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Sunday, October 22, 2006 10:22 AM

Now forecast to become a Category 1 Hurricane by Monday evening but then weakening again to a tropical storm by Tuesday morning as it passes the Baja peninsula:


Ironic to note that The National Hurricane Center predicted 2006 would be a below average Hurricane season for the Eastern Pacific...


Tip Passed Along By Barb Matthews - Having trouble finding sandbags, or do you only need a few you can easily manage for a door or two? Prepare a bunch of Ziploc 1 gallon plastic freezer bags filled with sand. They're relatively strong, lightweight, and they pack well. They can be quickly added to or repositioned if you spring a leak.


After the summer rains, the bugs really thrive.  Here are some more hints from The Baja Survivor's Guide:

To keep cockroaches out, or to head off an ant invasion, sprinkle a line of boric acid power across the sill of your door.  Better yet, use the made-in-China Miraculous Insecticide Chalk, available at many of the little markets. This is boric acid in chalk form that can be used to draw a line around doorways, your garbage can, or almost anywhere. - Lee Moore

I like the boric-acid chalk too. I draw lines inside and around my cupboard doors. Crossing a line is death to a cockroach. - Leirion

I use the borax "chalk" to keep ants away from my cat's food dish, and on either end of the clothesline to keep  the ants from using it as a highway. - La Paz writer
RE: Request for the telephone number for Lawyer Jose Luis Castillo: 612 108 7916 - Heriberto

ASUPAMTOMA AC Turtle Group continues to have excellent results in Todos Santos. Thanks to all the volunteer who have participated in various capacities, nightly patrols and in our workshops and presentations in local schools. Activities:

F.Y.O. Grupo Tortuguero de Todos Santos A.C. and President Enedino Castillo no longer have permission to work with turtles in the Todos Santos region. They failed to complete the necessary requirements of their three year long renewable agreement with ASUPMATOMA A.C., which was based on a good faith cooperation between the two groups. All of this is officially documented with the authorities of SEMARNAT and PROFEPA. Grupo Tortuguero de Todos Santos AC and Enedino Castillo, will have a large display during the Pueblo Magico celebration, October 23rd, but he does not have any right to be collecting money for turtle conservation work.

Patricia Baum, coordinator ASUPMATOMA A.C. 612.145.0882 or email teampaty1 (-at-)


We will be sending out our special November "Commercial Edition" of the Baja Western Onion soon. The Commercial Edition is especially for local area businesses who would like to get some extra exposure through the BWU. Please send your ads to with word "BWU-Commercial" in the Subject: Line. Remember, your ad is FREE and will be be mailed out to over 300 BWU subscribers. For the sake of our readers, please limit your ads to 200 words or less (less is more).


Great job. I am pleased to see this vital service take off. Tslive aspired but never quite achieved this success.  I will be advising all my subscribers to switch and draw the service to a close.

The news column will continue to function in its own unique flavor with articles and sometimes provocative comment. I am happy to pass the baton on the day to day news and comments. Keep up the good work. - Kenneth A Macfarlane


Ken, thanks for your kind words. That really means a lot to us.

To all our new Subscribers from TSLive, welcome! We'll do our best to live up to the standards and goals Ken set for TSLive - Alan and Debra