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December 03, 2008

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News, Events and Announcements

Red Cross Chapter Of Todos Santos - On behalf of the Red Cross Chapter of Todos Santos, we have the pleasure of requesting the assistance from the foreign community. The photograph is of some of the men (and their assistants) who work as volunteers for the Todos Santos chapter of the Red Cross (L-R: Ricardo Perez Diaz, Blas Villalobos Martinez, Ramon Agundez Martinez, Asst Miguel Angel Leon Dominguez, Asst Jesus Orlando Castro Martinez, Asst Michel Romero Flores, Jesus Antonio Cota Araiza, C. Juan de Dios Leon Martinez, Ing. Miguel Angel Leon Amador, Jairo Benito Orozco Gonzalez) and there are many more people behind the scenes too numerous to mention.

The men work in shifts and go out on emergency calls to rescue car accident victims and transport them to the nearest Centro de Salud (Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas or La Paz). They also make emergency house calls to people's homes and they all work without pay for their volunteer efforts. They have requested financial assistance from the foreign community so they can purchase a few appliances for their office on the edge of downtown. They are in need of (new or used) a refrigerator, washing machine and ventilation fans for their sparse headquarters in Todos Santos.

For the month of November and December, El Dharma (Alvaro Colindres & Robert Hall) will donate 10% of funds collected at Sunday's dharma talk. Encanto Real Estate have also included the Red Cross to receive a portion of sales commission designated for non-profit organizations for the 2008. The Red Cross are still in need of more donations and request your financial contributions. Donations may be made at the Encanto Real Estate Office located on the corner of Juarez and Hidalgo or at Sunday's dharma talk at La A.R.C.A. located on Topete corner of Pilar. Contact Alvaro Colindres or Lisa Welsch at(612) 145-0287 Office; alvaro [-at-] Best wishes for the holiday season! - Alvaro Colindres, alvaro [-at-], 1-612-108-1030 Cel, Todos Santos

Pescadero Craft Show Dec 13th - Announcing the first annual Exhibicion de Artesanias de El Pescadero, to be held on Saturday, Dec 13, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. in El Pescadero at Los Bules Artesanias. Local Craftspeople and Artists are invited to come and exhibit their work in this Exhibition and Sale of arts and crafts. Music, food, and a fun time for everyone. Contact Scott or Maria at Los Bules to register or for more information. All BCS artisans welcome. - Scott Cole, craftshow [-at-],, 612-134-0684, Pescadero

XII Festival Del Arte Todos Santos - Saturday, Jan.31 to Saturday, Feb.7 - XII Festival del Arte Todos Santos, Todos Santos. - Heriberto Parra Hake, hparra [-at-], 612 117 3945 - 145 0225, Todos Santos

World Class Garage Sale At La Canada Del Diablo - La Canada del Diablo reminds you not to miss the opportunity to attend the "ANNUAL WORLD CLASS GARAGE SALE". It is not to late to clean out that bodega and register to be a seller. It is free. Come have fun, sell your extra stuff. Amazing things for sale, lots of bargins, you might find just what you have been looking for. Remember, Sunday Dec. 7th at 9;00 am. For more info, to sign up as a "seller", or directions to La Canada, e-mail or call us at 612-14-00069. See you there. - Barbara Perkins, barbara_perkins [-at-], 612-14-00069

2009-2010 Phone Book - 2009-2010 Todos Santos/Pescadero Phone Book Deadline is DECEMBER 15. Business Display Ads & Free Resident listings (make all resident entries at La Esquina, by Casa Dracula). All residents can be listed, yet only mexican citizens may have their skills/trade included in their resident listing. Please visit La Esquina soon. Previous Resident listing remains the same, unless you submitted a change at La Esquina. The Phone
Book is limited to people and businesses in the immediate Todos Santos and Pescadero community. Please do not submit a Mexican Ciudano's name/trade/phone number without their consent/permission.

