Tuesday, December 27, 2007

News and Events

Lost Dog - I lost my Golden Retriever Monday morning in the Los Brisas area. He ran off because of all the fireworks. His name is "Jax" he weighs about 80 lbs and is around 8 years old, but looks younger. He is very friendly and responds to his name. If you have any information please contact me at jeepcheerokee_offroad ( -at- ) yahoo.com Tim Johnston, Todos Santos

Save The Beach - At Cerritos, on the beach, we found some baby turtles stuck in the tracks in the sand, and dead baby pelicans along the shore . Jet skis were rented out on Christmas day. ATVs are parked in front of the restaurant waiting to pollute this still pristine beach . Where are the wonderful promises of Mr Pollock ? - Cat Chambaret, chambARETCAT ( -at- ) MAC.COM, 612 102 83 93, Pescadero

Rides Needed/Available

Ride Needed - My son needs a ride from Todos Santos to the San Jose airport on Tuesday, January 1. His flight leaves at 1:45 P.M. Willing to help pay for gas expenses. - Kathleen Froese, ksfroese ( -at- ) hotmail.com, 612 154 5992, Todos Santos

Questions and Answers

Looking For Music - Just wondering what kind of live music is around there. Our friends are getting married on the 25th of January in Todos Santos - anything live happening that night? - salsa dancing? - Deb Pavek, rickndeb ( -at- ) frontier.net, Todos Santos

Any Ideas To Solve This? - I just bought another of those Talavera-like water jugs from a local shop, and it drips quite a bit from the unglazed portion of the bottom. I have another one that does the same thing, but 2 others I have don't. Does anybody have a solution for the problem? - Mary Shoff, myshoff ( -at- ) yahoo.com, 044-612-134-0486

HughesNet Slowdowns? - We've received a number of reports lately about slowdowns on HughesNet Satellite Internet systems. We think part of the problem is with a particular channel on one satellite where many HughesNet systems were assigned. I would be interested in hearing from others who might be having the same problem so we can confirm the cause.

Also, here is a page of information that might help answer some questions about HughesNet systems, and provide some tips on how to improve your speed: http://www.bajasatellite.com/hughesnet-satellite-internet-systems-tips.asp - Alan, Baja Satellite, alan [-at-] bajasatellite.com (replace the [-at-] with an ( -at- ) )

Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Cozy Casita For Sale 165k U.S. - Comfortable, nice casita, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, A/C mini splits, carport, all walled in for privacy, walking distance from town. - Antonio Bolio, antonio ( -at- ) bolio.com, 624 166 5477, Todos Santos

Need A Project Manager With Some Construction Background - We have some land right across from the San Jose airport to build a vehicle parking & storage lot (no more insane airport pricing!) and need someone to help us build it out:. Simple stuff - fencing, grading, clearing, some pre-fab buildings and carports, etc. Please email me if you could do this and I will send the specs and full detail. We're not some big developer, so please be reasonable in pricing. - You'll get free parking, too! - Almacen Storage, AlmacenStorage ( -at- ) gmail.com, 303-800-5801, San Jose Del Cabo

House Sitting - A European, single, reliable woman, I'm looking for a long term house sitting position in the area of Loreto-Mulege-Bahia Concepcion from January 2008 onwards. Thanks for contacting me at my e-mail address. - Beatrice, kallisto54 ( -at- ) yahoo.es

Gardener Needed - Wanted: Reliable gardener in Las Tunas for about 6 to 8 hours a week divided into two sessions. Yes, we know that is asking a bit much, but one has to be optimistic in the land where ‘manjana’ rules the chores of the day. Please send any leads to this e-mail address or call Marianne or Leo at cell; 612-158-9718 - Marianne Buijs, lbuijss ( -at- ) yahoo.ca, Todos Santos

Commercial Section (Please tell our Advertisers you saw them in the Baja Western Onion)

New Years Eve Party At Los Cerritos Beach Club - For those of you wondering what to do on New Years Eve we have another option. The Cerritos Beach Club is holding their first annual New Years Eve Party on Monday, December 31. The party will start around 8:30 P.M. with live music by the KL Reggae band from La Paz that just won the title of best band in Baja Sur at the battle of the bands last weekend at Las Varitas.
The Cerritos Beach Club New Years Party on the beach, under the stars has the makings of a great event with fireworks, raffle/drawing giveaways and affordable drink specials. The cover charge will be only $10 USD and that is a bargain. Pass the word and see you there. - Jimmy Jordan

