - they are on a different water system than Loreto. Minor damage to roof tiles, lost some trees and other battered vegetation. Lost some car/boat covers. No structure damage to speak of - no broken windows, etc. No flooding in the lower parking lot. Tripui weathered the storm pretty well - all things considered. We were very lucky.

d. Arrived home Los B 1800hrs from GN Wed 09 condition update road open all the way to Cabo. gas and diesel everywhere except station next to military at GN electricity in most places but Mulege. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Insurgents out also Cell phone coverage at all towns except Mulege New road from La Paz to San Antonio the worst of all. Lotsa washouts and potholes

Mulege, Santa Rosalia, Insurgentes and Constitution REAL BAD CONDITION. THEY GOT WACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loreto too but not half as bad. More details later

e. Please monitor They are mounting an incredible relief effort. Anyone who can support in any way, please lend a hand or send MONEY!!! Martha

f. I have just gotten off the phone with the President of the Rotary Club in Mulege. Our Rotary Club has sent in a donation to their club to spend on anything that they feel is critical. I also want to ask each and everyone of you as you are are traveling back to the East Cape to drop off food and clothing at the fire station in Mulege who is handling all of the distribution in their town. I have been in contact with our District Governor of Rotary and he is in contact with Rotary International to see what help they can give to our neighbors to the North of us. He is going to get back to me when he find out where the drop off locations are in Loreto and Cuidad Constitucion. I will post those location when I get them. If you have any questions, please email me at bajarhino [-at-] Marilyn Cunningham

Good News And A Call For Help - The Internado is very close to having enough funds for the new beds. Sales from a gift of a Mango crop brought in 19,000 pesos - enough for a deposit with the fabricator in Guadalajara. More income is expected from the Mangos - that and the money being held in the bank from your donations should do it!! The children may be sleeping in new bed by the first of November. A plumbing problem was waiting when school reopened; leaks in pipes in the children's bathroom. The estimate for repairs is only between 500 and 700 pesos but there isn't even that,in the budget, to cover the cost. Please contact me to help with plumbing problem and any money over the actual cost, with your permission, will be added to the bed fund. Thank You. - Scotty M, scottybcs [-at-], 612-10-05872

H1N1 Flu Report (Courtesy La Paz Gringos) - The following public information bulletin was released yesterday (9/9/2009) by the State Health Department regarding 3 recent deaths due to H1N1 virus. It has been translated and now offered as information for the foreign population here in BCS (translated by the staff at Se Habla...La Paz). Dra. Lucila Olvera Santana, Assistant Director of Public Health, has kindly offered to answer any and all questions that foreign visitors or naturalized citizens may have during this epidemiological alert.

Please read and if you have further questions or need a clarification, please send them DIRECTLY to the Moderator, Sheryl Hamilton. She and Juli Goff will coordinate the answers with Dra. Olvera and post accordingly to this group.

Having received the pending test results from the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the National Central Medical Hospital of IMSS (in Mexico City) the State Committee on Health Security advises that the death of a 12 year old female patient living in San Jose del Cabo is due to atypical pneumonia associated with influenza H1N1 virus.

In the same manner this is to inform that today at 4 pm there was a meeting of the Technical Committee in Health Security, combining all of the institutions that form the Health Department and the Secretary of Public Education, the notification of a third patient who has died due to atypical pneumonia associated with the H1N1 influenza virus and it has been confirmed by the same laboratory of the Central Medical National Hospital of IMSS that as of this date, of those 3 deceased, there is no relationship between them.

The institutions that form the Health Department advise that the epidemiological alert continues and is looking specifically for cases, reinforcement of school screenings, as well the contingency of prepared hospitals that are to care for serious cases as has been outlined in the contingency plan. The public coordination of new cases is vital therefore and again in case of the onset of these symptoms: intense and constant headache, fever above 101.3 F (38.5 C.) or higher, cold with cough, with or without difficulty breathing GO IMMEDIATELY TO A DOCTOR OR A NEARBY HEALTH CENTER to initiate the anti-viral treatment; the health centers have the personnel and the medications needed to treat this virus but it is very necessary that the population access services to diagnose and receive treatment.

