January 14, 2009

News, Events and Announcements

Cocktail Reception For Brent Gearan - At Galeria de Todos Santos, Sunday, January 18th, from 2 to 5pm. Brent's one-man show will remain on display until the 25th. - mplcope (-at-) yahoo.com, http://www.galeriadetodossantos.com, 612-145-0500, Pat Cope, Todos Santos


An example of Brent's work is at the upper right in this issue of the Baja Western Onion

Youth In Video - El Sexto Festival de Cine de Todos Santos se llevará a cabo en el Centro Cultural de Todos Santos en Marzo 5 al 8, 2009 con proyecciones diarias a las 14, 16, y 18 horas. Se proyectarán más de 12 films de Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, EEUU y Baja California!. 72 niños del Internado de TS participaron en el programa JOVENES EN VIDEO con la coordinación de Pat Baum en un film acerca de sus vidas, la cultura ranchera y las celebraciones tradicionales. El film tendrá su premiere durante el festival con una Fiesta de Apertura y recepción para los jóvenes cineastas y sus familias el viernes 6 de Marzo, 2009.

Para colaborar con el festival como VOLUNTARIO o PATROCINADOR en las diferentes niveles, por favor, comuníquese con leonardoperel (-at-) yahoo.com o con lsstobbe (-at-) yahoo.com. Los nombres de los donantes aparecerán en los créditos de las películas !

Have Your Name On Film! – The Todos Santos Film Festival (TSFF) has two film projects in the works:

1. The Todos Santos children's project is a film made by Pat Baum with our local kids from the Internado.
2. Children from La Paz are creating an animated intro short, which will be the 2009 TSFF trailer.
With your financial help we can finish these projects. With 2000 pesos or more be an Estrella (Star) supporter with highlighted credit on film. With 500 pesos or more be an Amigo (Friend) supporter with credit on film. If you would like to participate as a volunteer or contribute as a sponsor or donor at any level please get in touch with leonardoperel (-at-) yahoo.com or lsstobbe (-at-) yahoo.com. There are many opportunities and the funds will make possible the continuity of the "Youth in Video" Program for our kids in 2009. - Leonardo Perel, leonardoperel (-at-) yahoo.com

Reminder - Book your tickets for the San Antonio Historic Building Tour (Sunday Jan. 18th from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM) by 2.30 pm this Saturday to get the pre sale price of 100 pesos/$10 - Tickets bought on site the day of the event will be 150 pesos/$15 - email tessabarriles (-at-) gmail.com - Maps and directions will be handed out when you arrive - there will be signs from the highway at the pemex station to direct you to the town center - a slide show will be shown at noon with light refreshments served - this is included in the ticket price - proceeds will be split with the san antonio committee who are organizing this event as well as the east cape arts center - this money goes to fund local school art projects.

For those who want to visit the mine, please note the mine is a half hour hike from San Antonio or a 15 minute drive in a good offroad vehicle - the taxi will not be available for this part so be prepared! Also 'refreshments' will be available - these are just snacks - and there is no restaurant in San Antonio - so again - be prepared - Tessa Nisbet, tessabarriles (-at-) gmail.com, 624 1410427, Baja California Sur

Get Up & Jump! - Come on Todos Santos! Double Dutch is here and it's totally awesome and fun and just for you you because I really want to share this awesome activity - it's FREE(unless you really want to pay, in which case I'll totally take your money and give it to La Arca). Dates, times, location

1. Every Sunday in the Plaza 4-5, all ages all athletic abilities and skill levels
2. Every Monday & Wednesday at La Arca 3-4 kids only
3. Every Wednesday 4-5 & Saturdays 12-1 at La Arca LADIES ONLY! Call or email with any questions, y'all.
- Andrea Gardner, nwdoubledutch (-at-) gmail.com, www.nwdoubledutch.com, 612-102-4544, Todos Santos


