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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NEW STORM ON THE WAY - Tropical Depression 13 is developing about 110 nautical miles West Southwest of Acapulco. The current forecast predicts it becoming a hurricane by Friday morning and possibly passing within 100 miles West of the Baja Peninsula. The extreme Eastern side of the initial forecast of the possible track includes the Baja Peninsula.

As with Hurricane John, we'll attempt to provide updates as frequently as possible. Here are some sites we use to keep an eye on things:

Tutor wanted for 1 - 8 year old girl for math, history, science for a couple of hours in the afternoon (4 days a week) from December 2006 to May 2007...please email msecretjenks (-at-)

Gabriel & Kitzie Howearth at Buena Fortuna Botanical Gardens have major tree damage and their palapas need repair. The nursery took major damage. Please volunteer this coming Sunday anytime from 10:00 to 5:00 to lift up trees, clear out dead trees, uncover little plants, rebuild or help with money to pay for materials and repairs. Kitzie will feed you! (Cross posted From The Baja Pony Express, BajaPonyExpress (-at-)

Looking for HELP to transport and import a 4 year old gelding from Los Barriles into the States at Tijuana border. Please help if you can, and thanks in advance. - Debbie Apple maidinmexico (-at-) (Cross posted From The Baja Pony Express, BajaPonyExpress (-at-)

Getting Blood Tests/labs - I will need to have my blood tested for Thyroid levels while I am in TS this winter. I am assuming this is a safe and reliable thing to do there either in Cabo or La Paz. Anyone with any experience or comments of where to go, what to look out for, etc? - aselffamily (-at-) (Cross posted From TS Live,

Re: The computer tip in the last Baja Western Onion about making text larger and smaller on a PC screen...

I don't know about PCs, but on a Mac you can also hit Command + (The Apple/Command key and the Plus sign) to bump the font up one size. Command - (The Apple/Command key and the Minus sign) does the reverse. Cheers - Eric Singer

Tutor wanted for 1 - 6 year old girl for reading, math, writing for 1 hour in the afternoon (4 days a week) from October 2006 to June 2007...please email Linda at lindahamil (-at-)