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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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Thank you, everyone, for helping The Baja Western Onion pass the 400 Subscriber mark this week. Please feel free to forward this Newsletter on to others who might be interested in subscribing. More subscribers means more news and item submissions; making the BWU more useful for all of us. - Editor, BWU


Hi fellow travelers,

We have just completed the drive from Ensenada arrived in TS Saturday. The roads are fine, any work areas are well marked so look out for the signs. In fact generally the roads are probably in the best condition we have seen them in our 9 years driving down.

Traffic volume north of San Quentin to Ensenada is very heavy so allow more time. We had no stops for security even passed through Guerrero Negro (Sp) at 2pm no stopping no spraying of wheels. In fact the most dangerous journey we have taken is the drive to Pescadero at night, God that road is a nightmare. - ken macfarlane

Seeking used furnishings & appliances for a new casita.  Trade for mangos. - cliffnjamies (-at-)

Baja Body Deli

You are cordially invited to attend the Grand Opening of a new shop in Cabo San Lucas on Friday, November 10 between 6-9 PM.

"Baja Body Deli" features natural delights for the bath and body with products from Baja and the world. We carry handmade soaps, Egyptian cotton towels and bath wear, a "deli" bar to create your own special bath product, spa products, bath accessories, candles, teas and much more. Gifts for your family, weddings and to pamper yourself.

Located near the corner of Lazaro Cardenas and Matomoros (one shop up on Matomoros) in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Come join us for the festivities.  Refreshments will be served. If you can't make it for the Grand Opening, come by and see us when you are in town. - Cheryl Miller, Cell 624-122-2690, 

RE: Wells Fargo Remittance Accounts

I have described the Remittance Account available from Wells Fargo Bank used to transfer funds from dollar accounts to Ban Norte peso accounts. To date, I have tried transferring various dollar amounts as $1200, $2500 and $3000.  In all cases, Wells Fargo has charged a $5 Remittance Fee.  Seems good to me! - Paul Shortell


TODOS SANTOS LIBRARY -- IS MOVING! It is closed as of Sat, Oct. 28th for the packing of books. The Library will reopen at a bigger and better new location towards the end of November.  If you would like to help set up the new library, we need volunteers, please email Lynn or Donna at  palapasociety (-at-) If you have taken books or videos out, you are extended past your due date, please keep til we reopen. Many thanks to Jeanne Cordova for the donation of free rent in her building for the last two and a half years. (The Library is a project of the non-profit organization, The Palapa Society of Todos Santos A.C.).


PALAPA SOCIETY sponsors Trauma Training -- More than 30 local Bomberos volunteers (our fire and safety guys in Todos Santos and Pescadero) will attend a day long Teach-In by doctors from Santa Barbara this Saturday, Nov. 11th. All the volunteers will learn life-saving techniques and how to stabilize patients after heart attacks, car accidents etc on the way to hospitals.
The American doctors were co-ordinated by the Palapa Society, working with our local Bomberos, Chava and Pancho, and Dr. Daniel and Dr Espinosa from our Centro Salud.  This is part of the Palapa's "Project Chino" which works with local health issues and medical needs of low income kids.


For more information about the Palapa Society of Todos Santos, please send e mail to palapasociety (-at-) - Editor, BWU

First Whales of the season have been spotted this week off the coast of Todos Santos and Pescadero, and also in the Sea of Cortez!
HOT GARDENS Hello all, I want to share a wonderful website I discovered, it is they have fantastic suggestions for choosing plants and trees for our climate, a wonderful resource. - Karen

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
DENGUE FEVER Hi...I just received this note from a friend up should maybe serve as a warning to local residents to keep repellent on at all times right now...I know here in la Ribera there is some spraying being done but there are also still mosquitoes...please...spread the word for us...thanks, mike reichner

November 6, 2006

Dengue Fever Outbreaks in Mexican Coastal Areas Francisco Cardoza, Secretary of Health of Baja California Sur, reported that the increase in dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever cases in Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico, that total 63, requires strengthened epidemiological measures.  The state agency has sent 70 additional workers to support the 40 who are working to lower larvae indices of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever and to control the outbreak.

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
DISH NETWORK ORDERED TO CUT OFF LOCAL NETWORK ACCESS - On October 20, a U.S. district court judge issued an injunction requiring DISH Network to shut off so-called "Distant Network" channels no later than December 1, 2006. Only about seven percent of DISH Network’s 12.46 million subscribers receive Distant Network Programming (ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX channels that originate from outside the local area).

This decision has NO impact on the vast majority of DISH Network's subscribers:
 - Local network channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) from most local communities are NOT impacted and will be available without interruption.
 - Non-network channels (ESPN, USA, Discovery, Showtime) are NOT impacted and will be available without interruption.

Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands of DISH Network's subscribers will be affected by the forced shutdown of these distant network channels. DISH Network states it will do everything it can to prevent as many of it's customers as possible from losing these channels. Also, the Congress could pass legislation to protect consumers, and Dish Network will ask the courts to reconsider this decision. Learn more about this issue and how you can help prevent distant network channels from being shut off by visiting

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a Dish Network account address within the Los Angeles or New York areas, and you subscribed to receive the Local Networks in these area, you most likely will continue to receive these local networks. LA and NY are the only two groups of network channels available here in Baja on Dish Network. If you have an account address set up elsewhere in the U.S. and are receiving the LA and/or NY local networks, you may lose access to these channels under this new ruling, regardless of your geographic location or RV waivers or exemptions. I'll keep you posted as I gain more info. - Alan, alan (-at-) bajasatellite.

Official Court Injunction

Official Court Authorized Explanation

After the recent article about Google Earth, some readers reported that, when they tried to save, print or send images of Todos Santos from the Google Earth program by e mail, the images were coming out totally black.

You probably need to change the your display settings. To do this on a PC, right click in an open space on your desktop and select "Properties." Click on the "Settings" tab. In the drop down box, change the "Color quality" setting to "Highest (32 bit)." - Alan


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