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Friday, November 03, 2006 10:45PM

Please note that all e mail addresses have been modified to prevent detection by automated address harvesters used by spammers. To contact someone by e mail, please replace the (-at-) characters with the traditional [-at-] symbol.

THE BAJA WESTERN Onion - Making the 'Net Work
Extractor / Ventilation Fan (new in box).  The 250 mm (10") fan is housed in a white square measuring 345 mm.  Designed for venting air from bathrooms & kitchens or other.  This is the IPSA model Euro 24.  I paid 839 pesos in La Paz.  044-612-151-7026. 
El Dharma resumes dharma talks and guided meditation with Robert Hall this Sunday November 5, 10-11:30 am. Talks are hosted at La ARCA located on Calle Topete and Pilar. Everyone is Welcome. Look for upcoming events, workshops, day long & residential retreats by visiting their web site at Thank you Baja Western Onion! Alvaro & Robert, eldharma (-at-)
"Desperately seeking house sitter(s) Nov 16Th to Nov 27Th. House has Direct TV DSL Internet and most importantly includes the care of two super "gringo" dogs. Please Email me at balzak99 (-at-) Skype mango99."  - Thanks, Richard
Todos Santos 15 Day Weather Forecast
My name is Richard Loos.  I will be undergoing radiation treatment for cancer in La Paz, for the next three weeks (Monday-Friday).  I am looking for an in-expensive place to stay Monday thru Friday for the next three weeks (I will be returning to Todos Santos on the weekends).  My treatment will be at Oncologia, which is located on Ocampo and Independencia, so accommodations within that area would be desirable.  Please contact me eigeinbaja (-at-)  Thank you.
The Baja Ferry honors the ensen or "old-age"card but you have to present it at the time of payment.  If you are taking your car you should try to be last on (wait outside) and then you can be first off and avoid a lot of fumes inhalation.  bajadove (-at-)

Courtesy, Baja Pony Express
Se Vende.  Palapa with casita and permanent trailer.  Site 6 in El Molino Park.  Total of 1,960 sq.ft. Large Palapa only three years old with fully equipped outdoor kitchen, living and dining rooms. Concrete casita with bedroom and large bath. Permanently installed travel trailer with guest room, bath and space for studio or storage. Separate bodega. Many extras. Ground lease in landscaped park with pool. Contact Mike and Gail McAllister, heronsnestbaja (-at-) or call 612-152-6166.
Could Kathy Gordon please post contact info again for the phone list? Thanks, Jane


I would like to thank all of you who have “Gotten Listed” in our new online Gringo Telephone Directory and urge everyone else to add their names and businesses to this much needed public service while it is still free (until November 10th). You can do that by emailing the information you would like shown to: free (-at-) The information we can display is name (even if it is a nickname – like Jeep), address (2), email (2), Telephone number (2) and cellular (2). With this unique database you are able to search for others at no cost by their first name, last name, address, email or any of the 4 telephone numbers listed (home or cell). You can also choose an area (town) to restrict the search, or just key in the first part of anything and it will give you a complete list of everyone in the database that begins with your search item. You will then see a yellow box appear with your results and clicking on the person will display another box below it with all of the listing information.

It is really quite easy – go ahead a try it now. click on this link to go directly to the directory. Pass the word around and let’s get everyone listed!


eBay, PayPal, Amazon, your Bank, The Baja Western Onion, and any legitimate company doing business on the Internet will NEVER EVER send you an e mail out of the blue asking you to go to their site and log in to "correct some kind of problem" or to ask you to reconfirm your personal information. Some may even ask you to dial a phone number where a very professional sounding Automated Voice Response System will ask you to disclose your personal information. These are known as Phishing Scams. They may look official but they have been sent to you by criminals out to steal your identity. Fortunately, there have been some RECENT ARRESTS of these jerks.

Also beware of criminals operating on eBay who embed links in their auction listings that trick you into inadvertently disclosing your eBay log in info so they can steal your eBay identity. Read more about these FRAUD AUCTION SCAMS HERE.

Bottom line, be VERY CAREFUL about divulging any personal information online. Know where you are at all times and stay vigilant. If you think you have been the victim of a scam, report it immediately to your bank or other institution.


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