If you want to see how awesome Ladies Night Out Double Dutch is in Seattle, click here: http://www.kirotv.com/video/18232138/index.html

Attention Artists And Craftspeople (Courtesy Baja Pony Express) - Only 75 spaces left for the First Annual Festival of Arts in La Paz, Mar 22, 2009, be Located at the Marina Palmira, km. 2.5 carr. a Pichilingue, La Paz. It will be a fun day of music and entertainment as well as food, and events for kids. Production is in cooperation with the La Paz Six, City of La Paz, and State Director of Culture. Show and sell your creative endeavors. All art and craft forms welcome, and it's an opportunity for exposure and to get to know other artists from the Cape to Los Barilles and Todos Santos as well as La Paz. Excitement is growing for the event which will include performances by the State Ballet Folklorico, and local musicians. Proceeds Benefit Baja Dogs, and Children's Art (TARIF) in La Paz.

To Register, please contact the Papeleria Agruel, 189 Guillermo Prieto, La Paz between Reforma y Independencia hrs. 8:30 a.m- 8 p.m. 612- 122-0145 Registration: $200 pesos before Feb. 1, $250 after that date.Contact Information in La Paz:

Maureen Ryan (bi-lingual) 612-122-9277 morene4 (-at-) yahoo.com
Pat Solem (English) 612-122-5478 patencasa117 (-at-) yahoo.com
Rafael Chavez Gonzalez (Spanish) 612-122-9243 rafc9 (-at-) yahoo.com

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Where's That Phone Book? - I have not given up. The 2009-2010 Phone Book will come together! However there seems no possible way to get it to the printer by Feb. 1, 2009. Due to extraordinary delays and circumstances (only one non-profit charity responded with update info) and new requests for Ads still coming in--- I have to relax and go with the flow.

Absolute deadline is now January 30, then I can finally begin to assemble the pages for printing. Free resident listings are still at La Esquina Cafe, by Casa Dracula, if you need to make a change/addition. Display Ad submission will cease on Jan. 30th. Gracias - Jan, jans (-at-) janimagine.com, 145-0685

TJ Crossing - Does anyone know how to get to the toll road from the Tijuanna border crossing coming South? Thanks - Martha

Horticulture Magazines - I have lots of Horticulture magazines from 1988 to 2004 that I no longer need. Lots of good gardening info. Anyone interested in some or all? - Celia Devault, heavenlybliss57 (-at-) hotmail.com, 612 152 0823

PROFEPA - We have a home in Los Tunas. Construction was completed about a year ago. We received a citation from PROFEPA in June that essentially states that we have violated the environment by building our house on our lot. Does anyone have any advice or experience with an issue such as this? We would greatly appreciate any and all advice. Jim & Laura Herrick jimherrick (-at-) fone.net, 970 749 0450, Todos Santos

Driving from CA. to Todos Santos late January. Can anyone give me suggestions or advice for good places to stay w/ cabover RV on the way? And what is the relative safty of the trip these days? Thanks. See you soon Guy Hamilton, guy (-at-) gha-corp.com, 707-696-3577, Todos Santos

Social Security - Thanks for the many responses I received from my question about signing up for Soc. Sec. benefits. Now, let me pass on some "new" news. If, like me, you no longer have a US address, you can call the Consulate in Guadalajara, 333-268-2139, and they can take your application over the phone! You do need to have a US bank account to which the funds can be sent. If you still have a US address, it all can be done on-line. I had no idea the Government was so organized, but I am all in favor. Jeep - Jeep Hardinge, jeepsurfs2000 (-at-) yahoo.com, 612-100-7672

Need E-mail Addresses - I recently left Todo Santos for health reasons and on the way up the Baja was robbed twice and my list of personal friend addresses was lost I would like any one who knows me to send me their contact info. Especially Angelique schorenstien, jocelyn and dee de matte and patrick coffman. anyone else I know would be appreciated as well. Thanks to all of the kind folks that helped to find my lost dog Hazel. Please send your phone numbers and e-mails asap so I can respond. Thanks again to all who helped find Hazel. Mucho gusto. - Taz Hansen, ohsotimoteo (-at-) hotmail.com, None yet, Todos Santos

Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Park (Courtesy Baja Pony Express) - All wildlife found should be sent to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Park. I have read and had calls that foxes are coming near homes and people think that means they have rabies. This is not true. Please contact us and bring these animals to us to heal. People are destroying the natural habitats of our natural wildlife and the ATVs are invading their areas and terrifying these creatures and especially the noise. Do not be afraid of any of these animals, call and bring them to us. A disturbing call tonight was from a friend that had a baby fox and out of ignorance had the poor thing shot to death. Stop killing wildlife and call a Wildlife Specialist. The Iguana that was told in the BPE was blind, was not blind. Only that his eyes were plastered shut with dry blood. After carefully removing the dry blood out of his eyes, he can see! So, please do not kill our wildlife and call us.

We just set an eagle free that was with us for nine years. His wing was badly injured from someone putting a bullet through it., but he grew strong and healthy again and we have a 700 acre park for released wildlife that is not available to ATVs or motorized vehicles. - Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Park, LandsEndAnimalFund (-at-) yahoo.com, 624-143-0007, Los Barriles

Great Plumber - Just had clogged drain cleaned and new shower mixing valve installed by "Rapid Rooter" from La Paz. Quick service, very fair pricing and good attitude. Matt, retired LA Fire Dept. Cell # 612 161 4415, and they are in the La Paz yellow pages - Doug Colton, mamounatsea (-at-) hotmail.com, 147 0253, United States

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Rides Needed/Available

Ride From SJD To Todos Santos Sought Or Offered, Around 1pm, Sunday, Jan. 18 - I'm taking the AA flight from Chicago to SJD this Sunday, arriving at 12:30 and I'm wondering if anyone can offer or needs a ride to Todos Santos. If no one can provide me a lift but someone needs one, I am willing to rent a car in which case I would charge you $40 and drop you right at your final destination. I live in Las Tunas but if you have space for me you can drop me off in downtown TS. Please let me know ASAP as I will need to make arrangements if I end up renting. (If you happen to find yourself at the airport around 12:30 and need a ride or have a space for me, please text or call: 52.612.143.7561) - Ward Whitehead, wardwhitehead (-at-) hotmail.com, 416.654.4508 , Todos Santos

Ride Needed From SJD To TS - I am looking for a ride from the airport in San Jose Del Cabo to Todos Santos on February 3, 2009. My flight arrives in San Jose Del Cabo at 1:30 PM on February 3, 2009. I will have only one suitcase and a backpack. I will gladly pay for gas and /or lunch! Thanks - Paul Bumann, paul (-at-) boominenterprises.com, 858-735-3538, Todos Santos

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Restaurant and Food News

Presidential Inauguration Party At Buena Vida - Please join us as we watch the swearing in of our 44th President of the United States of America. It will begin exactly at 12 noon EST (so that will be 10am our time!). I will be offering a continental breakfast buffet for $80p, fresh juices, mimosas and of coarse the bar will be open for purchase.

I would like to make a correction to a previous ad. I am not doing movie night on a regular basis. I will let you know when I will. Our new hours will be 5:30 PM -close and we are now closed again on Thursdays - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski (-at-) hotmail.com, 6121343100

Basilfields On Thursdays - We greatly appreciate each of our customers and would like everyone to know that we are now selling Monday through Friday. Same times and same place but have added Thursdays. Thank you! - Vivian Driscoll, vivdon (-at-) mac.com, Todos Santos

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Music/Entertainment News

Curvas Peligrosas This Saturday At Hotel California - Back again but now on Saturday evening. Join us for an evening of great music and dancing. 8 PM, no cover. - Todos Santos

It Just Gets Better... - We're pleased to announce the following musicians and groups to this year's 2nd Annual "Jammin' For The Animals" Benefit Concert at 12 PM on Sunday, January 25th, 2009 at La Cañada Del Diablo in Todos Santos:

Miguel De Hoyos and Alex DePue
Dominique Sawyer and The Home Wreckers
Derek Buckner
Tracy Durland and Lars Pointer
Greg Kitchel
Daryl Currie
En Medio Del Ritmo

More Acts To Be Announced Soon...

