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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 7:09 AM

'93 Ford Thunderbird, California license plates, black, automatic, a/c, good for La Paz and Cabo trips, surprisingly good gas mileage, V6.

'76 Volkswagen Bus, Mexican plates!!, standard, two beds, green, clean, new engine, runs well, great on the bumps. Perfect Bajamobile.

Call Xavi at 044 612 132 0772.

WANTED: Rototiller in good condition. email: villaventanas (-at-)

O'Keefe and Merritt stove. Four burners, broiler, single oven. Light and clock work. In good working condition but needs some work on front burner gaskets. Email gretchen (-at-) to see stove and find out how many coconuts.


Hi Everybody... Regarding the Speed Trap in La Paz, we had exactly the same experience the other day. The trick speed limit signs are alive and well. We very calmly said we would have no problem paying the ticket in town on our next trip. The officer then said that there were very long lines and waiting to pay these fines, and surely we didn't want that, did we? Lisa then said, "OK, how much would it cost us to not have a long wait ?" A shrug of his shoulders, and a glance of "Welllll, Maybe"...We popped a 200 peso note into his hand, a small lecture that this was not a free-way, and we were on our way. - Doug and Lisa, Todos Santos


I am responding to the person who got the ticket on the outskirts of La Paz. Please don't pay them without a fight and some threats if you can manage it and always insist on going to the station. When driving here I really recommend that you have a "cop pocket" or wallet with whatever you think is appropriate like 400 or less pesos and then the rest of your cash in another pocket. After much complaining and making them spend the time to go to the station say "this is all I have" and turn your pocket inside out. Some change spilling about is always a nice touch. The ticket will be rewritten for that amount and off you go. The more time and hassle you make the less time they have for hassling others and might just let you go if you are a real pain. Meanwhile some of us have gone by unmolested with a tip of our sombreros. - James Black


Much discussion about this issue at the Baja Nomad Forums:

We are looking for a set of free weights. Willing to trade for coconuts. Any combinations will be considered. Thanks! - Marie-Rose Hagen mhagen (-at-)

Would like to trade a cargo trailer, 8' x16'. Bumper pull, new tires, completely enclosed and secure. Great for moving or storage. Contact Bob at greenbrier (-at-) or phone 612-151-8276. (Note--we live in the Pescadero area so poor phone service.)

Where do residents in Todos Santos buy pool supplies? email: villaventanas (-at-)

Hi! I live in TS and will be arriving to San Jose airport next Wed 4th, (-at-) 4:30pm I was wondering if somebody is driving that way and able to give me an "aventon" ;) I'm traveling by my self. Thanks...pls let me know: garnicaduarte (-at-)

We are pleased to announce an upcoming BAJA LIFE CAMP in Pescadero starting Nov 5 and ending Nov 12. Local residents of Pescadero and Todos Santos can sign up now to reserve a spot. The week long program includes: 7 am Egoscue Training and Adventure Exercise class taught daily by Justin Armour, 3:30 p.m yoga class, and a daily cooler box full of fresh live juices, Univera Life Science Supplements, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The meals are 85% RAW and 15% cooked and designed to re-boot, re-fresh, and rejuvenate your life. Optional classes and education included as well. Please visit for more details or email Justin at jarmour (-at-) for questions or to sign up. Hope to see you there!