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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 9:18 AM

ASUPMATOMA AC turtle group is going gangbusters!

31 olive ridely nests (3100+ eggs) have been collected since September 11. Congratulations, Todos Santos! First turtle release scheduled for October 31st, 5:30pm, turtle nursery, end of calle Mango, over the dune, La Tunas. A white board will be posted at the surf shop on calle rangel, showing dates of upcoming turtle releases.

Meeting, Wednesday October 11, 7pm, Surf Shop, calle Rangel y Degollado next to Miguel's Restaurant All are welcome. it's not to late to go out on one of our nightly patrols! We now have volunteers going out 7 nights a week with biologist, Sinuhe Murray. Thanks to everyone for participating. Wednesday's meeting will be a planning session for our activities at the Festivales Tradicionales de Todos Santos. A young Todos Santos man, Carlos Perez is being trained to assist biologist Sinuhe Murray. He will receive a salary and training as part of SEMARNAT's federal PET program (programa de empleados temporales)

Activities: TURTLE Information table October 11-13 at the Festivales Tradicionales de Todos Santos Presentations at the Todos Santos middle school on October 9 & 10th 9-11am, all are welcome to attend, 3 films will be shown and an informative talk will be given. (in Spanish) "Future Biologists" program will be presented.

Local youth are invited to train and work with biologists in the nursery and assist during turtle releases October thru December.

Contact ASUPMATOMA AC coordinator Patricia Baum at 612.145.0882 or email teampaty1 (-at-)

Looking for a loving home. "Blue," named so for his ultra-pale blue eyes, is a neutered Siamese-mix male under four months of age. He's very sweet but needs to stay indoors because of his pale eyes and pink nose (he may get sun burnt!). A perfect companion for a devoted owner. Please contact Debra at Debra (-at-) BajaRescue for more information.

Recycling notes:

 - When going to the dump near the entrance of San Pedrito, stop at the house just after the turnoff going east and see if the gleaner/scapper family can use any of your discards. They took our used but functioning toilet, old palm leaves and a wading pool.

 - Clear glass can be taken to The Glass Factory in Cabo and exchanged for blown glass figures from the chip and dent table. - Pat Baum


Pat, thanks for that tip about the dump. It reminds us that family at the dump is very poor and has kids. Readers may want to take them some toys, food, etc. on your next trip there. - Alan and Debra

Regarding the Antique doors and other pieces, call us at 145-0273. There are photos online thru I can guide you to them, or email us at mamounatsea (-at-) - Thanks, Doug

Annual Todos Santos Tianguis Now that the weather is a little cooler, how about some fall closet cleaning? The annual Tianguis (rummage sale) will be held December 9, the second Saturday in December. Proceeds will benefit the animals of Todos Santos. Please start bringing your donated items to Maya Roca Realty during regular business hours -- clothes, shoes, books, house wares, linens, garden supplies, whatever! More information to come on this important event. 

Bank Account Question I am building an eco-dome residence in Pescadero and would like to open a bank account at the bank in Todos Santos to fund the project. I need information on how to proceed. Can I bring travelers' checks to cash at the bank and open an account? Thank you. - Betty Marvin, vizart (-at-)

History of Nuestra Señora del Pilar  The invitation to Mass from Padre Sergio is appreciated. Concerning the name of the church, little is said.  The town festival falls around the feast day of Nuestra Señora del Pilar which falls on 12 October.  She is also the patron saint of Todos Santos. The church of Todos Santos is named Nuestra Señora del Pilar, or Our Lady of the Pillar. The name relates to an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zaragoza, Spain about 40 A.D. The statue of Our Lady of the Pillar in the old part of the church, in front, was brought from Spain by Jesuit missionaries.
Our Lady of the Pillar is the patron saint of Todos Santos. The annual town fiesta is held on her feast day of October 12th. The tradition of Our Lady of the Pillar, according to treasured 13th century documents kept in Zaragoza, dates from the epoch immediately following the Ascension of Jesus Christ. They state that the Apostle James the Elder, brother of John, was inspired to go to Spain. He left Jerusalem and traveled through many parts of Spain, converting many people.
Soon, he arrived in the territory called Celtiberia where Zaragoza is located on the banks of the river Ebro. Saint James did the work of God by day and rested by the riverbanks at night. One night, Saint James heard angels singing and the Virgin Mother of Christ appeared before him, standing on a pillar of marble. She directed him to build a church there, with an altar around the pillar and her image standing on it.
This church would remain permanently in this site until the end of time, followed with omens and marvels by the virtue of God, through her intercession, for those in need imploring her patronage. That church in Zaragoza is a great basilica named Our Lady of the Pillar. It is the first church in the world dedicated in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Zaragoza is some 250 miles west and inland of Barcelona. In the times before Christ, Zaragoza was a rich and famous villa of Caesar Augustus during his reign from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D. The name Zaragoza itself is a corruption of Caesar Augustus. From this, one assumes that the pillar of Zaragoza was a part of a Roman ruin, quite likely a temple. - Paul Shortell

Still available! Five colonial-style dining chairs in good condition, two captain and three side chairs. Dark walnut finish. Recently recovered in plum-colored material from Vanessa's in La Paz. For more information, write Debra at Debra (-at-)

RE: Traffic Stops:

the card I have on back of my license says Sindicatura del Gobierno Municipal – Tijuana (665) 688-2810, 973-7770, 973-7759 – haven’t had to show it yet so don’t know if it works. - Michael Stronberg

Surf Fishing in Todos Santos  We will be down in November for a month at our casita in La Cachora and hoping to connect with someone who is familiar with Surf fishing in the Todos Santos area.  We have lots of questions. E-mail us at jackieryan (-at-)  - Jim and Jackie