For those who would like to stay overnight for the event, we have received special room rates with sponsoring hotels in our area. Visit: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/jammin-hotels.asp to make reservations.

"Jammin' For The Animals" tickets are $130 Pesos/$13 Dollars in Advance, or $150 Pesos/$15 Dollars at the Door. Tickets available at El Tecolote Book Store, La Esquina, or make reservations online at http://www.bajawesternonion.com/jammin-tickets.asp or by sending an Email to Maryann Douglas at Maryann (-at-) BajaWesternOnion.com.

Please visit the "Jammin' For The Animals" page for the latest program, news and updates, or to make advance reservations online: http://www.bajawesternonion.com/jammin.asp.

"Jammin' For The Animals" is a non-profit benefit effort to raise funds to support animal rescue efforts in Todos Santos and Pescadero. Area musicians and volunteers will be donating their time and energy to come together to treat you to a full afternoon of food, fun and entertainment. To volunteer to play, or for more information, please Email Alan Thompson as soon as possible: alan (-at-) baja1.com.

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Pet Corner

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

The Books You've Been Asking For - Finally - some titles that many of you have been requesting are here. 501 Spanish Verbs, Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions, Sibley Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America, Camping Mexico's Baja, and local author Joanna Hershon's The German Bride (named one of the best books of 2008 by The Washington Post.) We also have a wonderful new book with a fold-out map on the missions called El Camino Real, and another titled 50 Hikes in the Cape Region of Baja Sur. Come enjoy! - Janet Howey, Todos Santos

2 Brand New Surfboards For Sale- Only 4,000 Pesos! - I have two brand new surfboards, custom made, never touched the water, wax or sand, absolutely brand new for sale. I simply don't need them, and I'm selling each for only 4,000 pesos-need to get rid of them. 1. 6'9" , 18 1/4, 2 1/4 short board, pin tail, future fins -- 2. 6'2" , 18 1/4, 2 1/8 short board, rounded pin tail, future fins Made by pro shaper Mike Housignton, great boards- lite, sharp rails, not a ding in either! Still in board bags, Contact my by email I live in la chachora, todos santos - Sean Silvestri, seansean2424 (-at-) yahoo.com, 760-613-5313, Todos Santos

Give " Peace Wear " A Chance - "Peace Wear"--- Unique Handmade Creations by Bonnie & Shawn O'Neill--- It's a line of accessories (shawls, scarfs, belts, purses, shopping bags, evening bags, cell phone pouches, do-rags) and all kinds of jewelery (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belt charms, fan pulls, beaded hair ties, suncatchers). We are now offering "Shopping by Appointment" in our home any day after 4PM. Please call or email to set up a time. We are also doing "Custom Orders" where you can choose from a wide selection of beautiful prints. Check us out -- we'd love to hear from you. Peace, - Shawn Or Bonnie O'neill, sunburntgringos (-at-) hotmail.com, 612-134-0141, Pescadero

Help Wanted For Jammin' For The Animals:

- Getting a Sound System and Someone to Run It
- Someone to Make an Audio Recording (We'll cover the cost for the tape).
- Help with Stage Lighting.

If you can help with any of these items, please Email alan (-at-) baja1.com. PS: A big "Thank You!" to Vic Kirby, Andrea Gardner and Kaia Thompson for volunteering for videos and photos.