Buena Vida's Holiday Hours -We are usually closed Thursdays but we were thinking since there are so many people in town we should just open this week. Also, I want to invite anyone who doesn't know what to do on New Years Eve to come to Buena Vida. We will keep our kitchen open till 9 P.M. and then clear the tables and chairs out for dancing. It costs nothing to come in and you will see a lot of familiar faces. Last Year was a lot of fun! The bar will remain open long past Midnight! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski ( -at- ) hotmail.com, 0116121343100, Todos Santos

Propane Refrigerators - Propane Refrigerators, all types, $250 on up, depending on size and condition. Refrigerators are in Santa Ana, Calif. I do repair work on propane refrigerators also. Call Randy at (707)769-2705. - Randy Martin, recyclingforever ( -at- ) rock.comBaja California Norte

Curvas Peligrosas Is Back - For all the people who have asked us when we will play again, "Curvas Peligrosas" will play Thursday January 3rd, '08 at Hotel California. Come on out and dance to the music of Lars Pointer, Isabel Smyth, Doug Alani, Alberto Poli and Raul Cavazos. 7:30 P.M., admission free. bluemooninbaja ( -at- ) hotmail.com

We Are The Drum - West African drumming classes will start on Wednesday January 2nd 5:00 P.M. at Cafe Brown in Todos Santos. Classes will happen every Wednesday evening and continue for six weeks. Everyone is welcome. Drums and instruments will be provided. Contact: rosario ( -at- ) wearethedrum.comWebsite: www.wearethedrum.com - Rosario Carelli, rosario ( -at- ) wearethedrum.com, skype 828-333-4172, Todos Santos

Fresh Local Organic Produce Now Available Daily In Todos Santos - Lettuce (many varieties), arugula, cilantro, basil, various greens, and whatever else is ripe and ready to pick (green peppers, radishes, green onions). Brighten your home with a lovely bouquet of colorful flowers. Located Monday-Saturday from 11A.M. to 1:00 P.M. either on Juarez in front of the Cultural Center or just around the corner on Obregon, in the shade. On Sundays in front of La Arca from 10 till noon. For special requests, stop by or give us a call. Gracias to everyone for your great support! - Ben Solis, basilfields2 ( -at- ) yahoo.com, 612-119-6662, Todos Santos

Quote of the Day: " There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. " - Alfred Wainwright

Community Calendar
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NFL Football - The Sandbar, Pescadero
Dharma Talks and Guided Meditation with Robert K. Hall, 10:00 A.M.--11:30 A.M. - La Arca, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. 96.3 FM, In English.

Dec. 31st - New Years Eve Party - Los Cerritos Beach Club - 8:30 P.M
NFL Football/Free Pool, 3 P.M. - 10 P.M. - The Sandbar, Pescadero

Jan. 8- Artosan Cafe Series at 5:00 P.M.at La Esquina (across from Casa Dracula) - donations, Todos Santos
Zandro's Ashtanga Yoga - 9.00 A.M. Donations, La Arca , Todos Santos
Music by Daniel Siqueiros, 8:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. - The Sandbar, Pescadero

Jan. 2 - Artosan Cafe Series at 5:00 P.M.at La Esquina (across from Casa Dracula) - donations, Todos Santos
All You Can Eat Pizza - The Sandbar, Pescadero
Peace & Loaf Bakery, 9 A.M. - 1 P.M. - Calle Las Brisas, Todos Santos(closed Jan. 2)

NFL Football/All You Can Eat Spaghetti - The Sandbar, Pescadero
Steak Night - La Canada del Diablo, Todos Santos - call for reservations 612-14-00069
Zandro's Ashtanga Yoga - 9.00 A.M. Donations, La Arca , Todos Santos

Music by Shawn & Cowboy, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Live Reggae music from KL. 9:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. The Sandbar, Pescadero

Peace & Loaf Bakery - 9 A.M. - 1 P.M. - Calle Las Brisas, Todos Santos
Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos