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Thursday, October 26, 2006 2:54 PM


To keep things moving, we're going to include the commercial ads we've received in this issue. As we begin to receive more commercial (business) ads each month, we'll start sending a separate issue. Also, some commercial ads may be time sensitive so we don't want to hold them up waiting for the end of the month.

Thanks everyone for sending your ads. People are telling me they now look for the BWU to show up in their e mail inbox. 360 subscribers want to read what you have to say so please keep the ads coming. - BWU Editor.

In reply to Rosemary re MAC users: I take a MAC Ibook (lap top) with me to has AirPort so I connect at the internet cafes that have problemo...I use Skype with headphones at the internet cafes to talk to people in the problemo...Jennifer

We offer 2 movies every wends day for 30 pesos, as well as art movies. We also offer internet service, video game rentals and satellite SKY connections. We are located next to PANCHO COTAS (OASIS) FERRETERIA. OPEN from MONDAY THRU SUNDAY 9 AM TILL 2 P.M AND 3 P.M TILL 10 P.M - Armando Salomon

(Armando, the name of your business? - BWU Editor)

FYI on all border events and GN checkpoint, travelers should be careful with overdoing the importation of goodies and keep the documentation & visa regs tight beginning with the year end holidays. The customs guys will be looking closer, also immigration, it happens every year. Patrick, TS.

If anybody needs legal advice, FM3 applications or renewals, wills, official translations, legal assistance, and lots more, contact Lic. Iker Algorri C. Owner, Cafe Brown 14 508 13.


Quote: ____________________________________________________________________________ ___ | "If this is Bed Rock Bob, Rocque made me some sandbags so he knows | where to | | find them. Ask him. -- Jeanne" | |_______________________________________________________________________ |____ ___|

LOL, no this is not Bed Rock Bob (great nick name though) So perhaps some more info on the industrious Rocque would be in order. - Bob

The Todos Santos Cookbook by Lee Moore will be available at El Tecolote Bookstore this coming weekend. Learn how to cook gringo dishes with ingredients such as pitahapas, chayotes, guavas, and damiana. You will also find original recipes such as Avocado Pie, Papaya Bread, and To-die-for Mango Pie. Formerly titled The Baja Kitchen, this book is a memoir as well as a cookbook, so don't miss it!

Thanks for all the info on the road / immigration conditions. I am driving down next week, leaving San Diego on Sunday,10/29, so please keep the info coming in. I was unclear about the stamping of the visas issue...can anyone clarify? Just can't wait to get home to T.S.!!! Got needles. - Jane, jasi57 (-at-)

Could Paul Shortell include his email, or comment on whether the remission procedure is cheaper or simpler than regular money wire? I just set up a PIN protected wire procedure with WF, so I will be able to call rather than walk in to a branch, give my PIN, and money will go from my US account to my Banorte account, but it still costs $50-$60. One more restriction, in Banorte I find I can only move 5,000 USD per day to a third party account. So I will plan ahead. - Tom

Wahoo Rv Center is your place in Los Cabos for supplies and service for you motor home, trailer, or camper. Hours M-F, 8am to 1pm and 2:30 pm to 6 pm, Sat 8 am to 1 pm. Phone 142-3792 e-mail 1wahoorv (-at-), Check the website for a map to our store in San Jose Del Cabo. Ask for Chuck. C ya

There is an excellent Macman in La Paz, Manuel Beltran Meza...service, accessories, hardware, courses and software. His phone number is 044-612-104-8290 and his email address is manuel_beltran (-at-) He makes house calls to Todos Santos. - Lee Moore

From Chiropractor Amir Arberman: My clinic is taking a lot longer to get finished (we ARE in Mexico, after all...) but I am giving adjustments under a shade shelter in front of my house, so please give me a call if you need your spine tuned up, and tell your friends!: 044-612-111-6540. In Todos Santos, Calle Pedrajo esquina Verduzco. Thank you.

For Rosemary, I can vouch for the Opera browser on Mac OSX 10.3 at least works fine with Banorte por Internet. You'll need MS Office if you want to get along with the business world, but you probably already knew that. Tom Gafford, tag (-at-)