Recycled Silk Sari Women's Clothing Sale! - I have recently returned from India and have a collection of beautiful wrap-around silk skirts and tops made from recycled saris. The skirts fit all shapes and sizes making them amazing, elegant gifts and my prices are very reasonable. Please call the number given if you are interested! I will be available in Pescadero from the 12th(Monday), until the 17th(Saturday) and I can also meet you in Todo Santos. Thanks! Joanna - Joanna Yeates, joannadifferent (-at-) gmail.com, 6121411292, Todos Santos

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Vehicles/Boats for Sale

Quad Wanted - I am looking for a solid quad 250cc or more. 2wd or 4wd. - Scott, encinalito (-at-) gmail.com

'96 Trooper - Runs well. Mexican licensed. $2100 USD or best offer. - Jolyn Wells-moran, Jwmcounseling (-at-) yahoo.com, Pescadero

1995 Toyota Previa Van For Sale - Excellent condition and great gas mileage. Silver with tan interior. All wheel drive, front and rear air conditioning, luggage rack, single CD player and rear speakers. Leather seats, rear seats fold up and center seats are removable. Current Oregon plates with registration/tags good through Aug 2009. 157,000 miles. Google Toyota Previa for specifics. Low Blue Book at $4,100 US. Asking $3,000 US. Call after 4:00 PM or e-mail. - Shawn Or Bonnie O'neill, sunburntgringos (-at-) hotmail.com, 612-134-0141, Pescadero

2004 Roadmaster Toyhauler With Separate Garage - 26 foot toyhauler, class 5 hitch, 14 ft. of living space includes dining area, sofa that converts to full size bed and dining area converts to queen bed, full kitchen with gas stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, full bath with stand-up shower and separate toilet and vanity, central A/C and heat, built-in CD/radio and satellite dish. Oak cabinets throughout, 12 foot garage with drop-down back, all diamondplate set up to haul bikes or quads or can be used for storage. Paid $26,000. Will sacrifice for $12,000US. Email for photos. - Gregg Corbett, rubyslyppr (-at-) gmail.com, 612 121 6658, La Paz

Truck For Sale - 2005 Dodge Ram Pick Up (4 door & automatic) -- Mexican plates, new tires, one owner. Call for more info. - Debbie Stewart, debbie (-at-) hotelcaliforniabaja.com, 612.145.0525, Todos Santos

I Want To Buy. - I want to buy a Suzuki Samurai, 4X4, no matter what kind of plates the car have. - Hugo, cortezfirst (-at-) yahoo.es

Cars For sale - 1996 crown victoria ex cop car, 4.6L interceptor police motor, vary vary fast, in california motor and tranny worth 5000us on ebay, still has front ram bumper, full k9 cage both spot lights work,148,xxx miles limited slip posi rear end, 4995us obo

1989 dodge 1 ton flat bed great work truck, 128,xxxmiles, runs and looks great w new tires side boards etc if your interested stop by the yeneka hotel in la paz ask for terremoto or matt 4500us OBO right now!! deal of a lifetime!!

1977 chevrolet 1 ton camper special with 148,xxx, super clean inside and out package deal comes w lance camper queen size bed kitchen sitting area turns into another bed!! has stove, fridge etc new tires on the truck 4500us OBO if interested in it come on by the yeneka hotel in la paz ask for matt or terremoto!!! - Matt, terremoto215 (-at-) yahoo.com, La Paz

Great Gas Saver! - 1985 nissan pickup 5 speed. 137,000 miles and good for another 100,000! 30mpg, Runs like a champ! premium sound! 12" subwoofer 600w Amplifier! Asking 1800.00 US Email me (Kaleb) at--- Cruznbaja (-at-) yahoo.com. Truck located in La Paz. - Kaleb Anderson, Cruznbaja (-at-) yahoo.com, La Paz

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Sales and Services

Skymed Representative For Todos And Pescadero - Medivac Protection - What would you do if faced with a critical accident or illness while in Baja? Do you know how you could get back home? An emergency air ambulance to the U.S. or Canada can cost tens of thousands of dollars! And in these hard economic times, saving thousands of dollars in the event of an unexpected medical emergency, is more important than ever!". As a SkyMed member, you are transported free! No deductibles, no copays, no claim forms. 100% paid to the destination you designate. SkyMed takes you HOME! For less than a dollar a day, you can have peace of mind!