A few businesses serve "us" from La Paz & Cabo so exceptions are made; meeting that criteria. Display Ads are being produced now, the client receives a proof to make any corrections/changes. When your Ad proof is approved, payment is made. If you speak Spanish please contact Maria 044-612-152-7374 Mon-Saturdays for your Display Ads. Or you may email me: JPBaja [-at-] for your Ad request (No art charges and Factura upon request.) You will receive your proof by return email & have opportunity to make your change/correction etc. Maria will be making the “business” visits these next 2 weeks, for logos and ad creation. So, if you want a printed-proof please call on Maria. Thank you in advance for your timely response. - Jan Piere, JPBaja [-at-], Todos Santos

Landscape Painting Classes Continue - We are continuing painting the great outdoors, every Saturday. All levels, all mediums. If you've ever been awed by a brilliant sunset or blue shadows falling across a dirt path, come discover the joy of capturing the light. It's awesome! - Marsha Dahlquist, maraquist [-at-], 044 612 108 0390, Todos Santos

5K Reminder - Are you training for the Romex Todos Santos 5K Walk/Run? Only 4 more weeks untill the big event and you'll want to join in the fun! Jan. 3 Saturday 9am. The race begins at Plaza Marquez de Leon, next to the church, and makes a scenic loop thru the neighborhoods of Todos Santos. Walk or run at your own pace. Everyone eligible for prizes. Entry forms at Teclote Bookstore,Romex,Encanto and Pintu Sayer Paints. Come have fun and support the Palapa Society "Chino Project". See you there! - Mir Lund, mikeandmir [-at-]

Christmas Party - Encanto Real Estate would like to invite you to our 2nd Annual Christmas Party. We would like to thank you for your support and celebrate the spirit of giving back to the community. We will be presenting our annual donations to the following organizations:

• Todos Santos Bomberos
• Palapa Society
• Fortalecer
• Red Cross
• CAM – Centro de Atención Multiple
Please join us December 19, 2008 between 4pm and 7pm at our office located on the corner of Juarez y Hidalgo for some food, wine and friendship. Team Encanto: Eric, Juan, Lisa, Alvaro, Oscar, Patrick, info [-at-],, 612-140-1414, Todos Santos

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Mail To The Usa - I have a time sensative letter which needs to reach its destination by Dec. 11th. Anyone going to the States in the next few days that could post my letter? Thanks - Lisa Welsch, lisa [-at-], 612-140-1414

BAJA CARAVAN 12-4/12-8 - wanting to caravan for safety thru Tijuana near the end of this next week...would like to leave san diego early sat or sun (7am) and camp first night in san quintin...could travel further to catavina next night (san inez) and then guerro negro the next time flexible, and dont drive to fast...50-55..interested please email. - tall man, gypszcaravan [-at-], United States

Estafeta Mexicana information - Anyone have experience using this system in baja...and do you know where the offices are on the way down to what big cities have one..guerro negro, constitution...Also how much for a five pound package mailing to chiapas...thanks - tall man, gypszcaravan [-at-], United States

Pre-school Age Children? - Hello! My husband and I are planning to spend Jan, Feb and March in Todos Santos --- we are bringing along our three year old daughter. Does anyone else out there have small children? Are there any playgroups or other organized activities for children? Would anyone be willing to offer any suggestions as to how to find some childcare or household help? (Cooking?) Any thoughts about life in Todos Santos with a child would be appreciated, Thank you! - Ann Pibal, pibal [-at-], 802 442-0374, Todos Santos

Hiking Or Long Walk - Hello, I am from the Lake Tahoe area where I used to take long walks or even mountain hikes in the Sierra's. Can anyone tell me where to go here around Todos Santos for a nice long walk. Maybe near the inland of our area. Nothing too serious. - Albert Arechiga, arechiga66 [-at-], Todos Santos

Fellow Hikers - I will be arriving in Todos Santos on 12/16. I would like to do some hiking in the area and am wondering if there are any hiking groups with whom I could join. I will be leaving on 12/24. - Marsha Sendar, msendarcnc [-at-], Todos Santos

Car Rental Needed Dec 18 To Jan 28 - Car rental needed for 5+ week. Can pay $200 a week for a reliable car (with mexican insurance). Staying in the Todos area. Possible pick up at SJD also. Muchos Gracias! Lauriecpb [-at-] - Laurie Pearce Bauer, lauriecpb [-at-], 415.305.8449

Beware Another E Mail Scam - Yesterday I received the following E mail:

Am in a hurry writing you this note, Just wanted to seek your help on something very important, you are the only person i could reach at this point, and i hope you come to my aid. Because something very terrible is happening to me now, i need a favor from you now, I had a trip here in Perth Australia.

