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Sunday, October 15, 2006 10:20 AM

In the previous issue of the Baja Western Onion, we included information from Kathy Aviles about her new online magazine and web site for El Mirador at There was some confusion caused by the wording as to whether Kathy's site and The Baja Western Onion were related, and people were asking us about ad rates and article submissions. Sorry for the confusion, they are two different sites and not connected with each other.

Please contact Kathy directly at elmiradorts (-at-) for more information about El Mirador.

To the person asking for information about hurricane john in regard to a school project. A Mulege resident using a Sony mini camcorder filmed the flood of Mulege during and after. I have taken his two mini DVDs and put them on one full size DVD complete with menu for viewing the two part movie. It is 35 minutes filmed on Sept.3rd Sept 4th and Sept 9th. The person did a great job of filming the high water flooding and the aftermath. If this will help you with your school project I would be glad to furnish you with a copy. I live in Ensenada. So where ever you are we would need to find a ride for the DVD from me to you. No coconuts needed. - Gene

Remodeling: Have 2 Queen palms that need to go. You dig. Must be moved no later than 10/21. 145-0563 Sylvia

El Calendario de Todos Santos now has a BLOG online so that we can update photos and events between issues. You can access the blog at: and you can access a summary of the latest issue as well as the events, announcements, past covers and calendar of events here: - thanks to everyone for all the support. Great job, Baja Western Onion - you are really filling a need.

HELP WANTED - New 330 acre Organic produce farm near Todos Santos needs a full-time General Ranch Manager/Director of Operations. This is an outstanding ground floor opportunity. Individual with farm management experience and working knowledge of organic farming methods preferred. Housing provided at the farm and generous salary. Please contact Eddie Dutko in CSL at 624 141 6146.

Does anyone know the folks at Sueño Tropical in Pescadero and can pass this along to them? They might know some resources. - Alan

Computer Navigation Tip: Using Alt + Tab

Let's imagine you have your e-mail program running, two Web browser windows open, three Word documents to read, and a music file playing. With all that going on, have you ever wondered if there was a way to quickly view all of those programs and documents and select the one you want?

Using your left hand, simply hold down the Alt key with your thumb and tap the Tab key with your index finger (In Mac, use the Command + Tab keys). A pop up box will display icons of all of your open programs. While continuing to hold down the Alt key with your thumb, keep tapping the Tab key to scroll through your programs, highlight the one you want and then release the ALT key.

Want to change programs again? Just repeat the process. It's so simple, and will help you to keep track of everything you have running. - Alan