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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 6:34 AM

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Question: Is there a way to view back issues of The Baja Western Onion? Thanks much!

Answer: We're working on it. We'll post them on the web site when we have time. Thanks, everyone, for your interest. - BWU
HONDA XR650L MOTORCYCLE 2001; only 2,800 miles, runs great on or off road. Located in Todos Santos. Will trade for coconuts. E-mail pwollner (-at-) or Call Pablo at 612-145-0336
Can anybody connect us to a horse or donkey trainer who has experience gentling these critters using humane methods? Please contact bobbimc (-at-)
It's not too early to think about Christmas cards -- especially those of a very special and limited kind! As a fundraiser for El Refugio, you can purchase either of these two cards separately for 40 pesos each, or a box of 6 with 3 of each image for 200 pesos (envelopes included). Please note that initial printing is limited to 150 cards and we're not sure more will be available by Christmas. For more information, call  Maryann Douglas at 145-0791.



Dr. Robert Cleaves solicits, obtains and transports donations of medical equipment, food, toiletries and Christmas presents several times each year to Todos Santos and environs.  He could use our help in transporting these donations to Todos Santos.  If you are flying or driving via the Santa Monica airport area (where the donations are warehoused) and could take a few items with you, he would very much appreciate it, as will the eventual recipients.  If you can help, please contact me at: eigeinbaja (-at-), or contact Dr. Robert (Bob) Cleaves at: bob (-at-)

Budget car rental at the Milagro Real estate office.  Deal with Amy Townsend she needs several hours to one day notice to get the cars here from Los Cabos or La Paz. 145-0219.
Hello – this is Kathy with El Mirador. In view of the Public Service Announcement in the current Issue of the Gringo Gazette (page 9) I thought that I should perhaps clarify something to all the people who know me as Kathy Aviles. My name before my current marriage was Gordon and seeing as how I am now going through a divorce, I will change my name back to Gordon. Everyone outside of Todos Santos knows me as Kathy Gordon because of my long time businesses that I had in Cabo San Lucas prior to my move to Todos Santos. I look forward to having more success with the Gringo Telephone Directory  and the “paperless” El Mirador Magazine than I did with this marriage. Please pass the word on – “Get Listed”  especially right now while that offer is free to everyone until the 10th of November.
Anyone have a recent report on road conditions driving down the Baja?  Has anyone driven down from the border in the last couple of days?  Thanks...  cigar00 (-at-)


Update on road conditions:   I arrived Monday 10/30 after a relatively easy drive.  Did not see the standing water south of Guerrero Negro (though the river running thru our road here at the north end of town is enough !!).  There are many washed out pieces of road in the vados south of Santa Rosalia, and I believe all are well marked with orange cautionary signs.  Because of the earlier report, I was on the lookout, and only one of the perhaps 20 wash outs caught me day-dreaming. 

I was pulled over in El Rosario for passing with a solid center line. I remarked that literally everyone does this, including the locals.
The officer was not impressed, and told me the fine would be 950 pesos if I wanted to pay there at the side of the road. I elected to return to the offices of the Delegacion instead of forking over the cash. Upon entry, the officer changed hats (literally) and became the judge. He told me that for my effort, the office price was a 50% discount. Still steep.  I recall maybe 20 years ago that this town seemed like a place that generally looked to take advantage of travelers passing through, and this incident did nothing to change my previous impression. 

I also had a gas station attendant quickly zero out the pump before I got to see the cost.  He was very quick since I was watching all but for that one moment.  I have no way of knowing if he padded the bill or not, but I pointed out to him that his action was unfortunate.  That was in Loreto - in town.

All in all, the road was good & traffic was light.  The federal inspections stations were very low key:  only one place did anyone speak to me.  Immigration was closed up for the night when I arrived at G. N. just before dark. 

Safe travels to anyone on their way here. - Jane

Dr. Talamantes on Reforma in LaPaz is excellent. Dr. Senior does not speak English, but his son, also a dentist in the same office, speaks it very well. I had a root canal done and crown put in, all very comfortably. Dr. senior has a niece, also named Talamantes, who is another location. I don't know anything about her, so check the address before making an appointment.


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