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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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Hola everyone, I was in Todos Santos this last Sunday for a meditation with Robert and misplaced my wallet that had cash, my Colorado drivers license and my tourist card in it. If found, could you e-mail me at patriciaadavis (-at-) I am staying for a short time more in Los Barriles. Thank you so much, Patty



On Monday November 13, between 10:00am-1:00pm, three boards were stolen from the surf shop on Calle Rangel. Someone came up on the patio and took the following:

9' long board, unknown Hawaiian brand, off white, (yellowed) triple stringer, some damage on the deck, broken leash plug 7'6" T-Boy fun shape (local Cabo shaper) medium blue, small T-Boy logo on deck, missing FCS fins. 6' 8" funish shape Baja CP, rounded nose, repaired, painted orange/red on nose.

Not valued at more than $50-$75 each, were in for repair, but the audacity to take them in broad daylight on a highly trafficked street is scary. Reward offered. As a warning to all, even old beat-up boards are a target. Contact Patricia at 612.145.0882 or email teampaty1 (-at-)



I'm involved with post 9/11 organizations here in NYC and one of them sends used equipment/gear to countries/towns in need around the world. It's worth a shot. If someone down there wants to take this on, contact Vinny Forras, their founder, vforras (-at-) and check out the website for The Gear Up Foundation You can mention my name and the organization I am with. He's familiar with all of us. Good luck, good work. -Rosemary Nulty, cofounder Serving Those Who Serve,



There is a much better way to get money here. We use Intercam. It is a company in Cabo that is a professional money exchange place. All I do is write them a check on my US credit Onion account, (yes, you can use a bank check also) and get pesos back at a better rate than the bank will give for exchanging money. No additional fees involved, and the check can be for large amounts. Four items are required: A personal letter of reference, a copy of your passport, proof that you live here (like a utility bill in your name, or fideo), and a canceled check or deposit slip with your bank account #.   purkeybh (-at-)


Wells Fargo has been wire transferring money to our Scotiabank account for over two years. They emailed me some PDF forms which I filled out and emailed back. When I want money (no limit here up to all that's in my account) I email them, they confirm with a call to my Vonage number and the money is there. Scotia has a very good website so I can verify that the money arrived immediately. Ann Hazard cookbaja (-at-)

(Courtesy Baja Pony Express)



We have heard that Sueno Tropical will soon be opening a location here in Todos Santo to sell their produce.  Can anyone provide more information as to when and where?



It was great to see all the people from a recent beach wedding at the turtle nursery on Saturday the 11th, however some less conscientious guests left garbage on the beach in the form of disposable plastic water bottles (plastic is now the biggest threat to the ocean eco-system) and tissue paper. There didn't seem to be any planned system for garbage removal after the event. The Future Biologists and other ASUPMATOMA volunteers pitched in to collect was left by the wedding party. To the planners of such events please include garbage pick-up in your budget.


NAYO'S SECRET GARDEN                       

We are officially opening the season here at the Garden on Saturday November 18th at 3 pm.with a celebration. Well, now that you ask we are celebrating the season premier of Nayo's Secret Garden, The Secret of the Garden Restaurant, the start of the season for our Saturday Volleyball Games and the start of Farmers Market. We will have food to share from the new restaurant, tours of the garden, volley in the arroyo, and I am sure some good dancing and celebrating. We hope you can stop by. If you know anyone who would like to be a vendor at the Farmers market this year have them come by and talk with us about how to set up and start time etc. This is a community market and we need your help to make it work. See you Saturday on the road to Las Playitas just past El Sol II on the left side. James Black



If someone is coming to La  Paz early this week, could you possible take back to Todos Santos a boxful of The Todos Santos Cookbook to El Tecolote? Free copy in return for transportation! Lee Moore 122-8694



Please change your emergency cards immediately to this new cell phone number:  044-612-142-6387  if no response call  133-9781.  There has been a change in personnel at the Bomberos.  These numbers are only for subscribers to the house number program.

THE ALL-PURPOSE EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER FOR THE BOMBEROS - FIRE AND EMT IS 066. This call goes to La Paz where it is forwarded to our Todos Santos police who then call our Bomberos. Anyone available to take on the important task of seeing that our Bomberos get their own phone?  How about a pay phone inside their office?



It will soon be time to renew your subscription for the house number program and an opportunity for all our newer residents to become a part of this important community program.

Those of you who are new to town may have noticed that some houses have numbers  on a white board on the gate.  This is the ONLY way our fire department and EMT services can identify your location if you have an emergency.  These  numbers are posted at the Bomberos station and those who subscribe to this program simply call and give the number.  No worries about describing where you are!!

This service is available to those who donate a minimum of 500 pesos a year to the Bomberos. Those who can afford to give more. The Todos Santos Bomberos receive virtually no money from the local government and are almost entirely reliant upon community support.

New and old subscribers will be able to come to  the fire department to sign up for the program or renew their subscription in January.  There will be a volunteer at the fire department every Saturday and Sunday starting January 6/7 from noon until 2:00 p.m. In the meantime, for more information on this program and to learn how to subscribe, contact Sylvia St. Clair at 145-0563 or sasinbaja (-at-)



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