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Friday, November 10, 2006 7:14 PM

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Turn on The Lights, The Party is Just Starting! You're probably wondering what's causing that eerie glow in the evening sky towards the North of TS in the last day or two? Well, it's Las Tunas turning on the lights! That's right, after years of pleading and broken promises, CFE has finally consented to turn on the power this week in the neighborhoods to the North around Calle De Los Mangos and Calle De Las Estrellas. We hope that the rest of us won't be kept up too late and that the returning whales won't be deterred by all the raucous (and well-lit) celebrations sure to follow... - Editor, BWU
ROAD CONDITIONS Hi, Do you know how the roads from Ensenada to Todos Santos are after the flooding you had? Thank you, VeeVees (-at-)
TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS TO THE BOMBEROS' NUMBER SYSTEM: Please be aware that the number on your calling card is no longer valid. Please contact Sylvia St.Clair at 145-0563 or sasinbaja (-at-) for the new valid number. Thank you.


Editor's Note: The Bomberos Number System allows you to have a unique street number issued to you that is noted on a big map kept by the Bomberos, our local Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Response Team. That way in an emergency, you can call them and they know right where to find you. Please contact Sylvia for more information on how you can get your own number and support our Brave Bomberos. - Editor, BWU

TAKING THE FERRY We will be traveling down through Nogales to take the ferry from Northern Arizona, if anyone wants to tag along, email me at treaturfeet (-at-), I speak fluent Spanish, and can help anyone who may want to travel along with us. We plan on leaving beginning of December. If you are in the states and want some more info on the ferry, the trip is from Nogales, down the main Mexico Highway 15 to Topolobampo and then across on the ferry to La Paz....

The ferry hold many cars, trucks  and RVs, and sails from Topolobampo to La Paz. Takes about 5 hours on the crossing. Your ticket includes a meal, and cabins are available for about $70. Your ticket without a vehicle is about $62, and your truck, car or RV is measured and you pay according to length. My huge SUV(Lincoln Navi) last year was about $150. That included my ticket for the truck and myself to cross and a free meal onboard. After you are on board, and you are settled in for the night, you wake up to the mountains and the shores of La Paz...sure beats driving all of the Baja....I had two dogs in the back of my SUV and they were kind enough to let me leave truck and dogs on upper decks away from all the fumes of the huge transport trucks.

If you would like more info and you are in the states and want to travel down to La Paz and points south contact me by phone or email treaturfeet (-at-) or 928-282-5969, usually home in the evenings, Mountain Standard Time....Sylvia

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

These furry babies -- Mimi, Mitzie, Mimosa, Gabe and Pansy -- would love you to spend an hour or two petting and holding them. They are among the residents of Kitty Heaven, Todos Santos's first cat refuge. The cats need to be continually socialized, which increases they're chances for adoption. And they do crave attention! If you do have some time to cuddle these cuties, or adopt one or two, please call Angelique at 612-145-0250 or write .

Reliable House/Animal Sitter with local references looking for new house-sitting situation...available after Nov l6 till whenever....Catherine, alegriaunltd (-at-)
MORE BUG WARS - Moscarones are those enormous black bees which drill large holes in wood in which to raise their young. They will drill multiple holes in beams, especially damaging  palm, a very soft wood. They are much more aggressive when they are nesting but don't usually sting people otherwise. You should spray the holes with insecticide or fill them will insulating foam. Do it after dark or just before dawn, when they are in the holes and  passive. Thanks for Noe Orozco Salvatierra, from The Baja Survivor's Guide

Dear BWU: Remember when you were concerned that some folks weren’t getting your posts?  It’s possible that virus protection software was stopping delivery, isn’t it? - Sandra


Answer: No. We always run the most current Anti Virus software (Norton Anti Virus 2005) on all our computers (as do all our readers, right...? ...Right...?? ...RIGHT...???). All mail sent to or from our computers is scanned going out and coming in, as well as being scanned by our Internet Service Provider (our ISP). Each issue of the BWU is sent first to our ISP's server, then returned to us for confirmation, then finally mailed out to the Member list again though our ISP's server, then we receive a copy. That means each issue passes through our anti virus software four times, and through our ISP's antivirus software twice. If there was a virus in the BWU, it would show up as an attached zip or .exe file and be identified as such by your anti virus software. Editor, BWU.

