LIVE MUSIC AT HOTEL CALIFORNIA - Come and enjoy some great music and dance to the sounds of ´Curvas Peligrosas´ this coming Thursday at Hotel California. Last month´s show packed the house and had the place hopping. Come early and get a good seat. Music starts at 7:30PM, admission is free. -  bluemooninbaja (-at-)    612 104 7082

BOMBEROS SCAM CONTINUES - Perhaps the man who is perpetuating the Bomberos scam is the same person who has been approaching people to donate for his son with leukemia. This man drove an older white truck and also had a list of names of people who had supposedly donated. We learned we were on his list even though we had never encountered him. I'd be interested to know how he derived the names for this list and I would certainly caution anyone who is approached in a similar way in the future for whatever cause. - Sharon Morris

RECYCLE YOUR USED BRUSHES & PLASTIC CUPS!  - Local kids need your used Artist Brushes, small paint brushes and empty plastic containers (small and large size from yogurt/cottage cheese or butter).   Next Sunday over 100 young artists will use them for the annual "DIA DEL TAMBO", when they paint colorful Trashcans for the town and learn about protecting the environment. Please drop off your extra brushes and cups this week at the Palapa Center/TS LIBRARY (M, W, Fri mornings) or to Iker at Cafe Brown(145-0813) 
Dia del Tambo/Trashcan Painting Day: Sunday April 29th in the Plaza in front of the Theater.  Come by after 2pm to sponsor or buy a "limited edition" trashcan!  Or contact Donna at palapasociety (-at-)

LIVE JAZZ AT THE CERRITOS BEACH CLUB - Tomorrow, Sunday, April 21st at 3 PM, is the day for the FREE live jazz concert on the beach at the Cerritos Beach Club. Enjoy the music and dance in the sand to the sounds of En Medio Del RitmoLast week's event was packed and everyone had a great time. 
This week's concert is a benefit for the TODOS SANTOS BOMBERO who are in a very bad way financially right now. Please come and support our Bomberos who work so hard to make certain we are safe and receive no personal financial gain whatsoever.  Without our financial support we are in danger of losing them  at any time.

TIENDA "DRAGONFLY" - Trying to find a phone number for a little jewelry store across from Hotel California...."Dragonfly" gracias -  cruznruss (-at-)    624-142-8105

SELLING VEHICLES IN BAJA - There are a lot of notices to sell vehicles here and around los Cabos all the time.  We were advised at a business meeting in Cabo san Lucas about six months ago by a government official that it is a federal offense to sell a vehicle in Mexico that has not already been properly imported to Mexico.  Also that having someone here do it instead of importing at the border is not legal; although many people do it hoping not to get caught.  Beware if you sell a car to someone and it is still in your name, foreign or Mexican, if they kill someone with your car you could be in big trouble. 
Also there are insurance issues as the name of the registered owner needs to be on the insurance policy, and if the car is in an accident or stolen, the registered owner has to sign documents, and it could create a problem to track down the person from whom you bought the vehicle and send documents back and forth for signing. 
Someone told me the other day that if you have non-Mexican plates that you can still drive the car even if the plates are expired until the end of the year that is on the plates.  That is not correct.  You may not get stopped until the end of they year, but the date of expiration of the plates is the date the plates expire, everywhere, period.  The best suggestion was to take the vehicle back to your country of origin and register it there in your name, or drive up to the border and import it in your name.  Cathie smith insurance agent cathiesmith (-at-)
(Courtesy of Baja Pony Express)

DOG FRIENDLY LODGING LIST UPDATED - The online list of dog-friendly motels and lodging stops up and down Baja has been updated, and now includes Hotel California, Casa Bentley and Las Palmas Casitas in Todos Santos. Thanks for helping to keep the list updated.
Noted that San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas still have no dog-friendly lodging listings. Message? If you have a dog, stay in Todos Santos! - Editor , BWO 
(List courtesy of Baja Pony Express)

The FREE Spay and Neuter Clinic is tomorrow, Sunday, at La Canada Del Diablo. If you know of any families near you who could use this service for their pets, please encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity. It's the best way to prevent the potential suffering of thousands of unwanted dogs and cats. 
This service is FREE to low-income families, and pickup and delivery of their pets will be provided.

THANK YOU TODOS SANTOS! - Thanks to all of you who came and heard the inimitable Daniel Siqueiros last week Saturday at Cafe Brown. It was a standing room only crowd and we all had a great time. Thank you for your great appreciation of this amazingly talented and gifted man. If you are traveling to Cabo you can see Daniel on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8 at Barometro in the Cabo Marina and in San Jose on Thursdays at 8 at Tropicana. Both are great places to enjoy an evening. Also, you should know that Daniel is available for bookings for private events, openings, weddings, parties etc. Please get in touch with us for further information.
Again, our thanks to you for coming and bringing your friends and guests. Daniel lives here in Todos Santos with us. I think we could call him 'hometown' talent. Let's be proud of that and continue to support him. We want him to stay! MAY 12 at 7 is the next date at Cafe Brown. We know it will be another really great evening. You'll be hearing some new, fresh tunes that Daniel has just completed. Mark your calendar and let's have a great night together. Thank you Todos Santos!
P.S. Does anyone know of a cafe in La Paz that would be suitable to do the same type of evening as we do at Cafe Brown? Something Bohemian, intelligent and more casual. Thanks... - Ellen Musch, siqueirosproductions (-at-), 624-160-5718 

PACKAGE STUCK IN PORTLAND - Looking for anyone coming down from Portland/Vancouver, WA area between now and May 30th to bring a small package to Todos Santos. (swim suit and two pairs of flip-flops) Box can be opened so items can fit easily into your suitcase. Cocos, free board rental or insider info about hikes and day trips in and around Todos Santos/Pescadero offered. - Patricia Baum, teampaty1 (-at-)

WANTED SMALL TRAILER - I'm looking for a small trailer or small boat trailer that I can modify. I'll give a treefull of coconuts for one. Also to the person who vandalized the holy moly Saint on the Wall of Saints shame on you! you are an anti artist, do you want to get together and burn some books? - carl marsch, carlosmarsch (-at-), 1450028

HEALTHFUL WEIGHT LOSS - There are still a couple of spaces available for the 7 week course. If you are considering weight loss and are interested to hear how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can support the effort, come to the free introductory meeting coming up on Tuesday, April 24 at 5:00 PM.
If you decide to participate in the group, you will receive an individual consultation and acupuncture treatment during the following week. Weeks 3 - 7, the group will meet to discuss various topics that will be useful to those wishing to trim some weight in a healthful and mindful manner. Participants will also receive ear acupuncture or acupressure at each weekly meeting. The introductory meeting is free, so what have you got to lose? Email or call me for more info and directions. - Jane Sipe, L.Ac., jasi57 (-at-), 044-612-151-7026 

LOOKING FOR A THERAPIST - I am looking for referrals for an English speaking woman therapist practicing in the Todos Santos or Pescadero area. Gracias, Leslie - Leslie Lambert, llambert (-at-), 044 612 135 3302

QUOTE OF THE DAY  - "Don't knock the weather.  If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation."  Journalist Kin Hubbard