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Friday, November 17, 2006

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We have been insured through International Insurance Services, Cathie Smith in Cabo for the last 3 years.  Cars, Skymed, International Medical and now property insurance.  The agents have been very professional and went to bat for us when we had a large window break at our home and got the claim paid quickly.  The only problem we have with them is that every time a policy comes up for renewal, the premiums continue to rise sharply.  I have researched international medical insurance online and the premiums are half of what we pay now. Also looking for feedback from anyone that has a lead on a good insurance company. Thanks, cigar00 (-at-)



Does anyone know of a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon in the area?  Please email rhodajacobs (-at-)



There is a mechanic who has a business called Tune Specs near the SJD airport. He will park let you park your car there for $35 US and if needed he will also wash your car or do repairs while you are away.  He will drive you to the airport and pick you up.  Call Ivan 624 121 3557 or email
ivan_enrique (-at-)     Rhoda


On parking near the San Jose del Cabo airport:  last year I parked at Park n Jet, which is located JUST past the overpass from old San Jose to the airport.  They have a reasonable rate, with a $250 peso minimum, so it is better if you are going for more than a few days. They wanted my keys and I (regrettably) complied.  When I came back, it was obvious they'd driven my car about 100 miles.  Furthermore, the guy had gotten stopped by the police and wanted me to pay his fine !!  Not THAT naive, I said no. 

After that I heard that there is a storage place not too far from the airport that has a parking service.  I'd be interested in more info on that. - Jane 
jasi57 (-at-) 


We disconnected the battery of our '97 pathfinder, left it in airport parking at Terminal 1 for a month, and it was fine (but dirty) when we got back.  A little expensive, but nothing like US airport parking prices.  We were told by a storage area near the airport that they would not store US registered cars.  - Tom Gafford



How many times have you driven to San Jose del Cabo to pick up or drop off a friend and then found out your neighbor went down that same day?  Seems like someone is going just about daily and we ought to be able to cut the number of trips down that road by half at least. 

I am looking to get from Todos Santos to the Cabo airport on 12/14.   Anyone got family or friends flying in for the holidays?  I'm returning on 1/3.  - Jane   jasi57 (-at-)



Looking for a man and woman to be caretakers of our property located outside Pescadero, property located on the beach, Caretakers would have their own private casita on the property. Housecleaning/light cooking/ yard work Owners there only few times a year, must be trustworthy and responsible. If anybody knows someone please contact me:  Sheilaj (-at-)



 Baja Bell ( reports that the Nov. 13th meeting at the Pescadero's Ejido Building with the La Paz mayor went so so. Many expats from Pescadero showed up punctually at 4PM, but the mayor was a no show due to the State Governor's change in schedule, but he did send 2 reps that showed up at 5PM. They excused themselves for their tardiness and the Mayor's no show, and they shared "when the Governor needs us, we much be there !!"

 Overall, it was a good 2 hour meeting, we got to know each other somewhat, and we made it a plan to meet next Monday at 6PM at Professor's Estamates School and get to know better who's CODEP (Pescadero's Urbanization and Planning Committee). It was stipulated that after having a few weekly meetings with CODEP, then we can ask the La Paz Urbanization and Planning Committee (the folks that were present in today's meeting) to ask the Mayor and the appropriate Departmental Head to attend a meeting in Pescadero and address 2 or 3 SPECIFIC ISSUES that are of concern TO ALL expats in Pescadero.

So.... you are cordially invited to attend the next meeting, 11-20-06 at 6PM, but PLEASE bring 1 or 2 SPECIFIC ISSUES that you want to address to the Mayor in an upcoming meeting. For more info, directions, etc email us at
info (-at-)  Thank You,  Bill Herrera



 To the lady asking about "mud tunnels"- those are definitely termites, which explore up from their ground nest at night and return downward by day (unless they find something interesting like your newly purchased sofa). Clean the walls off and plug whatever teeny hole they managed to find in your supposedly termite proof floor. You can just drip some PVC cement into the hole if it is small enough.  - Captain Jim Elfers, Restless Spirit Enterprises



We are driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Todos Santos on Dec. 16th. Anyone interested in a caravan?   The Fisherrero's,  Michael Fisher & Gail Guerrero 
mongrel (-at-)



La Galera invites you to attend a cocktail reception featuring the new collection by Sebastian Diaz Duarte & Iliana Pamanes. Friday Nov 24th. (-at-) 5:30pm. A. Obregon e/ Benito Juarez y Centenario, local #4 (behind the bank). Tutto Bene, the wine boutique store from Cabo will be hosting the event! lagaleras (-at-)

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