Unfortunately for me all my money got stolen on my way to the hotel where i lodged along with my bag were my passport was, And since then i have been without any money i am even owing the hotel here ... So i have limited access to emails for now, please i need you to lend me about $2,300.00 so i can pay up my hotel bills and get some good food and make arrangements and return back please, i have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively, I would return the money back to you as soon as i get home, I am so confused right now.

I have made inquiries and was able to find out that you can have money sent to me via Western Union Money Transfer and i already spoken to the manager of the hotel here in Perth Australia. Please i will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

The Email purportedly came from someone I know, and I verified it was actually sent from their e mail account. A telephone call confirmed the scam.

I had heard of a similar scam being run by telephone, usually preying upon the elderly. The caller say "Hey grandma/pa, this is your grandson and I'm in trouble!" The victim responds "Jimmy?/Cathy?" "Yes, please don't tell mom but I'm in jail in [wherever]. I need you to send money now!" But this is the first time I've seen this scam sent by e mail. My friend's Hotmail account had been hacked by a criminal who was able to break in by discovering her password. Once in, he changed the password and the password hint. Now he could freely raid the address book and send this scam out to all of the contacts in the address book.

Once you are locked out of these web-based Email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.), you can pretty much kiss your account "Goodbye." You will not get back in. Your best alternative is to immediately report the hijack to the Internet Service Provider, and hope they may eventually close it down. Don't fall for these kinds of scams-either by Email or phone. Also, be sure your usernames and passwords are secure, and not easily guessed. Scammers have tools that they can use to sniff out weak user names and passwords. More to follow on this subject... - Alan, Todos Santos

How To Make Easy To Remember/Hard to Crack Usernames and Passwords - With the explosion in online banking, retailing (and cyber crime), it's getting harder to keep track of all your user names and passwords and keep them secure. Most people simply use the same username and password on all sites, and make it something simple to remember, like their name or initials, their dog's name, or a common dictionary word.

This is a very bad idea as these types of passwords are very insecure and easy to crack by online criminals. This is especially easy with Email addresses because the Email address is the username; the scammers already have half the information they need. Many employ tools to automate the process of exposing weak passwords. Once they have your username and/or password, the scumbags can then potentially get into your websites and raid your accounts. Experts recommend you construct hard-to-crack passwords using a combination of upper and lower-case letters and numbers. But how to remember them? Here's a tip I use for all my passwords to make them really easy to remember but really hard to crack, try this:

You will create your passwords for each site in three parts:

  1. For the first part of the password, use either the entire name, or the first two or three letters for the website you're on. Always type this part in all "lower case" letters: eg. "hotmail" or "hot" or "ho" This is the portion that will change from site to site. I recommend you always use the same format on every site, 2 letters, 3 letters or all letters.
  2. For the middle part of the password, use the three or four call letters of your favorite TV or radio station. Always type this part in ALL CAPITAL letters: eg. ABC, ESPN, KQED, etc. You will always use this same station for every password.
  3. For the third part of the password, use the 2- or 4-digit number from the year of your birth: eg. 1958, or 58.
This will create virtually uncrackable passwords that will all be easy for you to remember as you move from site to site. Here is an example of an easy-to-remember password created using the above method: hotPBS58

For Usernames, you can use a similar strategy, perhaps using a different favorite station and/or the month of your birth. You will probably want to use the same user name for all sites. Just be sure you use a combination of lower and upper case letters and numbers in a consistent format that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. You might also switch to using your middle name and last initial for the first part.

