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Manos Magicas Says Gracias - to all the volunteers, donors, and those who came out to see us at the Mango Festival. Our Mango Chutney Salsa was awarded second prize of the festival and will receive help of the government for further development. It was on Mexican TV news. Bravo to all the women of the cooperative and all the ones who support them!

If you missed the Festival, we are open on Tuesdays from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM in DIF (orange building across from The Wine Bar). We will be closed in September. Come by and visit us, it's totally fun and we offer various classes in many different areas.

We have green bags (no more plastic), a few bottles of the best mango chutney, DARLING little girl dresses and much more. Bring us your favorite dress, blouse, etc. and Manos Magicas can reproduce it. This year the women learned to make beautiful beaded jewelry, weave baskets, knit, embroider, and quilts. Look for our first quilt to be sold at our next big Palapa Yard Sale, Nov. 28.

The Mongo Salsa/Chutney sales were so successful the ladies are going to do a second batch. If you purchased a jar or bottle and return it you will receive a discount when you buy the next one. We are looking for donations of glass jars preferably 8-12 oz. Also wanted are shelving and tables. - Cat Chambaret, Susan Doyle and Scotty Mclemore

This Week From The Community Calendar
Saturday, August 8th
Karla y Mateo baking bread - 9 am - Casa Antigua (Topete/Horizonte) -

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Thanks to the Good Samaritan -who found my passport in front of Tropicana Inn (San Jose del Cabo, about two weeks ago) and turned it in, you saved me days of waiting around the nearest US Consulate for a replacement passport. - Richard Caalaman, rcaalam [-at-], San Jose Del Cabo

Dermatologist In La Paz - If you know a good skin doctor in La Paz , please send me name and phone. Thanks - Frank Hills, zorba1360 [-at-], 612 121 1833 or 044 612 154 1050, La Paz

Re: Baja Ferrys - Go to upper right hand side of the page is an english version. You have to buy your tickets in La Paz either at the offices corporativo La Paz, B.C.S., Ignacio Allende No. 1025 Col. Centro C.P. 23000 01 800 122 14 14 +52 (612) 123 66 00 8:00 a 17:00 hrs. CALL CENTER: 01 800 FERRIES o 01 800 337 7437 8:00 a 20:00 hrs. or at Pichiclugue before boarding. I recomend buying your ticket in La Paz (in the city) a day or two before you wish to leave. This is summer vacation and there are lots of people traveling now. - Daphna Jindrich, artelaxoma [-at-], 1450608, Baja California Sur

Car On Ferry Response - this site has most of the info you need. One problem though is you'll have to temp import your car to get to topolobampo(mainland) the permit is only good for six months then you have to return the car to the 'fronterra' or a border and resind the permit(there is no other place). If you don't you'll be on a list that will never allow you to temp import a vehicle to MX. (they'll think you sold the last one in MX.) If you just stay in baja from the border on down you don't have that problem. - Tom C, carrollemail [-at-]

In Search Of Lamb - I have a guest coming from Austraila and he would like Leg of Lamb or Rack of Lamb for birthday dinner. Can I buy this to cook for him anywhere from La Paz to Cabo??? - Linda Merelia, luckypinney [-at-], 612-124-8228

Kelly Where Are You??? - In June there was a girl named Kelly staying in Todos Santos and I brought some quilts up to North San Diego County for her, but I mistakenly left her phone number in Todos and am unable to contact her. Of course I don't know her last name. Can anyone help me find her? She is 35, very pretty, has a home in Las Tunas on Calle Los Mangos, lives in San Clemente in the states, she surfs, she swims, she sings, she does it all! Anyone who has her US phone number or e-mail address, please let me know, it would be most appreciated. Many thanks, - Mary Howard, bajamarybeth [-at-], 760 547 5687 or 760 815 8306 Cell, United States

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Rides or Caravans Needed/Available - New This Week

Airport Ride Calendar
Caravans/Ride shares North and South Calendar

First Week of August - Ride North - looking for a ride - Sheila Ross, carlosandsheila [-at-], 1422603