It is important to remind the population that there are things that always need to be done to avoid the transmission of infection:


There are personnel and hospitals to take care of serious cases.

There is sufficient medication available..

H1N1 has been established as an epidemiological alert and the behavior of the disease is being monitored to limit the spread.

Medical personnel have been trained and updated to handle all cases.

It is important that if you have symptoms, go to the health system and then go back to the same place for timely monitoring. END.

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Re. High Water Bills - Good info,, Thanks - just for reference: M3 means cubic meters which is equal to 1000 liters or 264 U.S. gallons. So: 40 M3 / month is 10560 gallons or about 350 gallons a day. - Frank Hills, zorba1360 [-at-], 121 1833 or cel 612 154 1050, La Paz

Looking For Adam The Solar Guy - If anyone has a new phone number for Adam from Pescadero the Solar Guy, please post it or e:mail the info. I am also trying to contact Suzanne Hill of Como El Sol, I also need her number. Please help me out. Thanks - Laura Rio, laurazoubek [-at-], 949-249-8971

Looking For A Swimming Pool Engineer - If anyone has a good reference or knows of a quality Pool builder in Cabo/La Paz, or locally --- please call me. This is a structural-plumbing problem that began with the death of a 10-yr old motor (and installation of new motor)---Thanks very much! - Jan, jans [-at-], 145-0685, Todos Santos

Information On Tuna We All Should Know - the seas are collapsing. we can no longer live in a bubble:
Art Maltby, lamprey735 [-at-]

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Rides or Caravans Needed/Available - New This Week

Ride Needed From SJDC Airport to Todos Santos - Sept 17th, 4:00 PM - Happy to share expenses.- Alan, Alan [-at-]

Need Ride From Cabo Airport Sept 14th At 2:30 - I have good friends that are willing to pick me up but if someone else is arriving in Cabo on Alaska Flight 224 at 2:30 pm or similar flight and has room I would really appreciate a lift to Todos Santos. Thank You.- Penny Brozda, pennybrozda [-at-], (831)454-9365 (California), Baja California Sur

Ride Available to Tucson - Looking for a person to share the driving to Tucson Arizona or San Diego Ca. in a week to 10 days. Dates are flexible. Or maybe we can caravan if you are driving another car. My plan is to get there in 3 days, with 7 hrs. driving each day. - Kitzia Danel, luz.holistica [-at-], 624 1683225, Baja California Sur

Trailer Tow to San Diego Needed - I have a 19' Airstream trailer (3,800 lbs) to tow to San Diego in the next two weeks. If you have a V8 vehicle with a trailer hitch, I would be willing to pay gas from here to SD & share driving with you on the trip up. The trailer is easy to tow. I have wide mirrors to attach to the vehicle windows. - David Weiler, weiler [-at-], 612-145-0711

Ride Needed From SJD to TS - I am looking for a ride from the San Jose del Cabo airport to Todos Santos on October 6, 2009 and I'll gladly chip in for gas. If you can give me a lift, please send an e-mail to Paul Bumann at paul [-at-] or give me a call 858-735-3538. - Paul Bumann, paul [-at-], 858-735-3538, Todos Santos

Airport Ride Calendar

Need Ride From Cabo Airport Sept 14th at 2:30 Penny Brozda, pennybrozda [-at-], (831)454-9365

Sept 17th, 4:00 PM SJDC to Todos Santos Ride Needed - Happy to share expenses.- Alan, Alan [-at-]

Ride Needed From SJD to TS - October 6, 2009 Paul Bumann, paul [-at-], 858-735-3538,

Caravans/Ride shares North and South Calendar

Travel Companion Wanted - Placerville, CA, mid October to Todos Santos, Sandra Arevalo, arevalosan [-at-], 530-622-5350 U.S.

