Saturday, May 26, 2007
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7 Day Weather Forecast for Todos Santos (Courtesy
Many, Many Thanks! - I want to thank EVERYONE for helping me make Charles birthday a great success.There was a tear in his eye when we talked later about all the people who were there. It touched him to know that he is remembered in the community. I couldn't have done it without the help of Catherine Edwards , Linda Stobbe, Barbara P. Mary S. Heriberto Parra Flowers , Marc for the wonderful cake. AND All of YOU. And of course my husband who worked hard for months to produce so many beautiful and colorful pieces of ART> Love, Marylou - marylou Stewart, marichasart (-at-), 145-0265 (612)

Ride Needed To/From San Jose Del Cabo Airport - Help! I'm desperately looking for a ride to and from San José del Cabo Airport this weekend. I need to be there at 12:30pm on Friday 26, and I could REALLY use a ride back on Monday 28 at 1:00pm (so I can get back to work as soon as possible).
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd be glad to split gas expenses. Thanks! - Dr. Alberto Palacios, chip2_82 (-at-), 1450095

Ride Available To/From San Jose Del Cabo Airport May 27 & June 2 - Will be leaving the Todos Santos area for the SJD airport at 8 AM May 27 and returning June 2 around noon if you need a ride. - Susan Murray, susanleigh55 (-at-), 612 111 6195

Truck Needed - Do you have a spare truck in the local area with Mexican license plates available? I can take care of it for you during the summer, or would like to rent it at least for the month of June, or possibly buy it over time. Needed for day trips around the area only. Can pay for repairs in lieu of rent, or...? - Alan, alan (-at-) 612 117 0484

Window/Door Man Needed - Need someone to install a window and door purchased at Home Depot. Someone who knows how to do this work and has previously installed windows and doors. - Sylvia Redondo, cigar00 (-at-), 612-142-8249 

My, What Big Ears You Have! - Actually, that wasn't the first thing we thought when we saw this little beauty ambling down the 4-lane Carretera east of San Pedro last week. She was awfully skinny and apparently discarded along the road wayWe think she might have lasted only a few days more, even if she managed to avoid being run over. Alan and I tried to feed her some dry cat food (all we had in the truck at the time) but she choked trying to get it down  because of severe dehydrationAfter she drank nearly a quart of water, she ate like there was no tomorrow.
She's been dewormed, given a flea bath and is putting on more weight each day. She's now waiting here in Todos Santos for her new forever home and is ready for adoption (she has had her first vaccine). She is a very sweet, healthy, loving little girl who responds very well to people. We had no trouble approaching her from Day 1, and she will easily bond with you.
We think she's got some Belgian Shepherd in her but who knows? ... And we've named her "Cara" for "Carretera."
For more information on little Cara, just write Debra (-at-) or call 612 152 9511.

Thank You From En Medio Del Ritmo - On behalf of our quartet, En Medio Del Ritmo, the boys in the band wish to thank everyone for making our first few performances in the area so enjoyable.We received many compliments and words of encouragement, and they were truly appreciated.  Some of you even came back to hear us more than once! :)
Although our entire quartet may not be able to perform together again until December, some of band members still in the area may continue to play as time allows during the summer. And we'll keep working on expanding our play list for next season, based on your suggestions. We'll look forward to playing for you again, and we'll keep you posted as to when and where we might reappear next. - Alberto Poli, Eddie Tibbals, Alan Thompson and Fred Hagen of En Medio Del Ritmo, info (-at-)

Extra Car Sitting Around? - Does anyone have an extra car sitting around in need of a place to park it in the coming summer months? I'd be happy to provide the space here at my house if there were such a vehicle. - Jane , jasi57 (-at-)

Seeking Boat - If you have an 18-22 ft. fishermen's open boat for sale, please email Tom at t.vineyard (-at-) I want one! - Tom Vineyard, t.vineyard (-at-),

