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Thursday, November 16, 2006

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HONDA XR650L MOTORCYCLE 2001; only 2,800 miles, runs great on or off road. Located in Todos Santos. Will trade for coconuts. 
E-mail pwollner (-at-) or Call Pablo at 612-145-0336


Looking to rent a truck and driver on 12/20 or 21 to pick-up some furniture in Cabo (dresser and  dining table  72X34). Anyone know of someone who could do it and lock in the date? Please respond to Mike at globetv (-at-) Mike Cerre


Has anyone had good luck and efficient service having a car legally imported into Mexico? Or for that matter, bad luck? I'd like to know who to avoid as well as who might be trustworthy. Or where to find the info? Reply:
bajalee (-at-)



Does anyone have information about leaving a vehicle at the Los Cabos airport for 4-5 days? Is there a better place such as long term or whatever.  Thanks casadefischer (-at-) 

(This is a second person asking almost the same question)    Does anyone have info on short term (1 week) safe car storage near the airport or positive (or negative) info on just leaving it in parking at the airport? Thank you,
jbs83340 (-at-) 

 (courtesy Baja Pony Express) 



I am interested in finding out if anyone has had lap band surgery on the baja.  If you have I would like to know if the experience was good or bad and approximately how much it costs. I would also like a physician referral. Please e-mail your response to
casa_nina_rosa (-at-)

(courtesy Baja Pony Express)


I have lived here for many years and have used a Cabo agent and also Lewis and Lewis.   There seems to be some good agents around now depending on the insuring company,, but the truth is most of the time they don't care if they pay you or not.   Your local agent does not go to bat for you and  it's more important for them to collect your premium that to help you when there's a problem.  .  If you are having trouble with collecting a claim there really is a Mexican Insurance Commission,  they use to have an office in La Paz but I don't know if it's still there...........  But,  if you want less hassle I found that it is better to insure with a US agent.  Several years ago I had a claim from a wind storm and got the run around every day from the insuring company,  they kept telling me they would deposit my check in my Mexican bank account and never did.  Finally,  I called my US agent and told him,   if you don't take care of this immediately I'm calling the California Insurance Commissioner.  That's all it took.  I had the money deposited in my account in 2 days.   Insurance agents in the states don't want to be turned in to the Insurance Commission believe me,   so I would suggest in the future for those of you having trouble with local agents to insure thru a US agent. 


I have been dealing with Atlas thru Lewis and Lewis in California, but have not yet been down (all has been by phone and email in the US).  I can't yet report on the final outcome, but I can report that I am very unhappy with Lewis and Lewis....they send stuff to my last year's address, confuse me with someone else of the same name (despite frequent reminders), and seem generally disinterested.  Compared to the service I had from Qualitas (very
good) I am not at all happy with Atlas...their initial "settlement offer" is ridiculously low and then they want almost double for next year's premium. 
I will switch companies regardless of the outcome and no longer deal with L and L. 

(courtesy Baja Pony Express) 



When just about every restaurant closed during the summer in Todos Santos, little places such as the Raceway Cafe is akin to finding an Oasis in the desert. They are located in Todos Santos on the corner of Colegio Militar and Alvaro Obregon. They offer traditional Mexican specialties and the prices are hard to beat and the portions hardy. Their Plato Mexicano is composed of two gorditas--thick corn tortillas topped with stewed chicken, shredded lettuce, salsa and grated cheese, served with fluffy cheese empanadas that melt in your mouth.

My companion ordered the campechana which is a seafood cocktail with clams, shrimp, oysters, and scallops marinated in a spicy tomato broth. The pescado empanizado is fresh and crisp served with salad and rice, and tortillas. I don't recall if they serve beer or wine, but their agua de jamaica was always ice cold. A meal for two will usually run less than $150 pesos. When I saw the workers who were repaving Colegio Militar take their breakfast and lunch at the Raceway Cafe, I knew the food had to be good. The Raceway Cafe is the ideal place to grab a delicious quick meal, in between errands or on the way to La Paz, without taking too much time out of your day. Buen provecho! Alvaro Colindres:

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