Baja Western Onion - News For The Left Coast of Baja California Sur Sunday, February 18, 2007


THANK YOU ALL - to everyone involved in making this year's Fur Ball and Art Auction such a success. We would especially like to thank our artists for once again graciously donating their works; Derek Buckner, Michael Cope, Marsha Dahlquist, Arturo Elfeo, Catherine Edwards, Jack Hamilton, Linda Hamilton, Ezra Katz, Jill Logan, Michael McAllister, Gloria M.V. Erick Ochoa, Abram Perez, Jennifer Power, Charles Stewart, Marilu Stewart, Fernando Tames, Catherine Wall, Libusche Wiesendanger and Margaret Woodall.


For our raffle, we wish to thank Bob Bentley of Casa Bentley, Feinstein Jewelry in Cabo, Susan and Douglas McPherson, Heriberto of Vivero Heriberto, Wendy Rains of Wendy Rains Designs, Kathleen Gambogi, Roxanne Sparks, Vincent Lamote, Susee Spy, Carol Tarzier, the Cotton Club of Cabo San Lucas, Gail McAllister, and Maryann Douglas and Reed King of Casa Sophia for their generous donations.


Thank you to all our volunteers who helped organize and manage the evening's activities; Susan McPherson, Bill and Roberta Sanders, Sylvia St Clair, Jennifer Power, Barb Foster, Peter Jackson, Rick Plaia, Amir and Roxanne Aberman, Sherryl Reily, David Red Buffalo, Janet Howey, Gary Walseth, Bill Sanders, Alan Thompson, Maryann Douglas, Reed King, Marie Rose Hagen, Jan TurnerDebra Webster, and especially Barbara Perkins and her excellent staff for allowing us to hold this year's event at her beautiful new patio palapa at La Canada Del Diablo.


And, of course, we offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you who attended and donated by your ticket purchases, raffle participation and generous bidding. The preliminary estimate is that the Fur Ball brought in $13,000. There are still some expenses and income to be accounted for, but we know there will be at least that much money available.


These funds are used for the on-going effort to spay and neuter the dogs and cats of Todos Santos and Pescadero. Local vets perform these operations weekly, both in Todos Santos and at El Refugio in Pescadero.  In addition, there is an annual clinic when U.S. vets come to our community and perform surgeries on two hundred or more dogs and cats. We are told that this year this will take place in November.

Because of your kindness and generosity, we will be able to continue to fund local area spay and neuter efforts this year to further reduce the population of abused, sick and starving animals.


Thank you so much to all! - Angelique



LOOKING FOR RIDE TO CABO AIRPORT FROM PESCADERO - Anyone going to Cabo airport Tuesday, Feb 20th...need to be there by 2:30 pm, don't mind getting there a little earlier if necessary. Will pay for gas. - Sylvia, cigar00 (-at-), 612-142-8249

RIDE TO AIRPORT NEEDED - Looking for a ride to SJD airport on Wednesday, 21 February, to catch a 4.00p flight. One person, will chip in for gas. Thanks! - Sheryl Reily, sheryl (-at-), Skype: +1 805.624.6360

STRAW BALES 4 BUILDING - Approx. 100 straw bales in dry storage. Need to find a good home. They could be used for home building, decorative and landscape walls or small guest casita. Has excellent thermal qualities and gives beautiful thick wall construction. Offering below current value. After 2/21 you can reach me on Mexican cell. 612-115-3448. Email anytime. - Karin, karin (-at-), 001-530-320-3975 US cell

THIEF ALERT - My motorcycle was recently stolen off my front porch across the street from the ISSTE store. It is a blue and white yamaha xt 225, generous reward offered, and even more generous for conviction and castration of the thief, maybe Franzoni could help with that. Also Guluartes market was broken into. Watch your stuff. Carl - carl marsch, carlosmarsch (-at-), 1450028

EL MIRADOR BECOMES LA PATRIA SUR - Hello everyone!! This is Kathy Gordon Aviles of the magazine El Mirador and I would like to let everyone know that I have returned to Todos Santos. I have changed the name of the magazine to “La Patria Sur” and my first print edition will hit the streets on the first of April. I can be reached on my cell phone at 612-119-3903 (locally that would be 044-612-119-3903). 
It is such a wonderful feeling being back in the country that I love and with the people that I adore. Also please remember that we have the free online Gringo Telephone Directory at and getting listed is really easy once you go to the site. - Kathy

DANZA DANZA - A WEEKLY COMMUNITY EVENT - EVERY TUESDAY, 6:30-8PM at La Arca. $50 MN donation appreciated. All proceeds this month will be donated to Classroom on Wheels. We'd like to thank all those who have been participating in supporting the community for the past 2 months. And since this is a community event, we welcome all of your suggestions. We were fortunate to have Lucia Rose Horan here with us in January and she will be with us for the next 2 Tuesdays in February. Lucia is a certified teacher of the 5Rhythms, an ecstatic dance practice developed by Gabrielle Roth over a lifetime of study in dance, theater, and the healing arts.
Beginning in March, Danza Danza will continue to be coordinated by Steve Monaco and Rhoda Jacobs. The music will vary each week, but the goal of the dance remains the same: moving until you are moved, finding the still point within, and becoming a free spirit once again. Rather than having steps to follow, the goal is to find your own expression and choreography, thereby stretching your imagination as well as your body. DANZA DANZA is for elders and young people, passionate dancers and reserved toe-tappers, people who can barely show up, survivors of bad backs, bum knees or broken hearts.
DANZA DANZA is your own time to find that special place inside where you are still and the music moves you. Bring your own water to drink. For information: 044-612-157-6088 rhodajacobs (-at-) - Rhoda Jacobs

EL DHARMA DAY LONG PERSONAL RETREAT, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20TH - El Dharma will host a day-long Vipassana meditation retreat this Tuesday, February 20th. The retreat will be structured as a day of silence, sitting and walking meditation, Qi Gong meditative movement and several dharma talks led by Robert Hall, MD. Guided meditation will make the day-long retreat suitable for experienced and beginning meditators. Acupuncture will also be available for those who like to receive treatments. Delicious vegetarian lunch will be served.
The retreat will be a day of true relaxation. Day long retreats offer an opportunity check out of your daily routine and check-in with yourself. If you need a break, come join us on Tuesday. Location: The beautiful Villa on Punta Lobos beach. Time: 8:30 am to 5:30pm. For a flyer or to register contact El Dharma  - El Dharma , Eldharma (-at-), 612-145-0676 Tel

Baja Western Onion - News For The Left Coast of Baja California Sur