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Saturday, October 21, 2006 1:41 PM
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Don't put away those sandbags just yet. Looks like yet another potential hurricane could be headed our way this year. Making a virtual U turn out in the Pacific, Tropical Storm Paul is predicted to become a hurricane by Tuesday morning with a possible storm track passing just south of Cabo San Lucas and striking the mainland of Mexico by Wednesday. Enough already!

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As with Hurricane John, we'll do our best to provide updates as available. - BWU

El Dharma resumes Sunday talks and guided meditation with Robert Hall on November 5, 10-11:30 am. Talks are hosted at La ARCA located on Calle Topete and Pilar and everyone is welcome. Look for upcoming events, workshops, day long & residential retreats by visiting their new web site at Thank you Baja Western Onion! - Alvaro
I am trying to find the telephone no. or email address of Jose Luis Castillo Camacho..a lawyer in todos.....thanks.  christina...cdoug1946 (-at-)

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Found a great place to get my car detailed. Pedro of Nuevo Sol washed my mini-van inside and out and waxed it as well, all for 200 pesos. For another 50 pesos, he pounded out a slight dent in the front. You can see his sign, Nuevo Sol, on Calle Nicholas Bravo just up from the bomberos and on the corner by Robert Saltzman's office. Turn right at the sign and go about half a block, then turn right into his driveway. He's building a small shade structure in the front so you can't miss it. He doesn't speak English but it didn't pose a problem. Give him a little more time than he initially estimates, however, to pick up your car. -- Debra


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"GREAT JOB you guys, keep it up !!!" - Bill Herrera


"I love what you are doing. I have had my place in Todos Santos since 1992 but am only a part-time resident until I can find my way south on a more permanent basis. The connection that you provide is so fun for me sitting here is Malibu watching my other world through your efforts.  You are filling a gap for ride sharing, barter, references, house sitting, healthy living and all the other stuff that is missing.

I cannot wait to take advantage of the first message that fits my schedule or need.  I am having an internal bet about what it might be that captures me enough to respond to some participant. This morning, it simply is my desire to thank you for filling the communication gap." - Barbara


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