Sunday, August 05, 2007
Todos Santos / Pescadero Master Plan - There was another meeting this last Thursday at the Ejido meeting hall in downtown Todos Santos to solicit comments about the proposed Todos Santos / Pescadero Master Plan. This was the third meeting so far. The first meeting only had about 12 attendees. The second meeting had about 60. There were about 200 people at the third meeting. Also, percentage of Extranjeros at the third meeting had increased dramatically from the previous. One of the Council speakers even commented on this, saying he was a little disappointed to see that there were actually more Extranjeros at the meeting than Hispanic locals, wishing that the locals would get more concerned about the plan.
Although intended to solicit community comments about the Plan, the first two hours of the meeting was spent debating the makeup of the Council that was to represent the community's viewpoints on the Plan. Several attendees questioned how the Council members were chosen without public input, and why some members such as the Mayor were even on the Council. One attendee pointed out that the makeup of the 10 or so initial Council members included only one women, and no residents from Pescadero. Council Members stated that the Council makeup could be changed, with members added or deleted.
It was interesting to watch Mexican Democracy in action; and it was finally resolved to add several new members to the Council from the local community. It was also decided to add representatives for the Extranjeros, acknowledging their evident interest in the Plan. Volunteers for the Council were solicited, a vote was held, and the new members were sworn in. By this time, several audience members had left but the meeting continued on past 9 PM.
There were again three main points raised during the meeting about serious local infrastructure problems that need to be addressed before any new development plan could be done:
1. Potable Water Supply - Currently, there is a major failure with the pumping and delivery system with one of the town's main wells and the rest of the system is aging and overburdened.
2. Waste Water Treatment. - Untreated, raw sewage is apparently running into the ocean because of lack of adequate treatment facilities.
3. Garbage Pickup - Pickup service is intermittant, and the current relleno (dump) North of Pescadero is full.
Apparently, public comments and recommended revisions to the Plan are due by the end of this month. That doesn't leave a lot of time, and local residents and visitors to our area who are concerned about future development here are urged to get involved if you want your voice to be heard. Whatever your interests, you WILL be impacted by this Plan if and when it is ever implemented.
If you attended either of the previous two meetings, please send additional information or comments to the BWO, and we'll include them if appropriate. One thing that would be very helpful is an interpretation and explanation of the Legend symbols included in the Master Plan maps. We will add this information to the web page on the Baja Western Onion website when available,
There is supposed to be another meeting this week and we will provide details as to time and location when they become available. - Baja Western Onion

House Wanted  - Seeking a House in...San Carlos, Lopez-Mateos or nearby. We will be in the area from Nov. 15th - Jan 15th and are looking to rent a comfortable home on the beach. If you know of one or own one, we are the BEST tenants you'll ever find. Need room for a couple of vehicles and boat trailers. Will consider all types of housing. Thank you, David and Janel 624.137-0686 (cell)   624.124.8042 (home)    david.a.marvin (-at-)  - Janel Faraci, janel91436 (-at-)  

Question About BWO E-mail Addresses -  Is newsletter (-at-) supposed to work at all?  Is it your preferred way for readers to respond to articles?  Nothing on the BWO says exactly how replies should be sent. - Tom
Answer: Readers may have noticed recently that some issues of the Baja Western Onion have been mailed from either Newsletter (-at-) or Moderator (-at-) This was done as we worked out how to send the Onion through our new ISP's servers. Either address will work if you wish to send a response, and mail sent to both addresses is monitored and read. You can either reply directly to each issue of the Baja Western Onion, or send a new E-mail to either address. We would prefer that all article submissions are submitted through The Web Site. Sorry for any confusion.
Newsletter (-at-) can also be used to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Baja Western Onion. Simply include the word Subscribe or Unsubscribe in the Subject line. - Baja Western Onion

RE: Moving Company Question From David and Teri - Our local moving and storage company (Redondo Van and Storage) hooked us up with Gateways International, based in Seattle, 206 728 5990 (Brooke Anderson), who in turn handed our US goods over to Relocation & Moving Solutions in Mexico City, +52 (55) 2457 2596 (Raquel Castañón).  It cost about triple what the ‘we drive fast down the peninsula from San Diego and we never lose anything’ companies at the border quoted, but absolutely everything we loaded in the states arrived at our house in Todo and in good order.
This method allowed our goods to be fully and individually insured at our stated value, not just insured in bulk in case the truck turned over and burned.  None of the San Diego outfits offered anything but bulk insurance.  Relocation and Moving was especially valuable to us since they trans-ship in Mexico City and we ended up having to get our goods across the border before the 6 month Menage a Casa timed out, and then store them until our house was ready (moral: NEVER apply for your FM3 until you close on your residence, FINISH any remodeling and you KNOW you can move in in less than 6 months).  Their storage charges were reasonable and they were easy to deal with.