Ferry From Santa Rosalia to Guaymas? - Has anyone had the experience of traveling on the ferry from Santa Rosalia to Guaymas? Does anyone know if it is still running? Can you tell me about getting the Sonora car sticker in La Paz? Where to go for that, etc. I've tried to access the website, but it doesn't seem to be working just now. Any info will be helpful. Thanks, - Jane , jasi 57 (-at-)

Propane Fridge For Sale - Propane fridge with freezer compartment works great, Model name Aries contact susie (-at-) 612 1366865 - Susie Bradford, susie (-at-), 612 1366865

Information Needed - I would love to talk to someone who recently has imported their u.s. car. also I am looking for someone that knows sail repair...need to put jib hanks on jib. - Christine Douglas, cdoug1946 (-at-), 612-1340493

Auditions For "A Love Affair" - When: Tuesday May 29, 1PM Where: Las Palmas de Cortez in Los Barriles. What: ¨A Love Affair´ a comedy by Jerry Mayer Who: Cast of Characters: Jimmy and Jimmy 11; the same guy at different times in his life from 21 to 60. He goes from being naive and eager to disillusioned and comically bitter. Jimmy is capable but disorganized, constantly tripping over details. That´s why he leaves them to Alice. Alice and Alice !! :Same girl from 19 to 58. She´s practical and organized and lovely and sexy. This couple is played by 4 people - the younger Jimmy and Alice, and the older Jimmy and Alice. If you are around and want to audition, just come to Las Palmas. If you are not here contact us at isabelsmyth2002 (-at-) This is another Blue Moon Production in conjunction with the East Cape Guild. - Isabel , isabelsmyth2002 (-at-), 612 104 7082

For Sale Sentra 2000Automatic SE, electric windows, wheels 16' 4 door 2.0 Ltr. CD Sport 92,000 Miles - Rodolfo Estrada, terriblerem (-at-), (612)1230138

Casita For Rent - Private, Secure in Todos Santos - Nice 1 bedroom very private, quiet casita for rent in el otro lado on Camino del Pacifico just past the school. DSL Internet, power, water. Normal size fridge (new), propane stove, kitchen cabinets and stone counter, fixed propane tank. Fully furnished with couch, love seat, chair, rocker, table and four chairs, bed and great big closet. Stone floors, palapa roof with a great front porch that makes you think you live in Bali. Suitable for single artist or working person, traveling business person. Sorry, no dogs...cats OK.
This is a large plot of land with another casita at the other end and our trailer. Each area is private and with the group of us we have great security. We are looking for the right person or couple to live on this land to enjoy a quiet, private and secure lifestyle. $450 U.S. per month. You buy your propane and pay part of the electricity for the property and part of the DSL. Call or email us anytime for info. Available immediately. - Daniel Siqueiros, daniel (-at-), Cell: 624-160-5718

Pescadero Beach Front Sub Let - Partially furnished, month to month, 2 bed/1 bath, large living room/kitchen area facing surf break, available July 1 or sooner. Please write for more details. - , thonthon518 (-at-),

Local Community Pool? - I heard rumors a while ago of someone starting a project to re-open the community pool, does someone know about this? has any effort been done in this area that anyone would be aware of? Thanks - Diana Manriquez, diana617226 (-at-), 612 145 0394

For Sale RAV4 1999 - automatic 4x4 4 doors sunroof cd player leather seats 50,000 miles imported $9,000 dlls - Rodolfo Estrada, terriblerem (-at-), (612)1230138

Home Needed - I am looking for a home to care-take during the months of July through October. I am willing to fit into your schedule if at all possible. I have been care-taking Via Natural Retreat Center in Todos Santos for the past five months. I have local references. I am sixty two, have many different skills, including carpentry and plumbing. Presently I am in Iowa till the beginning of July. - Jelalludin Spencer, jelalludin (-at-),

For Sale Grand Cherokee 2001 - Automatic 4X4 6 Cyl. CD Player Imported $10,000 dlls - Rodolfo Estrada, terriblerem (-at-), (612)1230138

