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Saturday, November 04, 2006 7:50 PM

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The Baja Western Onion Web Site seems to be down at the moment but I'm working on it. (Can't believe we broke it already!) - Alan

Road Conditions I am traveling to Todos Santos on the 12th and I wanted to know about the road from Ensenada to La Paz. Thanks - Veevees
HP DeskJet 5650 Printer with ink cartridges in perfect working condition. Interested in trading for coconuts. Email faustinogarza (-at-)  Garza.
Knowing Your Backyard with Dr. Bob Bentley, every Sunday at 1 pm at Casa Bentley. The Todos Santos Philosophical Society encourages research and study of our natural systems (rainfall, hurricanes, dunes, geology, etc.) through discussions, publications, field excursions, etc. Please join us on Sunday, 1 pm at Casa Bentley.
Playgroup for kids of all ages. Bilingual. Call Ashley 044-612-135-6815.
Baja Bell Hello Everybody !!!  Just want to let you know that Baja Bell is in town !!! Who is Baja Bell?  It’s both an Internet Café (2 coconuts per hour) and a DSL Internet Provider for your home, covering certain areas in Pescadero that has no phone service (first month ONLY 25 coconuts). Where’s it located?  On Rt. 19, Km 62, just 2 blocks North of Pescadero’s Pemex, in Pescadero Centro Comercial, at the same location as Paraiso California Realty (  How can we get more info?  Go to, email us at info (-at-) , stop by the office, or call us at 612-130-3050, or 044-612-132-4710. Imagine surfing the net while you’re sitting on the beach…. Baja Bell bringing technology to Paradise !!!

Dr. Aflonso Cardenas


Hi All,


Please see below. Bob Cleaves was in town for a few days and learned that Dr. Alfonso is back in town. He needs help. Most of you remember Dr. Alfonso from a few years back...He certainly helped Paul and me, and others in Town. If you recall, he gave free services to all the poor Mexicans in Todos Santos until some of the powers here felt that their businesses were suffering.


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know! Many thanks! And, by the way, if you could send this on to others in our community who have email addresses, I would appreciate your doing so!


Best! Mary Shortell mshortell (-at-)


Dear Mary:


I am sending a copy of this message to people in Todos Santos who I believe would be very interested in finding a way to help Alfonso establish a 24/7 emergency surgical facility in Todos Santos. Alfonso is a very accomplished surgeon and I am distressed to learn that his medical partner has refused to work to establish a facility that would be available around the clock to anyone in the community in need of emergency help.


The Centro de Salud does not offer this type of medical help nor, I am told, do any of the other doctors in Todos Santos. I could be mistaken, but I think that Alfonso simply does not want to charge for his services and from my experience one must virtually force him to accept a fee for his services. I guess he might need a business manager since he is inclined to give his medical help to anyone and everyone.


Maybe you could organize a function where the movers and shakers in Todos Santos can talk about simple things such as where Alfonso might live and have a small surgical office. All he needs is a place to live and work at. A small home or office in town, a combination office and apartment? Anyway, this is my suggestion. It would be in the very best interest of all ex-pats as well as local Mexicans to have Alfonso's skill available on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis. - BOB


Dr. Robert N. Cleaves, President, Wilderness Conservancy and Project CARE

El Dharma returns from Puebla, Mexico where they hosted a well attended three day gestalt and vipasanna workshop. Photographs from their trip posted at  Su amigos Alvaro & Robert. Thank you again, Baja Western Onion!

Google Earth Thought your readers would be interested that Google has updated the satellite views of TS and Pescadero to now be high resolution. As a result, on Google Earth you can now identify individual houses and even major trees. - Vic Kirby, vickirby (-at-)


Thanks for that, Vic! For our earthbound Readers who may not have Google Earth, here's a shot of Todos Santos from about 2 1/2 miles overhead (couldn't leave out the Otro Lado, now could we?). Can you find your house?:

And let's not forget Pescadero.  Everybody go outside, look up, smile and wave!

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