If you have medivac coverage, (1) does it take you home or to the nearest qualified medical facility, possibly thousands of miles from your home? (2) does it require a copay on your part to pay for the transportation? (3) is there a deductible which could cost you several thousand dollars? Current costs for medivac to the US range from $18,000 to $30,000.

If you have US or Canadian medical insurance, but do not have the coverage to get you home in the event of a serious accident or medical emergency, contact Roxanne Rosenblatt, representative for SkyMed in Todos Santos and Pescadero. Call (612) 130-3162 or cel (624) 122-0724 for assistance. - Roxanne Rosenblatt, caboroxy (-at-) yahoo.com, www.skymed/RoxanneRosenblatt, 612 130-3162, Pescadero

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine - natural medicine to treat allergies, acute and chronic pain, anxiety, depression, gynecological issues, circulation issues and much more. Non-needling treatments available as well as nutritional counseling and ear candling. Call or email for more information on how Chinese Medicine can help restore balance for you or someone you love. - Jane Sipe, L. Ac., jasi57 (-at-) juno.com, 145-0110 or 612-151-7026, Todos Santos

Psychocalisthenics® Classes - Don't let the name scare you away! Psychocalisthenics is a series of exercises developed in 1958 by the Bolivian mystic and philosopher, Oscar Ichazo, the founder of the Arica® School. Psychocalisthenics awakens our orga nism in a serial fashion and produces a flash of vital energy through all of the muscles, organs, glands and tissue resulting in complete revitalization. Each exercise has a precise movement and breathing pattern that promotes anti aging, improved health, mental clarity, emotional balance, expanded happiness, and increased agility.

The series is offered once each month and will be taught over 5 consecutive days. Each class is 1 hour 15 minutes. Once learned, you will be able to practice on your own taking 15-20 minutes to complete the series. Weekly practice classes are available. Certified instructor, Rhoda Jacobs, will be offering classes 3:30-4:45 P.M. at La Arca. Dates of workshops are Feb 9-13. Tuition $550 pesos. You can try the first class of the series for $120 pesos before signing up for the 5 days. Arica® and Psychocalisthenics® are registered trademarks. - Rhoda Jacobs, barakabaja (-at-) gmail.com, 612-157-6088

Organic Land Management - GREEN WORLD de BAJA: Specialized Organic Consulting
*Pest Control
*Soil Balancing
*Direct Consumer-Production
*Maintenance Long or short term assistance for your agricultural, residential or commercial organic needs. Your personal guide to green organics from start to finish! Please contact me for info and rates! - Chris Maggio, christopher.maggio (-at-) yahoo.com, 624-154-9810, Todos Santos

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Rentals Available/Wanted

Rent A Beautiful Casita In Pescadero With Organic Orchards & Amazing Ocean Views - This unique casita is a 2 bedroom home with ocean and outstanding organic orchard views. The architecture shows minimalist style in a unique way, providing simple but sophisticated comfort in a tasteful fashion. The house is located 6 miles south of Todos Santos, neighboring the Pescadero Huertas, in between Cerritos and San Pedrito surf breaks. The house sits 1km from the beach, in a peaceful and contemplative desert landscape. - Rodrigo Menendez, rmenende (-at-) gmail.com, casitaoasispescadero.blogspot.com/, 612 1523097

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Real Estate For Sale

For Sale: - Lot measures 1743M2. Water on site, elec. available. Lg. Mango, mature guava, both produce fruit in season. 5 large, 30 small established palms, with working drip irrigation system. Great views of ocean and mountains, close to beach in El Pescadero. No agents, $100,000 US. E-mail for photos. dtutko1 (-at-) hotmail.com or - , stevetutko (-at-) yahoo.com

