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Monday, October 16, 2006 7:32 AM

Due to technical issues, the El Calendario Blog has moved to - sorry for the confusion and hassle. - Howard

We are three adorable, smart (and funny!) kittens looking for good homes.  Come and meet us at El Tecolote Bookstore this week (Thanks to Janet) or call Lynn at 145-0299 anytime.


Four hundred conferences and teleseminars by new paradigm thinkers in science, philosophy, religion, economics, social welfare, education such as Rupert Sheldrake, Jean Houston, Riane Eisler, Stan Grof, Francis Moore Lappe etc...are available on-line through, offered by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. A parallel universe of new paradigm thought is being woven under the media radar as the dinosaur thrashes and dies. If you are interested in gathering once a week (or?), beginning in Nov, to listen/talk about what we can do to support/initiate the necessary shifts please contact me janelb3 (-at-) "To have more light, transform the dark" true both individually and culturally and you can't handle anymore dark than you have internal light. These programs are inspirational and help balance the grim realities of our world in crisis.- Janel

If you are going North for Thanksgiving and you and your family are looking forward to all those great shopping deals on "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, there is a site that tracks and notifies you by e mail whenever the latest store ads are leaked so you can plan your hunt. Go to and sign up! - Alan

And, if you're driving North or South and wish to take some donations to Mulege for the Holidays, the drop-off point is The Mulege Hotel on your left as you enter downtown. Just pull up around back and park behind the office and they will help you unload. Non-perishable food, clothes, bug repellent, and school supplies are needed. - Alan

Computer Tip: One other tip for Mac people is that OSX machines work fine with a two-button mouse (which apple has never supplied), you can right click the heck out of things and the machine is a bit slicker to navigate then (right click produces the same effect as holding down the single button on an apple mouse and waiting, or hitting control-click (not command-click). - Tom Gafford

In a previous issue, we omitted the contact info for Gene, who had the Mulege flood DVD. It's donehere2000 (-at-)


Does anyone know where that road grader purchased for the town went? We heard a rumor it's being rented out for some official's personal gain. Seems like we could use it here for its intended purpose... 


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