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Friday, October 13, 2006
32" Sony TV, Entertainment armoire, misc. construction and irrigation items. - sasinbaja (-at-) - Sylvia
RIDE NEEDED:   I need a ride from San Diego to Todos Santos around the 18th of this month.  Willing to share in gas and any other expenses.  email me at cdoug1946 (-at-) or call at 415-532-5362 or 510-658-6414.  Barbara Chick
HELP! Looking for Doug Campbell aka: Panama Doug,( usually wears a cowboy hat and is known to frequent Shut up Frank's sports bar) Please get in touch with your son in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada, 250-923-5405. If any one knows of his whereabouts or has any information, please get in touch with us at soupy5 (-at-) - thanks Doug & Lauri Campbell
We have added a VERY unique feature to our website. It is an online Gringo Telephone Directory. Please check it out! and click on Telephone Directory. This innovative, trend setting database is the first of it's kind in Mexico and we urge all of you to tell your friends about it!

You will also notice that we have now changed to an Online Magazine and will be adding lots of new features to that as well. Advertising space is available and will be handled in a unique fashion as well. Email us for more information on this.

We are still accepting articles and look forward to including them. We will put photos relating to the article online as well - just email the file to us. elmiradorts (-at-) - Thank you! Kathy Aviles

Space-saving computer desk. Perfect for that home office. Like new. Contact Debra at Debra (-at-)

I am writing a play for my high school English class, and I have decided to write about Hurricane John, and what it was like.  However, I was not in Baja when it happened, and so I was hoping I could find some people who were there during the hurricane who would be willing to share their accounts of what it was like, so that I could get a better understanding. - Xan Mitkus (skiutah_13 (-at-)

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)
There seems to be some vandalism happening in our neighborhood (Las Brisas/San Ignacio). The night before last (at around 2:00AM) someone heaved a large rock right through the rear side window of our Suburban. Nothing stolen since the alarm blasting must have scared them away, but made quite a mess. For several weeks before, I have had gas stolen from the same vehicle, even with the locking gas cap on securely, they just cut the fuel line going into the tank. Anyway, if you can, keep your vehicles off the street. No one has ever come on the inside of our gate (that I know about)! so that seems to work. - Marc y Donna
INTERESTED IN PRIVATE CHEF SERVICES? Benoit, French chef with high-level establishment experience, with an international knowledge and diverse culinary specialties. I'll be happy to propose you a private presentation at home: breakfast, lunch, dinner or cooking courses. Now resident in Todos Santos area! Contact me to plan your idea or get my portfolio (choices for all kind of events): benoittesson (-at-) Cel. (624)1549951 / (612) 1450215

The sweetest disposition and the silkiest tail ever. ... Mama Gris, thought to be less than one year old, is available for adoption to a safe, secure, loving home. She's been spayed and has received her vaccines. Now all she needs is a lap to curl up on. For more information, contact Debra at Debra (-at-)

Regarding the turtle hatchery, there is a decently-built sign frame at the top of the dunes just before the turtle corral (end of Calle Mango). Does anyone know what the sign used to say and if it can be used for a sign designating that the corral is the turtle hatchery and to PLEASE NOT DRIVE on Baja beaches? It is actually Mexican federal law. If someone wants to come up with a good bilingual sign that will fit in that large frame I may pay for it to be printed and installed. Too busy to do it myself. - Jim Elfers bajasurvey (-at-)
WANTED: BRAINS AND EQUIPMENT FOR SURF-FISHING...anybody got experience in the Ellias Calle area? Anybody have used gear for sale? Brains for Coconuts? - Bobbie, bobbimc (-at-)

'76 Volkswagon Westphalia, new engine!! Call Xavi at 044 612 132 0772 or email xaviherroz85 (-at-)

A big "Thank You!" to EL CALENDARIO for the nice mention of The Baja Western Onion in the latest issue. We have been gratified by the many positive comments we've received since starting up The Baja Western Onion. We hope all our readers enjoy it, too, and will tell your friends about it!

Also, our compliments to EL CALENDARIO for the new, larger format. Very professionally done! We missed El Calendario during the long hot summer and we're glad it's back after the break. If you haven't seen the new issue yet, be sure to pick up a copy or read it online at:

"Feel Good" dog story about Gitana...

Now that "John" has hopefully been put behind us, we can now provide the story behind the miracle reOnion with our dog Gitana that was mentioned back on Aug. 19th on BPE. After our auto accident north of La Paz on June 3rd, we were taken to the General Hospital in La Paz, and then med-vaced to Calif. on Sunday night. We had friends searching and asking people if anyone had seen our dog around the accident scene. nada. (we heard later, that a person at the accident site had heard a dog crying and was going to check it out, and if they could find her, bring her to the hospital), again no luck.

Over the next 2-3 months, thanks to our good friends and neighbors, and the Mexican insurance adjuster, a major "dog-hunt" was conducted. rewards, flyers, radio spots in La Paz, door to door visits, etc. again nada! by late July, we were imagining the worst case scenarios. and had all but given up. Then, in mid-August we got a e-mail from our Mexican insurance adjuster, saying that he thought someone had found our dog?. we couldn't believe it, and the "roller coaster" emotional ride started again. This guy, heard from another guy, that heard from another guy. that a rancher way back in the hills had a dog working on his goat ranch that met the description, had the collar on (which also had a phone number on it?????) The insurance guy took a digital camera to the ranch, took pictures, sends them to us. sure enough. its Gitana. 78 days later! Now the negotiations begin. their are now three people involved including the rancher who want the reward, negotiations began and money paid, and our insurance adjuster picks her up and takes her to his house in La Paz, then the next delivered her to our friends in Los Barriles, we were told that. "she knew she was back home again! We immediately booked a flight down to pick her up. Needless to say, it was one emotional "reOnion". she peed, we cried. incredible!. miracles really do happen!

 We got more of the story later. it seems that this ranch where she ended up was almost five miles into the hills from the highway and accident site, it took her 2 days to get there, with no water, in the 100 degree sun, predators to contend with, etc. she ended up following some livestock back to the ranch, where the water source was. The rancher said that he hated to part with her as she was one of the best "goat herders" he had. (she had a lot of practice in Los Barriles) If she hadn't have been a "Baja street dog" with that tough, survival DNA they all possess, it might not have been as happy of a ending. - Russ & Marylu Erlandson

(Courtesy, Baja Pony Express)