Agave Americana (blue agave) Available -  1 gal. size available. sasinbaja (-at-), 612-145-0563

Looking to Manage Property - Looking for Housesit and/or work/stay opportunity. Responsible, Reliable, Dependable couple from New Mexico. Call or email me. - Anthony & Kelly Gonzales, ker4peace (-at-), 505-613-5375

Spay and Neuter Totals - Hi everyone, following are the numbers of dogs and cats spayed and neutered at the clinics and other spay/neuter activities throughout the year in Todos Santos and Pescadero since the 90's:
Clinics Todos Santos to 2007                1,116
Activities during the year(s)                       718
Clinics in Pescadero                                  222
Activities during the year(s)                       237   
That is a total of 2,293 animals saved from reproducing!  If we multiply this by a low number of 4 in each litter, this would mean that 9,172 probably unwanted animals would be roaming our streets looking for help, and if these would have had a litter of only 4....... no need to go on..... all of us know!
It is with great humility and gratitude that I would like to thank everyone who has partaken in the saving of lives and limiting suffering of dogs and cats in our town and the surrounding areas. Especially I would like to thank the first organization VWAH (Veterans for world animal health), Dr. Rob Tugend who helped us to have clinics for 4 years in a row free of charge and really got us going; Carter Dillard of HSUS who gave us the first sizeable donation to do what we are doing; RAM (Remote Area Medics) who gave us 3 wonderful clinics - and last but not least the local vets from La Paz, who pull together for "mini clinics".
The above figures do not represent the privately sponsored spay/neuters, "special cases" (I.e. animals with cancer, broken bones, etc.etc.).  To those - you know who you are - very special thanks.  And of course, the many, many volunteers without whom we could not do what we do.
A break down for dogs/cats, female and male are available.  Please e-mail. Again, many, many thanks. Respectfully submitted, Angelique Schornstein, colibri2012 (-at-)

For Sale: Ranger 2000 - Automatic 4x4 King Kab cd player imported $8,000 dlls - Rodolfo Estrada, terriblerem (-at-), (612)1230138

Dog Found - Weimaraner, beige with yellow eyes, found in Las Brisas. Will feed and care for until owner appears. - Gloria Von Jansky, gloriamariev (-at-), 145-0681

Misc. For Sale - Roll of 6' wide 47% shade cloth - black. Misc. irrigation and plant propagation equipment. Over 500' electric fence materials for large animals 612-145-0563, sasinbaja (-at-)

Are You Over 50? - A professional journalist will write your life memoirs for free. It's the easiest way to capture your legacy for yourself, kids and grandkids. You talk. I record. In about 4-8 weeks you get a 10-30 page neatly printed bound booklet. We're doing this to kick-start our new free website, Eight of your neighbors in Todos have already captured their GreatLifeStories. I'll be in Todos again May 27 to June 2, and would love to chat with you. Drop me a note! Mike Brozda, owner, Casa Romance, Todos Santos mike.brozda (-at-) - Mike Brozda, mike.brozda (-at-), (831) 234-5854

1984 Honda CT90/110 Available - A nice little scooter for around town, off and on road. High/Low shift range, two seats, carry rack, folding handlebars, new tires, good condition, 100 miles per gallon! Comes with Honda CT90 and CT110 motors. Both run but need simple ring and piston job to improve performance. I am a long time Honda mechanic and will answer questions honestly. I'm disabled and can't ride or work on it. I gave 800 samolians for this three years ago plus 250 more for the second engine. You can have it for 350. Explore the beautiful Baja coast where cars can't go! - John Cook, forte41 (-at-), 612-165-6084

Contractor Recommendation - We are nearing completion of our building project at Casa Loma and would be happy to share our experience with anyone who is interested. We would especially like to recommend our contractors, Arturo Ochoa and his sons Eduardo and Zoe (Grupo Madal). Although they have been “finished” and paid in full for 4 months, they have been very responsive in returning to fix, re-do or improve. They are a local family who are familiar with their workers and we believe treat them very well and therefore have very little turnover. Working with them has been a positive experience. Thanks to our architect Sylvia St. Clair for finding them. - Fred and Marie-Rose Hagen mhagen (-at-)