Ride Share August 11 North - Todos Santos To Los Angeles - Elizabeth Mcmillian, elizabethmcmillian8 [-at-], 213-221-8468, Todos Santos

Ride Share August 14 South - Los Angeles To Todos Santos - Elizabeth Mcmillian, elizabethmcmillian8 [-at-], 213-221-8468, Todos Santos

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Restaurant and Food News

Delicious Free Tapas - During the month of August Mario's Bar at the Hotelito will be serving, free of charge, delicious "tapas" each Thursday Friday and Saturday. Come along and snack for free. - Jenny Armit, elhotelito [-at-],, 612 145 0099

Buena Vida Closed Thursday 6th-10th - We will be closed Thursday 6th - Monday 10th. We will be resuming our 2x1 Tuesdays and Fridays as usual starting Tuesday 11th!! Of course we are still offering the 25% discounts to all locals. Hope to see you soon!!! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski [-at-], 6121450215

Ataxcon Mexican Food - A selection of authentic Mexican gastronmy. The mexican cuisine is very rich, which for me is the most important: Mexican food in addition to feeding the body also feeds the soul. Open Monday-Saturday, 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m. Thursday serving dinner 6:00-9:00p.m. H. Colegio Militar #90. - Landi Ortega, landi_ortega [-at-], 612-1761275

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Music/Entertainment News

Actor's Workshop - If you have ever wanted to be in a play, but were afraid of the commitment, this could be for you. In November this year, we will host an Actor's Workshop that will pair people up into short 10 minute plays. The play(lets) will be a great vehicle to work on your 'chops' as an actor. At the end of the workshop we will put on a little performance for the community of Todos Santos. Contact me if you are interested. Space is limited. isabelsmyth2002 [-at-] -

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Pet Corner (Lost and Found pet articles will run for one week)

Looking For Love - I am a gorgeous young female who has been looking for love in all the wrong places but I have learned the error of my ways. My foster mother has made sure I won't be fooling around any more. I have sown my wild oats and am ready to settle down with a kind, loving family who will truly appreciate me. I am a pretty big girl, maybe 40 pounds but I don't overeat. I am soooo gentle and willing to put up with all kinds of combing, brushing and probing. The funny thing is that I actually look fierce and brave and people walking by are afraid to come into the yard where I am staying. My foster mother seems to think that is a good thing. I will soon be tested for those unpleasant diseases that some of us homeless folk get, and I am certain I will have a clean bill of health. Oh - and I also get along with other dogs - which was very surprising in a good way to my foster family. Please call or email if you would like to meet me. - Maryann, maryann [-at-], 612-159-2309

Tortoise Colored Kittie In Need Of Home - Recently found young toroise colored kittie in need of home. Will fix and provide shots. contact - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-], 760 845 1795, Elias Caies

Black Lab - We have an abandoned 3-4 month old black lab (probably mix) that has taken up residence in our yard. She's a real sweetie but needs a permanent home. We would love to keep her but it's just not possible at this time. She's good with cats too! - Teri Sahli, terisahli [-at-], 12-50552, Todos Santos

Baja Rescue Website - This is a note to tell everyone that, due to a server glitch, the Baja Rescue site temporarily was not available. The server assures us that it will be up and running within the next few days. Please visit us. - Angelique Schornstein, Bajakitties [-at-], www.Baja, 1450250

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Batteries - wanted used solar batteries. Also solar panels looking for the person that was selling used solar batteries in the Onion, please contact me.- Sheri Vanhaezebrouck, cabosheri [-at-], San Jose Del Cabo

Frig For Sale - Vestfrost electric refrigerator 23" x 76", large freezer. In 12 years it has never needed service. Very clean. Disclosures: not self defrosting and there's a small amount rust on the front doors. $100 US or equivalent pesos and you must pick up. - Scotty Mclemore, scottybcs [-at-], 612-10-05872

Buying Wii - Looking for a nintendo wii, new or used. -Please contact me as soon as possible - Sebastiaan, sebastiaanlamote [-at-], 044-612-118-4764

