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Saturday, October 07, 2006 8:44 AM

Padre Sergio at our local Church here in Todos Santos is celebrating a Mass in honor of Nuestra Senora Del Pilar this Sunday at 10:00AM in ENGLISH. All are welcome (you don't have to be Catholic!) Padre Sergio is trying to reach out to the Gringo community, please show your support. Marc y Donna Viglione

Does anyone know how much longer the water will be off???

WANTED! Exercise equipment. Will trade for coconuts. You can contact me at 14-50004 - Happy Moreno

RE: Police Stops:

Rather than ever even showing your actual driver's license or insurance papers....carry photo copies of these papers in your car in a these to the officer questioning you...never give them your originals...better yet...never show your originals. I have used this method and it works by keeping me empowered.


Doesn't cost more at the station and if you pull out your "cop pocket" and show them that is all you have because then they realize there is no more. I carry many scanned and JPGed full 8 1/2 X 11 pictures of my license and hand that to them. Also if your new license hasn't shown up in the mail yet you can photo shop in the expiration date and Voila your new temp. lic. - James Black


A friend mentioned there is a name and telephone number for a Mexican government office that investigates reports of police corruption. The name and number can be written below the copy of your driver's license so the cop can easily see it when you hand it over.

Anyone have that name and number? We'll post it here. - Alan

Still trying to get rid of my cars. '93 Ford Thunderbird, 99 thousand miles. '76 Volkswagen Westphalia, new engine!! call Xavi at 044 612 132 0772 or email xaviherroz85 (-at-)

Used baby car seat - Eddie Bauer series, Used Baby Bouncer Call Cherrie at 624-122-2690

WANTED -- surf fishing poles and gear, casual/outdoor furniture, looking for dining table/chairs, too. Please e-mail bobbimc (-at-)


I compost at my organic garden and have shared the info with many. No smell, if it smells bad you are not doing it right. what kind of pests are you talking about. If mice I look at the pile as an attractant and then you can put out the appropriate bait or whatever and deal with them there instead of inside your house. With no pile you know you have pests by seeing them skitter across your floor. James Black, merlo4u (-at-)

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