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Wednesday, Sept. 06, 2006

(Cross-posted from The Baja Pony Express...)

Congo and Isabel have been working tirelessly since the minute the storm subsided, doing reconnaissance missions and making sure first all people were safe - they are, Mexicans and Americans alike, then assessing damage.

The good news! Apparently Telmex, CFE (Comision Nacional de Electricidad) & CNA (Comision Nacional de Agua - like our FEMA) had brought more than 600 people from the mainland and their La Paz offices to position in advance of the storm, which they thought was scheduled to hit Cabo San Lucas.

When the storm didn't hit the Southern tip, they were all redirected to the East Cape region. Congo describes them descending throughout the entire East Cape area like bees to a hive. He says they expect to have the entire town restored - electricity, water, phone - in 'days', not 'weeks'. Also, CNA brought 2 Water Purification trucks to town, with the ability to provide the community up to 300 5-gallon water containers each day. Further, CNA began pumping the lagoon today.

Lots of landscaping rubbish and clean up to do throughout the East Cape. Isabel says even though the locals are shell-shocked, they have all begun to attend the daunting task of cleaning up. She's not sure there's enough room at the landfill for what will be coming its way.

All for now, best to our friends and neighbors,

Theresa and the East Cape RV Resort combertheresa (-at-)


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Thanks for the updates, good luck to all, Wayne.

To Jeanne of the Todos Santos Telephone Book - If we do not have a telephone currently can we submit with an e-mail address? 2jrupp (-at-) - Judy

Need couple for occasional house-sitting and to take care of family pets. Home located on the beach in Pescadero, 10 minutes south of Todos Santos. Please reply to: cigar00 (-at-) - Sylvia and Ron

Dated 9-5-06 9pm pdt

We just spent our first day driving up the Baja and it was pretty tough. The road is just gone in many places. Some of the detours made me glad we are driving a 4 wheel drive SUV. Some of them were as much as a half mile off-road through rocks, mud and bushes. ron (-at-)

Does anyone know if the Baja highway is drivable from the U.S. border to Cabo? Are any trucks getting through? Where are the rough spots? Is gas available all along the route or do you need to bring extra? Please send updates to the Baja Western Onion. - Alan

For Debbie at Hotel California

Our love extends out to you and your family! John was a great contribution to Todos Santos and our lives. His life on earth will be missed by many!

Much love, Maureen and Romo

We never got to know John but are fully aware of his many contributions to the cultural and architectural life of the place we love, Todos Santos. I can only imagine the void his death has created in the lives of his employees and his loved ones. - Bill & Roberta