Wanted This Winter: Propane Fridge Or Freezer - Hi Western Onion Readers - Its Enrique and Gianna writing y'all from stateside Alta California, planning out our winter in TS. My wife and I are into cooking and we are so tired of dancing around our coolers, we need a propane fridge and or freezer, someone mentioned a place in cabo with used ones - we will be buying one this December and we want your old one cuz now many of you are "on the grid" and will want to get an electric fridge and toss out your propane one. Please let us know if you have one for sale - especially if you can wait for a Nov / Dec sale, and btw, what was the name and location of that second hand propane fridge place in Cabo or La Paz?? The clean, coolness of a propane fridge will assist us in our gourmet pursuits, f you have a camper mini version we can start there and move up. iI you have a biggie or medium sized one - even better - let us know - Hank Wise, hankwise [-at-], 562.900-3900, Todos Santos

Sony Laptop For Sale - Sony Vaio Laptop with carrying case. Includes external CD writer, mouse, and extras. 5000 pesos OBO Also for sale is a Retro 1960's Generator that runs great. Supports two 110 volt outlets. Pull cord start. Runs great! 2500 pesos OBO. Please give me a call! - Rudy Vander, 6121026540

Queen Size Mattress - Plush Pillow Top - Nearly New. Looking To Trade For Something Firmer. - I have a queen size mattress that is too soft for me and I'm looking to trade it for a firm or very firm queen size mattress. Mine is a standard US size queen mattress with a pillow-top (so it is thicker and plusher than normal). It has been slept on only a handful of times and has been fully sealed in a zippered mattress cover since it was purchased, so it really is like new. If you have a firm queen size mattress that is in relatively decent condition and want to upgrade to something softer, then I would be willing to do a straight trade. I have a truck and can move them each way within the Todos/Pescadero area. Send an email if you're interested and we can coordinate. Thanks. - Stephen C, monorad [-at-], Todos Santos

New Samsung 40" High Definition LCD Flat Panel TV - High Definition, full 1080P Samsung Model LNT4069. This was a customer return. He decided he wanted a 58" Samsung Plasma instead. Samsung is one of the Top-rated LCD TV manufacturers, and Consumer Reports rated this TV a "Best Buy:"

The TV comes complete with base, remote control and all manuals. This TV is not available in Mexico at any price. We imported it. $1,500.00 Dlls, local delivery and setup included. Optional wall mount available. - Alan Thompson, alan [-at-] bajasatellite,, 530 903 4257 or 612 145 0364, Todos Santos

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Vehicles/Boats for Sale

Wanted- Car To Rent - Can you rent me your car for three weeks? Thanks! jaqx [-at-]

Moving Sale!!!! - 1999 red suburban 4x4 great shape 4900.00
1987 grand wagoneer 4x4 grt. shape 2500.00
18ft starcraft alum center cockpit 90 hp merc totally rebuilt 3900.00
1994 suburban 4x4 runs great 2900.00
2002 harley heritage low miles 6500.00 - Steve Thomson, steviet55 [-at-], 612 157 7754, Baja California Sur

1998 Ford Explorer Xl For Sale - Original owner selling dependable SUV. This car has been really good over the years. New brakes, new battery, everything works, a/c, stereo, leather seats, moon roof, 8 cylinders. Perfect for the dirt roads. 612 142 5644. $2000 firm. - Christine Folgmann, cfolgmann [-at-], 612 142 5644

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Employment Wanted/Available

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Sales and Services

Pool Maintenance Services Offered - Anyone looking for someone to clean and maintain their pool in Todos Santos? I recommend Josue Orozco, who has maintained and cleaned my 25 yard lap pool for the last two years. He understands chemical balance, backwashing and cleaning of filters. He does not speak English, but understands some. His cell phone is 612-13-248-38;or contact me. - Carolyn Shaver, bajacashi [-at-], 612-145-0001, Todos Santos

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House Sitting, Rentals Available/Wanted

