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Saturday, October 28, 2006 7:39 AM


FYI Hi to All. Betty and I just Drove the Peninsula. We had no trouble going south to Guerrero Negro. However 50-60 miles south of G.N. a vado approximately 200ft wide had 3 feet of water. It didn't look like the water was running, I think it formed a lake, so the water will be there for some time. The line to cross the vado was 2-3 miles long in both directions, we waited 1 1/2 hrs for our turn, in the one way traffic.

All the way to LB some vados had either water or sand or debris. The vados south of Santa Rosalia were the most treacherous. As you pick up speed on the flat land you approach a vado and you see rough terrain but you can't stop. Be careful. Our truck and trailer were air borne for at least 25 feet. Slow DOWN. South of La Paz 1-2 miles south of the last Pemex rough terrain. Have a great trip. Hasta Luego - Bill & Betty

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
 VIDEO AZUL is the name of Armando's video store mentioned in the last BWU, located just in front of the pet shop in the Oasis Plaza.
Still Wantin' to Chill Still looking for a regular size good working used gas refrigerator....after 6 years of using a cooler, I am desperate, so please help!....gracias, Tracy. mazytronk (-at-) 612 1205837

OK, just got back from Banorte after signing up for banking online. A few notes; you need a Peso Account. This doesn't work for dollar accounts. Luis told me to come back Monday to complete the process and get the little key fob token. - Alan


RE: Wells Fargo Question from Tom Gafford, my email address is paul_shortell (-at-) - Paul Shortell


Starting in 2007, all passengers traveling by air to or from the United States will be required to hold a valid passport.  Currently the U.S. Department of State is estimating that this new requirement will go into effect on January 8, 2007.

This new requirement applies to all passengers, including U.S. citizens, traveling to and from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.

When planning international travel, please be sure that you are in possession of all required documents for both outbound and return flights. Remember to allow ample time for acquiring official travel documents.

For complete information on the U.S. Department of State's New Travel Initiative Requirements, please visit - Cary Gray


Some of you may not have time to get your passport before the deadline. If you're crossing the border without a passport, you'll probably still get in with proper identification but be prepared to go through "secondary inspection" until they determine you really are who you say you are. - BWU
New Winegard 1.0 Meter satellite TV dish antennas still in boxes for less coconuts than I paid for them. Also, I have some used dishes and DirecTV receivers - Alan, 612 117 0484  


You may know that Poncho has, for personal reasons, resigned from the Bomberos after many years of selfless and dangerous work with the Bomberos. What this means to all subscribers is that the phone number on your cards is no longer valid. Please email Sylvia at sasinbaja (-at-) or phone her at 145-0563 for the new number. There will now be 2 numbers.

Also, please remember that December is the annual renewal month and there will be a notice soon about how, when and where. Thank you all!! - Sylvia St.Clair


There are a lot more Mac users in Todos Santos these days and I'm not aware of any limitations (except for Patrick Coffman's jammed Mail program). Safari is a great browser, but isn't always compatible with every web site so I suggest using Firefox or IE. You'll be able to connect via airport at internet cafes in TS, but do bring a DSL cable just in case the wireless connection is down. I do highly suggest bringing an external hard drive and software to back up all your files. If you have a .Mac account you can download the Backup software and it's included with membership. Also remember to bring your reinstall CD's just in case you need to reinstall. I haven't had to reinstall, but I did trash my Mail program by accident. Since I back up frequently, I was able to reinstall the program and I was back in business within a few minutes. best, - Alvaro Colindres


Also, always plug your Mac or PC into a voltage regulator (not those cheap surge strips) to filter out the nasty spikes and brownouts CFE has in their power. - Alan 


If you are having trouble with ants, try placing a few fabric softener sheets in the area where they are bothering you. It works! Put them in your RV food cabinets and also at home. Ants will not come into any cabinet that has a dryer sheet in it (and it keeps them fresh smelling!)

You can also rub  them on your exposed skin before going outside to repel mosquitoes, bees and other insects. Fabric softener sheets also repel mice!

For other surprising household uses for these sheets, go here: and here:

- Melba Thompson

Remember, this is the weekend you set your clocks back 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time (Sunday Night)... - BWU
Would like to learn how to make tiles...any pottery teachers out there with a kiln and knowledge?
email:  Sylvia......
cigar00 (-at-)


In recommending a full house water purification system to a subscriber to the BPE, I also advised him to make sure to tell his insurance agent when he has it installed to add to his homeowners policy, because equipment on the roof (or anywhere outside the home) needs to be specified with a $ value to be covered.  Also note, companies may soon require that if solar equipment is to be included in a policy, that it be professionally installed with proof by a receipt or factura in the event of a claim as there was considerable loss to solar panels with Hurricane John, although panels professionally installed suffered very few losses. - Cathie Smith insurance agent cathie (-at-)

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)


Don't forget, big Halloween bash at the Sandbar in Pescadero, Tuesday, October 31. Prizes for the best costumes, and Open Mike with Shaun and Cowboy.

Professional Photography available in Todos Santos - weddings, events, surf, and more. Photos can be seen in El Calendario and at and or call 612-145-0550. Thanks – Howard.
Annual Todos Santos Tianguis still seeking donations. The annual Tianguis (rummage sale) will be held December 9, the second Saturday in December. Proceeds will benefit the animals of Todos Santos. Please start bringing your donated items to Maya Roca Realty during regular business hours -- clothes, shoes, books, house wares, linens, garden supplies, whatever!

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