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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 11:54 AM


As you know by now, Mulege has been completely devastated by hurricane John. Many people there are without food or shelter and there is a serious threat of the speed of disease. Debra and I are heading North tomorrow in our 4WD pickup and will be in Mulege by Friday morning if the roads permit.

If anyone has any donations of:

- Canned food - Mosquito netting - Insect repellent

for the residents of Mulege, please drop them off at Maya Roca today until 4:30 PM or tomorrow between 9 AM and 12 AM and we will take them with us on behalf of the townspeople of Todos Santos.

Also, please check other sites at,, and Baja Pony Express for more information on how you can help out.



From The Baja Nomad Forum,

Lori (-at-) Cabo Magic and I have started a relief project. We're calling it Dos Angeles Hurricane John Relief Project. When we came up with the idea the need was in the East Cape area but it looks like the relief is needed throughout Baja. We're only set up for monetary donations thus far with contacts in the East Cape and La Paz for purchasing and distribution of supplies bought at local places like Costco, Soriana, etc. and distributing through the churches. You can donate through Wells Fargo, account # 6196-963505 or send to Wells Fargo Bank, 6110 W. Cheyenne Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89108, Attn: GINA REYES or ANNE MARIE. Credit Card donations can be handled through and make it ATTN: Hurricane Relief.

Once we know if Highway 1 is passable from the US, and the Mexican Government is agreeable, we can then start caravans of supplies but at this point, since we just don't know the status of Highway 1, or if the government will be open to the efforts, this seems to be the best course of action that we can do. Please pass this info on to all your friends and family as the news sources in the states are not covering this tragic story at all. I've been trying to get the news stations here in Vegas and elsewhere in the states to cover the story but have had no luck at all. If anyone can get me video footage of the devastation that could help a lot in the relief effort. Much love, Linda Evans