3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath House For Sale - This beautiful, well appointed 2098 sq.ft. former show home features a main floor master suite, spacious living and dining areas, granite kitchen and adjoining laundry room. Upstairs you'll find 2 more large bedrooms, a cozy family room, 3-piece bath and 2 balconies. Nicely landscaped yard with huge private terrace and covered parking. Located in a small gated privada in an upscale area close to new Sam's Club mall, airport & more. - Sheryl Hamilton, hamiltos12 (-at-) yahoo.com, www.viviun.com/AD-107683/ , 612-149-6084, La Paz

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Quote of the Day: " Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. " ~ H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

Community Calendar

Denotes New or Updated Onion Item This Week


Jan. 18 - Cocktail Reception for Brent Gearan, Galeria de Todos Santos, 2 -5pm. Brent's one-man show runs thru the 25th. - Pat Cope
Jan. 18 - San Antonio Historic Building Tour, 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM. Tickets: $100 pesos or $10 dollars in advance, $150 pesos or $15 dollars at the door. Contact: tessabarriles (-at-) gmail.com or eastcapers (-at-) yahoo.com
Jan. 18 - Asoc. De Artes “Casas de Artes” Tour, Los Barriles
Jan 25 - 2nd Annual "Jammin For The Animals" Benefit Concert, 1 PM, La Cañada Del Diablo, Todos Santos. Info: www.bajawesternonion.com/jammin.asp. Musicians, contact: alan (-at-) baja1.com.
Feb. 22 - 15th Annual Todos Santos Historic House Tour, 10 AM - 3 PM, Todos Santos palapasociety (-at-) yahoo.com
Feb. 22 - Asoc. De Artes “Artist Studio Tour”, Los Barriles
Mar. 22 - First Annual La Paz Arts Festival 8-5, Marina Palmira, La Paz
Mar. 29 - Assoc. De Artes 16th Annual “Festival de Artes” Rancho Buena Vista
Jun. 14 - ALMA Spay & Neuter Clinic, Los Barriles
Jun. 8 - ALMA rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Jan 20 - Presidential Inauguration Party - Buena Vida, 10 AM. Continental breakfast buffet, Bar will be open. Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski (-at-) hotmail.com, 612 134 3100, Todos Santos
Jan. 28 - Reception at Visions Art Gallery at Cafelix 5:30 - 7:30 P.M.
Mar. 5-8 - Sexto Festival de Cine de Todos Santos
Apr. 22 - Rotary Club & UVERDE – “Earth Day” celebration
Mar. 26-29 - Baja Shakespeare , “Comedy of Errors” Rancho Buena Vista
Mar. 13 - "Hairpiece" The Musical, Todos Santos, 7PM, $15. Info: bluemooninbaja (-at-) yahoo.ca
Jan 17 Curvas Peligrosas - Hotel California, 8 PM, No cover - Todos Santos
Jan.31 to Feb.7 - XII Festival Del Arte Todos Santos, hparra (-at-) prodigy.net.mx, 612 117 3945 - 145 0225
Feb. 14 - Rotary Club “Valentine Run”, Los Barriles
Mar. 14 - "Hairpiece" The Musical, Todos Santos, 7PM, $15. Info: bluemooninbaja (-at-) yahoo.ca

