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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:20 AM


As of 8 am this morning, Paul has been downgraded to a tropical storm. The center of the storm track is predicted to pass about 20 miles south of Cabo around 11 PM tonight.


The electrical co. has this great page - it is in Spanish but great graphics. 06/Paul/

- Happy Moreno

Answer to Bob about sand bags. The feed/pet store on calle Zaragoza across from Paco Cota's ferreteria may be able to give/sell for cheap empty feed bags otherwise known as costales. He buys feed in bulk and breaks it down in kilo portions. Note: The bags are made of woven recycled plastic and tend to break down in the sun, so they're not a permanent long term solution. Hope this helps. - Pat Baum

Looking for the Honda super quiet generator, EU2000i. Contact Bianca Juarez in the states 818/817 3614 or Todos Santos phone 612 1515 723 (will be in Todos Santos 27th though 31st Oct)

For dog lovers, save a life and find your new best friend here - EL REFUGIO ANIMAL SANCTUARY, Pescadero For cat lovers, same deal, same website, different location - KITTY HEAVEN, Todos Santos. Contact angelique (-at-)

Has anyone had experience using the Banorte website to send electronic fund transfers online to other banks, either Mexican or U.S.? Easy/Hard? Cost? It looks like they offer this feature on their website but I was having trouble seeing where to sign up. Do you need to apply in person or get a Bank Card first? - Alan, alan (-at-)