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Sunday, September 24, 2006 7:26 AM

Anyone need a car brought down to TS back-up to the US during the Christmas-New Year's holiday period? We have a reliable, 25 year college graduate who has made the trip twice before looking for transportation over the holidays from California or Southwest. - Mike Cerre globetv (-at-)

Approximately 100 matching wine glasses. Small balloon shape suitable for red or white wine. Trade all or part for coconuts. debra (-at-) - Debra

There are some rumors about car jackings near Cataviņa. My advice anywhere in the Baja: If you see someone "broken down" tying to get you to stop, keep your doors locked and keep driving. If it really is a break down, then let the locals take care of the locals. They can probably do a better job of it than you can anyway.

The Sea Turtle Group of Pescadero (El Grupo Tortuguero de Pescadero) invites you to join us for sea turtle hatchling releases and egg rescues. Please contact Francesca in Todos Santos at (612)145-0353 or at lasirena_ts (-at-) For more information on Sea Turtles in Baja, visit

NEW, never used king-sized bed frame to trade for coconuts. Beautiful massive carved headboard, padded upholstered rails, head/foot board base. It is very high-end, showy piece and deserves a larger room to call home. Also have: rattan & wood furniture, custom-made curtains & Egyptian cotton linens. - Debora, pelimcintire (-at-)

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Find out what you can and cannot take with you on the plane: .shtm

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Looking for love... My name is Uno. I'm a beautiful little neutered male Siamese mix kittie about three to four months old. I'm very friendly and outgoing. No coconuts, just need lots of love... debra (-at-) - Debra

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Does anybody have recommendations for a good mechanic for auto body repair, suspension or air conditioning work in Todos Santos or La Paz? - Alan, mailto:alan (-at-)