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Thursday, November 09, 2006 6:47 PM

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THE Baja Western Onion - News For The Left Coast of Baja California Sur

We have received reports that some Subscribers suddenly stopped receiving The Baja Western Onion. When they were asked to check their e mail program's Spam folder, the missing issues were found there. To avoid this happening to you, be sure to add the e mail addresses  and to your "Allowed Senders" list in your e mail program. - Editor, BWU

Home Away From Home? 1978 Dodge Midas motor home, 21' feet long...ready to go inside and out...ASAP - Ivan, iwantitgone (-at-)

Baja Bell ( is pleased to extend an invitation to all expat residents of Pescadero to voice their opinion on what’s missing, what do we need, and where do we want our community to be in the next 5 years. This is your chance to share your thoughts and frustrations with the Mayor of La Paz (which has political jurisdiction in Pescadero), this Monday (11-13-06) at 4PM, at Pescadero’s Ejido House (across baseball field).

Some folks would love a bank in Pescadero, or a simple ATM; others will like to see an emergency medical clinic, or at least an English speaking doctor in the community, etc.   What are your wishes…?  Bring them and share them with the Mayor this Monday, remember… if you wish strong enough they do come true !!!

(For more info, contact Bill Herrera at 011-52-1-612-132-4710 - Editor)
FALLEN ARCHES? Hey, I heard a blurb that one of the arches at Cabo had collapsed..Anybody know about it ? - Doug and Lisa
NEW HUGHESNET INTERNET SATELLITE - If you are using a DirecPC/DirecWay/Hughesnet type of Satellite Internet dish system here in Baja, your dish is probably pointed at the same overloaded satellite used by almost every other HughesNet customer all over Mexico and Central America. Frequently, the Internet speed can drop dramatically as more and more users sign on.

Just two weeks ago, a newer, much more powerful satellite for Baja was made available to HughesNet customers. You also may be using an older, slower modem (DW4000, DW6000). We can help you upgrade your modem to a 7000S, and get your dish recommissioned on the newer satellite. Let me know if you would like more info. - Alan,

BIG REWARD for lost heavy duty trailer hitch. Hitch lost on road to La Pastora (Calle Las Playitas) at 8am on 11/9. Please contact Lane at laneatsea (-at-) or 624-1004799 (Mexican cell). Please help as we need this hitch!! - Thank you, Lane Garrett

I'M YOUR HANDYMAN All you single American women that have a "honey do list" I'm just what your looking for. From painting to plumbing. Reliable, honest - Rick, 145-0319
SPARKY Thought some folks might like to follow the progress of Sparky, a street dog with a raging case of sarna (sarcoptic mange). He was found wandering near the ice factory south of town. After several attempts, a very nice worker at the ice house leashed him and took care of him for a few days until I was able to take him home. Believe it or not, he did look worse in the beginning! Mexicans are often afraid of such dogs because of their awful looks but sarna is very curable and relatively non-contagious to humans (it's self-limiting since the mites don't like human hosts). Alan and I will continue to care for Sparky until he's all cleared up, neutered and vaccinated, at which time he'll go up for adoption. Here's a picture of him making friends with our other dogs. We'll send you an update as this guapo boy improves. -- Debra

GOOD READING IF YOU HAVE A DOG - raisins, grapes, walnuts, and macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs and are especially dangerous for smaller dogs. Be safe! Please avoid giving them to your pet! - FRANK, ZORBA1360 (-at-) YAHOO.COM

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
PHONE WOES I have received information that the 044 for cell phones has been changed to 045. I asked at the Office and they said it was true. Most people I have talked to haven't heard about this change, so if your calling a cell from a land line and 044 doesn't work, try the 045. - Michael

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
GETTING TIRED IN CABO Has anyone had experience with buying tires in Costco in Cabo?  Do they install and provide free rotation and balance for life of tire like U.S. Costcos, etc.?

MORE BUG WARS For what it is worth go the extra mile...     

I have found that this mosquito aedes aegypti that carries dengue lives in septic systems.  (not to mention flies, cock roaches and more live there)

Think about it, we do not have a lot of standing water in southern Baja and we have mosquitoes???  and this mosquito is in general a short range predator, 100-200 yard range. If you want details I can email you the facts. But for now take this to heart, put metal screens on all septic vents with wire and make sure there are no visible cracks if your tank is near the surface. I have proved this in the LaVentana campground several times. From being eaten alive to within a week rarely being bit and two weeks no mosquitoes. There are only a few septic tanks in the campground and a large distance. Thus if you can get your neighbors and everyone to cover the septic tanks  vents you can put a severe dent in the mosquito as well as coach population. Sprays and such do not get them in the septic systems only when they are out in the evening and morning..

If anyone has too much time on their hands, I need people to try to turn this principle into a trap. The water vapor in a septic system  is obviously a natural attractant for nesting and a home. Can someone make a one way screen funnel that allows this size mosquito in and does not let them out. Very similar in concept to some fly and bee traps work.    I need people to prove this can be done, using a double tube system that catches them and we can count. If successful this has some major worldwide applications to save lives.     

Think about it, this mosquito needs non-salt water to breed. So they bite you fly into the septic system and the eggs hatch but they can not get out. The female also was not able to go get out for another dinner to spread disease.

If interested I have much evidence to prove my case that this mosquito lives in septic tanks. Just email me. But put screens up first ask questions second.  Enjoy, Dean DeVolpi, dean (-at-)

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)


There is already some confusion on this issue. Dish Network IS NOT shutting down the ability to receive their TV signals outside the U.S. (meaning here in Baja). If you are a Dish Network Subscriber, you WILL NOT lose all your channels. Dish Network has ONLY been ordered by the courts  to stop providing "Distant Network" channels (read ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) to some subscribers who live in remote areas of the U.S. These remote areas have no local off-air reception of regular TV channels (think rabbit ears on top of the TV). If you happen to have a Dish Network account address set up in one of these remote areas then you may lose ONLY these four Distant Network channels.

You may be affected by this court ruling ONLY if you meet all three of these conditions:

 - You are currently subscribed to Dish Network, AND,
 - You are currently receiving the local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX Channels for either LA, NY or both cities, AND,
 - You have an account address set up somewhere else besides the LA or NY area.

If you have an account address set up in the LA or NY area, chances are you will not be affected at all. If you are affected by this change, don't worry. The solution is to move your account location to either the LA or NY area and this can be done easily. But wait first until you are certain you have actually lost any of these channels. - Alan,


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