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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 4:13 PM

Hi Alan and Debbie,

I got the first letter, but don't seem to be getting more (and I heard there are more.....) - Pamela

REPLY FROM ALAN: If anyone else is having this problem, please check if you have an overly active spam filter. If so, please add news (-at-) to your "Allowed" list.

(of course, you may never see this message if this e mail is getting diverted ;>)

REGARDING THE ROAD NORTH: The director of the SCT, José Antonio Ramírez Gómez, announced this morning that the road is now open all the way to Tijuana. He says that drivers should exercise great caution in several areas, especially Kilometer 15 of the road between Insurgentes and Loreto where there was major damage. He warns that drivers must be careful because there are over 500 people working to repair damages in different parts of the road and there is lots of heavy machinery. Gas is available all the way up. Also all the ferry service has been resumed despite the heavy damages to the piers in Santa Rosalia and Pichilingue. - Elena

Thanks, everyone, for your responses to our request for food donations for the people of Mulege. Some of you replied asking if you could donate money to buy supplies. It may be best to donate $ to some of the relief funds already set up and linked to from the other sites mentioned in earlier issues of the BWU. Debra and I won't have much time to shop before we go and we're hoping our truck can hold whatever food donations people come up with by tomorrow.

We'll keep everyone posted as we go... Alan and Debra

Reply re: Todos Santos Phone Book questions

If you have not been listed before in the TS phonebook, or have a new or changed phone number that you want to have included in the Residential section, please email Lynn at tsphonebook (-at-)

The phonebook will cover Todos Santos, Pescadero and surrounding areas. Listings in the Residential section are free.

The Residential section will be alphabetized by first name – because that’s how we all know each other! (see last edition) Please send your full names as you want them to appear. e.g. Alan Thompson (& Debra)..... xxxx Debra Webster (& Alan)..... xxxx

If you don’t have a phone number, you can list your email. Space is limited, so we can only list one item: a phone number OR an email.

And, if you know of any friends or neighbors who would like to be listed, but are out of town or not on this list, please forward this info to them as well. Gracias! Jeanne & Lynn tsphonebook (-at-)