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Thursday, September 28, 2006 9:44 AM


This is Kathy Aviles of El Mirador and I have just returned from a trip on the Baja. I had spoken with another traveler who had warned me about some Mexican gangs in the Ensenada area who were targeting tourists. The story went that if you attempted to use the toll road between Ensenada and Tijuana (going north) between 11pm and 5am - you would be attacked. Several American tourists were attacked, shot and all their stuff was stolen. The person telling me the story said that the local police was doing nothing about it.

When I was going north on Sunday the 24th, passing the first toll booth from Ensenada I noticed a police car pull out just as I came up to the gate. A few miles down the road the police car was driving in the middle of the road not allowing any cars to pass. We were given a police escort all the way past the main beach area just before the second toll booth. Also, the AFI Police were stopping all vehicles and looking inside of them.

The Mexican police are trying to help - but it was only 7pm when I crossed that point.

So, travelers beware!!!

WANTED: House sitter for beautiful home on the beach in Pescadero and must care for 3 loving dogs. Home is very relaxing with swimming pool. Needed for 10 to 12 days. House sitter must stay on property at all times...couple would be ideal. email: villaventanas (-at-)

Small size Dish network dish for coconuts. In El Pescadero, just off highway, you haul. reasonablewriter (-at-)

4 ft. by 2 ft. EIM fridge, used 2 months, for coconuts. In El Pescadero, just off highway, you haul. reasonablewriter (-at-)

The Todos Santos Cookbook will be available at El Tecolote bookstore in Todos Santos in October. Old timers will remember this book as The Baja Kitchen, which I have updated and revised. It concentrates on how to cook with such tropical fruits and vegetables such as pitahaya, chayote, mango, or jicama rather than being a Mexican cookbook per se. Hope you enjoy it!

RE: Good Mechanics in TS or La Paz:

- I recommend SERVICIO SANCHEZ, Ramon Castro, who with his wife Adriana are the owners. Located near the Chrysler dealership in La Paz. 12 30130. I've driven in two trucks with an assortment of good components and come away with one excellent rig...try that in the states. He has done rebuilds and installed used engines, for me, used him over 10 years. Patrick Coffman


- Rene on calle ?? (the one that goes by the side of the bank) next to the other tortillas de maiz place near the cremeria and the pollos asadas is the best. He's done lots of work on my Toyota Tacoma and van, including fuel injection. Super competant, pleasant and young, plus he has his father's year's of experience behind him. There is a great carrocero, replaces metal rather than filling it in with bondo, good for rustouts., Anibal 044.612.102.8746, up near the cemetary, can do paint jobs too. - Patricia Baum


- The mechanic's name is Jorge de la Rosa. If you go down Isabel la Catolica to the Jeep dealership and make a left on the street just before it, go one more block and cross Felix Ortega and his taller is on the left hand side. He is excellent. Gretchen

I am looking to ship a few things down to the East Cape. If anyone is taking a trailer down and has some extra room, I will be happy to share expenses. I have a small dresser, a treadmill and stationary bike that need to get down. You can contact me at H6686 (-at-) Thanks,