MOSQUITO REPELLANT TIPS - Mosquito season is upon us again (when did it ever end?). Here are some hand tips on how to repel those nasty little biters: 

When all else fails--get a frog - Cary Gray



GREEN STUFF - In spite of my tinaco filters I am getting green stuff in my water system. Does anyone know of a chemical or other treatment I can run through my system? One day I will have a better filter system, but in the meantime...... - Craig Mueller,  cwm916 (-at-)

MAMA DOG NOW AVAILABLE - Coco, a beautiful female hound dog (about 1 year old) was found at a local RV park. She gave birth to 8 puppies, all of whom have been adopted. Coco was then brought to El Refugio to find her own - Debra, Debra (-at-)

PEMEX RIP-OFF - Beware of the Pemex in the center of Santa Rosalia. Last year they directed me around the line to the empty pump closest to the office then brought the nozzle around from the other side of the pump. This year they sent me to the same empty pump started it then shut it off. I checked my gauge and had received no gas. I threatened to call the police and they as much as admitted the scam. This is the older station on the left as you are going north near the center of town. Had a great trip otherwise. - Tom Tate, ttatecon (-at-)

GODDESS DAY - UNVEIL THE GODDESS WITHIN - GODDESS DAY FOR WOMEN IN TODOS SANTOS. Join HERIZEN Life Adventures for Women & Serendipity Ventures for a day of Total Bliss! Imagine, realize and experience the mystery of your feminine essence and follow your bliss to the Luxury Resort Villa - Sharon Morris, serendipityventures (-at-), 612-108-3502 

SEMANA SANTA --CAFE D'LICIA - Join us at Café D'licia for our Easter Brunch 8:30 till 3:00 Espresso bar and more! Drink of your choice.....mimosa..cervesa..liquado..mocha latte....whatever!! Special menu.You will have a great day and meal as always at our cafe.$225.00 MN including tax and tip. Call for reservations or just come..1450862 - Cafe Dlicia, kiwimay1999 (-at-), 1450862

DANZA DANZA - A WEEKLY COMMUNITY EVENT - EVERY TUESDAY 6:30-8:00 PM AT LA ARCA. No previous dance experience needed. It is YOUR time to DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS Watching€¦move at your own pace! If you haven't tried it yet, come soon before our summer break. $50 MN donation suggested. All donations this month are to improve the doctors' living quarters at Centro de Salud. Bring water to drink. - Rhoda Jacobs, rhodajacobs (-at-), 044 612 157 6088

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT - Great Location! Our office is on the main street of Todos Santos, Calle Benito Juarez, at the corner of Topete. We are looking for someone to share the space. Please contact Sergio or Isabel. Tel 14-507-80 - Sergio Jauregui, info (-at-), 044-612-16-132-08

ON THAT NEXT TRIP TO COSTCO ... - With the Spay & Neuter Clinic just around the corner (Sunday, April 22 at Canada del Diablo), you can help by picking up and donating needed items which are much better deals at Costco. They include: paper towels, bleach, alcohol, sponges and anti-bacterial hand soap. A great way to help out! Items can be left at Maya Roca Realty or Canada del Diablo during regular business hours. - Debra, Debra (-at-)

SAILBOAT WANTED - I am looking for a 27 ft. folding trimaran to buy. I have seen a couple of them in Cabo but lost track of them. If you have one or know of one please call or email. Thanks - carl marsch, carlosmarsch (-at-), 1450028

PSYCHOCALISTHENICS - TRY IT THIS MONDAY! Classes begin Monday at LA ARCA 3:30-4:45pm. You can try Monday's class before signing up for week. The series of 26 exercises are taught over 5 consecutive days; April 9-13. PSYCHOCALISTHENICS®(registered trademark) awakens our organism in a serial fashion and produces a flash of vital energy through all of the muscles, organs, glands and tissue resulting in complete revitalization. Each exercise has a precise movement and breathing pattern that promotes anti aging, improved health, mental clarity, emotional balance, expanded happiness, and increased agility. Call for a 9:30 AM Las Tunas location or more info - - Rhoda Jacobs, rhodajacobs (-at-), 044 612 157 6088