Every Week

Monday Thru Friday
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 1:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
La Coronela, Live Mexican Music - 12 - 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Two For One Happy Hour - 3 - 6 PM, Shut Up Frank's, Todos Santos
Two For One Happy Hour - 5 - 6 PM, La Esquina, Todos Santos
Pro Football on The Big Screen - La Buena Vida, 11:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Todos Santos
Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives - La Buena Vida, 7 PM, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. 96.3 FM, In English.
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Dalina Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.
NFL Football at the Sandbar in Pescadero
Tennis-- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 (-at-) gmail.com
Daniel Siqueiros - Live Music noon to 3 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Monday Night Football/2 x 1 beers from 5:00 till 7:30 - La Buena Vida, Todos Santos
NFL Football at The Sandbar in Pescadero
Eco Cafe Series 5:00 PM La Esquina (no event Jan. 20)
Peace and Loaf Bakery - 9 AM to noon, Calle Las Brisas, El Otro Lado, gruenitz10 (-at-) yahoo.com, peaceandloaf.blogspot.com, 612-118-3683, Todos Santos
The Sand Band and Pizza Night - 7 PM, The Sandbar, Terry Mcbride, tleemcbride (-at-) gmail.com, 612-130-3209, Pescadero
La Jardinera Organic Produce at La Esquina - 9:30 - 1 PM, Todos Santos
Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 (-at-) gmail.com
Daniel Siqueiros Live Music 7 to 10 PM, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Steak Night at La Canada, Todos Santos, 6:00 P.M. Reservations Req'd 612-14-00069
Music Fridays At Felipe's - Los Almas Perditos, 6:30-8:30, Pescadero
Todos Tortugos Recycling Center 11:00 A.M. to noon- at Meliton Albanez (primary school near Cruz Roja), Todos Santos
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music by Dave Hutcheson and Dave de la Valle, 3 to 6 P.M.
Shawn and Cowboy - 8 to 11 PM Live Music, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Tennis - Leslie Light, leslie.light1 (-at-) gmail.com
Peace and Loaf - 9 AM to noon, Calle Las Brisas, El Otro Lado, gruenitz10 (-at-) yahoo.com, peaceandloaf.blogspot.com, 612-118-3683, Todos Santos
Regalos Del Mar - Secundo/Consignment., 9:00-1:00, Canada del Diablo, Pam Cobb, senoracobb (-at-) yahoo.com, 612-155-0622, Todos Santos
Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos

Workshops and Meetings

Monday Thru Friday
Aerobics - 8 - 9 PM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Dec 15 - 19, Jan 5 - 9, Feb 9 - 13, Psychocalisthenics Workshop, 3:30 - 4:45 PM, La Arca, 550 Pesos. Info Rhoda Jacobs, barakabaja (-at-) gmail.com, 612 157 6088, Todos Santos
3rd Sunday each month, Open Reading, 3 PM, Todos Santos Gallery. Info: Scotty Mclemore, scottybcs (-at-) hotmail.com, 612-10-05872, Todos Santos
Dharma Talks and Guided Meditation with Robert K. Hall M.D. 10:00 A.M.--11:30 A.M. - La Arca, Todos Santos. (Translated into Spanish on the 1st Sunday each month)
Palapa Society Double Dutch Jump Rope Workshops, 4-5 PM, Central Plaza, Todos Santos, palapasociety (-at-) yahoo.com, 1450-299
Todos Tortugeros, 2nd Monday each Month, 6 PM, Cultural Center, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Manos Magicas - 10 A.M.-12 P.M. at DIF on Topete across from La Copa, Todos Santos
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
T'ai Chi Classes - 4:15-5:30, La Arca, beginning December 2nd for 12 weeks - Rhoda Jacobs, barakabaja (-at-) gmail.com, 612 157 6088, Todos Santos
Yoga Ashtanga at La Arca 9:00 A.M., Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Drawing Classes - 9:00 to 10:30 AM, Todos Santos, E mail or call for info and directions - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori (-at-) yahoo.com, 612-136-6738
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 8 AM, La Arca, Todos Santos
Hatha Yoga, 9 AM, Mini-Super Los Arcos, Pescadero
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 5 - 6 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos
Plein Air Painting Workshop - Marsha Dahlquist - 108 0390
AA Meeting, Grupo Serinidad, 11 - 12 PM, Church Courtyard, Info: 145 0265 or 0364, Todos Santos

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