Help Wanted - still seeking a nanny/au pair/housekeeper to live-in our home in Los Barriles plus travel with us throughout Baja. Room and board plus salary negotiable. Must speak some English. Fanstastic opportunity to be with a fun and warm family. Please pass this along to someone who might not read the Onion.
BTW, Katherine - we have not heard back from you and we have the wrong contact number
Thanks, David and Janel 624.137.0686 (cell) 624.124.8042 (home)  david.a.marvin (-at-)  - Janel Faraci, janel91436 (-at-)

A Ride Request!!!! - I am looking for a ride for my partner and I to Todos Santos from Cabo Airport on Tuesday Aug. 7th at around 2:00pm.! Any help????? Willing to split gas etc. THANKS! - Erin Friedman, erinfriedman (-at-), 805 8010457

Casita for Rent - Vacant - Nice, private palapa roof casita for rent. Fully furnished, 1 bedroom with front porch. Five minutes walk to the beach in el otro lado of Todos Santos. This is a very secure property so this would be suitable for someone who travels. $450 per month rent. You pay for electricity, water and gas. DSL internet available. Call for info. Sorry, this property is not suitable for children. We all have cats, so no dogs please. Cell: 624-160-5718 - Daniel & Ellen Siqueiros, daniel (-at-), 612-145-0141

Affordable Spanish Lessons for Beginners & Intermediates - Classes starting 8/21 10:00 to noon. Instituto de Ingles America in Pescadero, barrio San Juan in front of Sueño Tropical office. Contact Maestro Antonio Estamates for info. 612 13 03270 - Antonio Estamates

Rent / House Sit - Looking for a responsible long term renter for a beautiful new home in Las Brisas neighborhood. Reasonable rent in exchange for taking care of my home. Home is currently on the market for sale. Serious inquiries only. - Eric Schwing, ericovrsea (-at-), 714-955-3304

800 Numbers - Could someone please remind me how to call a 1-800 number in USA such as my bank. It used to be 1-880 and then the number leaving off the 1-800. Is this the same? Thanks much. Sherry Lee Duncan - sherry Lee Duncan, sherryleeduncan (-at-), 612 128-0606
Sherry, to dial 800 xxx xxxx numbers in the US, you dial 001 880 xxx xxxx (the seven-digit number following the 800 area code). Note that you may be charged for the call at International calling rates. Here are some other 800 number substitutions:
  US     INTL
1-800 = +1 880
1-888 = +1 881
1-877 = +1 882
1-866 = +1 883
- Baja Western Onion

MAC 17" Power Book G4 For Sale - 17" wide screen, Processor 1.5 Ghz PowerPC G4, 1 GB DDR SDRAM, 80GB HD, OSX 10.4 Tiger, airport wireless, Word, Photoshop, all the i stuff, Final Cut Pro-Studio Suite version 5.1, Belkin carry case, excellent condition, always cased, all discs and documentation, purchased new, can ship to any US location after 8/16 or p/u here in Todos Santos - Patricia Baum, teampaty1 (-at-), 612.145.0882

Recycling? - Any info about recycling in La Paz or Cabo? I tried recycling glass in Cabo, but both glass factories I went to were no longer accepting. Thanks, Serena, brentserena (-at-) - Serena Saltzman, brentserena (-at-) gmail, 6121029152

Restaurant Updates:  Miguel's is closed as of Saturday, August 5 and will be closed for approximately two weeks. El Zaguan is closing Wednesday, August 15 and will be closed for a month or two. La Cañada Del Diablo has reopened for Steak Night every Thursday. 
Secrets of the Garden will be open again for dinner for one night only, Saturday, August 18 from 7:00 to 9:00  p.m.  Their dinner last night was terrific - tamales, enchiladas, tacos, all with chicken or vegetarian, green salad with beef.  They also have individually wrapped tamales for take out. Let's all show up on August 18 so that they might be encouraged to open on a regular basis.  Call for reservations - Laura at 612-119-4766. Maryann (-at-)

Quote of the day:  "The only way to have really safe sex is to abstain...  from drinking."  Comedian Wendy Liebman

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Sangria Sundays 12 noon-3pm Buena Vida Pizzeria & Bar, Todos Santos (across the street from C.Stewart Gallery)
Cabo Mil FM Radio Happy Hour - 6 to 7 PM. 96.3 FM, In English.

Free Pool, 3 PM - 10 PM, The Sandbar, Pescadero

All You Can Eat Pizza, The Sandbar, Pescadero

Steak Night - La Cañada del Diablo. Todos Santos - Call for reservations 612-14-00069

August 18 - Secrets of the Garden Restaurant open for Dinner 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Todos Santos Call for reservations 612- 119-4766
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