For example, for someone born in September whose full name is Diane Marie Jones, she might use any of the following:
diane (Very Bad!)
dianej09 (So So)
DMJonesABC09 (Very Good!)
Of course, keep your usernames and passwords safe. It's been said that passwords are like Kleenex; once you've used one, you don't want to reuse it (or pass it around to others!). Experts recommend you change usernames and passwords every month for added security. That's pretty extreme for most of us. Always change them if you suspect any of them have been compromised, of if your computer is stolen. Wishing you happy and safe computing! - Alan Thompson, Todos Santos Technologies, alan [-at-], Todos Santos

Thank You Bakers - The biggest THANK YOU to all who helped with the Palapa Soc.'s Bake Sale. It was a huge success, making almost 200 dollars more this year than last! THANK YOU to Cathy Curry, Carolyn Kramer, Bill David, George Reunitz, Karen Haley, Kathleen Froese, Marc Viglione, Mary Shortell, Cat Chambaret, Cindy Carter, Mir Lund, Nancy Herroz, Jan Bolio and Martha from Pescadero. There was a lot happening, so if I missed your name, I appologize, but send thanks to you. Gracias, you're the best! - Susan Doyle, timsudoyle [-at-]

Tapicero - Upholsterer - I can highly recommend Enrique Chaves, a local tapecero. He speaks fluent english and can be reached at cell 612 13 39158. - , mcnerneyatlast [-at-], Todos Santos

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Rides Needed/Available

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Restaurant and Food News

Buena Vida's Updated Information - I first want to start out thanking everyone for Thanks Giving Night! It was so much fun and worth all the work! I had so much fun and enjoyed cooking for I will for sure be doing it again next year!

So I want to let everyone know that we are now offering many new things on our menu. We are excited to offer STONE-GROUND WHOLE WHEAT PIZZAS AND BREADS. This may sound kind of blah but it is absolutely delicious and good for you! The bread cooks up crispy and chewy like our other crust but without the guilt! You must try it! And for those of you that are searching for a protein dish we are also offering oven roasted chickens every night. You can buy a whole or a half chicken which comes with lots of delicious root vegetables like yams, carrots, potatoes, onions & rutabagas. We will only be making two or three a night so its on a first come first serve basis. Unless of coarse you want to call and reserve one.

We also have NEW HOURS! We are going to be opening seven days a week this month from 5:30- close AS OF TODAY! So please come and join us. We look forward to seeing you! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski [-at-], 6121343100, Todos Santos

New At Cafe' D'licia - Yes we are open! Our answer to many inquires. We are open 5 days a week...Wednesday thru Sunday 9AM to 3PM for breakfast and lunch. We now have Alicia's posole daily as well as many daily specials. We are very happy to have two new exceptional additions to our staff....Rosy our cocinera and Gladis her assistant. Come by and meet them and have a great meal. - Alicia Dufaux, kiwimay1999 [-at-], 1450862

Ataxcon Mexican Food - - Now serving dinners at Ataxcon Thursday and Fridays. Proprietor Landi Ortega says in her home state of Guerrero, Pozole is traditionally served every Thursday, so she's decided to carry on the tradition in Todos Santos. On Traditional Thursdays she'll prepare her famous home cooked Pozole which includes spicy green and red versions, and a savory white variety. On Thursdays and Fridays, she'll also serve her regular dinner menu such as Bake Fish in Banana leaves, Chicken Mole, Pork Cutlet in Salsa Verde, Nopales Vegetarian Salad, served with beans and rice and includes a beverage, for $70 pesos per dish. And guests are welcome to bring their own wine and beer to enjoy with dinner. Open for Breakfast and Lunch Sunday-Friday, Dinner & live music Thursday and Friday. Closed Saturdays. - Landi Ortega, landi_ortega [-at-], 612-1761275

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Music/Entertainment News

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Pet Corner

Dog Sitter Wanted - Looking for a person to watch our 3 year old yellow lab. either on our property in Las Tunas or in your fenced-in area, for about a month starting on December 26th. Person can stay in our travel trailer with solar panel, propane and water. Please email me at cmyviews [-at-] - Denise Steffenhagen, cmyviews [-at-], 612-131-1185, Todos Santos

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Dehumidifier - For sale; Climatrol promac pc10rc dehumidifier/cooler. makes about 2 gallons of distilled water a humid night.looks like R2D2 in the Star wars movies.Has remote control. costs about $700 new. will sell for $150. in Las Brisas 612 145 0715 - Pat Dodd, patriciododd [-at-], 612 145 0715, Todos Santos

Polaroid 7.0 Dig Camera - i have one Polaroid camera for sale. it is new, still in the box and wrapped in plastic. it has a 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. 2.5 lcd screen. SD compatible, and PicBridge compatible. comes with CD software, batteries, and USB cables. takes video clips with audio, antishake, red-eye removal. $ 99 usd ! - Mike Johnson, zzooo9 at, cell 612 152 3564, Todos Santos

Surf And Store Stuff 4 Sale - Various surf boards, McElroy fun shape, 7' 2 Al Merrick, wetsuits, rashguards and leashes. Also glass display case and clothing racks, hat rack and more store type fixtures.
See at Canado del Diablo Garage Sale on Sunday, Dec 7th 9am or by appointment - Patricia Baum, teampaty1 [-at-], 612 145-0882

Regalos Del Mar - Secundo/consignment. Open every Saturday 9-1 at Canada del Diablo. New items every week. Bring me your treasures to sell on Saturdays or by appointment. Also open this Sunday for the big flea market at Canada del Diablo. - Pam Cobb, senoracobb [-at-], 612-155-0622, Todos Santos

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Vehicles/Boats for Sale

Honda Enduro Xr650l - This is an almost new bike, I bought it for using here in Todos. I am moving back to US next month. It has 4200 miles on it, new tire,original and desert tank, and 3 new oil filters, valve and cam adjustment tools, service manual, two sets of new fork seals, and new chain tensioning brackets, everything you need to keep it running strong. Asking 5k USD, OBO 612 152 5186 - Rick Paris, rickparis [-at-], 612 152 5186, Todos Santos

Casita Patriot 13' House Trailer - 2001 rug fiberglass travel trailer can
be hauled with a 6 cylinder car, truck, or suv. Electric brakes, new tires, 3 way refer, 2 burner stove, ac, 3 speed thermofan, full bath/shower/toilet. Perfect for beach camping, single guest house, construction sites, family outings, ??? Outside shower included. $3,900 usd
for more info go to - David Ballard, davidballard [-at-], 612-134-8683, Pescadero

Trailer For Sale - Great Deal, Just lowered price to $11,000.usd Micro, a.c., c.d. player, large refer, great cabinetry, wonderful condition, also a slideout. Todo Santos. Call taz at 612-143-1747 - Taz Hansen, ohsotimoteo [-at-], 612-143-1747, Todos Santos

95 Suzuki - 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4x4 excellent condition, recently completely gone through. $3000.00 usd available in Todo Santos, great surfer rig. call John at 612-142-8496 - John Molea, jmolea [-at-], 612-142-8496, Todos Santos

2000 5th Wheel For Sale - 2000 36' Newmar (Kountry Star)triple axle 5th wheel in great shape, 3 slides, computer desk, entertainment center, corian counter top in kitchen, oven has broiler, Onan 400 propane generator. Only have a 1/2 ton truck, can't pull this one but it is ideal to live in.Pics available on request
Asking $23,000USD - Noel Birkett, thebirketts [-at-], 044-624-115-3426, Cabo San Lucas

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Sales and Services

Vehicle Delivery Service - Door to door vehicle delivery. U.S. to Baja-Baja to U.S. I drive your vehicle door to door. References available - Mark Sherman, BajaVehicleDelivery [-at-], Pescadero

T'ai Chi Classes Beginning December 2nd - T'AI CHI for health, regeneration, rejuvenation, and relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Come and give it a try. New students can try the first class before signing up for the course. Tuesdays, 4:15-5:30, at La Arca, beginning December 2nd for 12 weeks. One can join this class up until Dec 16th after which enrollment will be closed for this series. Students who wish to repeat can join in at any time for half price. Tuition: $1200 pesos for the 12 week course if paid at registration; $120 pesos per class if paid in installments. Call Rhoda for class schedule in Las Tunas and La Poza and any other information. - Rhoda Jacobs, barakabaja [-at-], 612 157 6088, Todos Santos

Painting Contractor In Todos Santos - i am an american painting living in todos santos, and looking to work. brush and roll, varnish/poly, interior/exterior. my rates are more than reasonable, i am reliable, have references here in todos santos.small or large jobs, call me. - Mike Johnson, zzooo9 at, cell 612 152 3564, Todos Santos

