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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 5:02 PM

URGENT!!! If anyone knows how I can get my RX meds shipped via DHL from the US to here without hiccup please call me at 044-612-135-6815. I forgot them and am in a real bind as need to be ordered around here. The person shipping them for me keeps running into road blocks when they try to send them. Thanks. - Ashley, ashley.self (-at-)

Re Banking Here in Todos Santos, Mexico.

I have a BaNorte peso account here and a Wells Fargo Bank account in the US. I pay US bills via WFB and receive US deposits there.

Recently, WFB instituted a Remission Account with BaNorte which allows WFB money transfers to BaNorte overnight. I can move up to 3 thousand dollars into the Remission Account up until 3:00 PM and the money will be transferred overnight to my BaNorte account and is available here the next day in pesos. The charge is minimal. It works just fine for me! - Paul Shortell


If this is Bed Rock Bob, Rocque made me some sandbags so he knows where to find them. Ask him. -- Jeanne

I would like to know if the road to OTRO LADO is open and passable ?? - Thanks, Chuck, 1wahoorv (-at-) -------------------- You mean the Todos Santos Otro Lado? Sure is, last time we checked...

I'm a MAC user and hope to be heading your way soon. As I'm reading about online bank transfers etc. and other communication lines in Baja, I'm wondering if there are any MAC users down there. If so, have you found that it presents any unique problems? Most businesses are set up for PCs and it's occasionally problematic even in the US. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks and Ola! -Rosemary

NEWS FLASH!! (sent 10-25 at 9:11am) I just got a call from Bill & Betty King, who are presently trying to get beyond Guerrero Negro, they are enroute to LB, and wanted me to tell you to warn travelers heading south on highway 1, that they have had a lot of rain, even that far north. they are presently stopped, and just watching caravans of 18 wheelers go by, and flooded arroyos. Its only going to get worse the further south they get..... May get another report tonight?. - Russ

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)

ANSWERS TO VISAS & GUERRERO NEGRO: Hi. Here are the answers I received. Sounds like business as normal at Guerrero problema! - Judi A. We just came down and they did not even let us stop at the border. They waved us right thru. We stopped at GN as we always do and they were very pleasant and cooperative as they always seem to be and stamped our paperwork as normal. B. We just had our visa's stamped at Guerrero Negro 2 weeks ago with NO problemo C. Date: Saturday, October 21, 2006 10:17 AM -We went all the way to Loreto a couple weeks ago and got the tourist cards there. We stopped at inspection in Guerrero Negro, immigration was not there, so they said we could go on. They were so nice in Loreto. - May and Vito

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)