Ride Available To Tucson - share the driving to Tucson Arizona or San Diego Ca. in a week to 10 days, Kitzia Danel, luz.holistica [-at-], 624 1683225

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Restaurant and Food News

Buena Vida Open All Summer Long - We will remain open for the rest of the summer regardless of how hot it gets! That is unless there is a hurricane or something. Our hours will shift slightly though. We will be opening up around 6:00 pm instead of 5:30 pm since it is so hot out. That way we all can get a chance to cool off a bit before slaving away in front of the hot oven for you guys. So please come out and have some fun with us. We are still offering our local discounts of 25% and our 2x1 pizza, beers, and margaritas every Tuesday and Friday. Also come try our new shrimp cocktail appetizer. It is very refreshing! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski [-at-], 6121450215, Todos Santos

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Music/Entertainment News

Smokin' NFL Sundays At The Sandbar - The Sandbar has more TV's and the full NFL package to kick off the season this Sunday 9/13. To add to the fun, we are offering a smoked BBQ menu that includes ribs, chicken and fish. For the early risers, we are serving breakfast starting at 9 am that includes a variety of omelets. We also have a separate kids priced meals. This is not to mean that we discount immaturity. It's really for kids!
Come down and enjoy a full day of football and good eats. - Helen Bay, helenweatherell [-at-],, 612 152 4494, Todos Santos

Great Music Video - While we're waiting for more live music events to return this year and post their information here, we thought you might enjoy an occasional link in this section to musical events we've found elsewhere. The choir in this video are not using any musical instruments, just their voices, hands, and the stage to make all the special sound effects. You will need your speakers or headphones on with the volume turned up.
Amazing... - Alan,

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for one week)

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Bird Doo - 50 kilo Costals of seabird doo for 150ps. Great as a concentrated fertilizer for ornamental plants, vegetable gardens, or as addition to compost pile for the ultimate in garden soil. PDF available with chemical breakdown of product and suggested amounts per application according to plant size or area to be covered. Delivery available too. Contact Augustine direct or for English give me a call. 612-134-8728 - Augustine Bueno, agustin_tst [-at-], 612-140-1739, La Paz

David Villasenor Paintings For Sale - We have about 10 David Villasenor paintings we would like to sell. also WAC track lighting used in art gallery (many metres) plus more art related things - James Currie, jdarylcurrie [-at-], 143 8844

Great Buys Must Go - Following items are for sale at half price HP Photosmart 8050 Color Photo Printer, brand new used once, also have spare printer cartridges -- Cannon Pixma IP 3000 Color photo printer used, needs cleaning. Also have spare printer cartridges -- Various printer cartridges new 1/2 off -- HP C7115A Large Black -- HP 15 Black -- HP49 Tri color -- HP28 Tri color -- HP97 Tri color - Dan Binetti, danbinetti [-at-], 14-50551

Great Deals - Dish box and satellite fully transferable into your name installed and serviced by Todos Santos Technologies Delivered and ready for installation 400 cocos (new is 650 usd) Jose Luis Malo original 4ftx4ft. I can send a photo by request 750 cocos. Beautiful must see - Dan Binetti, danbinetti [-at-], 044-612-11-70298 or 14 50551

Sew Machine - Will the persons needing a sew machine for teaching in T S contact me? cabonana [-at-], Cabo

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Vehicles/Boats for Sale

92' Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4x4 - Extra Cab,360 V8, 5 speed stick with granny low and overdrive gears, PB, PS, AC, CD stereo, seats six comfortably, super strong runner and super clean, low miles, Always well maintained. Great Baja vehicle. Set up for your overhead camper or to tow. Oregon plates. $3,000 US or $40k PS. Firm. In Cabo. 624-129-3309 or email for photos. - Steve Schulz, cabodreams [-at-], 624 129-3306, Cabo San Lucas

Red Rover - 1995 Range Rover 4.0 SE - 4WD, AC, Leather. Runs well. $2,000 USD. Email for photo. - Ellen Britton, n.ellen.britton [-at-], 612-118-8913, Todos Santos

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Employment Wanted/Available

Coldwell Banker Riveras Is Now Hiring Real Estate Salespeople - We are offering: A name people locally trust and know worldwide. Multiple office location throughout southern Baja. Non-stop training and full time management support. Referrals. Strength and stability. Requirements: English speaking skills - Minimum two years experience in the real estate industry in Los Cabos or La Paz areas For a confidential interview please contact: Dean Robbins General Sales Manager Cell (624) 157-5554 - drobbins [-at-],, (624) 157-5554, Cabo San Lucas