Las Tunas Casa For Rent - Fully furnished recently completed casas (2) for rent in Las Tunas with ocean view. 2BR + 2BR with ocean view, ceiling fans, wireless internet and cable tv. A/C is possible, if needed. Pets welcome. Caretakers on property. Please email for rates. - Jim Pickell, info [-at-],, 1-310-880-7244, Todos Santos

Reliable House Sitting - Quiet, reliable couple looking for house sitting position in La Paz. We are looking for an apartment, house or boat starting the end of August or the beginning of September. We are currently taking a care of a home in La Paz and the owners will return around that time. However we have a very flexible schedule. We would be happy to care for someone’s home for any length of time. We will take the utmost care! We are very clean and tidy! We have no pets, don't smoke or do drugs. We live a very clean life style. We can also provide references. Thank you for considering us to care for your home! - Sabrina Beale, sabrinabeale [-at-], 612-103-2183, La Paz

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Real Estate For Sale

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Community Calendar

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Nov. 22 - Classical Music Performance in Todos Santos - Sylvia St.clair, sasinbaja [-at-], 145-0563

Every Week

Monday Thru Friday

The News in English - CaboMil Radio 96.3 FM, 5:30-6:00 PM. Los Cabos Now - Wednesdays, 5:30 to 6:30 PM and click on "LIVE"

Happy Hour at the Sandbar -3PM - Sunset

Monday Thru Saturday

Zumba Exercise and Dance Classes - 8:00 - 9:00 AM Stadium across from La Arca beginning Feb. 9th. - Doctora Oliva, 612-145-0201

La Coronela, Live Mexican Music - 12 - 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos

Two For One Happy Hour - 3 - 6 PM, Shut Up Frank's, Todos Santos

Two For One Happy Hour - 5 - 6 PM, La Esquina, Todos Santos


2 For 1 Sundays - At Café D'licia through August 31st. 9 am - 3 pm. Alicia , cafe.dlicia [-at-], 145-0862, Todos Santos

CaboMil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Radio 96.3 FM, In English.

Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.

Tennis-- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]

Daniel Siqueiros - Live Music noon to 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos


Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos


Manos Magicas - 9:30 DIF


Los Cabos Now - Cabomil 96.3 FM, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. in English, Host Sabrina Lear. Listen via computer,

Recycling Center Open - 1-2 pm, Pescadero - SINADAES, AC, Contact MaryLo 612 130-3172 or marylomh [-at-]

Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos

Live Music and All You Can Eat Pizza at The Sandbar, Pescadero

Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]


Mario's Bar at the Hotelito open from 6 pm until 11 pm.

Steak Night at La Canada Todos Santos, 6:00 P.M. Reservations Req'd 612-14-00069


Michael's At The Gallery - Restaurant open at 6:30 pm. Michael Cope, mplcope [-at-], 145-0500, Todos Santos

Mario's Bar at the Hotelito open from 6 pm until 11 pm

Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos

Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music , 3 to 6 P.M.

Shawn and Cowboy - 8 to 11 PM Live Music, Hotel California, Todos Santos

Live Reggae Band at the Sandbar

Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]


Karla y Mateo baking breadKarla y Mateo baking bread - 9 am - Casa Antigua (Topete/Horizonte) -

Michael's At The Gallery - Restaurant open at 6:30 pm. Michael Cope, mplcope [-at-], 145-0500, Todos Santos

Mario's Bar at the Hotelito open from 6 pm until 11 pm.

Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos

Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos

David de la Valle at Cerritos Beach Club 2:30 to 5:30

Live Music at The Sandbar

Workshops and Meetings

Monday Through Friday

Aerobics - 8 - 9 PM, La Arca, Todos Santos


Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos

Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos


Manos Magicas - 10:30 A.M. at DIF on Topete across from La Copa, Todos Santos

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

Yoga Ashtanga at La Arca 9:00 A.M., Todos Santos


Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos

Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos


Drawing Classes - 9:00 to 10:30 AM, Todos Santos, E mail or call for info and directions - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori [-at-], 612-136-6738

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos


Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos

Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos


Plein Air Painting Workshop - Marsha Dahlquist - 108 0390

AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

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