Taggers Caught in The Act! - A reliable source stated that five taggers were caught in the act! 'Twill be the parents who will be responsible. Since this is "Breaking News" perhaps someone here might have more info! - Mary Shortell, mshortell (-at-), 145-0512

The Missions of Baja California - An interesting article on The Missions of Baja, California.  - Don Humphrey, bajasundog (-at-), 646-1550107-Ensenada

Fireplace Repairman - Need someone that knows how to repair draft on an indoor fireplace. - Sylvia Redondo, cigar00 (-at-), 612-142-8249

Airport Parking Alternative - Someone mentioned that parking across from the airport is closed. The Restaurant/Bar La Palapa has been a local favorite for hundreds of people for about 15 years. My Mexican family is apparently being harassed by the powers that run the highways. Because he refused to sign papers allowing the ? to move the highway back, (meaning moving his restaurant back a few hundred feet, for the second time in five years, and ultimately lose all of his land)...they have sealed off his exit and entrance to the highway! It is killing their business, the car wash and the auto storage which is daily to monthly for only $100 pesos for up to 24 hours!
Their seafood is excellent and they are happy to allow travelers to hang out all day, if they miss a flight or are waiting for incoming flights. You can now park out near the highway at Dollar to eat there. If you wish to store your car they will show you their new back driveway entrance from the highway. They live there, and it is really rotten that since they are not playing by someone's harsh rules, that they are being punished. PLEASE continue to go to La Palapa, for a nice cold beer, great limonada, ceviche, seafood soup, etc. It has been a favorite restaurant of many locals for many years. Tell them Tia Anna sent you! - Anna Wei, annwei52 (-at-), 624-146-19-74 

Motor Home Wanted - Wanted to buy: Motor home in good condition preferably with Baja plates. Will pay up to $20,000.00. bajajan5 (-at-) cell 612-137-0565 - janet Draper, bajajan5 (-at-), 612 137 0565

"Hurricane" or "Chubasco?"Dear Onion - I object to your intention to publish Todos Santos stormy season weather under the banner of "Hurricane." A Hurricane is a Caribbean Tropical Storm, deriving its name from the Caribe word, Huracán. The storms feed on the warm water and develop into hurricanes. They travel northeast to harass the East Coast of the U.S. and occasionally the U.S. Gulf Coast. On the East Coast, the storms move northeasterly up the coast following the Gulf Stream. It runs out into the North Atlantic and usually dissipates there. On occasion there is enough strength to move on England and Europe. I don't find Todos Santos on this storm path!
The name for the local tropical storm on this peninsula is Chubasco. It has been recognized since the Jesuit Missionary times according to Harry Crosby. Please do not try to replace it.
What probably influences you is the wind velocity tables published by the US Government. Starting with 0, names are assigned. As I recall, at wind force of 64 knots we find the term Hurricane Velocity 1. Incrementally this term increases to 2 and so on.I do not know what kind of instrumentation is available to provide a storm´s wind velocity but I would be pleased to see when a storm´s wind has reached Hurricane Velocity. The storm type should not be replaced by it´s wind velocity. Thank you! - Paul Shortell

1st Annual Todos Santos Eco-Conference - Artosan, a local non profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our fragile ecosystems, and educational and cultural programs, invites all ecologically minded members of the Todos Santos community to please join them Monday, May 28th, 5:00PM at the Amerimex office, to learn more about next year's first Eco Conference and how you can get involved.
Committees will be forming and now is the time for everyone who loves Todos Santos to help make this event a landmark happening. Come have a voice in guiding the powers that be to do the right thing for our Oasis. For more information, email Conference Chair, Wendy Rains, at wendyrains (-at-) (spam blocker is activated, so request to be added to Wendy's address book.) - Wendy Rains, wendyrains (-at-)


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