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Sales and Services

Yoga At La Arca - On Tues & Thurs at 7:30 AM with Elizabeth. Private Lessons are available - Elizabeth Perez, alceo11 [-at-], 6121311669, Todos Santos

Massage By Elizabeth - Deep tissue and Swedish massage by massage therapist Elizabeth Coello. Great massage, affordable. House calls no extra charge. For more info and photos: visit our web page - Elizabeth Coello, alceo11 [-at-],, (612) 131-1669 , Todos Santos

Led Lights First In Cabo - your power bill came astronomically high this month?? we have the solution, LED systems, did you know a 3 watts LED light bulbs is as effective as a 100 watts light bulb? and using 95 percent less energy? the LED lights don't generate heat and no UV light so no insects close to home,this is your time to save money on your power bill. were not gonna lie this light bulbs are more expensive than the normal ones but the money your spending will be reduced in your bill and this lights last triple the time of a normal one so there is no money loss. we have different models and types of lights and we aere maufacturers so lowest price in cabo guarented. So we wanna help you on saving money and you will help on saving energy that can be used in more importants purposes - Miguel Tercero, miguelcocina [-at-], 6241375224, Baja California Sur

Afternoon Yoga 3 PM At La Arca - All levels welcome! Come relax, open, and breathe every Monday and Wednesday at 3 PM. We will focus on alignment and breath work. Explore each posture and stretch your aches away. - Caroline, 612 156 0421

Back To Language School Specials - Discounts for locals continue thru October New students: No registration fee and 10% tuition discount. Returning: 20% off tuition. Return of the conversation classfor advanced beginners & higher. Starting the week of Sept 14, Mondays and Thursdays at 11AM -12:30PM.. Class size 3 up to 6. Registration in advance requested. Current topics and issues of interest for all. $15 per class in USD or peso equivalent OR purchase 8 classes for $108. Call the office for more information 122-7763. Cultural presentations, Tuesdays at 1:15-2:00 New themes this year and especially when there is a national or religious holiday that week. Free. Drop-ins welcome! Día de Independencia, 16 de Septiembre. Learn about the history and culture of Mexican Independence Day at the presentation on the 15th. Gift certificates available with a 15% discount off of tuition if purchased during September.

It is with great pleasure that Se Habla La Paz welcomes our new Director of Education, Lic. Merit Rochin. Merit started with Se Habl La Paz as an instructor in 2000 and became the Assistant Director of Education in 2004. She took a year’s sabbatical last year and has returned to assume the Director of Education chair. She holds 2 degrees: Educación Superior and Contabilidad (Accounting). Merit is an outstanding language instructor with extensive experience with all levels of Spanish instruction. Her expertise, energy and humor is a wonderful combination for our students. Please join us in welcoming Merit back to school!- Juli Goff, info [-at-],, 122-7763

Baja Hurricane Screens - This time of the year is really active storm wise and your properties could be in danger. Strong winds from hurricanes and tropical storms can seriously damage your house, and specially flying objects like roof tops and wood pieces. So why not protect them with hurricane screens for windows. We are offering a new product built from carbon fibers, is flexible , is lighter than the other ones, easy to storage because they fold like a blanket and can be installed by one person when needed,this screens are translucent so your house won't look dark from the inside. We have the best price in cabo guaranteed!! special prices for locals too!! So take the phone make the call we do budgets with no money upfront, You have nothing to lose - Felipe Tercero, ftercero [-at-], 0446241470617, Baja California Sur

Attention U.S Veterans! - SkyMed appreciates your service. If you have medical services through the VA, SkyMed is for you.. We will air evacuate you to any VA hospital in the U.S You need not choose just one transport city on your application as our other members do. This applies to our traditional members and also our Mexico Resident (NATO) members. SkyMed takes you home and then some. Contact me for more info: Cathie Smith Locicero, cathie.smith [-at-], 575-527-8227

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iDirect Satellite Internet Systems - iDirect Systems provide commercial-grade satellite Internet service. This is especially important for individuals or businesses that demand more reliable service. iDirect use a more powerful radio than "consumer-grade" satellite services such as Hughesnet or Starband. iDirect System service providers also have fewer users per channel to ensure greater availability and reliability.