Comments On Moving Money South:  I established a remission account with Wells Fargo to move money to my Banorte account, but they told me it has the following limitations:  It can only transfer US $3000 per month, and it can only transfer to a PESO account in Mexico.  To fund remodeling, I have set up a pre-arranged repetitive money wire with Wells Fargo to my Banorte dollar account, and now all I have to do is make a phone call and give a PIN and an amount, and a wire goes out REALLY FAST. Like 15-30 minutes as long as its before cutoff time in New York.  Then I can move the money from my Banorte account to other peoples' accounts at Banorte (and elsewhere, apparently, but I haven't tried that yet) using the Banorte web site's third party transfer process, secured by my ever-changing token code.  It costs the same as wires normally cost, but at least there is no more filling out giant wire transfer forms in a branch.  Hooray.  I recommend doing a test transfer first of a small amount to make sure the destination number is right. The destination can be saved with a nickname so you don't have to remember the number once you have it working. tag (-at-)

Another electric banking note:  The Banorte web site doesn't appear to have statements, but it does have the current month and prior month money movements and balances, so you can reconcile with that. You just have to not let a month go by or the info disappears from the site.  If anyone knows of a better way, I would love to hear about it.

TIANGUIS COMING Donated items are still being accepted for this year's Tianguis (rummage sale), held Saturday, Dec. 9 at Maya Roca Realty. Clothing, house wares, furniture, books, CDs -- you name IT, we'll take it! Please make sure any working items actually work and things are reasonable clean. Items can be taken to Maya Roca Realty during regular business hours throughout the month. For more info, write .

RE MOSQUITOES, I have put up a basic information website on mosquitoes breeding in septic systems. I also forgot to mention to people not only screen the septic vent but screen off any roof vent tubes (in US we also call them stink tubes). I have also put a copy of a device made specifically for the stink tubes coming out of the house sold in the US at places like Lowes. about $10.00-$15.00 each. These prevent the backflow of gas yet allow the water to flow to the septic system. so if you have ever had a stink coming from your roof this device will also stop this. I am driving down to LaVentana next week so if you contact me I can pick them up and can leave them at my friends business the Honda shop in LaPaz (motos baja) for people to pick them up at. He may be able to get the Honda in Cabo to receive them.

The mosquito information is at

Also I would appreciate if you can take notes on the success you have from doing this and emailing me, I am trying to get a grant to develop the funnel/trap as pictured on the website, as a non-profit enterprise. If I can get a US grant the work would be done at the Universities in LaPaz. Another success story I have is 3 years ago at Bay of Dreams I was out there eating and was being eaten up by mosquitoes and talked to the manager at the Giggling Marlin. Manager was open minded it was hurting business and did screen off all septic vents. This was a perfect test case because there were no other buildings within a quarter mile. I went back a few weeks later and he was so appreciative because they no longer had ANY mosquitoes. I can confirm that, was not bit once. - dean devolpi (-at-)

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
An Experienced Dog Rescuer offered a clarification on my story about Sparky, the rescue dog with a bad case of sarcoptic mange, or sarna as it is known in Mexico. Indeed, sarna is somewhat difficult for humans to contract but not impossible! And we get it, it's called scabies. It is limiting and will go away by itself but not until its itched like crazy. Zoosani, a topical remedy, is available in case you become one of those unfortunate sufferers. More on Sparky's progress later. -- Debra
RE 044 AND 045 DIALING CODES - The 045 only applies on long-distance cell phones. For example, If you are in Los Barriles and you are going to call a cell phone in La Paz, you have to dial 045 612 and cell number. But if you are in Los Barriles and you are going to dial a Cell phone from Los Cabos you must dial 044 624 and the cell number. So you only use the 045 to the cell phones out of you local area. - Juan Tapia.

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

E MAIL WOES Dear folks, “Something” happened tonight when I tried to respond to the person advertising a motor home for sale.  When I clicked on his/her email address in your post, I was presented with a “configuring MS Word as your email” loop that never ended.  It affected all of my emails, I ran my virus scan to no avail, and finally, I logged off, used my Blackberry to consult my university’s help desk, and waited. After that, when I next logged on, “everything” seems to be working correctly.  I think.  I’ll know when I try to send this!. Sincerely, Sandra (Too bad, too…because we might have been interested in buying that motor home!)


ANSWER: You're probably using Micro$oft Outlook and you also have Micro$oft Office on your PC. Your e mail program is attempting to use Micro$oft Word to create your outgoing e mails. Talk about overkill just to send and read e mail... What a nuisance! This so called "Feature" is turned on by default and it's the first thing I turn off after I install these programs (along with that pesky Paper Clip Helper Guy!).

In Outlook, go to >Tools >Options, and click on the "Mail Format" tab. Uncheck the two boxes in the "Message format" area near the top: "Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages" and "Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to read Rich Text e-mail messages" Finally, click "OK"    See below: - Alan


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