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Sunday, October 29, 2006 3:04 PM

Hi Alan and Deb! This is a great service for us all--Thank you.

I'm in urgent need of a good used freezer to borrow or trade for coconuts.

Also am looking for hardworking, reliable, honest employees. If anyone out there knows someone, let me know. Thanks.......Alicia --14-50-862, email: mailto:cafe.dlicia (-at-)

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Does anyone know where you can get a wrist watch battery replaced in Todos Santos? If not, an easy-to-find place in either La Paz or Cabo? Thanks so much. -- mailto:Debra (-at-)

Is anyone going up to California in the next few weeks? Please reply to mailto:isabelsmyth2002 (-at-)


I've been banking online for a long time and have always been able to access all my accounts, including my dollar account, no problema. I have no idea why you were told or think otherwise. Speak to German, who helped me set everything up. - Wendy Rains


Online banking works fine on my dollar account. Maybe you need a peso account too. - Tom Gafford

Does anyone know if there is a local flu shot program?

Does anyone have info on getting mail forwarded from the states? - Tom Tate, mailto:ttatecon (-at-)


Tom, check out - Alan