In addition, iDirect systems support high-quality Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone service, providing reliable telephone service over satellite, and it works anywhere in Baja. For more information, visit our site at, or E mail us at alan [-at-] - Baja Satellite, 01 33 8421 1421 (Within Mexico). From U.S. Phones, Call 530 903 4257. Todos Santos

House Sitting, Rentals Available/Wanted

Still Looking For Housing - single, healthy, handy, active senior gringa, on social security seeks affordable long term house sitting opportunity and/or a long term rental that includes electricity, sufficient water, internet access, efficient refrigerator and a 4 burner stove with regular size oven. do you have a casita for me? todos santos area. i am reliable, smart and savvy. i am a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist and chef, no fly by night.
i will glandly supply references. dianejoy39 [-at-] thank you. - dianejoy39 [-at-], Todos Santos

Big, Affordable Rental Needed - Big, Affordable Rental Needed
Local Mexican family in search of a rental house in La Paz or immediately surrounding area (their current rental is being re-occupied by the owner).
Needs: Three bedroom, Ample outdoor parking (currently 4 vehicles and one boat on trailer) Preferably fenced

About the family: Two adults, 8 year old twin daughters, 2 dogs

Mom is just finishing her PhD in marine biology, Dad is our shop manager and a construction contractor. Incredible people, smart, talented and the MOST conscientious you could ever hope to find. Originally from Mexico City. Please email us. Or if you speak Spanish, call Alberto directly at 612-155-1507 Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Heather - Heather Kent, hkm2 [-at-], 541-935-4313 (In US)

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Real Estate For Sale

New Eco-village Forming In Todos Santos Now - La Paz Eco Village in Todos Santos forming now. The purchase of 350 acres of partially developed land has been negotiated and a deal made at an excellent purchase price of $200,000.00. Yes, that is the correct figure, plus title search and transfer, incorporating as a Community Trust, legal fees and minor incidental expenses. $200,000.00US for 350 acres of land with water, banks of batteries for solar energy, living space, buildings already constructed needing finishing. Photographs available on the website

Eco Villages are forming all over the world. Now in Baja California, Todos Santos area, we are growing our own ecologically sustainable community. Solar and wind energy, good water and lots of it, organic gardens, private housing, community lifestyle sharing responsibilities, costs and maintenance of property, income (after coming from cottage industry and sale of products produced on site. There will be a medical clinic where nursing care will be available. We already have 2 nurses onboard. Please go to to see the website still under construction for details and a way to contact the creator of this project, Rainbow Hawk. If you have been searching for a better life, in retirement,for your small and teen aged children,away from the world of strife and stress, come to The Peace Eco Village, Todos Santos. We'd love you to express interest and commitment towards this project. Buy in is $25,000.00 US cash. For this amount you get a modest Mexican type house, designed by you with assistance from other particpants, built by community members. Organic gardens and food, grown on site available. Health clinic on site with 2 nurses 24/7 onboard. Looking for local naturopath physician, dentist, chiropractor, acupuncturist on call.

Another type of opportunity is available to only 20 people for a $2,500.00US down payment with monthly payment of $350.00US, plus physically volunteering for necessary community projects such as gardening, building, maintenance of grounds, repairs and finishing the already constructed buildings on site. Photographs of the site, including the main building,a small2 bedroom existing home are available on the website for your perusal. If you are interested in finding out more about the La Paz Eco-Village in Todos Santos, you can see the website under construction at Papers are being signed at the end of October. Time is of the essence folks and slots need to be filled. Please contact us with your questions, suggestions and comments. Thank you, rainbowhawk [-at-]

Ocean Font - 2.5 Acres Elias Calles - 2.5 acre specular pacific ocean front property. 360 degree view in Elias Calles. Municipal water to property. 35 miles N. of Cabo, 20 miles S. of Todos Santos at Kl 79. $1.0 mil. (US). Roger & Claudia 360-377-5806 - Roger Coyle, rowgerc [-at-], 360-710-4959