New PC Service - Now in Todos Santos Internet & professional service of maintenance and repair of computers, installation of hardware and software (Street Centenario No. 33 to side of Café Todos Santos)The Propietors Luis Rivera & Landi Ortega guarantees rapidity and honesty in the service. Phone: (612)1451036 - Lic. Luis A. Rivera, basquetbol_luis [-at-], 612-1761275

Kundalini Yoga Workshop - Come work your body and chkras whith the ancient technique of kundalini yoga. In this life-changing course you will access your chakras whith asanas(postures), dinamic postures, breath and meditacion. Enjoy 2 and a half days of a delicious yogic special diet, early morning meditation and yogic philosophy. Course taught by experienced and certificate kundalini prachtioner trained under Baba Ji.
Stay tuned for more information or call me at 6241744642 or send me an email:harinamsimran [-at-]
13 students maximum so make sure you reserve your spot
- Hari Nam Simran Singh, harinamsimran [-at-], 6241744642, Todos Santos

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Rentals Available/Wanted

Rent A Beautiful Little House In Pescadero In Front Of An Organic Orchard And The Pacific Ocean - This unique casita is a 2 bedroom home with ocean and outstanding organic orchardviews. The architecture shows minimalist style in a unique way, providing simple but sophisticated comfort in a tasteful fashion. The furnishing is custom designed for the house. The house is located 6 miles south of the 'pueblo magico' of Todos Santos, neighboring the Pescadero Huertas, in between Cerritos and San Pedrito surf breaks. The house sits 1km from the beach, in a peaceful and contemplative desert landscape.

December to April 15th (except Christmas and New Years Weeks): $490 per week/$75 per day (3 days minimum)
December 24th to January 7th: $650 per week/$90 per day (4 days minimum)

Note. Long term deals. Visit for more info & pics - Rodrigo Menendez, rmenende [-at-], 612 1523097, Pescadero

La Paz Home For Rent - $1800-2300/mo. Fully furnished (US style) two years new. 3/2.5 with laundry and great kitchen; all appliances included. A/C and a private balcony in each bedroom. Private parking in gated community. 6 homes from the beach. Close to CCC and marina. Available for 3-12 months. Phone & internet installed. Photos and more details at our web site. - Katrina Edwards, Katrina [-at-],, 6508131413, La Paz

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Real Estate For Sale

La Casita Real Estate Listing $98k - La Casita is located in Las Brisas on the edge of barrio El Quinto and enjoys mountain and garden views. The property has a grove of mature mango, passion, and guava trees perfect for quiet comtemplation. This compact little gem is the ideal entry level home that's ready to inhabit while you settle into the Todos Santos groove. The home is ideal for a single person or couple who's looking to add more living space, or keep things simple for your winter get away. Enjoy sunset walks along back country roads and along the ridges of Las Brisas. Todos Santos beach is a two mile walk and the center of town is a short five minute drive. Includes electric & water service, and telephone and DSL hook ups available. Reduced from $115k to $98K and seller is super motivated! 1-612-108-1030 Cell. - Alvaro Colindres, alvaro [-at-],, 612-145-0287 Office Tel., Todos Santos

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Quote of the Day: " " -

Community Calendar
Denotes New or Updated Onion Item This Week
Dec 7, Annual World Class Garage Sale And Pancake Breakfast - 9 AM, La Canada Del Diablo. Info: Barbara Perkins, barbara_perkins [-at-], 612-14-00069
Dec 14th, CAM Special Needs Fundraiser, 11:00am-4:00 PM, At the school, on La Cachora Road before La Esquina. Info: Mary Shortell, mshortell [-at-], 612 145 0512
Palapa Society Double Dutch Jump Rope Workshops, 4-5 PM, Central Plaza, Todos Santos, palapasociety [-at-], 1450-299
Dharma Talks and Guided Meditation with Robert K. Hall M.D. 10:00 A.M.--11:30 A.M. - La Arca, Todos Santos
Pro Football on The Big Screen - La Buena Vida, 11:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Todos Santos
Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives - La Buena Vida, 7 PM, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. 96.3 FM, In English.
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Dalina Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.
NFL Football at the Sandbar in Pescadero
Tennis-- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]
Monday Night Football/2 x 1 beers from 5:00 till 7:30 - La Buena Vida, Todos Santos
NFL Football at The Sandbar in Pescadero
Dec. 16 - Las Posadas (Mex.)
T'ai Chi Classes - 4:15-5:30, La Arca, beginning December 2nd for 12 weeks - Rhoda Jacobs, barakabaja [-at-], 612 157 6088, Todos Santos
Yoga Ashtanga at La Arca 9:00 A.M., Todos Santos
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 2:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Manos Magicas meeting 10 A.M.-12 P.M. at DIF on Topete across from La Copa, Todos Santos
Dec 3rd, TODAY - CAM Special Needs Fundraiser Planning Meeting, 4:00 PM, at Mary Shortell's house. Info: Mary Shortell, mshortell [-at-], 612 145 0512
The Sand Band and Pizza Night - 7 PM, The Sandbar, Terry Mcbride, tleemcbride [-at-], 612-130-3209, Pescadero
Tennis -- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 2:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
Dec. 25 - Christmas Day
Drawing Classes - 9:00 to 10:30 AM, Todos Santos, E mail or call for info and directions - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori [-at-], 612-136-6738
Steak Night at La Canada, Todos Santos, 6:00 P.M. call for reservations 612-14-00069
Dec. 12 - Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Mex.)
Dec. 19 - Encanto Real Estate 2nd Annual Christmas Party, 4pm - 7pm, info [-at-],, 612-140-1414, Todos Santos
Recycling Center 11:00 A.M. to noon- at Meliton Albanez (primary school near Cruz Roja), Todos Santos
Basilfields Organic Fruit And Vegetable Stand. 10:00 to 2:00, Colegio Militar across from Telcel, Todos Santos
BBQ Night At La Esquina 6:00 P.M., Todos Santos
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music by Dave Hutcheson and Dave de la Valle, 3 to 6 P.M.
Tennis-- Leslie Light, leslie.light1 [-at-]
Dec 13th - Pescadero Craft Show, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. at Los Bules Artesanias. - Scott Cole, craftshow [-at-],, 612-134-0684, Pescadero
Dec. 13 - ALMA Rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Regalos Del Mar - Secundo/Consignment., 9:00-1:00, Canada del Diablo, Pam Cobb, senoracobb [-at-], 612-155-0622, Todos Santos
Plein Air Painting Workshop - Marsha Dahlquist - 108 0390
Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Music by Daniel Siqueiros, 3 to 6 P.M.

Thursday, Jan. 1 - New Year's Day
Saturday Jan. 3 - Todos Santos 5K Run/walk For Health. Benefit for the Palapa Society "Chino Project". - Mir Lund, mikeandmir [-at-]
Sunday, Jan. 18 - Asoc. De Artes “Casas de Artes” Tour, Los Barriles
Saturday, Jan.31 to Saturday, Feb.7 - XII Festival Del Arte Todos Santos, hparra [-at-], 612 117 3945 - 145 0225
Saturday, Feb. 14 - Rotary Club “Valentine Run”, Los Barriles
Sunday, Feb. 22 - 15th Annual Todos Santos Historic House Tour
Sunday, Feb. 22 - Asoc. De Artes “Artist Studio Tour”, Los Barriles
March 5-8 - Sexto Festival de Cine de Todos Santos - Leonardo
Friday March 13 & Saturday, March 14 - “Hairpiece” Dinner Theater in Todos Santos at Leo’s Salon Ticket Info 612 145-0273
Sunday, March 22 - First Annual La Paz Arts Festival 8-5, Marina Palmira.
Thursday, Mar. 26-29 - Baja Shakespeare , “Comedy of Errors” Rancho Buena Vista
Sunday, Mar. 29 - Asoc. De Artes 16th Annual “Festival de Artes” Rancho B.V.
Wednesday, Apr. 22 - Rotary Club & UVERDE – “Earth Day” celebration
Monday, Jun. 8 - ALMA rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Sunday, Jun. 14 - ALMA Spay & Neuter Clinic, Los Barriles

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