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October 25, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Festival de las Minas, El Rosario
Nov. 22 - Classical Music Performance in Todos Santos - Contact Sylvia St. Clair, sasinbaja [-at-], 145-0563
February 28, 2010 - 10AM to 3PM, The Palapa Society's 16 Annual Historic House Tour
Mon. Nov. 9, 16, 23, 30 - Actor's Workshop, 4-6pm La Arca
Nov.12, 19, 26, Dec, 3 -Actor's Workshop-4-6pm,La Arca
October 30 - 8:-- P.M. Galerias Pax Painting contest, Guillermo Prieto 1250, col. Centro, La Paz, BCS.
Dec.4- Comic Evening of Short Plays for info: bluemooninbaja [-at-]
October 31 - Halloween Fund Raiser At The Sandbar
November 28 - Dancing With The Stars at Hotelito -- Todos Santos Film Festival Benefit.
November 28 11 - 3 - The Palapa Society's 3rd Annual Tianguis (yard Sale) at The Palapa Center, Calle Obregon

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Monday Thru Saturday
Zumba Exercise and Dance Classes - 8:00 - 9:00 AM Stadium across from La Arca beginning Feb. 9th. - Doctora Oliva, 612-145-0201
La Coronela, Live Mexican Music - 12 - 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Two For One Happy Hour - 3 - 6 PM, Shut Up Frank's, Todos Santos
Two For One Happy Hour - 5 - 6 PM, La Esquina, Todos Santos
CaboMil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Radio 96.3 FM, In English.
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.
Tennis-- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]
Daniel Siqueiros - Live Music noon to 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Afternoon Yoga 3 Pm At La Arca - Caroline, 612 156 0421
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Yoga At La Arca 7:30 A.M. - Elizabeth Perez, alceo11 [-at-], 6121311669, Todos Santos
Manos Magicas - 9:30 DIF Drawing Classes - every Thursday - 9:00-10:30 - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori [-at-]
Afternoon Yoga 3 Pm At La Arca - Caroline, 612 156 0421
Los Cabos Now - Cabomil 96.3 FM, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. in English, Host Sabrina Lear. Listen via computer,
Recycling Center Open - 1-2 pm, Pescadero - SINADAES, AC, Contact MaryLo 612 130-3172 or marylomh [-at-]
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Live Music and All You Can Eat Pizza at The Sandbar, Pescadero
Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]
Yoga At La Arca at 7:30 A.M. - Elizabeth Perez, alceo11 [-at-], 6121311669, Todos Santos
Steak Night at La Canada Todos Santos, 6:00 P.M. Reservations Req'd 612-14-00069
This Weekend in Los Cabos with Jodi Asher on Cabo Mil from 6:00 PM to 6:30
Michael's At The Gallery - Restaurant open at 6:30 pm. Michael Cope, mplcope [-at-], 145-0500, Todos Santos
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music , 3 to 6 P.M.
Shawn and Cowboy - 8 to 11 PM Live Music, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Live Reggae Band at the Sandbar
Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]
Karla y Mateo baking bread- 9:00 A.M. - Casa Antigua (Topete/Horizonte) -
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Michael's At The Gallery - Restaurant open at 6:30 pm. Michael Cope, mplcope [-at-], 145-0500, Todos Santos
Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos
Live Music at The Sandbar

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Aerobics - 8 - 9 PM, La Arca, Todos Santos
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Nov.16- Actor's Workshop-4-6pm,La Arca
Nov.23-Actor's Workshop-4-6pm,La Arca
Nov.30-Actor's Workshop-4-6pm,La Arca
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Manos Magicas - 10:30 A.M. at DIF on Topete across from La Copa, Todos Santos
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Yoga Ashtanga at La Arca 9:00 A.M., Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Nov.12-Actor's Workshop-4-6pm, La Arca
Nov.19-Actor's Workshop-4-6pm, La Arca
Nov.26-Actor's Workshop-4-6pm, La Arca
Dec.3-Actor's Workshop-4-6pm, La Arca
Drawing Classes - 9:00 to 10:30 AM, Todos Santos, E mail or call for info and directions - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori [-at-], 612-136-6738
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Plein Air Painting Workshop - Marsha Dahlquist - 108 0390
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

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